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It felt weird around our dorm room for the next few days, after Tim woke me up from sleeping by wrapping his lips around my cock, and then using my cock to fuck his ass. I felt upset about him taking advantage of me – I kept telling myself it’s not gay if someone basically starts raping you in your sleep, and then climbs on top of you and rides you despite you telling them not to – but my dick kept stiffening whenever I remembered how it felt cumming in his tight ass. So I tried not to think about it, and threw myself into trying to get laid, going on dates with three women I met online over the next three evenings.

Tim must have sensed my mood in those moments when I returned to our dorm room, keeping quiet and studying hard and pretty much ignoring me beyond saying “hi”, being the ideal roommate except for the part where he’d sorta raped me.

The dates didn’t go well. I must have been off my game, because the women on the dates all blew me off when I tried to take off their bra or slide my hand under their panties so I could squeeze their luscious ass, after we started kissing and whatnot. One girl friendzoning me when I tried to kiss her, one telling me to take it slow, never on a first date, one not quite cussing me out, saying she wasn’t a slut and not to call her again.

So I was really horny and frustrated by the third night when I came back to the dorm after the abortive ass squeezing / not a slut episode.

Tim glanced up from studying at his desk. “Hi. ‘Sup?”

I rolled my eyes. “Don’t ask.”

“Bad date?”

“Yeah. Women.”

“Mm-hmm.” Instead of going back to studying, he held my gaze with his hazel eyes, his full lips moist from briefly licking them when we started to talk. I remembered what those lips had done to my cock, which was getting harder … again. Dammit. His eyes flicked down at that, then back up. Softly: “Can I help you?”

I slowly walked closer, my heart pounding. “Hey, look, I’m sorry I’ve been kind of a dick to you the last few days …”

He shrugged, holding my gaze. “It’s fine.”

I was standing next to him now, silently looking down.

He slowly parted his lips.

My dick got even harder, noticeably tenting my shorts. “I …”

“Shh.” He looked at the bulge forming. “Give me your hand.”

His hand hovered near mine, not quite touching. After a long pause, I reached over, and gently touched just his fingertips. He slid his hand into mine, then tugged it around so it rested on the long hair on the back of his neck. When I did nothing, he applied soft pressure, closing my hand around his neck and giving the slightest of pushes forward. I took the hint, pushing his face forward until his lips barely touched the khaki fabric covering my erect cockhead. He gave it a soft kiss, then looked up at me, his pupils wide open in the dim light. I gently stroked his hair, and then his hands slid up my legs, unzipping my shorts and tugging down my black Calvin Klein briefs. His lips kissed my cock again, skin on skin now, then engulfed the head while his tongue did magical things to the underside of my cockhead. I groaned and pushed further inside his mouth, almost ready to cum, and tried to thrust all the way inside, but his hands on my thighs pushed back and stopped me halfway down. He pulled off my cockhead and in one swift move pulled my shorts and underwear to the ground.

I grabbed his head tighter and started to slowly fuck his face, grunting as I got on the edge of cumming, but he pulled his lips off me again. He looked into my lust glazed eyes. “Do you want me to make it even hotter?”

“Mmm. Sakarya Escort Yeah.”

“Then try not to come yet.” His tongue and lips slid down my shaft, and one hand gripped the shaft while the other cupped my balls … and then he took my left ball in his warm wet mouth and I closed my eyes and tried hard not to cum as he sucked and licked and kneaded it with his mouth, and ohmygod it felt so good.

“Fuck,” I said. “Oh fuck.”

He did the same thing to my right ball, and I grabbed his hair and groaned. He walked me to the edge of cumming several times, and at some point pulled the K-Y lube out of his desk drawer and started to stroke my cock with a slicked up hand, making a “fck” noise at the top of each stroke as his hand almost slid off the tip of my dick and then started down. I was breathing hard and massaging his hair, but then he stopped.

“Oh, god no. Keep going.”

“Would you like me to make it the best in your life?”

“Fuck yes!”

“This might seem a little … weird … at first, but trust me.”


Tim got out of his chair, still gripping my cock in his lubed hand, and got on his knees and started kissing away from my crotch and around my hipbone and over my buttocks. He shuffled around on his knees until he was behind me, both hands reached around my hips, rubbing and stroking my cock with one hand, and the other hand touching the hair on my ballsack and then lightly kneading them, first one ball then the other, and finally both.

