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Cameron and Haley lay there under the stars, neither saying a word. They were still stunned by losing their virginity. Cameron felt an immense sense of pride and comfort as he held Haley. Before meeting Haley and Elena, he had never felt so comfortable with anyone. Now, after sharing the experience of being each other’s firsts, Cameron felt as though they were even closer than before.

An unknown amount of time passed before they finally decided to return to camp. Cameron and Haley were in no rush as they walked hand and hand back to the camp. They saw the bonfire light through the trees as they neared the camp. When they stepped out of the trees, they immediately ran into Elena. She smiled knowingly at them. “About time you guys make it back,” Elena said. She grabbed Cameron’s hand and pulled them from the edge of the woods to the bonfire, where the campers were partying.

Elena and Haley dragged Cameron over to where everyone was dancing. He was usually uncomfortable dancing, but everyone in the camp had seen him naked for the last month; compared to that, his lack of rhythm didn’t seem as big of an issue anymore. The girls danced with him, grinding against him and running their hands up and down his body. Cameron let his hands wander, too, his hands always on one of their asses or feeling up their breasts. It didn’t take long for the girls to get him hard. After an hour of them dancing, their playful touches became increasingly sexual. Cameron looked around at the other campers and saw that everyone was paired up.

They started to make out on the dancefloor, kissing each other and sucking on their necks. Cameron leaned down and took one of Elena’s breasts in his mouth, sucking hard. Elena moaned and started to stroke his cock. Haley sucked on Cameron’s neck, making him moan. Elena grabbed both of their hands and led them toward her room without saying anything.

They climbed into Elena’s bed with her in the middle. Without saying anything, Cameron and Haley were on the same page. They had gotten their alone time earlier, and now they wanted to take care of Elena. They took turns making out with Elena. Haley kissed her way down her neck and took one of her nipples into her mouth. Elena moaned into her kiss with Cameron. Cameron broke the kiss and latched onto Elena’s other breast. Elena moaned again as Haley and Cameron sucked on her breasts. Elena cradled their heads, pulling them against her so they would suck harder on her breasts.

Cameron looked over at Haley, loving the sight of her as she sucked on Elena’s breasts. He loved watching as she pulled on Elena’s nipple or the way she flicked her tongue rapidly against it. Cameron’s cock twitched as he remembered how her soft lips felt wrapped around his cock. She caught him looking and smiled at him before focusing back on sucking on Elena’s breast. A minute later, Haley pulled her mouth off Elena’s breast with a loud popping sound and climbed down between Elena’s open legs. Cameron kept sucking on Elena’s breasts while Haley started to eat Elena out. When Haley flicked her tongue against Elena’s clit, Elena’s whole body quivered in pleasure.

Elena pulled Cameron up from sucking on her breasts to kiss him fiercely. Elena would moan into the kiss when Haley hit an extra sensitive spot. Cameron was so focused on making out with Elena that he jumped when he felt Haley grab his cock, and then a few seconds later, he felt her lips wrapping around his cock, and it was Cameron’s turn to moan into their kiss.

Haley switched between pleasuring each of them, sometimes Elena and Cameron watched, and other times they focused on making out. Elena broke the kiss and looked down as Haley bobbed her head up and down Cameron’s cock, effortlessly taking it in. Haley looked up and smiled at them when she realized that she was being watched.

Elena’s passionate kisses became even fiercer as Haley continued to please Elena. Elena started to squirm and hump against Haley’s face. Elena’s orgasm came suddenly, and she moaned loudly, her body quivering as she clamped her thighs around Haley’s head. When her orgasm passed, Elena pulled Haley up to kiss her. She kissed her face fiercely, licking and sucking up her juices. Cameron joined the kiss, savoring the taste of Elena’s pussy on Haley’s mouth. After cleaning Haley’s face, Elena turned to Cameron and said, “Fuck me.” The raw desire in those words spurred Cameron to quickly sit up and take position between Elena’s spread legs.

Haley leaned across Elena’s body and took Cameron’s cock back into her mouth, ensuring that he was fully hard before he penetrated Elena. When Haley stopped blowing him, his entire cock was glistening with her saliva. She grabbed Cameron’s cock and guided it to nestle it inside Elena’s lips. They watched as Cameron slowly inched forward, his cock disappearing inside her. Elena’s pussy felt so tight, but she was incredibly wet, so even though her pussy clutched at his cock as he entered her, he kept going deeper. Elena let out cute little sighs of pleasure as Cameron slipped cebeci escort inside her. Cameron and Elena moaned together as he fully penetrated her.

