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Sammi jumped off the couch and began barking, signaling that Ann was home from a weekend trip to her parents. I rose from the e-z boy and met her at the door. “Hey babe,” Ann said with a quick kiss to the cheek as she pushed past with an armful of packages. “Could you grab my bags and the rest of the packages in the car,” she asked not really looking for a reply. Opening the car door I saw that she and her mom had been on a mall mission as the back seat was covered in bags of department store booty.

Later as I sat in my chair flipping channels on the remote I could hear Ann in the background going on and on about this store and that…this outfit and the other. “Are you listening to me?” she asked. “Why don’t you turn that off and listen to what I’m saying,” she chided.

“I’m sorry babe,” I replied. Ann held up a garment… a bright yellow top as she held it closely to her chest. “What do you think?” she asked with a smile growing on her face.

“I love it…its really nice,” I said trying to fake my excitement. I’m not sure why women get so worked up on clothes. Houdini himself would have been proud as she pulled one garment after the other out of the bag, never seeming to find the bottom.

“The yard looks great,” she said getting up and heading into the kitchen. “You were a good boy this weekend.” Good Boy! If she only knew that was the exact words Mark used as he forced his will on me. Making me submissive to his desires. My ass was still sore from the pounding he took on it Friday night when he pushed his big dick up my ass. I worked like a madman on the yard. It was as much to get my mind off Mark and David as it was taking care of yard duties.

Ann retired early after dinner leaving me in the den watching TV. I walked over to the computer and checked my emails but there was still no response from David. I had decided not to write him sharing my feelings about the night before. Half expecting he’d write me. My mind was conflicted with feelings. Guilty… hiding my weekend from my wife. Terrified at the implications of a video tape of the whole torrid evening. What would my wife…my family…my friends think of me if they saw the video of me worshipping Mark’s cock. His black dick pumping in and out of my ass as I begged him to cum in my ass?

I walked into the bedroom and Ann was reading one of her health magazines. No doubt enthralled at one more diet plan she would place us both on for a couple of weeks before it was back to eating what the hell we wanted. Neither of us had the discipline to stay on a plan. I walked into the bathroom, stripping clothes as I went. I pulled off Sakarya Escort my shorts in the bathroom and stared down at my naked cock. Completely hairless as my cock rested on my balls. Sooner or later I would have to show Ann. It might as well be tonight.

I stepped under the water, letting the warm streams slap against my face, running down my chest. I grabbed the soap and started with my balls as I soaked them and then my dick. It still seemed so strange seeing my hairless cock as I stroked the shaft. It was a constant reminder that Mark was in control of me. Looking down I knew that in a few days I would again be on my knees servicing him. Doing whatever he asked.

I stepped out of the shower, rubbing a towel all over my body before tying it at the waist. “Babe, I did something for you this weekend,” I said before I exited the bathroom.

“What’s that sweets?” Ann asked as I turned the corner. Her eyes still buried in the magazine. I dropped the towel as my cock, starting to swell, began to rise between my legs.

“I saw something in one of my magazines…and I was thinking of you,” I lied. “and I decided to do something.

“What babe?”, she asked still enthralled in the magazine before her. “This, ” I said with emphasis. Ann’s eyes met mine in puzzlement as she looked at me wondering just what the hell I was talking about. Eventually her gaze left my eyes and settled on the wand which was rising between my legs. “What did you do?” she uttered as her eyes widened.

“I saw a couple of pictures in one of my magazines and I noticed he had a shaved crotch. And I’ve read articles in the past about it and I decided what the hell…why not.,” I replied.

“I’ll tell you why not…do you know how much that’s going to itch when it grows back?” Ann had no idea that Mark would never let it grow back. He made it very clear I was to be smooth as a baby when he saw me again. Ann kept her pussy groomed but it was far from shaved. Just neat enough to hide away in her bikini bottoms.

“I thought you’d like it,” I continued trying to gain her approval. “Well, it does make your dick look bigger doesn’t it?” she half chuckled as she began to lose interest looking back at her magazine. I slid into bed and snuggled up beside her.

“Oh no big boy, I’ve had a long drive today and I’m wiped out. No loving tonight.” My dick had already betrayed my thoughts as my stiff dick rubbed against her side. “I’ll let you rub my back though,” she countered as her eyes met mine.

Confident of where I could steer the evening I agreed as she rolled over on her stomach. I pulled Adapazarı Escort up her t-shirt that she sleeps in and rubbed my palms into her shoulder blades. Rubbing my hands across her back as I probed with my fingers, lightly clamping down on her neck.

