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Female Ejaculation

**Authors Note: I would like to thank both Tom Collins and Carson Shepherd for their invaluable assistance in the preparation of this story. . Many thanks go as well to rozezwild

**Copyright 2006 by jgywnn. **


To Tom, it was the usual company Christmas party. Everyone was dressed well, but no one went all out. Like Tom, most were in dressy clothes but certainly nothing formal. Nice slacks and shirt were the common attire for the men. The women mostly wore nice skirts or dresses. Few stood out outrageously because of their fashion sense.

It was almost a command performance. Tom remembered when Jack didn’t come to one a few years ago. Life at work quickly degenerated for Jack. He was subjected to constant kidding long after any other antics from the party dominated conversation. Jack saw the writing on the wall, when the second promotion and raise passed him by. He sought opportunities elsewhere.

All that explained Tom’s attendance. He had taken the obligatory drink, had found the hosts to thank them for the party, and now he was wandering among the milling attendees. Most were there for the same reasons as he. The level of interest shown in making merry and having a good time would have had a hard time filling a thimble. It really was a shame. The big wigs had gone all out this year. The food on the buffet was glorious. Tom shuddered to imagine the money spent to put on such a lavish feast.

The open bar had numerous patrons. It was far less of a sin to drink too much at a company party, than it was to miss one. He figured he could allow himself another drink. He had been nursing his first drink for much of the evening, so he felt he could handle another without making a fool of himself.

As he circulated around the room, Tom’s eyes fell on a vision. Appearing to be alone, leaning on one of the antique furniture pieces scattered about the house, Tom felt his breath leaving his body. Dark brown hair framed a head that held the most beautiful, brown eyes he had ever seen. The creamy mocha skin was flawless. Beyond the captivating eyes was a nose approaching an artist’s rendition of perfection. Below the perfect nose lay a mouth that exactly fit its surroundings. Neither tall nor short, they seemed slightly bored with the social hubbub that saturated the room.

Tom worked his way over, moving alongside the captivating creature. Sliding in close enough for conversation, but not close enough to appear threatening, he eased up on the visions right side.

“Hi, I’m Tom from legal.”

“Nice to meet you, Tom. Are you having as much fun as everyone else seems to be having?” was the reply, accompanied by a sardonic chuckle.

“I guess it shows that bad, huh? I’m not sure why, maybe because everyone is almost forced to attend. As far as the catering, it’s first rate.”

“I know, I tried some earlier. How rude of me, I’m Jerry.”

“You’re joking right? Tom and Jerry? That’d be just too strange.”

Jerry chuckled, “Wish I were. That really is my name, or rather Gerald. No one calls me Gerald, at least more than once.”

In return, Tom chuckled. He liked someone with a good sense of humor.

“I don’t remember ever seeing you. You new?”

“New? Not really, no,” Jerry answered, smiling broadly. “You don’t know who I am, do you?”

“Sorry, no, I don’t. Should I?”

“Not much of a ‘kiss-ass’ are you?” said Jerry, resuming his mellow chuckle. “If you were, you’d know exactly who I am.”

“Guilty as charged, I guess. I’m here until I get enough corporate experience to branch out into private practice, or join a good firm. What does being a ‘kiss-ass’ have to do with knowing who you are? Now, I’m really intrigued”

“It’s really not a great secret. I’m his son. It’s Gerald Trumbolt.”

“Oh! I see. I didn’t know he had a son. I knew he had a couple of daughters, but I don’t recall ever hearing about a son,” answered Tom slightly chagrined by his faux pas.

“I’m the one no one talks about. The black sheep of the family, as it were.”

Tom smiled at the play on his new friend’s racial ethnicity. Old man Trumbolt was a well-known African-American that’d made good. He was married to a former beauty queen. She was his third wife and much younger than her husband. Much like her husband, and her predecessors she was also very dark complexioned. Clearly, she was unlikely to be his new friend’s mother.

“And what did you do to earn that distinction, in such an august family, if I may ask?”

Jerry smiled broadly, at both the semi-formal question, and the fact that Tom was not suddenly wary or non-plussed by his declaration. He clearly was not in awe of the old man. It was refreshing to meet someone, at a company get together, that was not a toady of the old man. Of course, he rarely came to any of the company affairs, but tonight had been more of a command attendance, rather than a request.

