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Marty paced nervously while Ellen fussed with Kathleen’s dress as they waited in the little room at the back of the church. The guests had started to arrive for the 2:00 ceremony. Kevin was in another waiting area and Red and Nora were already seated in the front row, anxiously waiting for the blessed event to begin.

Ty and Margaret were dutifully escorting the guest to their seats. Ty was walking towards the vestibule when he spotted Monique and his two boys TJ, 9 and Darnell, 7.

Ty had divorced Monique years ago but he asked her to bring the boys to the ceremony. He realized the boys would not understand right now but Ty knew that some day he would explain to the boys that this was the day he took control of a white man’s wife. Although Monique did not know it, Ty was planning on teaching the boys the lifestyle.

A big smile came across Ty’s face as he saw the boys. He swooped up Darnell and gave him a big bear hug and he bumped fists with TJ. “How’s it goin’ my man?” he said to TJ.

“Hey Monique,” he said quietly.

Monique did not respond. “C’mon guys I’ll seat you on my boy Kevin’s side.”

He put Darnell down and the three of them followed Ty to the pew. He leaned into the boys. “Now you guys better be quiet when the preacher is talkin’ got it?” The boys nodded yes.

“Thanks for bringin’ the boys Monique. I appreciate it,” he said as he gently touched her shoulder.

“Yo’ welcome,” she replied in a rather bitchy tone.

Ty walked back to the vestibule and gently knocked on the door where Kathleen and her parents were waiting. “Time to seat the mother of the bride,” he announced.

Ellen took one last look at herself in the mirror. She whispered, “I love you baby,” to Kathleen and gave her husband a light kiss on the cheek. Ellen opened the door and let out a slight gasp. Ty shot her a big white smile. “I’m sorry,” she said as she clutched her chest. “I wasn’t expecting a… a…”

Ty cut her off. “Handsome black man?” he said with a smirk. Ellen blushed as Ty looked into her eyes; he could see her desire. It was a look he knew well. “Like mother like daughter,” he thought to himself as he offered Ellen his arm.

Ellen grabbed Ty’s arm and gave it a gentle squeeze. Ty flexed his muscle and he began to escort Ellen to her seat. Ellen could feel a tingle in her pussy and her knees were a little weak as they walked down the aisle. Ty helped her into the pew. He took her hand in his and brought it to his lips, kissing it gently. Ellen could feel her pussy start to dampen and butterflies in her stomach. Ty shot her a wink. His cock Ataşehir Ukraynalı Escort began to stiffen knowing that he would be fucking Ellen one day too. He turned and walked to the back of the church.

Kevin, Margaret and Red were all waiting for Ty to return. Ty patted Kevin on the shoulder. “Here we go boy,” he said quietly to Kevin.

Kevin walked down the aisle and took his place at the altar. The music started and Ty and Margaret walked down the aisle. Ty stood next to Kevin and Margaret took her place on the other side of the altar.

Kathleen could hear the wedding march playing as she opened the door. Marty extended his arm and Kathleen grabbed on. They stood there for a second looking at the altar. Kathleen’s eyes immediately went to Ty. He looked so handsome, her heart began to race. Marty could feel her tense up a bit, he patted her hand. “It will be okay baby,” he said quietly.

Marty proceeded to escort Kathleen down the aisle. When they reached the altar Marty kissed Kathleen on the cheek and offered her to Kevin, then he took his seat next to Ellen. Kevin approached Kathleen and offered his arm.

Ty could feel his cock stiffen as he looked at Kathleen. She looked radiant and the dress was perfect, just what he had ordered. Ty’s mind began to wander, in just a few hours his big black cock will be fucking her tight white pussy while her new husband watches. Ty was brought back to the moment as he heard the priest begin to speak.

The ceremony was beautiful. Kevin and Kathleen recited their vows and had their ceremonial kiss on the altar. At the end the priest announced, “I now present to you Kevin and Kathleen McMahon.” The guests applauded.

The music started and Kevin and Kathleen walked back to the vestibule where they greeted their family and friends. Upon exiting the church two white birds were set free.

TJ tugged at Ty’s arm. “She’s pretty.”

Ty smiled at his son. “Yes she is,” he said as he thought to himself, “and she is mine.”

The guests were still in front of the church talking as Kevin and Kathleen jumped into the waiting limo. They were off to take a few pictures in the park and then head over to Westwood Country Club for the reception.

Both sets of parents, Margaret, and Ty were to ride in the other limo and go directly to the Country Club to meet the guests and wait for Kevin and Kathleen to arrive.

Kathleen was waving goodbye to the guests as the limo sped away. She felt a hand grab her and pull her to the other side of the limo. She let out a yelp before realizing Ataşehir Üniversiteli Escort she was sitting on Ty’s lap.

