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Camilla arrived at Luvlee’s at about ten to six that Friday; when she got to the bar, she got naked as usual. A man with a suitcase walked up to her and asked if she was Camilla. When she nodded, he told her he was a photographer, and he opened his suitcase to show her his portfolio. She wasn’t impressed with the quality of his photos, and when she gave him the free lap-dance she’d promised to all photographers in the ad she’d posted the day before, she wasn’t impressed with his erect penis size, either. She was similarly disappointed with two other men who were hoping for the pornography photographer job she was offering; she would hope to find the right man on Saturday night.

She didn’t get a chance to talk to Candice until around 8 PM, because they were so busy with other customers, with their stage shows, and Camilla with those three photographers. Finally, Camilla approached Candice.

“Where were you last night, sweetie?” she asked. “I didn’t see you at the apartment. Were you with your boyfriend?”

“No, I was with a Luvlee’s customer, a lesbian,” Candice answered, looking for signs of jealousy in Camilla’s eyes, a jealousy that would mirror back Candice’s own jealousy over her lover Camilla’s fooling around not only with men, but also with young women like Akemi. Candice was disappointed when she didn’t see any jealousy in Camilla’s eyes.

“Wow,” Camilla said with a smile. “Good for you; Candice gets lucky with a dyke. I just fucked an artist and ate his sister’s pussy. Did you have fun with the lesbian?”

“Yeah, that woman can really muff dive,” Candice said, trying to hide her unhappiness about her all-too-open relationship with Camilla. “She can get drugs, too. She gave me a little bag of cocaine and half a dozen ecstasy pills. Do you want one?”

“Sure,” Camilla said, taking one. “I’ll save it for later.”

“I’m having a half now,” Candice said. “Bye.” Despondent that Camilla didn’t love her the way she loved Camilla, Candice figured that an ecstasy high might help her forget the pain. She went to get some water at the bar, broke one of the pills in half, and swallowed it. As she waited for the MDMA to take effect, she thought to herself, All I am is another of her many lovers, nothing more? Though she was similarly promiscuous, Candice was willing to commit to Camilla–if only Camilla would do the same.

About a half hour later, eight teachers from their school came in: Williams, Burgess, Langella, Johnson, Knowles, Matotek, Rudolph, and Fulson! As soon as Camilla saw them, she, now wearing black high heels and pink underwear, ran over to the change room and found a white blouse and a plaid skirt to give her a school-girl look. (She wasn’t so naughty as to wear her actual school uniform; she wouldn’t want to shame the Catholic school she’d be graduating from next week!) She also freshened up, with dark purple eye shadow, thick black mascara, pink blush and dark red lipstick. She also put red nail polish on to hide those ominous black lines on her lunulae.

When she returned to where the customers were, only the first four teachers remained. They were sitting at the tip rail, watching a stripper beginning the third song of her show. The other four teachers had noticed Candice wearing sexy black lace underwear. Though originally they’d come to see Camilla, they were too entranced with the sight of her beautiful roommate to resist. They asked to have lap-dances from Candice, and she, now starting to feel the effects of the ecstasy, was all too willing to lead them into a private room. Candice figured that if she couldn’t beat Camilla into giving up her other lovers, she’d might as well join her in living a life of excess. Camilla went over to the DJ booth and asked him to play ‘Gang-banged’, by Trampauline, since she was next to do her stage show. She knew that song would put Williams, Burgess, Langella, and Johnson in the mood.

Four minutes later, the song began, and Camilla went onstage. “And now, let’s all give a hand for this very sexy lady,” called the DJ. “Here’s Camilla!” Everyone in the now-packed strip joint cheered for this most popular stripper; especially loud were the teachers’ cheers. As she danced around the stage to the music, she looked right in the eyes of her teachers as she mouthed the lyrics to the song:

One or two men ain’t enough;
I need things a little rough.
I want a wild kind of love–
You know what I’m thinkin’ of.

CHORUS (always sung 4 times): I wanna get gang-banged! (Camilla shook her ass in the skirt to this chorus, with the same joie de vivre as she had shown in school whenever she was near one of the teachers.)

The only way to fulfill
Me is with a three-hole drill:
One up north and two down south–
Behind, down front, in the mouth.

CHORUS (Now she removed her skirt and shook her ass in her pink panties to the chorus. Everyone cheered, and Ankara bayan escort the four teachers were screaming with lust.)