Cameron could feel Elena’s pussy clenching around his cock as they held still. Elena had closed her eyes when she moaned from him bottoming out inside of her, and when she opened them, her eyes were burning with desire. She started to rock her hips slightly, and Cameron moved too, following Elena’s lead.

Haley leaned down and started to lick Elena’s clit while Cameron continued to fuck her. Elena’s moans got even louder, and she wrapped her legs around Cameron, pulling him deeper inside her. Cameron grabbed her by her hips as he fucked her even harder, no longer able to hold back as the pleasure overwhelmed her. Cameron watched as Elena’s breasts bounced with every thrust, and her body contorted in pleasure. Along with humping harder against him, he could feel Elena’s pussy squeezing his cock. “I’m about to cum,” Cameron groaned as the pleasure became too much.

“Cum inside of me,” Elena cried out and started to gyrate her hips as she also humpped up against him, causing his cock to press against the walls of her pussy. Cameron thrust into her a few more times, then he started to cum inside her. “Yes!” Elena moaned as she felt the warmth spread inside her as Cameron came. Haley lapped at Elena’s clit even harder, and Elena’s moans crescendoed as her body started to shake from the force of her orgasm. Cameron and Elena locked eyes as they both rode the highs of their orgasm. Elena looked like she was trying to say something, but she closed her eyes and moaned as Haley kept eating her out.

When Cameron pulled out of Elena, Haley started to suck on it, savoring the taste of Cameron’s cum and Elena’s pussy. Cameron watched as Haley licked and sucked his cock clean for a minute before she started to eat out Elena’s cream pie.

Cameron lay on the side of Elena, and she kissed him sweetly, occasionally moaning as Haley continued to clean out all the cum from her pussy. Cameron loved how passionate Elena was in the throes of lovemaking and how sweet and cuddly she was in her post-orgasmic stupor. Eventually, Haley lay on the other side of Elena, and the two of them kissed each other deeply. Cameron joined the kiss, and the three lay there sweetly kissing for a while as Cameron and Elena recovered from their orgasms.

Slowly their kisses and caresses became increasingly sexual as their hands lingered in sensitive spots. Cameron’s cock quickly came to its full length with the efforts of both girls. With the gradual petting and caressing of his cock Cameron was surprised that he started to get hard again. The girls started to jerk him off and play with his balls. Once he was semi-hard, the girls eventually climbed down between his legs and looked up at him as they started to kiss up his cock. Their lips met around his cockhead, making out with it between their mouths.

“I want to see you ride him,” Elena said as she held Cameron’s cock.

Haley climbed on top of Cameron, and it was Elena’s turn now to hold Cameron’s cock and guide it between Haley’s lips. Haley started to take him inside of her slowly.

Elena made out with Cameron while Haley slowly rode his cock. The only time she broke the kiss was to put her breasts in front of Cameron’s mouth so that he could suck on them.

“I want you to eat me out,” Elena growled into Cameron’s ears. Cameron was hesitant because he didn’t want to taste his cum, but he was so turned on and remembered how meticulous Haley had been earlier in cleaning out Elena’s cream pie, so he nodded. Elena straddled his chest so that she was facing Haley.

Cameron could see her puckered anus. He had seen it before but rarely from this close. Cameron got a sudden urge to lick it. Elena moaned as Cameron tentatively licked her anus. He had been afraid it would taste bad, but some of her juices had coated the area, so there was only a slightly musty taste. From how strongly Elena reacted

The girls made out as they rode on Cameron’s face and cock.

Cameron felt an immense sense of pride at being able to make both of his girls cum before he did. Now that he didn’t have to hold back, Haley’s contracting pussy became too much for him, and he started to cum inside of Haley for the second time that night. “Oh Cameron,” Haley cried out his name repeatedly as she came.

Once they were done cumming, they collapsed in a pile on the bed. Cameron felt the bed stir a few minutes later as the girls cleaned up and used the restroom. Cameron was exhausted after having sex three times that night. He was already drifting off to sleep when the girls climbed back into bed, pressed against his sides, and rested their heads on his chest. Cameron idly stroked their lower backs as they drifted off to sleep.

