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I was naked, handcuffed and surrounded by strangers who were ogling my exposed nudity. My chest heaved, and my breathing was ragged as Kat’s friends lined up to fondle my vulnerable naked body.

“I love the way you had her get a Brazilian wax,” Kat commented with obvious approval, “She looks so much more naked than the average woman with all of her pubic hair gone. She can’t hide anything from us. Her public lips just look so exposed and vulnerable now.”

“She is adorable,” Gretel exclaimed, “absolutely adorable!”

Gretel had one hand between my thighs, rubbing her fingertips across the swollen folds of my labia. My pussy was already soaking wet, and I squirmed and gasped as Gretel’s hand sought out the most sensitive nerve endings in my pubic lips and caused my pussy to drip like a faucet.

“You’re being greedy,” Karlie complained, “You need to share with the rest of us.”

“I’m playing with her front,” Gretel countered, “You can have fun playing with her back. She has perfect buttocks. They look firm and sculpted. You can play with those, while I have my fun with what’s on the front.”

Karlie pouted, but accepted Gretel’s suggestion.

Questing female hands and probing fingertips seemed to be everywhere. My naked body was something for these women to play with. I felt inquisitive hands upon my thighs, my buttocks, my breasts and my flat belly. I felt fingers playing with my swollen nipples, stroking the soft, pink folds of my swollen pubic lips, probing deep inside my wet vagina and even probing between my tight buttocks, prodding experimentally at my tight, pink anus.

“She seems awfully tight back here,” said Karlie as her fingertip pressed harder against my pink anus, forcing it to open, “Hasn’t her asshole ever been impaled on anything? A man’s cock? A vibrator? A strap-on dildo?”

“I have taken her ass before with a strap-on dildo,” Stefania replied, “The poor thing gasp and whimper every time I force it inside her.”

I could feel my face grow hot with embarrassment when Stefania made that announcement. I was extraordinarily submissive; however, I could never seem to adjust to being anally penetrated. It made me feel helpless, violated and vulnerable with a potency that bondage and corporal punishments could never match.

“Violating a slave-girl’s tight anus with a large strap-on dildo is a great way to teach humility,” Karlie opined as she thrust her finger deeper into my anus, “It’s impossible for her to act proud or arrogant when she’s naked, bent over, and a huge cock is thrusting in and out of her delicate little hole.”

“How would you know?” Gretel challenged, “When have you ever fucked a girl up the ass?”

There was some rivalry between Karlie and Gretel and the two of them argued with each other before Kat put a stop to it.

Kat’s voice was the voice of authority. When she talked, everybody listened. Kat was a very wealthy and strong-willed woman. None of the women in her entourage dared challenge her. She used a very authoritative-sounding voice and her eyes had a deeply penetrating intensity, that made you feel like she was staring directly into your soul and discovering all your deepest secrets every time she made direct eye contact with you.

Even her closest friends would turn away rather than risk direct eye contact with her for more than a split-second.

All of Kat’s friends were given an opportunity to take possession of my naked body. My nipples were pinched, tugged upon and rolled between clever, feminine fingers who knew exactly how to manipulate a woman’s body to make her moan and gasp. The one named Heidi loved my mouth and my lips and kissed me deeply for what seemed like hours, probing my mouth with her tongue and leaving me gasping every time she came up for air.

Of course, my bottom was pinched, my pussy was intently examined, and fingers probed my sopping wet pussy until I was moaning with wanton abandon.

I was brought to the very edge of orgasm at least half a dozen times, and wicked fingers cruelly denied me the orgasmic relief I hungered for every time. To impede my orgasm from reaching fulfillment, they would sometimes pinch the soft, pink folds of my labia, causing me to gasp in pain and delivering a shock to my naked, helpless body.

I was like a Barbie-doll with nerve-endings to these women. They played with my naked body for their own amusement, and all my gasps, whimpers and yelps of pain just seemed to add to the entertainment.

I squirmed, moaned, panted and gasped, all of which seemed to add to the entertainment value of my visit. Kat thanked April and her mom for bringing me to her cabin. She claimed that I was adorable, and she was truly enjoying watching me squirm and pant as her friends fondled me.