When you boys are done with me,
Let your juices all flow free:
Spray them all over my face–
Don’t let one drop be a waste.

CHORUS (She removed her blouse during the chorus, and swayed her body left and right in her pink bra and panties to more cheers from the audience.)

Put it between my bust! (She looked at Burgess as she mouthed these words.)
Put it between my buns! (She looked at Johnson this time.)
Put it between my thighs! (At Langella)
Pump passion in my eyes!


Put it between my cheeks! (She looked at Williams as she mouthed these words, licking her lips.)
Boys, let’s all act like freaks!
Put ’em in my armpits!
Put it between my tits! (She looked at Burgess lewdly again.)


Meanwhile, in their private room, Candice was entertaining the other four teachers to this song. They were sitting in a circle surrounding their nude, high student. She mouthed the words to them just as Camilla did. While mouthing the line, ‘Put ’em in my armpits!’, she eyed Knowles lewdly. Remembering that he was merely given Camilla’s armpit to fuck last time, he wasn’t too thrilled at Candice’s offer; he was determined to have the girl’s pussy tonight. The four men fondled her body, Knowles fingering her clitoris very sensitively and getting her very wet; Matotek gently patted her on the buttocks; Rudolph felt her breasts; and Fulson, after Matotek opened her buttocks, fingered her anus. The pleasure the men were giving her, as well as the ecstasy, were helping her forget, however temporarily, how saddened she was by Camilla’s trivializing of their relationship.


Camilla’s second song was ‘My Humps’, by the Black Eyed Peas. Standing directly in front of Johnson, she dropped her panties about a minute into the song.

Johnson said, “There’s that pretty tuft of pubic hair I remember so well!”

“Yeah!” Williams shouted before sipping his beer.

Having turned around to give Johnson a look from behind, she opened her buttocks and, looking back at him, mouthed one of the lewd lines from the song lyric. To her question of what was to be done with all that ass of hers, Johnson shouted his answer:”You’ll see soon, baby! You’ll see soon!”

She removed her bra, shook her large breasts and, looking at Burgess, mouthed another lewd line. To her question of what was to be done with all that breast of hers, drunk Burgess shouted this ad libbed answer to her: ‘Gonna stick my dick between like dis’, doing a horribly bad impression of a rapper. “What a hot body!”

“Yeah,” Langella said. “It’s such a shame she has to dance to such crass music. It’s so sad when excessive sexuality degrades the arts like that.”

“Who cares?” asked Williams. “Enjoy the show.”

Camilla took off her shoes at the end of the song.

Her third song was, ‘Fuck the Pain Away’, by Peaches. Now completely naked, Camilla crawled toward Burgess with lewdness in her eyes and smile. She pushed her left breast into his face and allowed her nipple to go in his mouth, just in time for the first line of the song lyric, about tit-sucking. Johnson, sitting next to Burgess, had her ass in his face just in time for the line about checking out her behind, a pun on Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders. She opened her buttocks so he could see her chocolaty brown anus up close. She joyfully mouthed the words about staying in school, because it’s the best thing to do, as she looked lewdly in the eyes of her teachers.

“Did you know this musician, Peaches, used to be a music and drama teacher in a school in Toronto?” Langella asked Williams. “Now she does this trash.”

“No,” Williams said. “Who gives a shit? Enjoy the show!”

When the name of the song, ‘Fuck the Pain Away’, was being chanted, Camilla, mouthing the words, spread her legs in front of Langella. She had her panties in her hand, and she stuffed them inside her pussy. Then she pulled them out, pulled on the elastic and fired them at Langella’s face like a stone from a slingshot. They hit his face sharply; he grinned his appreciation.


When Candice heard the chanting of the song title, ‘Fuck the Pain Away’, over and over again, she–still high as a kite–decided to live up to the song’s ‘philosophy’. She figured getting a gang-bang from her four teachers might help her forget Camilla.

Enjoying Knowles’s finger as it slid deep inside and out of her vagina, she asked them all, “So, you guys wanna fuck me?”

“All of us?” asked Rudolph. “RIght now?”

“Sure, why not?” she asked in sighs from receiving Knowles’s finger. “I wanna get gang-banged!” she sang.

“Alright!” Knowles shouted. All four men unzipped their pants, and Candice got on Escort bayan Ankara the floor. Knowles was quick to get on top of her; he opened her legs, and fed his hard phallus inside her wet cunt. Candice squealed with pleasure.