He kissed the base of my spine, then his tongue started licking down the cleft of my buttocks. Even though it felt really sexy, I wasn’t sure I liked where he might be going with this, so I clenched my cheeks shut.

Tim stopped everything – the licking, stroking my shaft and balls. “Do you want the best orgasm of your life or not?”

“Well, yeah, but …”

He put his lubed hands on the inside of my thighs and started gently pushing outward. “Then trust me and follow my lead.”

I paused, then, what the hell, unclenched my cheeks and let him spread my legs apart a bit.

He started kissing the top of my cheeks again, then his tongue slowly slid down until it touched my hole and ohmygod ohmygod I nearly came, it felt so good as his tongue licked and probed and then the tip of his tongue started flicking back and forth. Better than any sex I’d had, ever. I moaned and with the slightest touch of his hands I responded, eagerly spreading my legs apart wider and letting him part my cheeks more, anything he wanted, anything to keep that amazing tongue dancing on my hole, and this went on and on, ohsogood …

And at some point he pulled first one of my arms then the other behind my back, and I let him, trusting him to make me feel good, and I heard his desk drawer open and I felt slick nylon like material against my wrists, and then a flurry of expert motion and my arms were tied behind me at the wrists, Tim flicking his tongue all the while, and I thought, Tied up? What the fuck?

So I looked over my shoulder at Tim.

“Ummm …”

His head pulled away from my cheeks. He gave me a sly, smirky look. “I said, trust me. Want me to untie you and stop?”

“Hell no!”

“Oooh-kay then. Shut up and like it.”

He put a hand on my back and pushed lightly. “Bend over the desk so I can do you better.”

I complied. Heaven resumed. Tim kept expertly walking me up to the edge of orgasm with his tongue on my hole, a hand fisting my shaft and cockhead, backing off then starting up. I was thinking I couldn’t take it any more, I was Adapazarı Escort gonna cum. Just then Tim lifted one of my legs up so it was resting on the edge of the desk. He was grasping the ankle and pinning my leg down. I felt completely vulnerable then, my face planted against the desktop, the wood cool against my cheek, my arms tied behind my back, wobbling off balance on one leg with my ass spread wide open to Tim’s probing and licking tongue. His lips from time to time kissed the inner part of my ass cheeks, and when I got too close to cumming, he’d pull back and kiss the firm globes of my asscheeks, and even that felt incredibly good too, his lips so sexy and intimate, doing a butterfly wings dance on my skin.

I heard a buzzing sound start up, then wind louder, and louder again, sounding like a vibrator at top speed. Tim removed his tongue. “Want more?”

I grunted my assent.

The vibrator touched my asscheeks then slowly circled around until it touched my hole, and a whole new kind of wonderful started. I squirmed and bucked against the desk.

I heard the squishy “fck fck” sound, but this time it wasn’t from me, it sounded like Tim was jacking off behind me, and good on him but keep that vibrator going against my hole dammit.

I felt more cool lube dripping on the top of my cheeks and sliding down to the waiting vibrator, and it got slicker.

He started pushing it inside me. “Do you like that?”

“I – I’m not sure … god that’s wrong … no no, don’t stop … please ..”

He worked it deeper inside me, and I was about to tell him to stop, it’s too dirty and nasty, and yes, gay. Not that the stuff before that, being tied up and bent over a desk and rimmed by a man was particularly straight behavior either, but the vibrator inside me was really making it hard to maintain even the slightest shred of plausible deniability. But then the buzzing sensation hit what must have been my prostate and oh shit, I didn’t fucking care, just do it to me please …

Tim teased me for a while, pulling the vibrator partway out then jamming it in all the way while I squirmed and moaned and panted for air, letting his talented hands work it and do me sooo good. Tim teased me harder, pulling the vibrator out with a little sucking pop noise as it pulled free from my rim. The buzzing stopped. One of his fingers started rubbing my sore hole, circling it and soothing it with cool lube. It felt good, but not as good as his tongue.

“Lick me some more. Please.”

Tim paused. “Are you ready?”

“Goddamit, you know I am. Quit making me wait.”

