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Chapter Fourteen – When it cums to gay sex, boys will be boys

I was about to yell out and call for reinforcements but, for some reason I just turned my head instead and looked in the living room. Ready to call in the reserves for them to get in there and give Kathleen a good fuck, while hoping that between the five of us we could make her climax, I was looking for Joey and Stephen to come help When I turned my head to look for them and to see where they were and what they were doing, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I saw Stephen and Joey kissing. Kissing. They were kissing. I couldn’t believe it. They weren’t kissing just a little bit; they were going at it like horny Prom dates. They were French kissing. Gross. Yuck. I was sick to my stomach thinking about kissing Joey or kissing Stephen and there they were making out with one another.

My childhood friends, my best buddies, shocked and dismayed, I couldn’t believe my eyes. They must have thought they were alone. Certainly, they didn’t see me; otherwise, they’d never do what they were doing in front of me. Perhaps they figured the three of us; Ralph, Anthony, and I were still in the bedroom fucking Kathleen, while having our little foursome.

Yet, this small apartment had no doors. Kathleen had removed them all to strip off the paint and, since I had already fucked Kathleen, I allowed Ralph and Anthony to go in alone, while I stood outside the door and watched and waited for my turn again. Unless we were all squashed together on her small bed, there was barely room enough in her bedroom for two people, never mind four.

Actually, already exhausted from painting and from all the sexual activity, I was about to take a nap on the couch, that is, until I saw Joey and Stephen going at one another, while sitting together on the sofa. There was a mirror on the floor that was angled perfectly at the couch and from where I stood, when looking down from my standing position, I could see their reflection in the mirror. Had they not been so preoccupied with one another, surely, they would have seen me, too. Removing them on the pretense of painting, Kathleen had moved all the mirrors around the apartment in similar fashion, no doubt, to give whoever was there the perfect action shots, without making it appear that the mirrors had been purposely placed there.

Yet, as much as I could have moved away, I couldn’t stop looking, staring, actually. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Not that there’s anything wrong with gay sex, today, but back then it was forbidden, especially in my small neighborhood. Never in a million years would I have suspected that my two, childhood friends were not only gay but also hot for one another. In hindsight, now, that I think about it, they were always together. I wondered how long this had been going on or if this really was just their first time.

I mean, really, it was just a kiss, albeit a French kiss. French kissing one another doesn’t make them gay, does it? Only, they were both sitting there naked and they both had erections. Growing to the evidence of their sexual orientation, certainly French kissing and having erections, made me suspect my worst fears as true. Yet, giving them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they have erections from seeing Kathleen naked. Hating to admit it, I suspected they had erections from seeing one another Sakarya Escort naked?

Flabbergasted, I stood there in stunned silence, while watching their homosexual show, especially when Joey moved his hand and grabbed Stephen’s cock. My mouth dropped, when Joey touched Stephen’s cock. He actually had his hand and his fingers wrapped around Stephen’s cock. He was touching, feeling, fondling, and holding Stephen’s cock in his hand. Then, he started slowly stroking him, while kissing him. I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t believe it.

Joey was giving Stephen a hand job. Then, Stephen took Joey’s cock in his hand. Now, Stephen had his hand and fingers around Joey’s cock and was slowly stroking him, too. Stephen was giving Joey a hand job. They were each jerking one another off, while making out. Shocked, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I didn’t want to believe what I was seeing. I didn’t know what to do.

What the Hell? With Kathleen naked in the other room, here they are about to get laid for the first time in their lives, instead, they’re sitting on the couch giving one another a hand job and having gay sex. They only stopped stroking one another to fondle one another. Yet, there they were jerking one another off, while kissing, kissing, and French kissing.

Not wanting them to see me, I ducked back in Kathleen’s bedroom and peeked out at their reflections in the mirror. When I looked back, they had moved to the sixty-nine position. Oblivious to the mirror reflecting their homosexual activity, was it not for the mirror angled to reflect the couch, I never would have known where they were and what they were doing, that is, unless I walked to the couch and looked over the back of it. Joey was sucking Stephen’s cock and Stephen was sucking Joey’s cock. Shocked wasn’t the word. Somehow I felt betrayed. Two of my best friends were gay. How can that be? How could I not know? Now, I wondered, merely by association, if I was gay, too. Now, I wondered, if their gayness was a contagious thing. Definitely, if I could control myself from being gay, I would.

‘Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God. I couldn’t believe Joey and Stephen were gay.’

In a world where everything was always the same, much simpler times, when excitement for us was watching Mission Impossible, I Spy, and Bonanza on television, and James Bond in the movies, gay sex between friends was never a topic of discussion. Gay sex was a sin against the God and the Catholic Church. Gay sex wasn’t allowed in my small, Mafia controlled neighborhood. Now, here it was right in my face. Years later, those same Caucasian old men, the priests we trusted, who spent their lives to make us all feel guilty, were all violating children in the rectory, under the full knowledge and protection of the Bishops, the Cardinals, and the Catholic Church.

Although, at first, I was offended, these were my childhood friends, after all. How could I stop liking them? Nonetheless, I couldn’t believe they were gay or experimenting or whatever the Hell they were doing. Even though I was disturbed by their homosexuality, I couldn’t stop myself from watching them blowing one another. Having never seen gay sex before, I was seeing it now right in front of me. Had they looked up even once they would have noticed my reflection in the mirror, but they were too busy, kissing, French Adapazarı Escort kissing, feeling one another up, making out, masturbating one another, and now blowing one another.