Matotek put his cock in her mouth, while Rudolph and Fulson waited their turn, each of them fondling one of her breasts. Knowles was well-endowed: his seven-inch cock pushed against her A-spot and rubbed against her G-spot. He held onto her legs as he fucked her. Her lips massaged Matotek’s knob, and her tongue tickled his dick-hole. She played with his balls with her left hand and fondled his ass with her right. Rudolph and Fulson pinched her breasts, and Fulson reached for her asshole, fingering the orifice.

Though her squeals were those of pleasure, and her sweaty body tingled with the delightful sensations of the ecstasy, there were tears in her eyes, and her squeals sounded like crying.


When the Peaches song ended, naked Camilla led her four teachers into the private room next to Candice’s. She took a half of her ecstasy pill and drank it down with a gulp of water from her water bottle. The men sat in a circle, surrounding her as she started dancing when the next song, by Pantera, began. As she danced, the now very tipsy teachers all felt her up: Burgess pawed at her breasts, Langella fingered her vulva, Williams felt her buttocks, opening them up, and Johnson put his finger inside her anus. She giggled as they did this, excited, yet also nervous that tonight would be a repeat of the chaos of last Friday night. “Let’s not get too crazy tonight, OK guys?” she asked. “Gang-bang me at Mr. Langella’s home.”

“Sure,” Williams slurred. “But we’re doing it here, too.” He unzipped his pants.

“Wait,” Camilla said with a trembling voice, seeing the other men unzip their pants. “The people outside will hear us.”

“No, they won’t,” Langella said with a belch. “That heavy metal music’s so loud, they won’t hear a thing.” They got her on all fours, and Williams’s and Johnson’s rock-hard cocks were ready to enter her face and ass, respectively. Camilla lubed Johnson’s erection as he lubed her rectum. “What about us?” Langella asked of himself and Burgess.

“Let’s not do her all at once like last time,” Williams said. “That was awkward.”

“Agreed,” Johnson said. “Let’s take turns.” He pushed his cock against her asshole. “Ahh, that feels great!” he sighed as he slid deeper and deeper inside.

Camilla’s moans were muted as Williams fed his cock in her mouth. Burgess and Langella sat and watched, masturbating just enough to keep themselves hard, but not allowing themselves to come. Camilla’s vibrating tongue stimulated the underside of Williams’s shaft, and she kissed and licked his knob. Johnson’s cock was gently digging inside that tunnel of chocolate, as it were: she loved it.


Burgess, Langella, Rudolph, and Fulson weren’t the only watchers of the sex going on in those private rooms: Luvlee’s had bouncers whose job was to watch the goings-on in the private rooms using hidden cameras. Though the bouncers’ job was to make sure things didn’t get out of hand, they knew Camilla’s outrageous reputation. Watching her willing involvement during the sex, it was obvious to them that she’d consented. That Candice had also willingly received Knowles’s cock in her vagina, and Matotek’s in her mouth, was also obvious from what the bouncers saw on their monitors. They just sat and enjoyed the simultaneous double feature.

“Man, look at those girls suck dick!” the first bouncer, Rick, said.

“Yeah,” said Don, the second bouncer. “Camilla sure loves taking it in the ass.”

“I know just what the guy with his cock in Camilla’s mouth is feeling,” said Rick.

“Really?” asked Don.

“Yeah,” said Rick. “Camilla made a special deal with me: if I pay special attention to her and make sure no one rapes her or hurts her in the rooms, she’ll suck my dick once a week.”

“Right on!” said Don. “The new girl’s sure loving that guy’s cock in her pussy. This is so hot!”

“I like my job.”

“So do I.”


As Camilla was getting it in both ends, Langella fingered her dripping wet cunt and Burgess fondled her breasts. Camilla’s fingers tickled and played with Williams’s balls as he pushed his hard shaft in and out of her mouth. At times, she deep-throated it, demonstrating her excellent control of her gag reflex. She moaned with pleasure at the probing she got from Johnson’s cock. Langella’s tickling of her clitoris got it hard. Her labia were swollen with excitement. Also adding to the thorough lubrication of her vagina was Johnson’s cock’s massaging of the anal wall that neighboured her vaginal wall. Burgess pinched her nipples, getting them erect. Her scream in whistle register was muffled by Williams’s Bayan escort Ankara deep entry, and she came copiously al over Langella’s hand. He gluttonously drank it all.

