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She longed to see her prudish husband wild and uninhibited. That simple desire was the foremost thought in Jadyn’s mind as she luxuriated in the warm bath. She sighed as she gazed in admiration at her full breasts partially hidden by the scented bath bubbles. Her hands moved gently through the water to rest against their ivory perfection. As her pink nipples teasingly broke the surface of the liquid, she admired their puckered tips. Suddenly Jadyn had an idea.

“Mark,” she called. First, she had to get him into the same room with her.

The door opened and Mark distractedly looked up from his magazine, “Yeah?”

“Hun, would you get me the body wash from the top shelf?” she asked, while reaching for her seafoam sponge. Jadyn knew she’d have to work quickly in order to gain his undivided attention. Hurriedly, she maneuvered to a reclining position and lifted her slender leg. She massaged the slippery bubbles into her tanned skin.

“Jadyn, have you seen this article?” Mark rambled incessantly, barely glancing her way as he handed her a bottle of kiwi-melon fragrant wash.

When he turned toward the door, she immediately pretended interest, “No, what is it? Sit and tell me.”

He plopped down onto the step leading into their extravagant marble tub and nearly knocked over one of her burning candles. And then he began to drone on about the pros and cons of new hunting regulations being considered in their state.

Jadyn had never seen Mark masturbate. In fact, he refused to even discuss anything of a sexual nature in front of her. Jadyn’s personality was teasingly carefree. Nothing sexual embarrassed or intimidated her. (At least nothing Mark had ever done.) To get him to stroke himself in front of was a challenge she could not resist. As she contemplated the thought of him uncontrollably rubbing his thick cock, she began to feel her stomach muscles tighten in desirable anticipation.

She broke into his conversation, “Mark, do you think my breasts are pretty?”

Startled, he looked at her in confusion and replied, “Yeah, they’re okay. Why…is something wrong?”

“No, silly, I just think my boobs are terribly sexy, and I want to hear you comment on them,” she laughed softly, deliberately keeping her voice low and sensual.

“Yeah, they’re pretty,” his magazine dialog seemed to have been forgotten for the moment. He watched as she massaged the top of her perky breasts. Her fingers stopped at the pebbly nipples, and he quickly looked away in embarrassment.

“Mark, I love my breasts,” she cooed, “They’re such an ivory white, almost like cool whip, don’t you think? And my large aureoles remind me of succulent strawberries.” In all travesti porno honesty, Jadyn has always been extremely self-conscious of her large nipples but admitting that now would surely destroy the moment.

She gently pinched her hard, puckered skin while she watched Mark from under her lashes. She knew if she went too quickly, she’d scare him from the room. This blatant act of self-loving was going to be a whole new ballgame for him.

Slowly, she leaned back into the black marble of the tub. Feeling she had him under her spell, she slowly lifted her leg and placed her coral-tipped toes against the faucet. Mark again glanced down into the pages of his magazine. Jadyn removed her hands from her breasts and began to lather the seafoam sponge. She knew Mark, at this point, was still confused as to whether she was intentionally teasing him or just simply curious. However, she had managed to get his undivided attention, though he still pretended differently. She knew the mood had been set, and her plan was ready to be played out in full force.

Her hazel eyes closed in sublime satisfaction as she placed the sponge between her legs. The roughness against her sensitive shaved pussy was enough to cause her to gasp aloud. Suddenly she was no longer acting for Mark’s benefit. The entire scenario had her wet with lust. Whether or not she could tease Mark to perform was no longer her top priority.

“God, I love bath time,” she sighed as the water rippled, caressing every inch of her body. Her skin became hot and flushed as she brought her free hand back to her breast. Catching the fleshy globe in her hand, she raised its tip to her mouth. She used her fingertips to hold the nipple in place as she stroked the pinkness with her tongue. She heard Mark groan. She cut her eyes in his direction and noticed his magazine had fallen to the floor.

Panting softly, Jadyn quickly moved as Mark reached to touch the skin of her flat abdomen. “Mark, sweetie, this is MY playtime! You can only watch. Are you hard? Does watching me turn you on? It’s okay, baby. You can tell me. Why don’t you rub your cock while I play?” She could see the evidence of his arousal swelling the front of his trousers. His cock would soon be too large to be contained comfortably inside his slacks.

“I’m fine,” Mark replied, though Jadyn knew his voice was husky and a bit harsh. “I’ll just watch you.”

“If that’s how you want it…” Jadyn nonchalantly replied, “However, I should warn you I plan to fuck the water. Pulsating water against a woman’s clit can be an amazing thing.” And with that confession, she used her tiny toes to start the faucet. Her other foot güzel porno removed the plug to let some of the water from the bath.

He watched in startled fascination. “What the hell are you doing?”

