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All characters in this story are older than 18 years.

After a short while the guys returned to their cabin just on the edge of the forest, it was still pretty light outside, so they made it back as planned. Chris opened the door and the guys stepped into the building one by one.

The cabin was nothing very special, it was a one-floor stone building about 22 meters by 6 meters, but it had electricity, gas, and water. When you entered the door you came into a small hallway, with doors on the right, left and in front. The doors right led to the bathroom and the shower, the door up front to a small storage room, and the door left to the main room. The main room was a large chamber that served as a dining room, bedroom, recreation room, kitchen, and bar in one.

There were 3 picnic tables with removable benches spread across the room, along with various chairs. In the back was the kitchen area and the bar were someone could storage liqueur. The recreation area was in the left corner, with a couch and a comfortable chair next to a tv and a pool table, a guitar, and a shelf with some books. 10 mattresses and sleeping backs were scattered across the room. The room itself had a few windows that had a view on the forest’s edge, apart from some decorative flags on the walls there wasn’t a whole lot else going on. In the past, this building was used by boy scouts for camping, so a comfortable resting place for hikers.

The guys hung off their backpacks, cleaned themselves up, and put on something comfortable. After a drink to celebrate their good hike they started making diner. Around 7 p.m, the diner was ready, something simple, mashed potatoes, pork chops, and veggies, but tasty non the less.

The guys sat on two tables they placed together, eating their diner. Aside from the usual small talk and joking around, James noticed something different. The guys were a bit more quiet than usual, though it wasn’t the awkward silence. James felt several eyes gazing upon him and he tried to pretend he didn’t notice when he ate his diner. He sneak peeked to some of the guys and saw that some were even smirking to him or whispering something and chuckling.

“Errr… is something the matter?” James asked eventually, the guys all chuckled simultaneously.

“Well, someone is turning 23 tomorrow.” Chris said referring to James his birthday.

“Yes, a pretty big day for a big man.” Timothy smiled.

James smiled back and swallowed a piece of porkchop, “You guys don’t have a surprise for me do you?” he asked humbly, “you don’t have to go to all that trouble for me.”

With that said all the guys let out a loud laugh, James looked a bit confused.

“Oh, we wouldn’t dare.” John grinned, all the guys chuckled and continued with their meal. James ate the rest of his diner in silence, this was a little weird he thought.

After diner and cleaning up the guys gathered around the campfire just outside of the cabin. Everyone joked around, laughed, and had a good time, some were roasting marshmallows, others had a beer or had small talk.

When it started to get dark around 10 p.m, the flames went out slowly and some of the guys walked back into the cabin. James was still sitting comfortably in his chair, he always liked the summer nights outdoors.

“I am heading back in,” Chris said as he stood up, “you guys coming?” he asked Troy.

“In a minute!” Troy said while looking at Chris, James noticed that the two of them exchanged a wide grin ‘what was that about?’ the thought when Chris made his way to the cabin.

After a few minutes, James and Troy went back to the cabin. Troy had his strong arm wrapped around James his shoulder and James caressed the man’s big hand with his fingers. James knew what was the next activity, grand finale night, he inhaled softly, he was really in the mood tonight.

“You okay James?” Troy asked as he opened the door.

James smiled and nodded, “Yes, just really in for some nice sex.” James said.

Troy chuckled “We all are buddy.” he said and opened the door of the main room.

James and Troy stepped into the room to be greeted by the other guys, they were scattered across the room, some were standing some were sitting. The tables had been placed to the sides, and the mattresses were piled in the middle of the room, for a big, comfy bed. Chris closed the door behind as James and Troy walked further.

“There is the man of the hour,” Ahmed said when he saw James.

“Ready for a party Jamesy?” Aron asked as he laid the last mattress in place near the pile.

James nodded excitedly, “Just so happy that you guys still like to do this with me.” he said.

“Hey sure man,” Chris said, standing behind James and Troy near the door.

Troy patted James his shoulder “We all knew how badly you wanted that roleplaying game,” he said, “But we can have just as much fun like this.”.

James nodded, a bit disappointed, then he chuckled softly, “Oh, it wasn’t roleplaying I meant that other night.” he said, referring to Troy’s misinterpretation.

“Sure Sakarya Escort you did,” Troy said, “You said that you would like to play a slut.”

James shook his head “No, hahaha, I meant for real” he chuckled softly, “I meant that you guys would actually treat me like a slut.” James said while rubbing his hair.