“OK.” Tim pushed the leg on the desk even farther forward, and I complied, moving it as far forward as it would go so he could get his face and lips unimpeded access to my backside. I waited happily for his tongue to resume …

Tim grabbed my hip with one hand and I felt the silent vibrator pushing against my ass ring again, and I was good with that too, except the vibrator was warm and rubbery and bendy … and much thicker …

“Oh, god, no …”

“Yes.” Tim thrust hard, and I felt this dull pressure then sharp pain. “Take it.” His cockhead pushed an inch or so past my cockring. It hurt. It hurt bad.

“Please …” I tightened my ass ring, trying to stop him from pushing further inside.

“Oh, yes. That’s good. Clench it, make it nice and tight for me.” He kept pushing, trying to get the shaft inside. He had both hands grabbing my hips now, trying to get leverage.

I couldn’t stop him, being tied up and bent over, face planted against the desk and balanced Serdivan Escort on one leg. The only thing I could think of to do was to make it less enjoyable for him, so I quit clenching my ass ring tight.

“Ah, yes,” Tim said. “Good girl. Relax and let me in.” And he pushed hard and his shaft glided in balls deep.

“No,” I whispered.

He must not have heard me. Or he didn’t care. He started fucking me, and slapping my ass cheeks, and he grunted and thrust and I gave up, I let him take me and use my body, and it still hurt but it also was kind of sexy and hot and a turn on being the object of such lust, and then Tim reached around and stroked my cock, his hand expertly twisting on the top of the cockhead at the top of the strokes.

I got somewhat hard again despite the pain, and that felt good, but I wanted Tim to get it over and stop hurting me, so I started bucking back with my hips as he pistoned into me, welcoming his hot cock inside me.

“Oh fuck, you like it, hmm? Thrust back baby. Take it. Take it. Oh god, I’m gonna cum soon. You ready for my cum in your ass?”

He slammed his prick inside me, not caring how much it might hurt, and spanking my ass and calling me “his hot sexy girl, such a good girl taking it in the ass for her man, take it, take it all.” He leaned forward and kissed my back and neck as he fucked me, my first time getting fucked in the ass, and that felt so intimate and lovely, so I grunted and pushed back as he bottomed out each stroke. I was still angry at him for ignoring my “no”s and I yet was loving being taken, all these mixed up emotions, maybe even loving him a bit or at least lusting him, lusting for his thrusts. So turned on and aroused and close to cumming myself from his hand gliding up and down my shaft in time with his dick slamming in and out of my painfully sore asshole. My wrists were sore from the rope tying me up and sawing into my flesh, and I then remembered what he said would make it hottest for him, make him finish. I clenched my assring despite the pain, clenched it as tight as I could.

“Fuck,” he said. “Oh yeah. Pulse it.”

I did. I did it for him and his cock slamming into me, clenching then relaxing my ring over and over, and that put him close to the edge.

He bit my neck. He grabbed a shoulder and a hip for leverage as he thrusted, and then made a tight strangled animal growl and came.

He came hard inside me, balls deep inside and giving an extra shove of his hips with each spurt. Then he was done, collapsed on my back with my tied arms awkwardly between us, and he reached around and kneaded my balls with one hand while still stroking me with the other. I felt a wave of emotion wash through my brain, feeling his gentle touch on my balls, hearing the words of affection he was whispering in my ear, his breath hot and still gasping for air a bit, calling me a good girl, asking if I liked his cum inside me, and the touch and the words put me over the edge and I spurted and came, cumming harder than I had ever cum with a girl.

I laid there with him kissing my back until his cock softened and slipped out of me, wondering how I’d gone in a few hours from trying to fuck a girl to being bound and bent over and dripping cum from my burning asshole with my roommate on top of me, his weight pinning me down. His voice was sexy and gave me the shivers as he whispered in my ear, thanking me for giving him this pleasure, asking if his good little girl liked it too, and I wondered if it was as hot and good as this for women when a man fucked them. Wondering if we’d do this again, or go back to silently pretending nothing had happened when the morning came and reality crushed in as my head and heart battled for supremacy.

Tim untied me. We cuddled on his bed, him spooning behind me, postcum leaking out on my ass, and as I drifted off I felt him start to get hard again …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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