In response, she slid down into the almost empty tub and placed her vagina directly underneath the steady flow of the faucet. The pleasure was instantaneous. Her hands separated the folds of her fleshy pink skin giving the water better access to her swollen clit. She tried to control her trembling voice as she remembered the role she was playing.

Barely able to maintain the rhythm of her voice, she answered Mark, “Do you see now? The water feels even better than your lapping tongue.” Her hips rose in an uncontrollable gesture. Both of her hands grasped the railing on either side of the tub as she used the leverage to her advantage. “Don’t you want to play, too?”

As an answer, he reached for her.

She quickly eluded his clutches. “No, Mark, the rules are…you can’t touch me, and I can’t touch you.” She reluctantly moved her body from the waterfall as she realized she needed to concentrate to get him to play along. She turned off the water. Her finger quickly moved between her legs, and she hurriedly slipped it into her excited pussy. She didn’t want to take any chances on cooling down while she explained the details. As her finger entered her pussy, she began to fill him in.

“Mark, I’m going to play with my tight, little snatch while you stroke your cock. And if you play nicely, I’ll reward you at the end. I can see your cock bursting out of your pants. That’s got to be uncomfortable.”

Silently he rose from his seat and quickly discarded his trousers. His cock strained against the front of his briefs. Hurriedly, he tossed them to the side. As Jadyn watched, she used her voice to excite him even further. Her soft moans broke the quietness of the room. Her breathing was fast and her breasts heaved with the effort it took to remain in control.

“Now, stroke it for me, Mark. Rub your huge cock. I love your thickness. I love the way you stretch my pussy. I love the way my pussy feels so tight against you. Imagine how tightly my pussy is clenching my finger. I’m pretending it’s your cock. And I want you so badly.”

Mark half-heartedly reached for his erection. His thick head sparkled with the drops of pre-cum, which had already coated his angry red skin. He gave it a slight stroke and then begged, “Can I get into the tub with you now?”

“Only when you’re about to spew. Then I want you to bury yourself deeply into my throat. I want to taste every bit of you. I want to swallow your cum. Stroke it harder. Hurry, anal porno I can’t stand it anymore. God, I want your dick buried in my tight little mouth. I can almost taste you. I can smell you, already. You want me, don’t you, Mark?”

Jadyn quickly turned the faucet on and moved back into position. She kept one finger inside the dripping folds while using her free hand to stroke her hardened nipple. The warm water again massaged her clit, and her legs rested against the back wall of the tub. Her hips rose and fell as she imagined the water to be Mark’s greedy little tongue. She quickly slipped another finger into her pussy as she watched Mark. His hand was busily rubbing his cock. His self-control seemed to be nonexistent.

His eyes closed and his head rolled back in ecstasy while she continued to softly express her naughty thoughts to him. His hand moved quicker than she’d ever jacked him off, and she was amazed that he didn’t hurt himself.

“Are you about to cum? Don’t you want to bury yourself into my mouth?”

“God, you’re killing me, Jadyn. Let me in that fucking tub,” Mark ignored Jadyn’s cry of alarm as he stepped into water without even removing his shirt. He grabbed her hair and pressed her mouth tightly onto his cock. He roughly filled the small opening. And Jadyn loved it!

“You’re driving me crazy. Dammit, why do you always have to play these little games that make me so uncontrollable that I could hurt you in the end?” he panted. His hips bucked forcefully in Jadyn’s mouth and she gagged. Her throat muscles clenching against his thick, swollen cock only incited him more. He used both hands to hold her head in place, and his hips fucked her face like it was whore’s cunt.

Jadyn clit was still being stung repeatedly by the water’s spray, and her body began to clench in uncontrollable climatic spasms. She sucked at Mark’s cock as some of his pre-cum juices drizzled down her chin. Her satisfaction was evident only in her loud smacking sounds. She could no longer talk around the huge cock inserted deep into her throat. Her body convulsed and she had to take her fingers from her vagina. Her pleasure was overwhelming her.

Suddenly Mark stiffened and Jadyn used her hand to roughly grasp his scrotum sack while massaging the skin behind it. She knew he was about to explode. His satisfied groans echoed in the room. A thick wad of cum almost choked her. She reveled in the taste and sensation as it slid down her warm throat. She forced him out of her mouth and let the next hot wad hit directly onto her lips. She used her tongue to greedily slurp the manly juices.

He went limp and sank to his knees, straddling her.

“How the hell you manage to control me, I’ll never know, Jadyn,” his eyes met hers and he kissed her semen-coated lips.

Rising from the tepid water, he looked at her limp body glowing in the aftermath of their lust. Then he grabbed a towel and left the room.

Jadyn simply smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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