At that moment, Troy fell silent “Wait what, you were serious about that?!” Troy said as he released James and stepped back.

“Errrr…yeah,” James said softly.

“Dude sick! I thought you meant some roleplaying game!” Troy shouted, “What guy in his right mind wants to be treated like some low life skank!” Troy said mad.

“Wow wait, what’s going on?” Ahmed asked and before James could answer, Troy grabbed his neck and pushed James forward.

“You guys are not going to believe this!” he said, “That roleplaying I talked to you about last time, it wasn’t roleplaying at all! Mister here actually wants us to treat him like those New York girls who sell their body to all men just for fun!” he shouted.

James looked down and gained a big blush on his face.

“Ahh, sick!”

“Why the fuck would you want that?!”

“Because he is a fucking weirdo, that’s why!”

“So I guess he is really dirty huh!”

“Fucking slut!”

“Filthy piece of trash!” The guys shouted James his way.

Troy released James his neck, “Got anything to say for yourself. hotshot!?” he asked angrily.

James fell silent at first, he felt scared, sad, and even betrayed, but something else was there, something that told him that the guys weren’t ACTUALLY mad at him.

James didn’t know what it was but his heart was beating harder and harder and his breath was quicker, wait, he knew what it was: excitement.

A small, barely noticeable smile grew on James his face ‘ let’s play along, let’s provoke these guys a little’ he thought.

“Jeez, I guess I upset you guys,” James said calmly as he rubbed his head and walked back slowly, “I shall leave if that makes you feel any better.”

James took a few steps back ‘now let’s see what they’ll do’ he thought.

Before James reached the door, Chris grabbed the collar of his shirt, “Where do you think you’re going?!” he asked madly as he pulled the smaller man up with one arm. Chris dragged James back into the room, “You’ve got some explaining to do boy!” he shouted.

James struggled and tried to get free, but in his mind, one thought passed by: ‘perfect.’

Chris dragged James to the mattresses and threw him down on the pile, the guys were gathering around, making sure the boy in the middle couldn’t get away.

“Guys, I don’t know what there is to explain,” James said as gullible as he could, “Its just a little fantasy I have, that’s all.”

The men around him snorted, chuckled, and sighed disgusted “Don’t you start playing all nice and innocent now!” Nick said.

“He doesn’t know any better, stupid slut!” Timothy followed up,

“I bet that’s the same thing he says when he gets 6 dicks shoved down his throat.” Jay said and all guys chuckled.

“At the same time!” Andrew replied and the guys laughed.

James sat on the mattress looking down, having his eyes closed, but enjoying himself in silence, the insults felt like a feather over his mind.

“You must be so proud of your self, don’t you?” Aron asked, “Taking every cock in town like your some wannabe 19-year-old girl!?”

James sat on the mattress and rested on his arms, he stuttered a little and set up an innocent face, “Well, I Errr… I didn’t take every single dick, but…” he said softly.

“He doesn’t even care!” Troy shouted, “Look at him! doesn’t even break a sweat knowing he is a little bitch!”. James couldn’t help but grin at the insult, this was exactly as he liked it to be.

James stood up and walked to Troy and Chris, “I am sorry you guys find me so dirty, but…” he said innocently, but Chris grabbed him.

“Nobody said you could stand up!” he shouted, “Sit down!” he hissed as he pushed James down.

“Ahh” James moaned as his body hit the mattresses, and everybody burst out in laughter.

“Can’t even take a punch, but he can take every cock there is.” Jay said.

“Men take punches, whores take dicks!” John chuckled.

Timothy grabbed James by his neck and his hair and dragged him up, he held him so that James was facing the group. “Forget all the girls, this is what a true filthy whore looks like!” he said and everybody chuckled.

“Here catch!” Timothy shouted as he pushed James to Troy.

James stumbled and Troy caught him “Nah, I don’t want this body near me,” he said disgustedly as he clenched his hand around James his wrists, “Bet you could get STD’s by just touching him!” he said and pushed him to Ahmed on the other side of the mattress pile.

“Bet he eats men’s loads for breakfast every day” Ahmed chuckled as he grabbed James and pushed him to Andrew.

“Please, he takes it as we take oxygen.” Andrew laughed.

James was pushed to Jay “What? Adapazarı Escort Don’t like being bullied, little slut?” he asked and pushed the boy to Nick.

“Ah, don’t worry, he is used being a pushover, isn’t he?” Nick laughed and pushed him to Chris.