I was naked, and my breasts were thrust forward because of my shoulders being pulled back, due to my wrists being cruelly bound behind my back. I was standing in the kitchen area as nine fully-clothed women drank in every inch of my exposed flesh. Their Bostancı Anal Escort eyes roamed over my exposed breasts, nipples and pubic lips, and some of them explored my body with their hands as well.

A typical woman would be horrified and outraged to be treated like this. However, I was far from typical. My chest heaved and my heart beat excitedly in my chest, while one agonizing wave of desire after another passed through my feverish, naked body. My loins were feverish with heat, my nipples were hard and swollen, and my sex throbbed with hungry spasms.

I could feel my mouth widen into an ecstatic smile. This was like a dream come true for me.

* * *

Later that evening, more guests arrived. Scarlett showed up around 8:30 and gave me a passionate hug. I was still handcuffed, so I couldn’t hug her back, but I was very pleased to see her. Scarlett didn’t have the same sort of dominant streak that April did, however she was a friend and I felt a great deal of affection for her.

I mean…everybody loves Scarlett. She’s one of the most adorable people I know. She’s so welcoming, amiable and affectionate. She can make friends just by walking into a room.

“I’m so glad you’re here,” I told Scarlett when she broke from the hug, “You look great.”

“Thanks,” Scarlett said, flashing me a goodhearted smile, “You’re looking good too…in a damsel in distress kind of way.”

“Nudity and stainless-steel bondage,” I said jokingly, “It’s the newest fashion. Giorgio Armani’s runway models really rocked this look at the London Fashion show this month. It’s what all the best-dressed women will be wearing this season.”

Scarlett’s smile grew even wider

“I could look great in that,” Scarlett said, “but I’m not sure if I can afford Armani on my budget. Armani fashions are expensive.”

“Well, wait until December,” I advised, “Some scammer in China will have ripped off Armani’s design, and they’ll be selling counterfeits on the streets of L.A. for twenty dollars each. They’ll look almost as nice, and they’ll be in your price range.”

Scarlett and I both burst out laughing, and then she hugged me again. Of course, I couldn’t return the hug. I was still handcuffed, however, I still enjoyed Scarlett’s affectionate embrace.

Scarlett soon turned to greet Kat as well as all the other women in the room. They all got hugs too. Scarlett is a very affectionate woman. She hugs people with the same sort of frequency as other people blink.

As Scarlett made her way through the room, I noticed the way she was dressed; Gore-Tex hiking boots, skintight blue jeans, and an Under-Armor Tech long-sleeved sweatshirt.

Scarlett and the nine women who surrounded her were all dressed in similar apparel. It was as if there was some sort of dress code they were all adhering to. I was feeling out of place, as I was the only one not complying with this hypothetical dress code.

I wondered if this was deliberate. All ten of the women in the cabin were dressed in sweatshirts, jeans and hiking boots, and I was the only one who was naked. Somehow the way they were all dressed; covering up most of their bodies in denim and UA Tech fabric; made me feel even more naked and exposed.

As I watched Scarlett interact with the other women, I exhaled slowly, tightening my abdominal muscles and feeling an insistent throb in my vagina. I was getting a libidinous thrill from the injustice of being totally naked and very exposed, with shaven loins, while almost a dozen fully-dressed women were free to ogle my nudity and stare intently at my erect nipples and pink, swollen pubic lips.

The disadvantage of being naked and exposed while everyone else was fully dressed seemed almost like a completely different fetish from BDSM, although the two were related. In BDSM, the slave has a status that is very different and obviously inferior to that of the mistress. This clothed vs. naked fetish worked much the same way, with the fully-clothed women obviously enjoying a higher status to the fully-exposed woman.

It made me feel a deep, feverish excitement to be treated this way, here I was naked and handcuffed, without even the ability to cover my nude body with my hands, while ten fully-clothed women felt free to openly stare at my wet, clean-shaven vulva and my hardening nipples.

It was a guilty joy of mine to be the only woman in the house totally naked and helpless, while every other woman In the house was fully-dressed and free to touch me whenever and wherever they wished.

I was contemplating this dark and unusual sexual thrill, when two more women arrived at the cabin.

There was a flurry of activity as the newcomers were greeted and introduced all around.

I recognized one of the women. Coach Jenneke was the first woman through the door. She taught Physical Education and Track at my old high school.

