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You might remember where I was at the end of the last chapter. My friends had wrapped me naked into a carton as a Christmas present for my boyfriend, Eric. My surprise backfired when he opened the present up in front of his extended family.

As Eric was helping to my feet, Eric’s mother was very flushed in embarrassment at my first meeting with the rest of the family. Again I’m not really certain why she was so embarrassed, I was the one who was naked, but I did understand that she was extremely chagrined about what the rest of her family was thinking about my total nudity. At that point, I didn’t wish to cause Eric’s immediate family any further embarrassment so I was willing to forego any further nudity during my visit, which as you know is rather different behavior for me.

I really liked Eric’s mother and considered her a very sweet woman and would have done anything to help her in this embarrassing situation. Certainly I didn’t care about relieving any feelings at that time for the family members who were visiting because I didn’t even know them. I knew that Eric and Erica weren’t upset in the slightest and really expected nothing different from me; in fact I knew they got off on it, sort of living vicariously through me.

Before I could ask Erica for some clothing to wear during the rest of my visit, Eric’s mother suddenly blurted out, “You know Sheila, Sara is a nudist. She is totally committed to a clothes free lifestyle, in fact it’s a religion with her.”

“Oh, come now,” said the woman, who was apparently named Sheila. She was extremely overweight and not attractive in the least. “That’s a little hard to believe.”

Well, that tore it. I was stuck naked or I would cause Eric’s mother to look a fool at the best and a liar at the worst. This latest conversation caused Erica and the other young woman to break out in laughter. I was mad now! I turned to the fat old cow and said, “Yes, it’s true. I usually wear no clothing at all.

The old bitch then got a ‘funny’ look on her unattractive features. I decided finally it was a look of distaste.

She said, “I find that idea to be completely repulsive. If my darling daughter, Beverly,” and here she nodded at the attractive brunette, “even thought of such a thing I would have her placed in a mental institution immediately.”

At that rather bold announcement, the brunette stopped laughing and glared at her mother.

“Personally, I find it completely revolting to even think about you not wearing any clothes, you old sow,” I said.

One of the men stepped forward towards me threateningly. “There’s no need to be insulting, you’re the one who is disgraceful. Apologize to my wife immediately.”

That was likely to happen – NOT! I was really pissed now. Just as I opened my mouth to curse the two of them out, Eric’s mother intervened. She said, “Eric, why don’t you take Sara, Erica, and your cousins up to your room.

“I would be most happy to,” my suave boyfriend answered. Ain’t he so cool?

Once we were upstairs ensconced in Eric’s room where we had spent so many erotic hours, my handsome boyfriend introduced me to his cousins. The first one was introduced as Jack. He had just turned twenty and had rather longish red hair, a mess of freckles scattered across his face and was of average build and height.

The second male was Stan. He had short blond hair and rather finely chiseled facial features, bordering on the classically handsome. He was tall, rather thin and was almost twenty. The entire time we spent together they didn’t have much to say, but they did spend a great deal of time studying my every move. I wonder if it had anything to do with me being naked – haha.

As already mentioned, the young brunette woman’s name was Beverly. She was nice looking, had a fairly attractive figure and had recently turned eighteen. She was actually the first one to say anything.

“Aren’t you awfully embarrassed to be naked in front of us?” she asked.

“No, not really,” I answered honestly. “I mean, everyone pretty much has the same equipment under their clothes. Why should I be embarrassed to show mine?”

“Well, I have to agree with my mother in this case. I think you’re pretty crazy.”

While Eric and Erica waited for the other shoe to hit the floor, I just laughed and admitted, “You’re not the first person to call me that.”

I think Beverly’s haughty attitude was beginning to irritate both Eric and Erica. From what they said later, they had never been particularly close to their cousins or spent much time around them.

“So actually what you’re saying is,” Eric interrupted, “is that you, completely dressed, are embarrassed that Sara isn’t?”

Beverly flushed, but denied it.

“Are you a virgin?” Eric continued to probe.

“Hardly,” she replied sarcastically in a snotty tone.

Stan looked at her in surprised askance, so I gathered he was her brother.

She said to him, “You don’t know everything about me.”

“Who was it?” he angrily demanded.

