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In a far away universe, the entire Centaurus System was controlled by King Daren. He was of the race of Centaurs and stood above all his peers and different races of the universe as a fair leader.

Fair but strict.

He was 9 foot 8; his body muscular and hard as a rock. Centaurs weren’t physically half horsed, they were humanoid, and standing on two legs but their bodies were far from human ones. They were all tall and well adorned on every aspect. Especially sexually.

As the leading race of the entire cosmos, they were considered powerful and were respected by all, in a universe were King Daren was loved by every single living creature.

When a Centaur came to sexual maturity around the age of sixteen, they were brought the a planet called Unagu and were put through a series of trials and tests to determine their sexual nature and their need in a sexual partner.

Planet Unagu was also called Planet Soulmates in common slang.

Unagu’s inhabitants were called Sexos and were born to become the Soulmate of Centaurs.

When King Daren was an adolescent, he came with the highest tests scores in all of Unagu’s history and was immediately led to the Sexo King and his wife.

In nature, Sexos didn’t interbreed and they only became sexually mature when finding their Soulmates, but to go on and continue the survival of the race, only the King and the Queen could breed together and create the Sexos as they were immortal and parents of the entire Sexos race, counting as many Sexos as existing Centaurs in the universe; both races strictly male except for the Sexo Queen.

So when an adolescent Daren, then accompanied by his father, King Derek, came to meet the Sexo King and the Queen, they both were baffled to learn Daren had won the right to create his own Sexo as a Soulmate.

Still slightly shocked, Daren answered a written questionnaire about his specific requests for the creation of his Sexo.

– Behavior qualities: kind, companionate, funny, intelligent, receptive, passionate, loving, strong but still fragile at the same time, beautiful, happy

– Physical qualities: black hair, blue eyes, olive skin, lean, athletic, toned, blinding straight white smile, delicate

It was how Skye was born.

Molded specifically for Daren.


Daren woke slowly, stretching languidly in the 13×13 foot four posted bed. He smiled slightly as he opened his eyes and quietly observed his tiny Soulmate, still asleep on his side of the bed.

Skye was…beautiful. Gorgeous even.

The pride of the Sexo King and Queen. They had made a wonderful job. And Skye was the only Sexo the Queen actually carried in her belly as all the other Sexo were created in vitro.

Now all the Sexo called him their little Prince and the tiny stunning creature was even more loved than his husband King Daren. Skye was an icon all around the universe and Daren couldn’t be more proud of his little Soulmate.

Slowly reaching one of his massive hands compared to the sheer tininess of Skye, Daren brushed a lock of ebony hair from his forehead and gently tucked it behind a minuscule ear.

The day the Sexo King and Queen presented Skye to him, all wide ocean eyes and blinding smile, Daren got incredibly scared at the absolute different size between them. He knew all Sexo were small compared to Centaurs, but then, no other race in the universe was as tall as Centaurs but Skye was only 4 foot 4 and next to his 9 foot 8, Daren had long been terrified to break his Soulmate and hurt him irreparably.

But then, he hadn’t had instruction about Sexos composition and how he now had to take care of Skye. He knew the basics but when then he was sixteen, he hadn’t known the intricacies of the proper care of a Sexo and their anatomy.

Sexo had no organs, except for sexual ones and a heart. They had testicles, a penis but also a vagina under the sacks. Inside wasn’t much complicated; the vagina led to a uterus and the anus led to a small sack. Sexos were only sustaining themselves with the cum and sperm of their Centaurs-Soulmates and could take on litters of it into their body and feed with the load for various period of time.

The cum shot inside their uterus, thus was what sustained them, while the sack in their anus that also could be expended with cum was only there for sexual gratification and pleasure.

Knowing Daren was the biggest Centaurs in the whole universe, the Sexo King and Queen made his insides particularly flexible as Daren could ejaculate more than 2.1 gallons of fresh searing cum inside the tiny body of his Soulmate thus inflating his body nicely each time. Having getting Skye used to so many quantities of cum as once, the small Sexo had became accustomed to absorbing the sperm very quickly to feed, requiring Daren to ejaculate and fill Skye to the brim more than five times a day.

Blinking out his thoughts, Daren’s eyes travelled down the length of his tiny Soulmate and felt his stallion Sakarya Escort cock hardened instantly at the sight of the massive, rounded belly lying between them.

Skye was sleeping on his side, his belly pushed up to the maximum, the flawless, olive skin tight and firm, heavy with thick, swarming cum, his belly button popped up cutely.