The last woman through the door was about my age, however I didn’t recognize her. She was dressed Bostancı Yaşlı Escort like all the other women, in hiking boots, jeans and a long-sleeved sweatshirt, and I realized that the more fully-clothed women that we had in the room, the more naked and exposed I felt.

When I first entered the cabin, there were nine women to openly ogle my nude body. Then Scarlett arrived and brought the number up to ten. And with the new arrivals, there were now twelve fully-dressed women to stare at the swollen folds of my wet sex and my blatantly-swollen nipples. I realized that each time the number of fully-dressed women went up, my feelings of exposure and helplessness went up as well. I felt more naked and exposed now, than I felt when I first got here.

“So, Cheryl,” the newest arrival said as she closed the distance between us, “I’ll bet you never thought you’d ever see me again.”

I looked at her blankly. She was tall, thin and about my age. She had an oval-shaped face and long, auburn hair that she had worked back into a ponytail. She was attractive enough that she should be hard to forget, but I couldn’t remember ever having met her before. I felt confusion wash over me, as she just didn’t seem familiar at all.

“Um, have we met?” I asked.

The auburn-haired girl looked me in the eye and raised one eyebrow. The expression on her face seemed to be both questioning and admonishing at the same time.

“Seriously?” she asked, “You and I both went to the same high school. We both had Mr. Kryston for eleventh grade English and Mrs. Bednarz for twelfth grade English. And you’re seriously saying that you don’t remember me?”

I studied her face, admired her smooth skin, her rounded chin, her small, perfectly-shaped nose, her luscious lips and her crystal-blue eyes, but still no recognition dawned. I was drawing a complete blank.

I shook my head in negation and said, “Sorry, but I don’t think we’ve ever met.”

“You bitch,” the auburn-hair girl spat, “I’m Alex Harshman!”

My loins were throbbing and most of my blood was being used to keep my nipples, my labia and my clitoris exceedingly swollen, however enough blood was reaching my brain that I was able to resurrect a few memories from high school.

There had been a student at Fairwind High School named Alex Harshman, however, he had been a boy. He was tall, skinny, awkward and wore clothes that were always wrinkled and about two sizes too big for him. He had an ugly haircut, that was just slightly longer than a military crew-cut. He didn’t talk much, scowled most of the time, and didn’t seem to have any friends.

It occurred to me that this girl was about the same age, and height as the boy I knew from high school. She even had the same color of hair (although with a far superior hair style). She also had the same rounded chin as the boy I knew back in high school.

My swollen nipples and my hard, swollen clit were still hogging most of the blood in my body, thus starving my brain of badly-needed red blood cells. If not for the lack of oxygenated blood reaching my brain, I probably wouldn’t have said the words that next came out of my mouth.

“Alex Harshman was a boy,” I insisted.

And then, to further worsen the situation, I excitedly asked, “Oh my god! Did you have a sex-change operation?”

Almost immediately, I knew that had been the wrong thing to say. The expression on Alex’s face immediately twisted into one of shock and outrage. She cocked her arm back as if she was going to smack me across the face, but Coach Jenneke restrained her about a split-second before she would have hit me.

“I was never a boy,” Alex insisted emphatically, “My mother was too cheap to by me new clothes, so I got my older brother’s hand-me-downs, and I had a boyish haircut, because my mom was too cheap to take me to the Hair-Cuttery to get a real haircut! But, I was never a boy!”

Apparently, I had hit upon a hot-button issue with Alex. It was a real sore spot with her, and now she was furious with me for whacking her upside the head with this particular topic.

At this point, Alex’s face was flushed with rage. She turned her angry gaze towards April and shouted, “You said I could punish her if she deserved it. I think she deserves it after that sex-change comment!”

April nodded sagely and then admonished me, “Cheryl, Alex is a guest here in this cabin. You can’t go around insulting the guests. You need to apologize right now.”

“I’m sorry, Alex,” I said timidly.

“I’m sorry, Mistress,” April said, correcting me, “This weekend you will address every woman here as Mistress. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry, Mistress,” I said, feeling the throb in my loins becoming even more intense.

April ambled over and stood very close to me. Her nose was only a few inches from mine. She could easily have reached out and touched me, however she kept her hands to herself.

“I like your apology,” April said softly, “Your behavior Bostancı Zenci Escort is improving; however, you still need to be punished. Alex is right. I did tell her that she could punish you if you deserved it.”