“That’s certainly none urfa escort of your business. In fact this whole subject needs to be dropped, as far as I’m concerned,” Beverly answered.

“So you’ve seen a naked man and you’ve been naked in front of someone, right?” Eric asked.

I thought I could see where he was heading and I was very amused.

“Well,” she said in low voice. “Not really, it was in a car and it was dark out.”

“So you’ve never really seen a completely naked man before?” Eric asked.

Beverly flushed slightly, and shook her head.

“”But you’d like to, right?”

“If he were attractive,” she answered.

“If the man was naked, would if be fair for him to ask you if you would be naked?”

Sensing a trick but appearing fairly excited by the turn the conversation had taken, Beverly answered, “Yes, I suppose so.”

Two things happened next. Eric stood up from his seat on the side of the bed and dropped his jeans and his jockey shorts down to the floor. His penis was already standing at its seven inch erection. That’s my guy – haha!

Beverly gasped and then protested, “Don’t”

Before she could make any move to leave the room, I went over and blocked the door. Eric finished pulling off his lower clothing and then completed the process by removing his shirt. He looked awesome, as usual. Beverly flushed crimson but she didn’t move an inch, but just kept staring at him intently. Neither of the other two guys said a word in protest, but as I’ve said before – Eric is big and built. They were probably afraid of what might happen to them if they complained.

Beverly was sitting in the one comfortable chair in the room. She had claimed it as her due, as soon as we had entered the room. Eric went over and stood in front of her, his penis was staring straight at her pretty face. Beverly made no effort to move away, and perspiration had formed heavily on her face and she began to breathe rapidly. Stan had finally found the courage to speak. “Say now, I think that’s more than enough now. Put your clothes back on or at least move away from my sister.”

Stan began to stand up from where he was sitting on the side of the bed, when Erica moved to his side and placed her hand on his shoulder, gently pushing him back down.

“Stay calm, and I’ll give you a treat,” she said.

“Shut up, Stan,” Beverly ordered.

When she spoke, my attention was drawn back to Eric and Beverly. My boyfriend pulled her to the feet and enveloped her in an embrace that I knew so well. For some reason, probably because of all the sexual tension present in the room, the attractive brunette began to weep gently.

“No need to cry,” Eric said softly.

He looked down in her face and, tilting her chin up, kissed her voraciously.

“Oh God,” I heard Stan say and I looked back at he and Erica. I was surprised, even for me, when I discovered Eric’s beautiful sister was now standing naked with her outfit laying at her feet. I bet that klutz had never seen anybody as beautiful as Erica in real life. I returned my attention to Eric and Beverly and was no longer surprised at anything I saw. The attractive brunette was standing totally nude! She was one of those young women who looked attractive with clothes on, but beautiful with them off.

Her breasts were much larger and more perfectly oval than they looked to be when they were covered by clothing. Even though she wasn’t thin in any manner, her fulsome figure appealed to me greatly. Eric continued to kiss her while running his hands softly up and down her bare body. Beverly moaned lowly and reached down to Eric’s erection. She proved to me that she was no amateur when she vigorously ran her hand up and down it causing Eric’s penis to grow even a little longer with a drop of precum appearing on the head.

My handsome boyfriend pushed Beverly back in the chair and then lowered himself in front of her until he could place her legs up over his shoulders. Her labia lay wide open and Eric pierced it with his long erection.

“Oh my God!” exclaimed Beverly.

No matter if she had had sex previously or not, it was a cinch she had never had anything that large up her. As the young man began to rock in her, I glanced back at Erica and saw that now not only was she stark naked, but she had enticed Stan out of all his clothing. He was gazing intently at Erica’s cunt. It was so funny – he resembled a pointer out in the field during a hunting trip. He also had a six inch wiener pointing at her. Hey! I’m not knocking it. It’s not the length, it’s how you use it.

But I guess I’ll never know if Stan knew how to use it or not. Since Jack was also completely enamored with Erica by this time and not paying the slightest attention to anyone else, I gathered up all of Beverly and Stan’s clothing and quietly left the bedroom.

I went down the back steps, through the kitchen (luckily no one was in it at the time) and outside. I stepped around the side of the house and threw the clothes balıkesir escort in the garbage can. I rearranged the trash placing their clothes at the bottom where they could not be so readily seen.