They woke up in the early grey light of predawn. Cameron was simultaneously exhausted from his nighttime escapades with the girls and somehow felt incredibly çukurambar escort refreshed. He still couldn’t believe that he had not only lost his virginity but that he also got to have a threesome with his girlfriends and got to have sex with both of them.

They didn’t have much time to fool around, but they were able to take a lengthy shower together.

Afterward, they split up to pack their bags before the last breakfast. They had been too busy to do it the night before. Cameron felt weird as he packed up his belongings, leaving out an outfit to change into once it was time to board the buses again.

Cameron’s sense of melancholy lessened when he met up with Elena and Haley outside the dining hall. They all hugged and kissed and went in to eat breakfast. Cameron took in the sights around him, trying to burn everything into his memory if he didn’t get a chance to attend Camp Natural again the following summer.

Towards the end of the meal, the head of the camp addressed everyone. “Thank you all for joining us this summer for Camp Natural. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and will consider attending again next Summer. I know it may be hard, but there are ways to continue to live the Natural life outside of the camp, and I encourage you to try and take back what you learned here home with you. Just don’t go streaking in public.” The campers laughed at this and then went back to eating.

The busses arrived shortly after breakfast, so they spit back up to grab their belongings and get dressed. It felt so weird for Cameron to say goodbye to Camp Natural.

Luckily for him, they all had to take the same bus. All three of them crammed into a seat with Cameron in the middle. Cameron savored the close contact with the girls since he didn’t know when he would be able to see them next.

When they returned to the hotel, their goodbyes lingered, but they didn’t have much time. Cameron and Haley both had a flight to catch. Cameron felt odd being back in the world and saying a very public and physical goodbye to Elena, but after being almost constantly naked for the last month, he had learned not to care about what others thought.


The next day Cameron sat in his room, the memories of all the fantastic things that happened at Camp Natural racing through his head. He still couldn’t believe that not only had he lost his virginity but that he was also dating two amazing and beautiful girls.

After returning home from Camp Natural, his room seemed so small now. He couldn’t remember how he used to spend so much time there. Wearing clothes again was still strange to him. He was hyper-aware of the fabric on his skin, so he stuck to loose clothing and softer fabrics. His parents noticed how he spent more of his time going on hikes. Cameron just couldn’t stand to be cooped up inside all the time like he used to. He had to stay moving to distract himself from not being with Elena and Haley. He knew he would miss them but didn’t realize how empty he would feel when not constantly around them.

There were still weeks until he moved out to start his first semester at the college associated with Camp Natural. He was excited about starting this next part of his life, but he was even more excited to see Haley and Elena again.

Cameron was returning from a hike when he felt his phone vibrate. He glanced at his phone. “So, are you excited for Saturday?” Haley texted in their group message.

“Yeah, I can’t wait to see you two,” Cameron responded.

Texting his girlfriends throughout the day helped him pass the time as he eagerly waited to go to college and see them again. Cameron loved how much time he could spend talking to them between the group message and the one-on-one text threads.

Elena responded with a picture message. She was in a changing room and was leaning forward in a low-cut dress. Cameron couldn’t stop looking at how amazing her breasts looked. “What do you guys think of this dress?” Elena asked.

“It looks amazing!” Haley replied quickly.

“Cameron?” Elena asked.

“You look beautiful, buy it,” Cameron said.

“Ok, thank you!” Elena responded.

Cameron was almost home when his phone chimed again. It was another couple of pictures from Elena. She was wearing sexy pink lingerie that contrasted beautifully with her brown skin. It was black with a lot of straps that crisscrossed her body. The fabric was nearly transparent, doing the bare minimum to cover her beautiful breasts and womanhood. She sent another of her back, looking over her shoulder.

“How do I look in this?” Elena asked.

“You look so hot,” Haley responded.

“You took the words right out of my mouth,” Cameron said.

Elena sent them another picture; she had the top pulled to the side to expose her breasts. It was so hot and unexpected that all Cameron could respond with was wow.

“Am I turning you on?” Elena asked.

“Yes,” Haley said.

“So much,” Cameron said. He locked his demetevler escort bedroom door and jumped into his bed. While looking at the pictures, he stroked his cock through his shorts.

