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John woke up in the morning, his date with Celeste was tonight but first he went to his desk and grabbed the files of Ava’s hair he carefully unscrewed it’s cap and grabbed the hair. He could feel his manhood pulsate in his underwear. He grabbed his waist band and his penis flopped out slowly it’s length and girth grew, he got his phone watched some hairporn, he then took Ava’s hair and wrapped it around his penis head and it became purple her then screamed and a jet of hot white cum exploded out the tip. He then got a text and his cock slowly retracted he grabbed his phone.

It was a text from Ava: Meet me at the tree house we will face time Celeste. Okay?

John didn’t answer but he got up cleaned himself off put Ava’s hair back in the vial and walked to the tree house he climbed up with a strong boner he wore proudly he like Celeste and not Ava but that didn’t mean he did not like her at all he sat down next to her and said hi they FaceTimed Celeste and went over the rules then she hung up.

His breathing became heavy and he unfolded his legs his boner popped out covered in cloth he leaned forward and hugged Ava smelling the same lavender as her sister.

He pulled of saying, “Wanna do it?”

Ava, “Its against the rules but it can hurt right?”

John, “I need that hair in a ponytail first.”

Ava reached up and made a ponytail John of course was unhappy they never do it tight enough. He got up boner bursting through his pants and said, “let me fix that.”

Ava looked shocked he trapped that thick voluptuous ponytail and the hairband and shoved it up back to the head she grunted. She looked up at him with lust in her eyes, John stood not knowing where to begin but since her ass at proudly begin to grow istanbul escort and her yoga pants complimented it he suggested she stand up her did and he grasped the rim of her yoga pants and threw them down. He walked behind and kissed her sweet ass she smacked him in the side of the head lightly mind you. He looked up she turned around. I looked at her black semi lace underwear then I felt my boner almost rip my pants she grabbed my shirt and lifted it over my shoulders.

She said, “shall I help the monster out of the cage?” She giggled.

I said, “Of course.”

She gripped my shorts and pulled them down my under wear poked due to the swollen ness of my junk.

I grabbed her shirt to her surprise and threw it over her head. Now these were the first boobs I had ever seen I went in and hugged her. I felt her small yet plump boobs on my chest and I put my hand to the back of her head and felt her ponytail and pushed it to the back of her neck. I felt my cock near her pussy which was beginning to get wet. I was sure this was her first sex either although I imagined mine with Celeste first.

Then not wanting to force her i said, “ready to unleash the monster.”

The smirk on her face said it all she slid down my body kiss after kiss my dick visibly pulsated through my pants, I didn’t want to cum early. Then Ava grabbed my underwear waistband pulled it down and bam. My cock smacked her beautiful face the big purple tip rocked back in forth and Ava looked puzzled a little I knew she was new to this she grabbed the head and kissed it I strained not to cum I grabbed her ponytail above her head it was so soft and thick and brown it was heaven.

I said, “After the blowjob can I get a hair job.?” She nodded but looked confused. escort bayan

I explained, “You take your hair and wrap it around my penis and pump but you can lick it too. She nodded but didn’t give me a blowjob first she pumped and pumped my cock was at home in her small hand. All of a sudden she grabbed it and slid it into her mouth. It took all my power not to cum she slid and flipped her tongue around my cock as I played with that beautiful thick mane. She did this for 5 minutes. Before I asked her to stop and play with her hair I told her.

John, “I rather be doing this with Celeste but to be honest your just as perfectly.” She looked sad but she pulled out I immediately and fast with power shoved to dick over her smoothed hair and through her ponytail which I held up through the hair. I was in heaven. I grabbed the base of the ponytail and rolled my cock around in it and screamed, “I’m gonna CUM.”

And I did in that thick ponytail I unrolled it from around my cock and saw the destruction in which I caused. She looked at me longingly we both leaned in and kissed I pulled away.

Shit I said, “I’m gonna be late for my date.”

She smiled and giggled but she was actually thinking shit is com good for my hair and how do I remove it?

I ran home and got dressed for my date with Celeste but I was gonna make it different from Ava’s.

I walked to the bottom of the street and met with Celeste she was wearing her black yoga pants that made her giant ass look massive and a cut of top. I went over and immediately kissed her.

I said, “let’s skip dinner.”

She nodded and I grabbed her hand and we walked behind the restaurant and sat down on the curb. I already had a massive boner and I started running my escort istanbul hand through her hair from her back to her ass. She turned to me.

She asked, “Why do you like hair?”

To which I responded, “I don’t really know it’s just really cool and soft and it feels go.”

She said, “Okay, I need to tell you when you tried to teach me fishing I was so close to asking you out…”

I stop her and responded, “Really I was too I thought if you did know it would be weird and awkward.”

She said, “Oh my god wait we’re you gonna pick me the whole time?”

I looked at her like only a person in love can and said, “Of course let’s go bac o the tree house.”

We both got up and walked back I helped he up the tree house I put my hands to her thick ass and pulled her closer I could feel he tips of her hair touch my hands and her boobs on my chest. I slowly pulled her shirt off to reveal her supple breasts she pulled off my shirt.

John said, “Turn around.”

She did and John began to dry hump her thick ass. He grabbed her long beautiful hair as she grunted. After a minute he stopped she got up and turned around and pulled down the waist band of his pants. Johns dick flopped out over her head. John felt her hair as she pulled back run along the large vein of his cock then she leaned in and gave his dick a fat kiss she then gave him a blowjob. Sucking and licking his manhood before popping off of it. She then picked up her long tresses and wrapped them around his bulging cock and she slid them up and down after about 5 minutes of this he grabbed her head.

He screamed, “I’m gonna cum!”

He spurted all over her hair giving her thick white highlights. She then licked of his cock declaring, “That was fun!”

Before giving him a kiss and getting dressed and leaving. John stood there in shock of having one of the greatest nights of his life.

Celeste walked home wondering how Ava wasn’t gonna see the cum in her hair.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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