I quickly retraced my steps just in time to see Eric bring Beverly to orgasm.

“Oh God! Oh God! Fuck me harder,” Beverly moaned, as she climaxed.

Eric immediately withdrew without reaching an orgasm and then picked up his clothing and left the room. Erica followed after him with her clothing.

“Where are my clothes?” Beverly suddenly tearfully demanded, looking around the bedroom.

I laughed and said, “They’re in the bathroom. We thought you two had better get dressed in there for some privacy because your mother might suddenly walk in here.”

“Oh,” the brunette said in befuddlement.

Beverly, Stan, and Jack left the room to be greeted by the now completely dressed Eric and Erica. I locked Eric’s bedroom door. After Eric gave me the high sign, we three left down the back way and out of the house.

After attempting to open the bathroom door and discovering it locked, Beverly screamed after us, “Where are you going? Where’s my clothes!”

Laughing, the three of us climbed into Eric’s car, and as we pulled away I asked, “So you locked all the other bedrooms?”

“Yep,” was my boyfriend’s laconic reply.

“Well, it is a little mean, but she was such a mealy mouthed mama’s hypocrite. Served her right, you didn’t seem to have any difficulty getting her out of her clothes in public,” I said to Eric.

“Just a little knack of mine,” my stud boyfriend said in understatement.

When we reached my house, I was gladdened to notice that my parents’ car was gone. That meant that wherever they had gone, my little sister Kimberly would not be home either. So I had no difficulty entering the house still naked. I naturally wasn’t carrying a house key with me – haha, since I was stone naked but we kept a key under a large plant near the front door.

I found out later in the week from Erica that we had missed quite a scene. Erica’s mother said that naturally everyone ran upstairs when they heard Beverly screaming and crying. Beverly’s mother was completely outraged to discover her two grown children completely nude with no clothing in sight. It apparently took quite a while to straighten everything out. Erica said her mother acted angry that we had left all the bedroom doors locked, but that she also wore a smirk while recounting the entire episode.

Finally their suitcases were removed from the car trunk and the two cousins had gotten dressed. Their mother was so embarrassed they drove straight home to North Carolina. Haha! Well, Beverly learned a very valuable lesson not to play with fire.

Soon after arriving back at my house, Eric and his sister left, but they told me later they were too scared to go home for hours. I went straight up to my bedroom, threw myself onto my bed and fell asleep in seconds.

It was only a few minutes later that I was rudely awakened by the door bell ringing incessantly. I just lay there, refusing to get up and it finally stopped. Then someone began banging heavily on the front door.

“God damn it,” I moaned and I got up from my bed and staggered down the stairs. I was so angry I felt like just throwing the door open naked, but something made me look through the peep hole on the front door first.

I was amazed to see Brad and Audrey Jackson. They were a bother and sister act from our church who ran the youth services for the teenagers. My mother was still bugging me to go to it all the time. They were in their very early twenties, but actually going on fifty, if you know what I mean. Even though they were both very good looking, they acted like a couple of dill weeds. I decided to have some fun with them.

“Hang on!” I shouted loudly. “I was in the shower, give me a minute.”

“Okay,” Brad called back cheerfully.

I quick ran back upstairs and threw myself under the running shower. I got my body good and wet, but avoided letting my hair get under the water. I wanted to look wet and beautiful, not like a drowned rat. I then went into my bedroom and put on my shortest bathrobe. It just barely covered my cunt and if I kept the sash loose, when I bent over a person could see all of my breasts down to my navel.

I now ran back downstairs and threw open the door. I will say this for them, they kept their composure. I certainly wasn’t wearing much!

“Oh, we’re so sorry, Susan,” Audrey said. “We didn’t mean to pull you out of the shower. Is your mother home?”

Audrey damn well knew my name was Sara, she just loved to aggravate me. I didn’t bother to correct her.

“No,” I said. “But I’m certain she’ll be home soon. Would you like to come in and wait?”

Audrey looked at Brad who nodded at her and then said, “Well, I guess we can come in for a little while. We still have got quite a few calls to make.”

I stepped aside to allow them to enter. trabzon escort Audrey was beautiful and a couple of inches taller than me, and outweighed me.. She was somewhat thin and had long blonde hair. I think she was twenty-two.