“You should let me see,” Elena said.

Cameron pulled his cock out of his shorts and stroked his erection to its full length. When he was fully erect took the picture. He was a little nervous, but this was nothing after spending nearly an entire summer in the nude.

“Wow, you really are hard. What about you, Haley,” Elena asked.

“I don’t think I can beat Cameron in a dick measuring contest,” Haley said.

“Smartass, you know what I mean,” Elena replied.

Haley responded with a picture. She was lying down in bed wearing nothing but a matching red bra and panties. She had her panties pulled to the side, touching herself. As Cameron admired her petite body, he could see her juices glistening on her pussy lips.

Cameron knew how wild Elena was, but he still couldn’t believe she was willing to send pictures from a dressing room. It was even more surprising when Elena decided to facetime them.

“What are you doing?” Haley asked, also shocked that she was trying to take things further.

Elena was wearing her AirPods to hear them and use the built-in microphone without being too loud. “I figured I don’t have a long time to be here, and sending pictures back and forth will take too much time. A live show would be so much better.”

Cameron couldn’t argue with her logic, but he felt a little guilty knowing that Elena was taking all the risk in what they were doing. Elena sat down on the bench in the changing room and spread her legs in front of the camera. The thin material of her panties stretched across her pussy. “I guess I should take these off before I make them too wet, even if I will buy them.” Elena peeled off her panties, exposing her pussy. Cameron couldn’t believe that he was getting to see it again. It had only been a week since he was last with them, but after spending all his time with them for a month, going a week without getting to be with them felt like torture.

Elena started to rub her pussy, holding the camera closer to what she was doing. Haley shrugged out of her bra and panties. She propped herself up on her bed with pillows and held the phone low so that Cameron could see her playing with herself, her breasts, and her face as she joined in with what Elena was doing.

Cameron stripped out of his clothes and pointed his camera down at his cock while he started to stroke himself.

“I wish I were there to do that for you,” Elena said.

“You will have to fight me for it,” Haley said playfully. Cameron started to stroke himself faster, remembering how good their hands had felt wrapped around his cock.

“Looks like we will have to take turns,” Elena said.

“Or we could do it at the same time again,” Haley said. Cameron’s cock twitched as he remembered how intense it had been to have both girls pleasuring him simultaneously.

Knowing they didn’t have much time, they all focused on their task. Elena started to finger herself with two fingers, while Haley liked to rub her clit and occasionally slipped a single finger inside herself. After a few minutes, Elena was fighting to stifle her moans as she humped against her hand. She must have been extra turned on by the risk from how fast she got off. She closed her eyes as she approached her orgasm. She looked like she was about to cum when there was a knock at the door. They all froze up.

“Do you need anything?” The attendant said from outside the door.

“Yeah, I could use a bigger size on these,” Elena said as she stood up and grabbed a couple of bras from the hook on the wall. The camera was framed perfectly on Elena’s ass as she handed the attendant the clothes she wanted to swap. As soon as the attendant walked away, Elena went back to masturbating.

“Oh god,” Haley said as her orgasm spread through her body.

“I want to see you cum too,” Elena said to Cameron as Haley continued to moan. The smolder in her eyes and the desire in her voice made Cameron eager to obey. His hand was a blur as he approached his orgasm. Cameron grunted, and Elena said, “Let me see it.” Cameron sunk into the mattress and pulled his phone back so Elena and Haley could see. His first load shot into the air and landed on his pillow, while the next load landed on his stomach.

Elena moaned at the sight, and she propped the phone against the wall so that she could play with her nipples while furiously rubbing her clit. She rolled her nipples between her fingers, pinching and pulling on them. Elena leaned back against the wall as her orgasm hit her. She moaned loudly and had to stifle herself with her hand. When she finally finished, she slumped onto the bench. She looked utterly at peace with a contented smile as she caught her breath. She was still recovering when there was a knock at the door. “Just put them on the door, please. That was fun. We should do it again sometime,” Elena said to them and then left the call.

“Well, that was unexpected,” Haley said.

“You’re telling me,” Cameron said. Haley smiled at him. Cameron felt those same feelings he always had when he talked to her. They spoke briefly on the phone, going over each other’s day and saying how much they missed each other. It felt normal and natural for them to talk in the nude.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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