James was tossed around the group for a little while, he was even surprised how much he liked this. Some of the guys could toss him to the other side with one hand, that’s how light he was.

Aron grabbed James by his shirt, “Filthy fucking slut!” he said and pushed James away, he accidentally ripped the back out of James his shirt. Aron stood there chuckling with the piece of cloth in his hand, “Whoops!” he laughed and looked at James in the middle of the group with the ripped shirt.

“He has the right idea,” Troy said as he grabbed James his sleeve and ripped it off, “I feel sorry for these fucking clothes, being stuck to this dirty whore all day.”

Hands were grabbing James his shirt left and right and tore whatever remained of it apart. John tackled James and Andrew took off the boys sweatpants the moment he laid down.

When James was in his undies in the middle of the guy’s everybody chuckled and had their arms crossed, like wolfs looking at a dying sheep, ready to devour it.

“What are you hoping for now?” Nick asked, “Let me guess, that we get naked and put our tools down your throat!”.

“Nah, I think he likes them more in his ass.”

“It doesn’t matter to him where he gets them in, only that they go in!”

“He probably hates not being a girl!”

“Ahh fuck, imagine that, a dozen guys fucking that pussy!”

“All dirty, cum stained, and overused!”

Troy took off his shirt, revealing his muscled, hairy torso, he zipped open his pants, lowered it and revealed his large, thick cock, “Get over here!” he demanded to the young man in the middle.

James still sat a little hesitant in his undies. Andrew grabbed James by the neck, “Make yourself fucking useful and start sucking!” he shouted as he forced James his head to Troy’s crotch.

James brought his lips towards Troy’s erected shaft, slid his nose and tongue over it, and started sucking when he reached the head. “At least one thing he can do right.” Troy said and the guys chuckled.

James was just half-listening however, he was too busy giving this big man the blowjob he deserved. James always liked it to suck Troy off, but it was extra good now that he was forced on his cock. James went deeper and deeper on Troy’s cock, creating much saliva as well to make it a nice sloppy blowjob.

When James had Troy’s dick for the most part in his mouth he felt his gag reflex come up, he wanted to pull back. “Keep him on there.” Troy said to Andrew, who pushed James further on Troy’s cock.

James was gagging and coughing loud from the big dick and a large amount of saliva filling his throat. Troy stood motionless and watched with a dirty smirk how James chocked on his cock.

When the tears filled James his eyes, Troy nodded to Andrew, who released James his neck. James pulled back and coughed loudly, his mouth and cheeks were covered in his saliva.

“Such a pathetic little slut, can’t even take a dick properly!” Chris said.

“Do I…ugghh, ugh…do I at least get a kiss for my good work?” James asked provokingly.

“Fuck no!”

“Tonight isn’t about you!” the guys said as Troy grabbed James his shoulders and pulled him up.

Troy looked at James his saliva covered face with a disgusted expression, “Kiss you?” he asked and looked at the boy’s lips, “Nah, I know what has been into that mouth.” he said and everybody laughed.

Troy gurgled loudly and spit in James his face, a large, thick spat of saliva hit his cheek, “Here, a kiss for you!” he said and handed James to Chris.

The larger man grabbed James his hair and pulled it backward, revealing James his face. Chris gurgled and with a loud spit, a thick rope of saliva hit James in the middle of his face. Jay grabbed James out of Chris his hands and also spit on him, the saliva landed in his hair and dangled between his eyes.

James was pushed to every guy and being spit on every part of his face, not one part remained dry. The guys just loved it, all of them had removed their shirts and were rubbing their dicks through their jeans. Some of them were completely naked already and slowly jerked off.

Aron grabbed James by his arm and his hair and forced him to look him in the face “Open your mouth!” he said. James hesitated a second but opened his mouth for Aron. The man gurgled loudly and spew a thick white greenish blob in James his mouth. James pulled back and gagged, the sensation was disgusting, but the humiliation was delicious to him.

“Swallow it, don’t you dare to spit it out!” Nick demanded. James closed his eyes and swallowed Arons saliva, he made a sour face as the guys laughed.

“Now that’s a filthy slut.” Timothy said.

“Seriously are there any depths he won’t sink to?” Ahmed chuckled.

Chris stepped Serdivan Escort forward, grabbed James by his arm, dragged him to the middle of the mattress pile, and forced him on his knees. “You’ve got a long night ahead of you, bitch!” he growled as he pushed his cock in James his face.