She moaned approvingly as I continued the massage. After a couple of minutes, I urged her to flip over so I could do her front. She tuned over and I started lightly tickling her chest. She loved me to run my fingers lightly over her breast and stomach. I moved up and drew circles round her pink nipples as they began to harden like little finger tips. I reached out and pinched one as she gasped. Her nipples have always been sensitive and I knew she felt it all the way to her pussy.

Confident she was now my prize, I continued to tweak her nipple as I let my hand wander to her pussy. I moved my hand under the elastic of her panties, gliding over her bush, until I felt her puffy little lips, already beginning to moisten under my touch. Reaching down I ran my tongue across her breast moving up to greet my lips. I tongued her tit, sucked on her nipple and then gently bit on her little bud as Ann gasped at my touch.

Squeezing her tit, I continued to slide my finger across her clit as her box became wetter and wetter. I moved my tongue down her chest to her stomach, dipping my tongue into her belly button, still tweaking her nipple with my hand.

I moved down and began to slide her panties off as she raised her hips letting them slide down her soft lean legs, kicking them off altogether. My tongue made a mad dash to her pussy, snaking its way into her hole before sliding up and sucking on her clit. I stuck my finger in her pussy as my face was buried in her pussy. The hairs on her pussy tickled my nose as I rubbed my face in her burning box.

Juices ran down her crotch to her ass as I traced the stream and started to push my finger into her ass. “No,” she uttered almost silently. I pulled my finger back for a few seconds as I felt her passion rising. I again dared to probe her asshole with my finger. “No babe,” she again uttered louder denying me that treat which I never dared ask for before.

I retreated my attention to her pussy, sucking harder one last time before I scooted up her body, reaching down to my dick and guiding it into her slippery box. I lay across her body planted kisses on her neck as my dick pushed in further and further into her pussy. I felt her pussy hairs against my naked cock. A feeling quite unlike what I had felt before.

I seemed to slide easily across her pussy as her juices serves Serdivan Escort as a slick lubricant for my cock. I felt her body tense up and I knew that as her signal she was going to cum. I snaked my tongue into her mouth as she sucked hard on it, almost pulling it out of my mouth as her head twisted from side to side, taking my tongue with it. She groaned out in passion as her body pushed up hard against mine, up and down, until she went limp under my body.

She let out one long sigh as she lay quietly under me. I rolled off her body, my rock hard cock slick with her juices. “Damn, that was good baby,” Ann said with great exhaustion. “I am wiped out for sure now.” She propped up on one elbow and looked down at my dick starting to subside. “You want me to take care of you?,” she asked.

“Yea, that would be great,” I replied. Ann reached into our nigh stand, taking out the lube she kept there, and rubbed it into her hands before reaching out to my dick, stroking it with the touch I had always looked forward to before. I closed my eyes as her hands wrapped itself around my dick again rising to the occasion.

Her tight grip was warm around my head…like David’s lips which just a few days ago, wrapped around my cock. His mouth was so wet as he licked the crown, his mouth moving up and down on my shaft as he cupped my balls in his hands. I remember looking down, occasionally he would look up, his eyes staring into mine, the little gold rings in his nipples shining as his chest moved up and down.

I had let two men fuck me in the ass but I had never fucked another man but I knew I wanted my first to be David. I wanted to bury my dick up his ass, feeling his warm cheeks pushing back against my cock as I reach around and pull on his nipples. Toying with the rings which decorated his tits.

Like Mark, I wanted to stick my dick into him without a condom, shooting my sperm deep into his belly. I wanted to lie beside him as my sperm slipped out of his ass while we kissed.

“Wow…you really did need to come,” Ann’s voice bought me back to earth as my dick shot sperm through the air. She jumped off the bed and was back with a washcloth before my dick had ceased its launch. She took a couple of swipes and headed back into the bathroom.

She kneeled back on the bed and slipped over me taking her customary place in our bed. “That was great babe. You were really intense.” If only she knew what I was thinking when I shot that load.

Ann leaned over and kissed me again quickly on the lips before she said goodnight and picked back up her magazine. I tuned over and closed my eyes. My dick still leaking cum as my thoughts returned to the images in my head. Cuddling up close to my lover, wrapping my arms tightly around him. Taking his tit in my hand, the cool little metal ring resting in my fingers. “Goodnight baby.”

“Goodnight,” I sighed as I fell off to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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