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It was just beginning to be a dark and stormy night when the door to the hut creaked open and the girl strode in. I had just got the fire started and was boiling water for my noodles and turned around in some surprise.

“Room for one more?” she asked in what I guessed was a Canadian accent. She was in her mid twenties, red hair, fit looking and, I noticed after she’d shrugged out of her backpack and hiking jacket, a sensational rack, which she caught me trying not to get caught looking at.

I was surprised. This time of year you could usually count on having the huts on this track to yourself, and hardly anyone started out so late as to get in just on sunset as the weather could turn nasty without warning. Well, if I couldn’t have the place to myself, this was a pretty good alternative.

“Hi, I’m Dan.” I held out my hand. “You’re cutting it pretty fine.

“Sarah,” she replied, “My friends bailed on me at the last minute, but I decided to go anyway.”

“Pretty big hike to go solo on.” I said.

“I was just about to say the same to you!” she replied, with a grin. “Mind if I use your fire?”

As we cooked our meals I learned she was indeed from Canada. A keen bushwalker, she had heard about this 5 day walk on her travels. There were public huts at the end of each day’s hike on a first-in-or-pitch-a-tent-if-full basis. The friends she was travelling with had decided to head for the clubs at the capital city instead.

I was conscious of trying to put her at her ease as we talked, my being a stranger in the wilderness, though she seemed perfectly relaxed and could clearly look after herself.

After I’d fished the brandy from my pack and poured us both a measure, she gestured to an old chess set in the corner. “You play?”

I’d played quite a bit back at uni and we set up the board. Our conversation continued while we played and she was wonderful company. I won reasonably handily after about half an hour and about a third of the brandy.

“Well that was a bit quick. Fancy another game?”

“Sure,” I said.

As we set up again she asked casually “Fancy making it interesting?”

My heart started pounding. This sounded promising, but I decided to play it cool.

“Loser does the washing up?” I asked.

“Ha! That’s two bowls and a couple of spoons!” She scoffed. “I always find I play better when there’s something at stake.”

“Well I think I’ve got some cash if you’d like to-“

“I said interesting! How about the loser gets a spanking?”

“A spanking?” I said, taken aback.

“That’s right! Pants down bare-assed spanking. Until the winner decides the loser’s learned not to make stupid bets. I trust you to be a gentleman, Dan. Apart from the spanking of course. Not scared are you?”

Well that decided it, she was pretty good, but from the first game I was pretty sure I had her measure and though I wasn’t sure about hitting a girl, but I certainly wouldn’t mind having Sarah bare-assed over my lap. I’d let her off, but if she really went through with it, I’d give her a few love taps then see if she’d be interested in an alternate method of paying her forfeit. It would be the gentlemanly thing to do. “Okay, but totally naked.”

“Ooh! High roller! You’re on!”

The second game was considerably more intense. Either she’d been foxing in the first game or she really did play better when the stakes were high. I’d never spanked a girl before and the thought of it made my bishop stand to attention, so to speak. For that matter, I’d never been on the receiving end of a spanking either and the thought that this might actually happen, combined with the view when she leant forward over the board in her tight, low-cut t-shirt was extremely distracting, and to my horror I lost my queen out of pure inattention.

She grinned as she took it off the board. “Sitting comfortably?” she asked pointedly. I smiled back weakly, my blood running cold, realising I was very likely in for a humiliating experience.

It was a procession after that and when she finally said checkmate, I couldn’t make eye contact with her. I just sat and awaited my fate.

She stretched her arms luxuriously over her head, her breasts straining her t-shirt, Bostancı Türbanlı Escort grinning broadly at me. She really was incredibly cute, the perfect girl-next-door. Perhaps she’d been joking about the spanking.

“Well, here we are.” She said, pouring herself some more brandy. “Dutch courage?” she asked, indicating my tumbler. I nodded.

“Time to settle up, if that’s okay with you.” she said in a friendly fashion as if bare-assed spankings happened all the time.

I nodded dumbly. “You’re not seriously going to-” my voice petered out.

She looked a little disappointed and said “It’s okay Dan, I’m not a monster. If you want to chicken out, no hard feelings. Just a bit of fun. Might have taught you to pay more attention to your queen anyway.”

We both laughed at that and I thought what the hell. We were alone in the wilderness. Nobody else was going to turn up tonight. She was from overseas and who would ever know? Besides, the honour of my country was at stake and while she looked very fit for a girl, how much could it hurt?

“A bet’s a bet.” I said, knocking back the full measure of brandy. That might have explained my voice being hoarse when I asked “How do you want me?”

“That’s the spirit!” Sarah chirped gleefully clapping her hands together. She stood and placed her wooden straight-backed chair in the middle of the room. She sat, folded her arms expectantly and cheerfully commanded, “Okay, strip!”

The wind howled outside and rain spattered the windows, but it was warm inside the hut. The brandy burned in my gut and my face burned red with embarrassment. I stood reluctantly and unbuttoned my shirt.