Chris grabbed James his saliva covered bitch face with both hands, aimed his large dick at his mouth, and shoved it in. James gagged a few times but managed to take Chris his big dick like a pro.

He opened his mouth as far as he could and relaxed his muscles to give Chris his member a smooth slide in and out.

“Nice job Chris!”

“Fuck his mouth!” The guys said, encouraging the huge man who had little pity for the boy underneath him.

“That’s the man I am proud of.” Troy said smiling as he watched Chris facefuck the younger man.

“Hmmmeh?” James hummed.

“No not you, worthless slut, keep to your sucking!” Troy shouted to James.

Chris shoved his dick in and out a few more times and pulled back after a while, his dick pulled thick threads of saliva from James his mouth. “Next one, keep his mouth filled!” Chris said as James caught a breath.

Timothy stepped forward, grabbed James his hair, and shoved his dick down the young man’s throat. James gagged one time, but also managed to take Timothy’s thick cock smoothly soon enough. James sucked as hard and as passionate as he could, he closed his eyes and absorbed the delicious salty flavor he loved so much. James his hands slid down over his chest, onto his underwear and onto his erected dick that hadn’t got any attention so far.

James was squeezing and rubbing his cock through his underwear while Timothy’s warm member still stuffed his mouth. “Ahh sick, look at him!” Andrew said.

“He is jerking off, he actually likes this!” Aron shouted.

Timothy removed his dick from James his hungry mouth and pulled him up.

“He has a boner for this?! sick!”

“Dirty slut!”

“Fucking whore!” everybody shouted as Timothy ripped off James his underwear, revealing his fully erected boner.

Timothy shook his face and slapped on James his dick, “We treat him like a fucking low-life, spit whore, and he has the guts to jerk off on that!?” John said angrily.

Jay took one off the ripped pieces of James his shirt and tossed it to Timothy “Tie up his hands!” he said, “We get to decide when he can have pleasure or not!”

Timothy walked behind James, grabbed both his arms, winded the cloth around his wrists, and tied them up. James hissed when the cloth was pulled tightly around his arms ‘fuck yeah!’ he thought ‘this is the stuff’.

Nick came closer to James, grabbed the back of the young man’s head, and pushed his dick in his mouth. James was pretty used to this right now, also his mouth and lips were pretty slippery and wet, so Nick slid in very easily.

Timothy stood behind James and smirked, looking at the tied up boy sucking the larger stronger man, Nick looked at him and smiled, both agreeing this was hot.

Nick grabbed Timothy’s face and started kissing him, with James his lips still on his cock. James always loved it when straight guys were kissing, even though he could not see it right now.

While the other guys came closer, slowly jerking off, James got his mouth off from Nick’s cock, took a breath, and kissed the men’s abs and bellybutton.

James slid his mouth, nose, and tongue over Nick his abs, they were covered in a small layer of hair and sweaty. While sliding his nose over it, James inhaled deeply, smelling Nicks sweaty, salty, manly scent.

This was a thing James absolutely loved about men, their smell, it was so natural, so wild and primal, he moaned softly while inhaling the scent.

Unfortunately, his joy didn’t last long, “I don’t want you to touch my abs with that mouth!” Nick said as he grabbed James his hair and pulled him back. “These are reserved for actual lovers, your just a toy that belongs on our dicks!” Nick shouted and pushed James back in his crotch.

All the guys stood closed around James, slowly jerking their dicks around his face, everybody had their pants off at this moment. Nick hissed softly as he felt he came close to cumming, not willing this to happen so soon, he pulled his dick out and shoved James away.

James made a disappointed groan, looked around the group of jerking guys, and crawled on his knees to John, who was the closest. The larger man hissed when the soaked, hungry lips closed around his cock, the other guys stood by and watched to the hot scenery.

“Such a rude little faggot, he didn’t even thank me for feeding him my dick!” Nick said mad.

“Now that I am thinking about it he hasn’t thanked any of us!” Chris said when he looked mad at James.

“Please, what did you expect of this mindless fucktoy!?”

“Look at him, only thinking of himself! selfish little slut!”

“Arrogant, insatiable whore!”

“Filthy fucking bitch!” the guys shouted to James who was sucking John his cock with great zeal.

James had his eyes closed and moaned loudly on John’s member, every insult they threw at him only made him thirstier and more greedy for cocks. Every name they called him made his dick raging hard and his heart beat faster and faster, he was surprised how much he liked this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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