Gently holding the back of her head Ty moved her closer to his waiting mouth. They began to kiss passionately, as if they were the ones who just got married. Kevin’s eyes were transfixed on Ty and his new bride. Kevin had only seen this in porn. It seemed surreal for this to be happening right in front of him.

Kathleen could feel Ty’s tongue dancing around in her mouth as his long black fingers were trailing up her silk stockings toward her tingling pussy. Putting her hand behind Ty’s head she pulled him closer as their kisses got more intense.

Ty’s hand was now under her wedding dress, he ran his fingers across the lace border on the top of her stockings causing his cock to jump. Ty traced his finger along the silk garter strap that held up her stockings, he slowly ran his hand across her garter belt, feeling the soft satin against his finger tips. Kathleen moaned softly as she felt his big black hand trailing around her most intimate parts.

Kevin’s breathing was increasing as he watched Ty probing Kathleen’s mouth with his tongue and running his hands all over her body. His cock was straining to get hard in its steel cage and his balls ached for release.

Ty’s hand was resting on Kathleen’s satin garter belt. His kisses were getting more aggressive as he got ready to slide his hand down her pelvis to his prized pussy. He inched his fingers down expecting to soft skin then a nice slick shaved cunt but instead he found lace.

Ty abruptly pulled his mouth off Kathleen’s, he reached and found the string between her ass cheeks and pulled it forcefully. Kathleen let out a scream as she felt the lace thong cut into her pussy. “What the fuck you got on?” Ty screamed.

“A… a thong,” Kathleen said nervously. “It came with the gar…”

“I don’t care what the fuck it came with,” Ty snapped.

Ty glared at Kevin. “I gave you specific instructions on what she was to wear. Did I say anythin’ about a thong to you, pussy boy? Did I?”

Kevin shook is head. “No, Sir.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Ty growled as he reached under Kathleen’s dress, yanking the lace fabric from her cunt and roughly pushing the thong down around her ankles.

The burley black limo drive looked in his rear view mirror as the thong went flying across the back seat of the limo, landing on Kevin’s head. The driver let out a chuckle. Kathleen sat quietly on Ty’s lap with her legs spread. Her pussy wet and glistening from Ataşehir Vip Escort the sunlight coming through the window. Ty looked down at Kathleen and could see the fear in her eyes. “Sorry baby,” he said softly as he cupped her pussy. “When I want you to wear a thong I will let you know, ok?”

Kathleen shook her head yes.

Ty began to circle her pussy lips with his long black finger. Kathleen let out a low moan as she felt his finger enter her pussy. He leaned over and began kissing her again. Her pussy was dripping wet as he inserted another finger. Kathleen’s eyes widened, her pussy felt so full with just his fingers she could not even imagine how his massive cock would feel inside of her. This excited her even more and her cunt juice started to flow.

Ty knew she would not last long and he also knew they were close to the park. He looked over at Kevin who sat motionless with the thong on his head. “Pussy boy,” Kevin sprang to attention. “Take that damn thing off yo’ head and sniff it, see how wet I got yo’ lily white bride,” Ty said with a low laugh, as his fingers deeply probed Kathleen’s soaking wet pussy.

Kevin took the thong off of his head and brought it to his nose. He noticed it was soaking wet as he took a deep breath. The smell was exciting to him, very different than Ty’s smell but very erotic just the same. Ty continued to finger fuck Kathleen and both of them watched Kevin sniff her wet panties.

Kathleen was starting to moan louder as Ty increased his speed. Kevin felt like he was drunk, his cock aching for release from its cage. Ty’s cock was rock hard and tenting in his tuxedo pants. Kevin wanted to jump across the limo and take Ty’s big snake down his throat but he did not have permission. And Ty wanted nothing more than to drive his hard 12″ of black cock deep inside Kathleen’s tight pink pussy but he knew it would be hotter to wait until tonight.

Ty reached over and shoved the wet thong into Kevin’s mouth. This excited Kathleen and her pussy began to tighten around Ty’s fat fingers coating them with her cum. She lay there motionless for what seemed like forever. Kevin had thought she passed out and then her chest started moving.

Ty took his fingers out of her pussy, they were dripping wet with her juices and he brought them to her lips. Kathleen opened her mouth and licked his fingers. She had grown to love the taste of her pussy juices. Ty inserted his fingers once again and brought them to his own lips for a taste and then one more time so Kevin could have a taste of his bride.

The limo came to a stop. The burly black driver got out of the limo and opened the back door. He winked at Kathleen and announced that the photographer was there waiting. Kathleen checked her make up in the limo mirror and she and Kevin hopped out.

The limo driver leaned into Ty. “You got yo’self a fine white couple there,” as they both let out a deep laugh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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