I believe Brad was a year older at twenty-three and he also had blond hair. He was fairly tall, had a good build and was quite attractive. It was actually a shame that such good looks was wasted on such a turkey. If I had my way, I was going to broaden their horizons considerably – haha.

I brought them into the living room and encouraged them to sit. I sat directly across from Brad while Audrey sat more obliquely to my left. She therefore could not see me as directly as the young man could.

I immediately established eye contact with Brad. I inquired politely as to how their Christmas had been so far, I casually crossed my legs slowly offering him a ample view of my shaven slit. I noticed his eyes grew wide and I saw some slight movement under his trousers indicating that he clearly saw me.

They both assured me everything had simply been lovely, to partially quote Audrey. The young woman’s cell phone rang and she excused herself and then pulled it from her purse and spoke into it. I took that opportunity to place both my feet on the floor with my legs now widely apart. I knew he could see now all the way up.

Audrey said into the cell phone, “Hang on for a minute.” Then she turned to me and asked, “Is there somewhere I could take this?”

I assured her there was and directed her to my sister’s bedroom on the upper floor. As soon as the young blonde left the room, I stood up and crossed the room to Brad. I leaned down over him with my arms resting on either arm of the chair he was seated in. I knew he could now see all of my breasts clearly. His prick was now straining to escape his trousers.

“Sara!” he said alarmed.

See – I knew they knew my name – haha.

“Brad,” I said lowly and hopefully sexy sounding. “I have always lusted after you. Please help me, we don’t have much time.”

I know, I know, corny but he bought it. I leaned down and plunged my mouth on his, snaking my tongue into his open mouth.

“Hurry, hurry,” I entreated. “We don’t have much time until Audrey returns.”

Brad stood up quickly, I don’t know whether to facilitate matters or to attempt to escape me. I pulled his zipper down and pulled his massive prick out. It was a monster too – about as big as Eric’s.

“God, Sara,” he groaned.

I literally threw my robe off and stood totally naked in front of him.

“Quickly,” I said. “Take everything off if you want me. I want you naked.”

Man, he was stark naked in less than thirty seconds, clothes and shoes were laying all around the living room. I knelt down in front of him and took his entire erection into my mouth. I had hardly started moving my mouth on it when he shot off! Haha! I could have predicted it.

We both heard Audrey stepping back down the staircase. Brad appeared completely panic stricken.

“Quick, go hide in the downstairs bathroom – over there,” I said, pointing to it.

He moved to it almost as quickly as he had experienced his orgasm. I mean I am good, but that’s ridiculous. After he had hidden himself, I grabbed all his clothing and carried it into the kitchen and threw it into the back yard.

I was just barely back in time with my bathrobe back on when Audrey hit the downstairs landing. Of course, I arranged my robe so it was hanging askew off me, both my cunt and my breasts were mostly visible.

Stepping to the living room, Audrey asked, “Susan, where’s Brad?”

“He’s in the bathroom,” I explained.

Then it suddenly occurred to her what she was seeing.

Blushing furiously, the young blonde complained, “Susan, cover your nakedness this instance. What if my brother saw you. He might lose control and sin.”

I told you – what a dill weed. She must have thought she was the belle of the ball or Queen of the May being the only righteous female present. That wasn’t going to last long! She played right into my hands striding up to me. Besides that, her apparel was going to make it easy for me to strip her since she was wearing a knee length dress with a long zipper down the back. It was definitely form fitting and she looked very good in it. I planned on making her look pretty good out of it too.

As she drew near to me, I reached out and spun her around before she could move away. I quickly unclasped the top of the back of her dress and pulled the long zipper all the way down. I then slipped the dress off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a black bra and panties. Doesn’t anyone wear a slip or half slip anymore under a dress? Mwahaha!

Naturally Audrey screamed out her scared protest, but that wasn’t going to stop me! I had absolutely no trouble divesting her of the rest of her clothing and leaving her as naked as me as I had now thrown off my bathrobe. I thought her eyes were going to pop out of her head at the sight of my nakedness. Who knows if this chick had ever seen another woman naked. Maybe she didn’t even look at herself in the mirror without her clothes on.

It didn’t hurt that when she attempted to escape me that she became tangled up in her fallen dress. I grabbed her hands and tied them behind her back with her dress.

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