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Back when my wife and I first started using the Internet we only had dial-up service. I remember being excited when one provider gave more minutes a month than our current one because it meant more time we could discover this new world. We of course looked for pictures at the time and also started looking for a lover to join us for a 3 way. I had no idea at the time we would be able to download full length porn movies a few years later. Our house had a living room and dining room combined and a wall separated our kitchen. We didn’t have a dinning room table at the time so our computer sat in what was suppose to be the dinning room on a low table. I don’t remember what it looked like but it was probably a coffee table and we would sit on foot stools to browse. It was to the side of the room in front of a window that looked out to our neighbors house. The computer there oddly enough looked out their window toward our house, and often I would see his 19 year ankara escort old trophy wife on the computer and wonder what she was doing or how hot it would be too see her lick my wifes pussy.

One night we were up late looking at porn pictures we had downloaded and got turned on to the point I convinced her to have sex in the dinning room on the floor. I laid down and Sara got on top and rode my cock till I came deep in her. Out of the blue, knowing she had not cum yet, I guided her hips up off my cock and slid down under her and proceeded to lick her pussy to orgasm. In the process I had done my first of many cleanups I would do on Sara. She had a powerful orgasm and we went to bed and fucked again and went to sleep. Nothing more was said of it.

A few years later after getting home from working out of town one night Sara and I were playing getting each other worked up and she asked me to go down on her. I said “I need to fuck ankara genç escort you now.”

She almost lit up and asked “Then you will go down on me?”

“Yes,” I said and proceeded to unload a weeks worth of cum inside my hot wife. I kissed her after I had cum almost delaying what I had promised her.

She whispered in my ear “Clean me up and make me cum.” I couldn’t resist and went down. I licked tentatively at first then sucked the cum out of her before lapping my tongue in and out. Finally, when no more cum was in her, I licked her clitoris and got her off. She had one of the most powerful orgasms I have ever given her and I knew then how much she enjoyed this kink.

With the evolution of the Internet I have found a treasure box of porn, anything I can think of I can probably find. I used to download shorter clips and piece them together on a DVD and then Sara and I would watch it before or antalya escort when we have sex. Lots of times I will push the envelope a little with her because her strict upbringing means she wont tell me what she wants to see, I almost have to show her something and judge her reaction. For example pregnant women having sex with other women turns me on but Sara said it was wrong and had no reaction to it so I dropped that topic off the discs. Seeing a woman fuck a guy with a strap-on didn’t upset her so I try to include at least one scene like that as one day I hope Sara will fuck me. One clip I found was exactly as it happened in our dinning room , it was only about 30 seconds long but it shows a lady riding a cock and after the guy blows inside her she slides up his chest and sits on his face. The clip cuts off as he is licking her but after Sara saw it she rode me and slid up and I cleaned our combined cum out of her and got another erection in the process . I have looked for others but they are not so easy to find, I have found a couple with a woman going down on another woman after a guys blows in her but cleaning up after yourself is not so well documented. Maybe one day I will setup a video camera and show the world how its done.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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