The King smiled lovingly and bend down to kiss his Soulmate on the forehead, gently letting his hand travel down the gorgeous body and cupping the amount of belly inside one of his palm. He could feel Skye respiration up and down, slightly lifting the rock hard belly and shook his head in awe. How could this tiny 4 foot 4, 44 pounds, carry more than 22 ponds all day long?

Skye suddenly shifted on the bed, the silk bed sheet sliding down his naked shoulder and pooling around his waist deliciously. Ocean blue eyes blinked in pure bliss, before the small body stretched lazily, chasing the last remnant of sleep.

“Uhm,” Daren hummed appreciably, “how are you, baby?” he asked huskily.

Skye beamed at him and trailed his hands down his belly to rub it sensually, his tiny hands rubbing lazy circles along the stretched skin. “I feel wonderful, Daren,” he answered dreamily. “But I’d feel better if you’d greet me properly,” he continued as his hand started rubbing more energetically on the side of his massive belly.

Daren smiled in appreciation, his previously forgotten cock suddenly filling up again and standing at attention in all of his 1 foot 6 length and 8 inches girth. Idly stroking it, he licked his lips when Skye struggled to sat on the bed, his engorged belly weighting him down. They stared at each other and Daren reached a hand to stroke Skye’s cheek lovingly, smiling and pouring all of his love and adoration in his eyes.

Skye smiled shyly and kissed the palm still resting on his cheek, before moving forward and turned around so he could sit on Daren’s laps, his tiny back resting around the massive chest of his Centaur. Daren moaned when Skye placed his legs on each side of his tights and comfortably sat himself on him, placing his huge stallion cock between his minuscule pussy lips and starting to rub himself up and down, pushing with his arms, small hands gripped to Daren’s beefy forearms.

Seeing Skye’s difficulties at rising himself up and down with the enormous mass of his already inflated throbbing belly, Daren grabbed the skinny yet sinewy tights and helped his Soulmate to continue his ministration. Several minutes of deep moans and panting, Daren looked down to see his extremely large cock shinning with Skye’s pussy pre-cum and his own round head of cock leaking massively with white thick pearls of cum.

“Okay baby,” he panted right into Skye’s ear, “how about a nice and slow bout of love making, eh?”

Skye could only mewled as his Centaur lifted him in the air, and gently lowered him down until the wide thick head of Daren’s cock was resting against his clit’s lips, stretching and quivering in anticipation of being filled up by such an enormous pole.

“Daren,” he whimpered, “please…”

Daren kissed the back of his neck and slowly pushed forward while letting gravity take over Skye body as it sank down on his girth. He moaned himself as he felt Skye’s tony body stretched abnormally wide to accommodate what shouldn’t even be possible to take in and gently reached his other hand to fist Skye’s cock.

While the small Sexo couldn’t possibly rivaled Daren’s own cock, Skye was actually very well adorned compared to his tiny body.

Once he was fully sheathed inside Skye, his balls flushed against his Soulmate’s bottom, Daren had to chuckle at the feeling of the tip of the cold, hard steel plug deeply rammed into Skye’s anus. “Oh baby, I know I joined you late last night after all my meetings, but I didn’t think you felt so empty you had to wear a plug all night,” he panted, gently starting to roll his hips.

Skye mewled incoherently and rolled his hips desperately, impaling himself again and again on his colossal pulsing lover’s sex. “I just—” he started breathlessly, “I just felt so—uhm—empty,” he finally gasped out. “I wanted to be filled up!” he cried out as a sharp roll of Daren’s hips send millions of pleasure tendrils as the head of the cock drilling restlessly against his pleasure center.

The tiny Sexo wasn’t able to continue talking coherently and just let himself be manhandled as Daren resumed his incessant hammering deep inside his body. Leaning against his lover’s chest, Skye let himself fall into a trance, only able to feel and enjoy the pleasure bestow to him.

Giant hands spread on the sides of Skye’s rounded belly, Daren moaned as he felt his release approach. “Oh baby, I’m gonna cum,” he panted. He sped up his drilling, fueled by Skye unintelligible moans of pleasure and felt his balls draw up, ready to shoot thick and scalding litters of cum inside his Soulmate’s eager hole desperately spasming around his pole like shaft.