Meanwhile, both Johnson and Williams were about to come. Johnson wanted to spray all over her, so just when his arousal reached the point of no return, he pulled his cock out and showered his come all over her buttocks.

“Isn’t that pretty!” Langella said.

Then it was Williams’s turn to come. He ejaculated plentifully in Camilla’s mouth, and she gulped it all down, not missing a single drop.

“Amazing!” Burgess said. Williams and Johnson put their spent members back in their pants and sat down. Now Burgess and Langella got ready for their turn.


The refrain ‘fuck the pain away’ kept ringing in Candice’s mind as she felt Knowles’s phallus pumping in and out of her cunt. Since Camilla’s room was next to hers, Candice could hear her beloved roommate’s squeals of pleasure. Though Candice was still high on MDMA (nearing the end of her peak), and nearing orgasm herself, somewhere deep in her mind, she was asking herself, Is this happiness? Sex, then just more sex? Getting high, coming down, and just getting high again? An endless train of pursuing pleasure? Though it wasn’t truly satisfying, at least it kept the pain away, if only for a while.

Knowles’s long, thick cock was driving her wild: as he kept pumping deep inside, she fingered her clitoris. She orgasmed. When he was nearing orgasm, he withdrew his cock and shot his come all over her stomach. Matotek blew his load in her mouth: she gulped most of it down, but some of it dribbled out the left side of her mouth. Knowles and Matotek put their penises back in their pants and sat down.

Candice, coming down from the ecstasy peak, took out the little bag of cocaine from her purse. She started chopping lines. “You guys wanna snort?”

“You have coke?” Fulson asked in amazement.

“Yeah,” she said as she finished getting five lines ready to snort. “I have anal lube in my purse. Who wants anal?”

“I do, I do,” said Fulson. She gave him the tube of lubricant, and he smeared some on his hard cock. Then they all snorted the cocaine. Now Rudolph and Fulson would have her. She lay on her back, with her legs up so Fulson would have access to her asshole. He lubed her rectum while Rudolph put his dick between her tits. Rudolph wrapped her breasts around his cock, and Fulson pushed his phallus against her anal orifice. “Ahh,” Fulson groaned as he entered. All three of them felt like supermen on cocaine as they rocked back and forth.


Camilla wrapped her breasts around Burgess’s phallus, and her wide-open legs and moist vagina received Langella’s cock. She was now starting to peak on the ecstasy, her body tingling from it, and Langella’s long, thick cock was giving her another kind of ecstasy. Burgess squeezed her soft, large breasts on his hard, long, thick cock, and he loved the smooth sensation of her creamy skin.

“My…pussy is…smiling,” she sighed as she felt the impaling of Langella’s phallus. “Thank you…Mr. Langella.”

“Oh, your tits feel so good around my cock,” Burgess moaned.


The bouncers were loving every second of the double sex show on their monitors, oblivious to any danger of things getting out of hand. Though Candice’s face had a pained expression on her face (not from the sex, but from still thinking about Camilla), and her expression was clearly visible on the monitor, the bouncers ignored that, too. Awed by the performance of the girls, the bouncers, always touching their crotches, just sat and watched like mindless zombies in front of the TV.


Camilla’s come was already dripping all over the floor, and Burgess came all over her face. “Beautiful,” he said as he watched it dripping off her cheeks and nose.

Langella, about to come, pulled his cock out and rained his come all over her stomach. “Beautiful here, too,” he said.


Rudolph loved the softness of Candice’s breasts around his hard cock. He pinched her nipples as he slid his phallus between those smooth, creamy tits. He soon spewed his come all over her face: it sprayed in a straight line at her nose and mouth in several quick spurts.

This was Candice’s first ass-fuck, and she found it surprisingly enjoyable. No pain. Fulson, about to come, pulled his cock out and sprayed his discharge all over her vulva and pubic hair. “Ohh,” he said. “Incredible.”

Everyone left the two rooms. Those customers who were close to the private rooms stared at the men and two naked girls, having heard all the screaming and fucking. The listeners clapped, and Camilla and Candice each took a bow. The eight teachers blushed.

After the girls washed their faces in the washrooms, they went up to their teachers with a fun idea. “We have an idea, guys,” higher-than-a-kite Candice said.

“What’s that?” asked Williams.

“Let’s go to Langella’s house,” Camilla suggested. “And have an orgy there.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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