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Big Tits

This is a work of fiction and any connection with a character in the story and someone in real life is purely coincidental. All people are over the age of 21.


It all started out so innocently. My name is Dave Hill and the story you are about to read happened eight years ago when I was twenty-two. I am a Caucasian man who wasn’t blessed with much height as I stand about 5’8″. Despite my lack of altitude I love playing basketball.

One Saturday evening in early June just before dinner time I leisurely took my basketball and walked to the local elementary school to shoot some baskets by myself. As I recall it was a beautiful day with highs reaching about 73 degrees and with a slight breeze coming in from the northwest. After about an hour of shooting around I had enough and was soon to go home. Just as I was about to go to my home where I lived with my parents, a young man walked onto the court.

“Do you mind if I shoot around with you?” he asked me.

“No, not at all,” I replied. “Are you from around here?”

“I live just a few blocks over there,” he said as he pointed to the area where many people lived poorly. He didn’t say so but I imagined he lived in a housing project about a mile from my house. “How about you?”

“I just live right around the corner on the other side of the school with my mom and dad. But they’re not home just now. My name is Dave. Glad to meet you,” I said.

“Damon here. I’m glad to meet you too.” I’m sure Damon realized that I lived in a more middle class area than he did. “Where are your parents?”

“They went on a cruise to the islands and are supposed to be back in about two weeks,” I explained. Damon just nodded his head at that.

Damon stood about 6’2″ and looked to be in great shape. Since he was wearing gym shorts I could see he had well toned, hairless legs of which I became envious and even wished that I could touch them.

“I keep my legs shaved because I swim competitively,” he said to me as he noticed where my eyes were looking.

“I’m envious!” I exclaimed.

“Envious about my legs or because I’m a swimmer?” Damon asked.

“Both!” i replied.

“That’s very interesting, little man,” he teasingly said to me. The little man part caught me off guard and even stung a bit. There wasn’t much I could do, though, as this handsome young light skinned black guy towered over me. I had to look up at him and I felt humbled in front of him.

As many guys would do when backed into a corner, I challenged him to a one-on-one basketball game. I should have kept my mouth shut!

“Why don’t you get the ball first?” he suggested as we stood face to face next to each other. “If you score you keep the ball until you miss. That way at least you’ll get it one time anyway,” he boasted. Then he reached over and put his hand behind my neck and pulled me to himself and kissed me right on my lips.

I was stunned as I had never kissed another guy before. But his Ataşehir Escort lips were so soft and moist I wanted it to continue. After about thirty seconds he stopped and he could see I was taken aback. He smiled slightly and told me there’s more where that came from. My little pecker was starting to awaken and Damon noticed.

“I see you really like that kiss, don’t you?” he said.

“Let’s play ball. And for starters I am NOT gay!” I exclaimed.

“I know. That’s what they all say but in the end you’ll submit just like the other white boys did,” he very confidently replied.

Not that I would have done better in the game if he hadn’t surprised me with that kiss, but I was no match for that young stud as he crushed me by a score of 20 to 2! He blocked so many of my shots that I felt like I was getting shell shocked. He dunked on me a few times and when that game was over I was glad. The only reason I scored a bucket is because he let me. Otherwise he would have shut me out. I was so inferior to this new friend of mine.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you what the stakes were on that game. The loser gets to lick the winner’s cock,” Damon told me with a big smile on his handsome face.

“Oh, no! We didn’t agree on anything, especially something like that. I am not gay so the answer is no!”

Damon then told me, “It doesn’t mean you’re queer just by sucking another guy’s dick. Besides, you might like it!” MIGHT like it, I thought to myself. If his cock is anything near as lovely as his legs…

“Look, I have to go. How could you ever expect someone to blow you out here in the middle of a playground?” I asked him.

“I didn’t mean right here and now!” he said.

Then he surprised me again when he asked me if I wanted to touch his legs. “I could see you like them so go ahead, touch them,” he said.

“What?!” was all I could say because I was not prepared to hear him say that.

“Touch them right here,” he said as he pointed to his thigh. “If you’re good with them I might even let you kiss them,” he said with a slight smile on those nice lips I was slowly falling in love with. Damon knew already that I had a fascination for his legs.

I always did like pretty legs and the few girls I dated in my life had pretty nice legs. But a guy? This was new to me but I was realizing that there wasn’t much I could do about it. I just really liked the feel of his hairless, smooth legs. especially his thighs. I was beginning to daydream that he had those gorgeous limbs wrapped around my neck. But it surely wasn’t going to happen there on the basketball court.

“I think we should go to your house and relax. I would take you to my place but I have two small siblings and they wouldn’t leave you alone, being white,” he said.

“What does being white have to do with it?” I asked.

“Well, they don’t get to be around white people too often. So, what do you say? Should we go to your house?”

“What did you have Kadıköy Escort in mind? I know! The NBA playoffs are on if you want to watch them with me. It would be just you and me because my mom and dad left me at home alone,” I said to him.

“That sounds good. What do you have to eat?” asked Damon.