“Two reasons primarily; I am the result Sakarya Escort of a dalliance. Heaven forbid the old man ever show emotion or anything other than the poor kid made good.”

“Understandable, but that’s not that uncommon these days. And the second reason? Playing with the hired help?” Tom inquired with a humorous glint with his eyes.

“Well, that could be part of it, but that’s just happenstance. Not the real reason.”

“Now, I’m curious. You’re being awful cagy.”

“Not really, I’ve just gotta be somewhat careful, especially at the company functions.”

“Careful? Being his son seems like it would give you a lot of leeway.”

Taking a liking to Tom, as he enjoyed his irreverent sense of humor, “No, not this time I’m afraid. You see the help I was caught with, was the pool boy,” Jerry replied. .

Tom smiled. He felt there was a little more attraction for Jerry than just his great looks. He always wondered how he could identify other people with the same mindset as himself.

“I gather the pool boy was indeed male and not a misnamed female?”

“Correct. He was far from my first paramour; my father just caught me. No explaining and talking to him seemed to make much difference. He just can’t accept having a gay son.”

“You’d think someone so vehemently opposed to color prejudice would be more tolerant.”

“Yeah, well, he is and isn’t. He doesn’t have a problem with the gays he employs and works with. It’s just his son being gay that doesn’t sit well.”

“That’s a shame. Do you still fight about it?”

“Some. Mostly he just ignores it. If I don’t do anything he sees, or hears about, we get along great. Hell, I still live here at the estate, mostly. No one watches me.”

“We’ve been here long enough, I think. You wanna get outta here? Go somewhere not so artificially festive and a little quieter?” Tom inquired.

“Sure, I know just the place.”

Tom gratefully followed the younger man out of the main room and through the front doors of the mansion. He had no idea where they might be going. It didn’t really matter. Having already stepped out of his usual ‘never be in a position to get involved with anyone’ façade, he was both anxious and extremely nervous leaving with anyone. This time, however, he was enjoying the company and wanted more time to get to know his new friend.

Jerry pulled up short in the middle of the drive, “Did you drive? Is your car out here?”

“Yeah, I got here kinda early, so it’s right there,” said Tom as he pointed to the second car in the small parking lot. It was accessible and easily moved.

“Good, let’s take it.”

“Cool. Where’re we going?”

“It’s a surprise. Just follow my directions. It isn’t far.”

“All right,” Tom said as he unlocked the passenger door. He hurried around the car, arriving just as Jerry was unlocking his door. Having been inside for a while, he hadn’t realized just how chilly it’d become. He’d left his coat in the car, not thinking he would need it. As he got in the car, his analytical side wondered if it was just the temperature or nerves. Once inside the car, he reached into the jump seat to retrieve his jacket.

“Aren’t you cold? Don’t you need a coat?”

“A little, but its close, so I think I’ll survive.” Pointing and directing, “Just head down that road to the right.”

Starting the car and heading down the road that forked to the right, Tom wondered where they were going, since this route clearly took them deeper in to the estate.

‘Maybe there’s a shortcut to get off the property,’ he thought.

As the road neared a ‘T’, off to the right, Tom noticed what looked to be a fairly large house on the lakeside. It was not a huge house, but certainly bigger than the average home, a boathouse or cabana. Tom looked at Jerry for directions.

“Which way?”

Smiling, Jerry was looking at him, “Take the right, and then up to the house.”

Tom looked at him in surprise, having honestly believed they would be going to a club or bar.

“That’s your place isn’t it?”

“Yeah. It’s far less festive and much quieter. I told you I lived on the estate.”

“Yeah, you did. I just didn’t expect this. I guess I figured you lived in the house or an apartment over the garage.”

“I’ve done both. This allows me a little more privacy. Having money is nice.”

“I thought you were on the outs with the old man.”