Joining Adapazarı Escort his hands against Daren’s ones on the side of his cum-engorged belly, Skye started to moan louder and louder, feeling his release so close, yet not ready to explode. “Please,” he sobbed, “harder, Daren, please, deeper! Please! Harder!” he yelled.

Not one to deny his Soulmate, Daren shifting until he was kneeling on the bed, Skye still impaled on his mammoth erection and started to rut animally in the small Sexo’s impossible tight channel.

It was a t that moment that a knock came at the door and Daren turned his head toward the heavy double monogamy door. “Enter!” he called.

The door was pushed and Daren’s second hand man, Merle, came into the room, bowing respectively, not even blinking at the scene.

Sex wasn’t taboo on planet Centaurus like it was on some part of the universe. Centaurs and Sexos weren’t shy about sexual prowess and it wasn’t considered a private matter. One could often find Centaurs making love to their Sexos publically and nobody would bat a lashes. And it was generally office talk to compare the bellies of their Sexos to know which Centaurs could cum the most inside their Soulmates.

“My Lords,” he said, “an emissary of the Guild unexpectedly arrived not five minutes ago,” he informed, his eyes riveted on his Lords love making.

It wasn’t a secret that Skye was the most beautiful and desirable being existing in the universe, and it was often a subject between the personal King guards and every Centaurs on Centaurus about how it was even possibly conceivable for a being as small as Skye to be able to take such a big appendices inside his body again and again and receive such massive quantity of cum on a daily basis.

Skye looked positively wretched from what Merle could see, thick gush of pre-cum leaking from his cock, his rock hard engorged belly encased between his King’s hands; his Lord’s thick cock ramming inside Skye’s body mercilessly; glittering, shiny hole stretched impossibly wide around the shaft to accommodate the length and girth.

Skye was beautiful.

“What does that scoundrel wants, Merle?” the King asked breathlessly.

Merle shifted uncomfortably and adjusted his quickly hardening cock in his pants. “He wasn’t to talk to you immediately. Apparently, it is a matter of the highest importance,” he answered, rubbing his palm against the front of his bulging pants.

Daren groaned in annoyance and sped up his thrusts, wrapping a thick muscled arm around Skye waist, just under his bulging belly and lost himself in the process of impaling his lover until all Skye could was moan and whimper in pure pleasure.

Two minutes later, Merle cummed in his own pants at the vision of his King throwing his head back and shooting his release inside his Soulmate with a guttural cry, Skye’s belly immediately filling up with ropes of boiling white cum and expending visibly, Skye also cuming his release.

The two monarchs remained still, still linked together, until Skye sighed contentedly and turned his head to nuzzle Daren’s neck and gently kiss the underside of his jaw.

Daren chuckled and vigorously rubbed the massive inflated belly, circling the popped up belly button and trailing down until he could take hold of the cold, steel plug still incased inside Skye’sd anus. “How about I plug your uterus with this and put some beads in your anus?”

Skye laughed breathlessly, still trying to catch his breath and nodded while caressing his belly. “Uhm yeah. I have an appointment with the Doc.”

Daren lifted Skye, inducing moans of pleasure from both of them as Skye pussy lips slid against his softening shaft and helped his lover to sit on the edge of the bed, smiling lovingly at the vision of Skye adoringly rubbing circles on his huge cum-inflated belly.

Daren stood and nodded in Merle’s direction indicating he was going to met him quickly before smiling knowingly at the visible damp patch on his best friend’s pants. Merle lifted a sarcastic eyebrow and went to wait outside of the bedchambers of his two Lords.

The King chuckled and walked to the adjoining room, lights automatically turning themselves on as he walked in. He looked around at the impressive collection of sex toys littering the shelves and boxes before coming in the section holding the beads. Pursing his lips in thoughts for a while, he grabbed a set of six red 3 inches diameters rubber beads, held together by a thin string of rope.

He walked back into the bedroom and knelt in front of the side of the high bed, still amazed by the tininess of his mate as his feet weren’t even close to reach the floor. “I took the red ones,” he said with a smile.

Skye eyed them eagerly and leaned back on his elbows, raising his legs to rest his ankles on Daren’s shoulder. “You know I don’t need to be plugged to hold the cum in me,” he informed and moaned when Daren slowly eased the plug out of his hole.

Daren chuckled. Serdivan Escort “Oh I know,” he said, “I know perfectly well about Sexo anatomy, baby.” He teasingly circled the gaping, naturally-lubricated hole for a moment before caressing the tip of the heavy plug to shove it inside Skye’s vagina rapidly.