“I don’t have too much but we can look. OR… I can order in a pizza,” I said.

“That sounds great!. I am up for some pizza. Let’s get going. I’m a bit hungry.”

It must have been my fascination for that young black man’s body that allowed me to take this stranger home with me. But I did! I was hoping we could become good friends and learn to hang out together.

Damon and I enjoyed some very good pizza as we watched the basketball game. Damon knew a lot about the game and informed me of many things that I wasn’t aware of. At one time he sat next to me and lifted his leg onto my lap. I was slow to react so Damon took my hand and rested it on his leg. Oh, my, was that thing smooth? It was not only smooth but also toned and strong and sexy.

In a few short minutes I didn’t just touch them but I also rubbed them ever so softly. His legs seemed smoother than the girls I used to date. I was quickly falling in love with this guy and my penis was betraying me. I didn’t want Damon to see that I was aroused, but he did.

“Where’s your bedroom?” Damon asked after the game was over.

“Why do you want to know that?” I replied.

“We could get more comfortable on your bed, you know.”

I thought to myself there wasn’t much reason to deny him. I was under his power and we both knew it, so I got up and went to my bedroom with Damon following.

“This is my bed. Is there anything…” I was stopped short of continuing what I was saying as Damon reached over and gave me a huge kiss on my lips. This young man was too much! As he kissed me with those soft lips I naturally reached down and put my hand on his thigh. My 5 inch dick was at full staff as he was really turning me on. Damon then reached over and grabbed my other hand and directed it to his fully erect 9 inch cock. It felt like a pipe! And it was so smooth!

Then he surprised me by rolling me over and tying my hands together behind my back. I was unable to resist him at all! He next tied my ankles together so I couldn’t move and finished up his bondage attack by hog tying me. There I was, lying on my stomach on my bed, under the control of a handsome young black man who I just met a few hours ago. I made the mistake of allowing myself to become enamored by a pair of gorgeous black legs and the smoothness they felt.

Damon then removed his shorts and underwear and sat up against a pillow that was against the headboard of my bed. His 9 inch cock was standing at attention and Damon was motioning me to get closer. Being tied like I was it was difficult to move much at all, so Damon reached over and with his strong arms pulled me closer to himself. When he Ümraniye Escort was finished and had me positioned where he wanted me I was still on my stomach. He had his lovely legs open and his monster cock right in the middle, and my face was only about two inches away.

I was literally unable to anything but lie there. Damon then held his beautiful, shiny, moist dick up to my lips and rubbed it all around. His pre-cum was delicious as he made me stick out my tongue to catch the liquid. I didn’t want the time to end! I didn’t want Damon to stop. What I really wanted to do was to have him slide that fantastic brown dick into my mouth FOREVER! It tasted and felt and smelled so damn good!

Damon was really enjoying his dominance over me and I was enjoying being his sub, as if I had any choice. He sat on the bed propped up against the pillow, legs open and bent at the knees. I LOVED his smooth thighs and I was wishing I could kiss the sleekness, but it was all up to Damon. And he knew it! Looking me right in my eyes, smiling, he would oh so gently and slowly slide his fingertips across the meaty part of his thigh, knowing it was turning me on a lot and almost to the point that I could no longer stand it.

“Would you like to kiss my legs, little guy?” he said mockingly.

“Yes, please, you know I do,” I begged.

“Too bad,” he replied. “Maybe some other time when I want you to.”

Then he did something unusual. He put a couple fingers into his mouth and drew them back out covered with his own saliva. When he spread his spit all over my face, especially my nose, I thought my little dick was going to explode! The wetness, the texture, the smell was soooo exciting! And I couldn’t do anything about it. I LOVED this young man and I was so happy he was allowing me all this attention. “Please, Damon, please?” I begged. “Please put that beautiful, masculine, smooth cock in my mouth. PLEASE?”

“Well, since you’ve been so good and haven’t tried to get up, I guess I can let you taste it,” he giggled. Tried to get up, I thought? This lovely young man with the BEAUTIFUL cock had me so tied up and positioned between his folded up legs that I could hardly move, and he said I didn’t try to get up? I wouldn’t want to if I could!

Damon then lifted up my face a bit and helped me get my mouth over his cock. If only I could reach my own dick I would cum right away. His dick was sweet, it was smooth, and it smelled so good! The texture of his manhood was like nothing I EVER felt before. As Damon sat there very leisurely he held onto my face and moved my head up and down, up and down, until finally after a few minutes he exploded in my mouth. His cum was slightly tangy but also slightly sweet. Nine inches of sweet meat produces a lot of jizz and Damon made me swallow all of it. I was in LOVE with this man and I sure didn’t want this time with him to stop.

“Hey, I have an idea,” he said as he looked down at me. “How about if I spend the night?”

Still all tied up, I asked him what if I said no. He responded by telling me I had no choice and the matter was settled.

“Would you at least please untie me?” I asked.

“No!” he said as he wet my face with his saliva again.

(to be continued)

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