“Generally I am, but not completely. Actually, beyond letting me live here, he doesn’t have a lot to say about it. When I was young, and he first started making good money, he set up a trust for me and my sisters. Mistakenly it turns out, thinking he needed to keep the money away from my mother and her crazy family, he made it a blind trust. It’s under a trustee, someone who doesn’t answer to my father. Once I reached the age of majority plus a few, it’s nominally in my control within the rules of the Adapazarı Escort trust. In addition, the big money was my stepmothers. She had old family money. I was still young when they married and in a blind expression of her desire to fit in, she did the same thing, for about twice the amount he’d contributed.”

“I take it you don’t get on well with her, either.”

“Actually, we get along great. She doesn’t have a problem with my being gay. One of her sisters is gay and enjoys full acceptance by her family. It’s just the old man. I get on great with everyone else in the family, including the ‘grands’.”

Tom stopped the car in the semi-circular drive near the front door. Not wasting time, he got out, as Jerry did likewise. Together they headed for the door. Tom was surprised that he just opened the door.

“You don’t lock your door?”

“Not much need. The grounds have private security, both cameras and personnel. Anyone that wants in from the house has an access key plus almost all the buildings are on the same electronic lock system with the same pass code.”

Tom nodded as followed his new friend into the foyer. Jerry closed the door and turned, taking Tom in his arms. Their mouths met in kisses equally hungry. It was abundantly clear that both wanted the same thing. He wrapped his arms tightly around his new friend, wanting the kiss to continue.

Insecurities, caused by the newness of it all broke through to Tom’s conscious mind. He had been diligent for many years in avoiding this very situation. Although extremely aroused by the presence, feel, and interest shown by Jerry, his years of abstinence and caution broke past his hunger and sexual excitement. Things were simply moving faster than he could digest them. Somewhat reluctantly, Tom broke the steamy kiss.

“I know so little about you. Do you see someone? Are you sure about this?” Tom inquired, slightly flushed and breathless.

“What do you want to know? No, I’ve been alone for over three years. In addition, yes, I ‘m very sure. I felt an attraction for you, even before you indicated any interest. I’ll admit it; I’d been watching you all evening. And no, I don’t often pick up strange men at parties, especially company parties. In fact, this is the first time I have ever done something so forward”

“I came over as soon as I noticed you. I was busy glad-handing, you know the drill,” countered Tom, feeling a little relief in realizing Jerry was almost as nervous as he was. Being so far beyond his usual actions, it left him feeling more than a little disquieted.

“I sure do. I was supposed to be doing more of that myself. What’s the old man going to do? Fire me? He can’t do that. On top of it all, I own ten percent of the outstanding shares in the firm. Would you like some wine? Or maybe a drink?”

“Single malt, if you’ve got it. I’m glad we met tonight. It’s been a very long time for me. Several years in fact, not since my final year of law school. I’m a little concerned my desire for you has overridden my usual caution concerning involvement.”


Having no way of knowing, Tom’s statement went a long way in easing Jerry’s own nervousness concerning the situation. He knew that he found the older man immensely attractive, but it was so unlike him to actually act on any attraction. His last relationship has ended so badly, that he’d forbidden himself to pick up anyone, anytime. This was most especially true of company functions and he never invited someone into his home. Jerry held up the ice tongs, silently asking if Tom wanted some ice.

“Yes, please,” said Tom, noticing Jerry fixing himself one as well.

Jerry handed him his glass, then wandered over to the large picture windows overlooking the lake. Staring out the windows at the placid lake, he took a large swallow of his drink, wanting to calm his nerves. He was somewhat glad that Tom had admitted to feeling a little unease in their situation. He knew he wanted more time with the older man, but felt unsure. Hoping to add some background noise to the silence, he moved to the stereo, selected some quiet blues, and set the volume to a low level. Moving back to the calming serenity of the lake view, he hoped the lack of conversation would not scare off his new friend. The conflicting emotions of hunger, desire, unfamiliarity, and nervousness all swirled in his mind as he stared into the dark.


Taking a large gulp of his drink as soon as the younger man turned, Tom’s internal conflict was at a near fever pitch. When Jerry returned to stand in front of the picture windows, he followed his new friend to stand and look at the glassy lake. Across the water, the lights of another house were barely visible. There was a string of buoys making an inverted ‘U’ pattern surrounding the lakefront of Jerry’s home. They gave off a soft glow of light alternating red, green and yellow-white. Overall, it had a calming Serdivan Escort effect and made a very pleasant picture, which in turn, was quite romantic.