April grabbed a chair from the dining room table and pulled it forward. Alex was prompted to sit upon it, then April grabbed me by my shoulder and my waist and positioned me directly at Alex’s side and then she stepped back.

“Cheryl has some experience being punished,” April announced to the room, “So, she knows what happens next. Don’t you Cheryl?”

It was pretty obvious what was expected of me. I was expected to go over Alex’s lap. I was to lie there, with my butt in the air, and to suffer as Alex spanked my bare bottom until she felt I had done sufficient penance for my sins of insulting her.

“Yes, Mistress,” I replied, and I felt my face flush hot with embarrassment. This wasn’t the first time I had been spanked, however, I had never been spanked in front of such a large audience. Twelve women looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to drape my naked body across Alex’s lap. Having this many people witness my humiliation as my bare bottom was turned a scalding red color was making me feel even more disgraced and humbled than I normally felt when ordered to submit to a punishment.

I could feel a dozen pairs of eyes intently taking in my naked body as I bent over and slid my torso over Alex’s lap and raised my naked buttocks up in the air, making them a vulnerable target. It was awkward and difficult to maneuver my body into position without the use of my hands and Alex ended up grabbing me by the waist and the hips and helped to get my body into the proper position.

It was hardly the first time I had ever been stripped naked and put over a woman’s knee, however, having a huge audience to witness my humiliation added a sort of dark, sexual excitement to the situation that I’d never felt before.

With a dozen fully-dressed women staring openly at my naked, upraised buttocks my heart beat painfully in my chest. I could feel the intensity of their gazes upon my naked body, I felt a swarm of butterflies in my stomach and I felt a shamelessly feverish heat in my loins. I was discernibly wet between my thighs and my body was filled with sexual tension. I seemed to have very little control over the way my body reacted to all of this attention and I was unable to prevent a desperate, libidinous moaning sound from escaping my lips.

If my hands were free, I would have been tempted to finger the folds of my wet pussy and rub my aching clit, however April had taken that temptation away from me when she bound my hands behind my back.

“How many swats can I give her?” Alex asked after she was done shifting my weight around and getting my hips positioned just right.

“It depends,” April replied, “How hard do you plan on spanking her?”

Suddenly Alex slapped my upturned bottom. I wasn’t expecting it, and Alex smacked my unprotected bottom hard. There was an instant, sharp, stinging sensation and I gasped in pain and surprise.

“That’s pretty good,” April replied, “It’s not the most painful Cheryl’s ever had, but it was hard enough to get her attention. Can you hit any harder than that?”

In response, Alex’s hand came down again on my perfectly-shaped buttocks. This blow was even harder, and I reflexively kicked and jerked my hips, and I tried valiantly to not cry out in pain.

“Better and a half,” April said, complimenting the woman who was abusing my poor bottom, “Cheryl’s bottom is very resilient, so there’s no need to be gentle with her. You have my permission to give Cheryl forty more spanks, about as hard as that last one you gave her.”

Alex didn’t need to be told twice. She eagerly landed another stinging blow on my defenseless bottom, and another and another.

The way I was bound, my mobility was very limited, however I writhed with each stinging swat to my innocent bottom. My naked backside was started to grow painfully hot, I whimpered, the pain redoubled, and the blows continued. At some point April interrupted Alex and gave her some tips on how to spank a girl’s bottom properly.

“You’re concentrating too much on the center of each cheek,” April advised my tormentor, “You can’t hit the same spots over and over. You need to spread the punishment around. For the next twenty or so, direct your spanks to the backs of her thighs and the crease where the tops of her thighs meet the underside of her buttocks.”

Alex thanked April for the advice, and then went back to work, vigorously spanking the sensitive naked flesh on the backs of my thighs.

For my part, I whimpered, whined and my reddened hindquarters bounced as I squirmed across Alex’s lap. The sound of Alex’s bare hand coming down on my naked flesh was resoundingly loud, however the sound of my own girlish yelps of pain were somehow still audible as well.

My bottom hurt terribly before Alex was even halfway through, and each new blow brought my poor, innocent bottom even greater agony. Alex was a natural when it came to inflicting red-hot, scalding agony on a girl’s bare buttocks. The blows came fast, one after another, slicing across my thighs. And when Alex paused, my bottom was ablaze with a throbbing, sweet, delicious pain.

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