“Oh gods!” Skye exclaimed, his hips lifting from the bed in pleasure, massive belly pointed out toward the ceiling.

Daren lifted a hand to caress Skye’s rock hard round belly and waited until Skye came down from his highs. “Okay?” he asked gently.

Skye panted for a moment and nodded, his hands on the sides of his belly. “…’t’s cold,” he said, rolling his hips unconsciously.

Daren laughed, his eyes transfixed on Skye spread out pussy lips around the thick 4 inches large heavy steel plug. His small lover’s cock twitching in renewed anticipation and the prospect of being filled up from both ends. “Okay,” he said, licking his lips, “now the beads.”

Skye lifted himself up on his elbows and watched Daren cover each beads with the bottle of lubricant always residing on their bedside table. “Six?” he asked.

Daren put the bottle of lub back down on the floor and looked up worriedly. “Is it too much?”

Skye shook his head. “No,” he said, “it’s just…I’d prefer if it were your cum, s’all,” he said quietly, running loving hands on the sides of his engorged belly.

Daren hummed and grabbed the first beads, bringing it to Skye’s back opening. “You know the Doc doesn’t want you to overdo it. Last time we went too far and you got hooked to being filled with way too much cum. Toys are a good compromise for your constant need to be filled.”

Skye’s humming acknowledgement turned into a deep moan a Daren pushed the first rubber bead in his asshole.

When they were at five, Skye was one again fully erected and leaking pre-cum. Never one to disappoint his tiny lover, Daren leaned over and took the whole shaft in his mouth as he pressed the last bead inside Skye’s quivering hole.

The Sexo yelled in bliss as he felt the six beads comfortably snuggled themselves and accommodating to the tight space of his anus sack before coming to wonderfully rest around his prostate. Spent and panting like crazy, Skye sighed and swept his forehead of the sweat amassed here. “I don’t think I’ll even be able to stand…let alone walk,” he wheezed out, rubbing his curved belly.

Daren licked his lips, savoring Skye unique sugary cum and stared proudly at his handiwork. Skye’s cunt was gripping the plug almost desperately, quivering in small spasms of pleasure and his asshole was back to his former tight shape, only the string and ring attached of the beads was hanging out of it. Both cunt and ass dripping with Skye’s natural body fluids, cum and lub.

Daren stood and stretched, looking down at his softened cock hanging between his legs and walked back to the bathroom, grabbing a damp towel and bringing it back to the bedroom. Skye was still lying down, his legs dangling in the air on the side of the bed, his huge inflated belly lifting up and down with Skye now normal respiration.

He walked to the bed, sitting next to Skye and methodically started to clean his tiny lover of the sweat, cum and fluids accumulated on his body. Once done, he lightly smacked at Skye’s bottom and cunt, making his lover groan.

“Alright,” Daren finally said, “time to go. Merle’s waiting and you got your appointment with the Doc.”

Skye struggled to sit on the bed and let Daren help him to the floor. He swayed for a moment, adjusting to his center of gravity being changed because of the large amount of cum inside his belly as well as the two toys deep in his body, and let Daren lead him to their dressing.

Daren handed him a pair of underwear, then a pair of black fitting pants, snug around his tights and ass, hugging his figure perfectly; the waistband just resting under his belly, and a blood red tunic. His lover helped him dress, and then crouched down to help him with his socks and boots.

Daren dressed quickly; black pants, black shirt and black shoes and turned to observe Skye, smiling when he saw his tiny lover look at himself in the tall ceiling to floor mirror, tuning right and left to examine the angle of his body, his hands resting on his huge tunic covered belly.

“How do I look?” Skye asked when he met Daren’s eyes in the mirror.

Daren came behind him and placed his massive hands on the underside of the engorged belly. “Gorgeous,” he answered truthfully; gently running the fingers of one hand through Skye’s disheveled black hair. “And full,” he added after a moment.

Skye beamed at him and absently circled the visible tip of his belly button from under his tunic. “The Doc wants to give me complete one year check-up,” he said. “After last time—” he trailed quietly.

Daren nodded and kissed the side of Skye’s neck.

Last time, a year ago, Skye absorbed too much cum, his belly holding more than twenty litters of sperm while the standard, safe capacity of a Sexo was around ten. Skye got addicted and fell terribly ill because the docs didn’t want Daren to cum in Skye anymore. He went through detox for three months, belly empty and only sustained with synthetic cum through I.V.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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