Jerry set his drink on the half table next to the windows. Reaching for Tom’s drink, he set it alongside his own. Turning once again, Jerry took him in his arms, bringing him closer. Feeling the warmth and firmness of the larger man’s body, helped reassure the nervous younger man about the rightness of their being together. Tilting his head slightly, he sought Tom’s full lips for a kiss.


Tom welcomed the kiss, event though he was still nervous and extremely unsure of what direction he wanted the evening to head. He had been fantasizing about that mouth since seeing it. The hunger and desire that had been growing were dampening his nervousness, freeing him to enjoy the intimate feelings he was experiencing in the arms of the almost total stranger.

He leaned in, wrapping his own arms around the now flesh and blood vision he had not too long ago spied across the crowded room. Pulling Jerry closer only deepened their kiss. He snaked out his tongue, rubbing it along his new lover’s lower lip seeking entrance. His reward came when their parting allowed his tongue access.


A small thrill went through the younger man as Tom sought entrance to his mouth. While he always seemed so outgoing, when interacting with people, in love, lust, and sex he had always been a bit timid. Combined with his long period of being alone, and his resultant nervousness from close contact with another, his reticence was exerting itself in full force. His attraction to the dark curly locks, strong face, and stocky build had over-ridden his natural hesitancy and reluctance to approach others sexually. That Tom was his ‘ideal’ was beyond question. That he had actually acted on his attraction and was now standing in his embrace was almost beyond comprehension.

With his tongue seeking to battle his lover’s, their kiss lengthened in time and fervor. Jerry relaxed into the embrace of the older man, enjoying their first contact as much as he had ever enjoyed any. Feeling his blood racing, as he tasted the mouth seeking his, made him light headed with the pleasure of enjoying their intimate embrace. As they traded dominance and mouths of residence with their tongues, he could feel his cock lengthening and moving in reaction to the excitement he was experiencing. Lust and desire were rapidly replacing any residual nervousness he might have.


For his own thoughts, Tom was equally surprised at both his reaction to Jerry, and his own aggressiveness. Tom had known he was bi-sexual for many years. The fact he tended toward men was something else he’d long realized. He’d experienced female lovers, and some he had truly enjoyed, but his greatest pleasure had always been with men. Since he had been a young, up and coming attorney, he had erred to the extreme side of caution. To him, it was just easier to go without, than risk interference with his plans for the future. He was not particularly happy about it, he just kept out of situations that had any potential of progressing to anything more. If he avoided any temptation, his lack of a love life didn’t seem so terrible.

Trying to get past the nervousness created by the evening’s situation had created a war of emotions within his mind. Overcoming his reluctance had actually caused Tom to be far more aggressive that was his norm. The excitement of holding someone, enjoying the pressure of someone’s body pressed along his own, feeling his cock growing in anticipation, Jerry’s cock growing against his thigh, all overrode his reluctance to enjoy another. Reveling in the extended kiss, it was raising Tom’s lust quotient far beyond anything he’d allowed in many years. The tongue duels he was having with Jerry were a delight and their play brought a lustful smile than covered his face.


Pulling away from their embrace, Jerry looked directly into the green eyes. He was somewhat surprised at the caring and lust they displayed. Finding his own emotions so clearly reflected in the older man’s eyes, helped to reduce his nervousness and raise his lust level to an even higher pitch.

‘Was this man really who he had been looking for? But, they hardly knew each other’ he wondered.

“You Ok? I’m not usually so outgoing. I’m not really sure what came over me. I haven’t felt this strong an attraction for anyone in a very long time,” explained Jerry.

“Thank you. I’m not usually so forward either, things being the way they are, you know. That being said, I’m glad you were. I haven’t acted on any attraction or feelings for someone in so long I’ve almost forgotten how. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.”


Tom knew that thirty was just around the corner for him. Even so, because of circumstances, Jerry was probably not the best choice of boyfriends or partners. He was so very tired of being alone. He’d lived so long without physical intimacy that he was more than willing to take a chance. He could not remember anyone in recent years stirring him the way this younger man did. The half-hard rod in his pants told him to go for it, at least for the night.

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