I had never seen two guys suck one another’s cock before and, to be honest, as disconcerting as it was, as if I was watching the aftermath of a horrible car accident, I was more than a little bit grossed out but not sickened enough to stop watching what they’d were doing. These were my best friends. I had known them all my life. I still couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

I was curious to see how far they’d go. Even though I didn’t think they’d blow one another, when they were just kissing and giving one another a hand job, sure enough, there they were blowing one another. I mean, kissing is one thing and, okay, a hand job is the next step, but I never thought they’d voluntarily take a cock in their mouths. I was sure of that. I never thought they’d suck one another’s cock.

I wondered what suddenly happened to make them turn gay. The only thing that I could think of was that it had to be Kathleen walking around naked that got them all turned and twisted around. Perhaps, she made them so sexually excited that they didn’t know what in the Hell they were doing and with who they were doing it with. It had to be the blowjob that she gave them that made their brains crazy with lustful desire for one another. Yeah, that must be it. Of course, that has to be it.

I looked back at Ralph and Anthony. They were giving Kathleen her money’s worth. After needing to take a shower from watching the gay show that Joey and Stephen were putting on, it was quite the show watching the heterosexual threesome of Anthony, Ralph, and Kathleen go at one another. They were still on the bed with Anthony and Ralph getting ready to fuck Kathleen again. I figured they both should last longer this time. I figured they’d be fucking her for the next twenty minutes, at least, anyway.

I couldn’t believe that I was witness to a live homosexual sex show going on in one room and a heterosexual show happening in the other room. I didn’t know where to look. To my right were my friends, Ralph and Anthony fucking or getting ready to fuck Kathleen and to my left were Joey and Stephen lying on the couch blowing one another. Not wanting to miss anything, even the gay show, my head was moving back and forth, as if I was at a tennis match watching Arthur Ashe and Jimmy Connors play. Already on sexual overload, I was surrounded by sex and sexual activities everywhere I turned.

Now, looking back and remembering the activities of that day, it was akin to being in the back of a bar in Tijuana or in a smoke filled room in Bangkok. Never had I witnessed this extent of sexual activity, until I tried the swinging lifestyle myself more than a decade later. Only, even then, in the orgy rooms filled with a bunch of swingers or at a house party with a select group of invited swingers, homosexual sex was always discouraged, whereas sex between two women was always encouraged. Yet, again the double standard rears its ugly head, even in the swinging lifestyle, especially in the swinging lifestyle, homosexuality wasn’t allowed.

Now, it all made more sense to me. I found it curious that both Joey and Stephen appeared a bit embarrassed, when they saw Kathleen naked. Both were a bit reticent Serdivan Escort to have sex with her, even after she willingly offered them her body. Unlike Ralph, Anthony, and I, willing and ready to be part of the sexual action with her, we couldn’t wait for her to suck us and fuck her. Being that they were both virgins, as we all were, I figured Stephen and Joey were just shy. I never figured them for being gay.

Then, looking back, there were all those times we used to go midnight skinny dipping off the pier in Boston Harbor. While the rest of us were diving off the pier and swimming, always, they’d disappeared somewhere in the dark. We figured they were still swimming in the water down by the other end to get away from the sting of the jellyfish, but they always appeared together naked way down by the far end of the wharf.

“Hey,” said Ralph, “what were you two doing down there alone in the dark, blowing one another?”

“Fuck you,” said Stephen.

“Homos,” said Ralph.

“Fuck you,” said Joey.

As all guys did back then, we used to tease one another about being gay, even though we knew that none of us were gay. We used to tease Joey and Stephen about blowing one another, even though we knew they never would. After all the stories that Joey told us about lusting over his mother and all the stories that Stephen told us about his naked sister, we never suspected for a minute that they were gay or would ever blow one another.

Now here they were acting gay and having gay sex. I couldn’t help but wonder if all of our teasing about them being gay made them gay. Nah, probably, their mothers made them gay or they were just born gay, I guess. Figuring this wasn’t the first time they had gay sex, I wondered now, if they were pleasuring one another back then, having gay sex, and sucking one another’s cock, when we went skinny dipping. Probably, no doubt, they were.

I recalled the conversation that Stephen had admitted to Kathleen that he thought of his teacher when he jerked off.

“Who do you imagine me to be,” said Kathleen to Stephen.

“I imagine you to be my teacher,” said Stephen.

Now, Stephen’s teacher was a man and I gave him the benefit of the doubt, while figuring and hoping that he was thinking of the Art teacher, Julie, because she’s a little hottie and is young, shapely, and blonde or the music teacher, Mrs. Moran because she has big tits and was always bending over us showing us her cleavage. The fact that Stephen admitted to us all that he fantasizes about his teacher, Mr. Wallace, really grossed me out. What’s wrong with him? How could he be gay? He’s one of my best friends.

Now, that I’ve witnessed Stephen with Joey, I still can’t believe that Stephen fantasizes about sucking off or being sucked off by his old, homeroom teacher, Mr. Wallace. It made me wonder if Mr. Wallace is gay, just as it made me wonder if Stephen and Mr. Wallace had already gotten together and done one another, after graduation. If he hasn’t already, it made me wonder, if after this little experiment with Joey, Stephen would take things a step further with Mr. Wallace, now that he’s already graduated from high school and no longer has that teacher and student moral code issue.

Nonetheless, even though, it was obvious to me now that both Joey and Stephen were gay, it wasn’t as obvious to me how they became that way. Were they born gay? Was it something that happened in their childhood that made them gay. Maybe it was a strong mother influence over a weak father influence. Now that I remember, sexually attracted to his Mom, Joey was always talking about his mother.

To be continued…

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