I hesitated and she cocked her head.

“Come on, spoils of war and all that. Let’s see it! I promise you’ll be able to walk tomorrow!” She held up her hands, palms facing me, as though showing me the objects of my punishment would prove it wasn’t going to be all that bad.

Also, a small part of me was getting increasingly turned on.

“A bet’s a bet.” I muttered, unbuttoned my cargo shorts and dropped them to the floor.

I stood in front of her in my jocks, my cock tenting them quite obviously. I resisted the urge to cover up but didn’t know what to do with my hands.

She waggled her index finger at my jocks and I whisked them down in a hurry to get it over with. I kicked them into a corner to avoid her gaze, which had the disadvantage of making my erection bounce around hilariously as her stifled giggle showed.

That done, I finally decided to put my hands behind my back, holding in my stomach. I’m pretty fit, I do a lot of walking, but it’s pretty hard not to feel self-conscious standing stark naked in front of a gorgeous fully dressed virtual stranger in the middle of nowhere. Who was about to give you a spanking. How the hell had this happened?

“Well, part of you seems to be enjoying proceedings!” she said, eyes on my erection. She was wearing a pair of cutoff jeans which left her creamy thighs mostly bare. She parted them slightly and when she said “we’ll just tuck that in there.” I nearly came on the spot.

She patted her thighs enthusiastically “Come on, over you go!” and when I hesitated, she grabbed my cock and used it as a handle to drag me to her right side. She looked up at me with gorgeous green eyes. “Sooner we start, sooner it’s over! It could have been me about to get a red ass, a bet’s a bet.”

I awkwardly draped myself over her lap. She grabbed my hips and with a slightly worrying strength, maneuvered me so my hard-on slipped between her silky thighs. She clamped then together and I was so worried about having an accident right there that her hoiking me up even further went without a struggle.

The blood rushed to my head. This was incredibly humiliating.

“I’ve never spanked anyone before.” she said, tentatively rubbing my buttocks.

“Well we can forget the whole thing if you like.” I said without much hope.

“I’m a fast learner. Okay Dan, time to get your bum smacked!” Sarah said gleefully.


She hit my right cheek. Okay, that wasn’t too bad. The echo of it pinged around the hut. The bark was worse than the bite I thought as Bostancı Otele Gelen Escort she laid another one on my left.

“Ooh, your bum wobbles when I whack it!” she said and got stuck in.

She got into a steady left-right-left-right rhythm. I was actually starting to enjoy myself despite or perhaps because of the sting beginning to build on top of the warmth in my behind.


She hit me hard and fast five times in a row on my right cheek.

“Ow! That stings!” I yelped, wriggling half off her knees.

“It’s a spanking Dan! That’s the idea.” She wrenched me back into position and got back to work with a will. She peppered my right cheek as hard as she could.

“Fuck Sarah!” I yelled, wriggling right off her lap onto the floorboards this time. I rubbed my arse furiously. The sting soon disappeared. My erection had gone down considerably and my dick flopped around humiliatingly.

“Chickening out after all?” She asked, raising an eyebrow.

She could hardly force me, I thought, but part of me wanted to go on. Let’s face it, how likely was I ever going to be in this position again? Anyway, a bet’s a bet.

“Not so hard!” I complained, clambering back over her lap.

“Oh, poor baby!” she mocked me, putting her right left over my left, essentially locking me into place. “I bet you would have gone even harder if it was my ass!”

“I wouldn’t!” I protested, craning my neck to look her in the eyes.

She raised her eyebrows then grinned her impish grin. “Oh well, more fool you!” She raised her hand, I groaned and, a thread of excitement in my belly, subjected myself to my beating again.

To give her credit, the girl had stamina. She doubled the tempo and got to work on my upper thighs, which elicited a mortifyingly girlish scream as I tried to escape her leg lock.

I reached back to cover my ass, but she grabbed my wrist and locked my arm in the small of my back.

This girl, who I’d quite recently been having a friendly conversation with, was deliberately trying to hurt me! It hurt, but as I thought it, my cock started to swell again and as it did, the pain began to transform into something else, then just as this transformation began, to snowball, she stopped.

“Up you get!” she said. I stood before her, dazed, trying to hold onto that feeling.

“Fuck your ass is red!” she giggled and put her hands around to grab my burning cheeks, and stuck her nails in, making me yelp. Then she noticed my cock standing to attention not far from her nose. “Well! Looks like it wasn’t all bad. Perhaps you need a reward for taking that so well…”

She drew me towards her and lowered her mouth tantalisingly toward the head of my cock. My body felt like molten gold. I moved to put my hands on her head to guide her.

“Wait!” she said in a stage whisper, like my cock was a microphone. I jerked my hands back instinctively. Somehow, she’d become the boss. Her breath on the head of my cock was driving me wild. “You need to earn it first.”

She stood, put her hands around my head and drew me into a long sensuous kiss then she went to her pack and rummaged around.

“Aha!” She turned, holding up a fearsome looking wooden hairbrush.

She kissed me long and hard again and then with her left hand, gripped my hair, pulled me head back so we were face to face and, looking right into my eyes, reached around and smacked me hard on the ass with the hairbrush. Ouch! That was definitely harder than her hand.

“If you want this.” She licked her lips langourously, “You’ll have to take a bit of THIS!”


Jesus! That thing really stung, but there was absolutely only one answer. I nodded to the chair. She smiled, patted my ass proprietorially, and sat. That fucking smirk on her face. What the fuck am I doing I thought as I draped myself over her lap again. This was really going to hurt. She locked my leg. I could feel the heat emanating from her crotch.


I surrendered my hand. She locked it against my back. She leant towards me, face flushed, eyes a little wild.

“I’m not going to lie, Dan, this is really turning me on. I’m going to go Bostancı Ucuz Escort for it until you tell me to stop.”

A few seconds’ anticipation.


She just started laying into me, full speed full strength. I thought I was ready, but I wasn’t prepared for this. I started wailing and bucking almost immediately. The vicious strikes melded into one continuous thread of pain that transformed into… something. Pain and pleasure. I turned my head. Our eyes met. A moment’s reprieve and my eyes told her to do as she pleased. Total surrender. Checkmate. It was one of the most intimate moments of my life. I stopped writhing and just lay there grunting like an animal while she laid into me.

Then stopped.

“Jesus, Dan, sorry, I got carried away…you never said to stop.” Her fingers brushed my flaming skin. I struggled off her lap and faced her. Wordlessly, she fell to her knees and took my now flaccid penis in her mouth, it roared back into life as she sucked. I grabbed her hair tightly and we locked eyes as I came in her mouth, shooting what seemed like endless gushes of semen into her mouth. I had never come as hard as that before.

Never unlocking her gaze, she swallowed my load, caught the spillage on her chin with her finger and licked it clean, then put her lips back over my cock and squeezed my balls to drain the remaining drops.

My knees buckled and I nearly fell on her, breaking the spell and we laughed slightly hysterically. She took my hand and led me to a bunk. I lay on my front.

“My god! What have I done to you Dan?” she half-giggled, gently scratching my burning skin with her fingernails. It was like there was an electric current from my backside to my dick. It responded accordingly.

“What’s this?” Sarah asked, reaching underneath my hip and encountering a bar of steel. “Well well!” She rolled me onto my back, ignoring my protest as my ass hit the thin sleeping mat. She stood, and threw off her t-shirt and bra, setting her creamy tits free, her small bright red nipples standing proud. Down went her shorts, revealing neatly trimmed ginger pubes pointing like an arrow to her cunt.

She climbed aboard, inserted my rock-hard cock to the lips of her hot slit, and, eyes lidded, slowly eased me into her. Her face was a mask of pleasure in the flickering lamplight as her weight pressed my abused ass onto the hard matt. It sent another electric surge to my penis. I took two glorious handfulls of her breasts as she ground herself up and down, then grabbed her as she rode me harder and we galloped towards two shattering orgasms.

I woke the next morning to an empty cabin. I probed my backside and the deep ache proved last night wasn’t a dream. I got up, groaning, and craned my neck. Fuck, what I could see was purple! It was going to be an interesting day’s hiking.

I pulled on some shorts and headed outside. The storm had clearly passed. Sarah was splashing naked in the stream, her pale skin aglow in the morning sun. I wasn’t sure what rules of behaviour applied this morning after last night’s madness.

She spotted me. “Morning, Sleeping Beauty! What’s the damage?” She twirled her finger. I got the message, thought fuck it, it’s a bit late to be shy, grinned, turned and dropped my shorts.

“Oh my god!” she gasped, then started giggling. I laughed too. Awkwardness evaporated. I kicked off my shorts and waded into the stream. The icy water reawoke the sting in my ass as I put my arms around Sarah and kissed her fiercely. Her breasts were cold against my chest, her nipples hard. I led her to the shallows and pushed her down onto her hands and knees, kissing her neck. She moaned and I fucked her hard and fast, my hips smacking into her ass. As her moaning intensified, I reached around and twisted one of her nipples, still slamming into her pussy. She gasped and came, pushing me over the edge as well.

I lay slumped over her back for a time, still inside her. After a while, my cock shrunk and I pulled out of her beautiful cunt, drinking in the view of her lovely back swelling into her pert bottom, and I couldn’t resist giving it a firm slap. The smack rang out in the crisp morning air and she squeaked, then giggled.

“None of that!” She said, getting up and kissing me, then heading for the cabin, a single red handprint slowly revealing itself on her bum. She looked over her shoulder and flashed me her elfin grin.

“Unless you win tonight’s game of course!”

This was going to be one hell of a hike.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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