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Group Sex

12 Months Ago

Ooof..Oh God! Oh I’m so sorry!

Phone slipping from my fingertips as my hands lay flat against the broad solid chest of the stranger in front of me. Flushing with embarrassment I think this is just typical me. I need to stop walking and texting at the same time. Still staring at the buttons on the perfectly fitted shirt in front of my face I am mortified and stammering out my apology.

The laugh that rumbles in his masculine chest force my gaze upwards to meet steel blue eyes. Like the most violent storm, Intense and wild, and immediately I feel a shock run between my legs. Only then do I notice his hands, big as side plates, on my waist. His fingers wrapping practically the whole way around me, stopping me from falling back. It’s a moment before I register he has spoken.

Not at all, I’m sure I am to blame. Are y…

Pausing when my eyes meet his and his mouth drops open slightly, and I wonder if I imagine the slight darkening of his eyes,

I’m sorry. He continues after a moment. Shaking his head. A Wavy lock of black hair falling over his forehead

Are you okay?

It could only have been a moment. A stolen moment with a stranger on the Victoria line platform of the London underground. Just a moment but it changed my life.

After collecting my phone and inspecting the now cracked screen I turn towards the open door of the waiting train. My stranger follows me onto the train and we are both quiet. An awkward silence falling around us. A subtle glance to the side where he stood revealed curious eyes looking back at me. We both quickly glance away, and after a second we both laugh. The awkwardness lifting with the humour.

I feel him turn to face me before he speaks.

My name’s Rick he says holding his hand out.

Emily… I return with a shy smile and taking his hand. Nice to meet you. God his hand is big. And rough. My breath catches and I am stunned by the hunger flowing through my body and out between my legs as I stare into his eyes.

Likewise. Where are you headed Emily?

Just Home. Close to Tottenham court.

That’s one stop before mine tonight. I’m sorry about your phone. Let me buy you a drink… it’s the least I can do.

Images flash through my mind as I consider his offer. My empty and lonely apartment with dread. An imagining of his lips on mine with excitement. Those hands on bare skin. I really should decline. I do have to work in the morning and it is already late in the evening. My heart rate has not slowed since my hands touched his chest. He is temptation, trouble. Something about him tells me he would be something to me, and I am already loathe to walk away. My gaze slips from his handsome face to his left hand rapped around the pole holding him steady. Staring at the classic gold band glinting on his ring finger.

Noticing the direction of my gaze Rick slips his hand from the pole and puts it into his pocket.

Just a coffee, to apologize for my clumsiness. He says softly, catching my gaze again.

I realize later that he was saying it more to himself than to me.

The decision is made for me by the announcement that my stop is next. I hadn’t even noticed the other stops, the commuters hopping on and off at each one. It seemed like only a moment since we got on the train and as if we had been alone the entire time. With only a second to decide caution is thrown to the wind and I hear my voice softly say Okay.


That first day plays on a constant loop in my mind. The electricity between us a palpable tangible thing in the air. I had no idea who he was. Being only newly arrived in London from New York, I hadn’t yet mastered the who’s who. A professional failing on my part, given that I am in PR for a firm that caters to that exact demographic.

It was a week and a half later that I learned who my mysterious stranger was. I only learned because I saw him on the television. My mind and body frozen as the respectable man on the television jarred with the wild and ravenous beast that broke a sink in the bathroom of a small dimly lit bar while he fucked me on it the first night we met.

I still had bruises on my legs from where his fingers dug into me, a little more with each thrust, while I watched him lead his beautiful accomplished wife from the stage of the charity event after his speech.

I texted him then, the showing was live and I watched him in the bottom right of the screen as he checked his phone and quickly buried it.

He’s ended it with me three times already. It never sticks. He needs this as much as I do. He wants the proverbial forbidden fruit. The woman he can’t have but can’t do without either. The temptation and giving in to it.

That’s why I am here demetevler escort tonight. Sitting alone and anonymous in the centre seat of this glamourous gilded hotel bar, wearing a designer dress like it was made for only me, with my back to the room where an event for that same charity is taking place. Sir Rick Jackson the guest of honor. Decorated Military man, up and coming politician, millionaire, philanthropist, lawyer, Perfect husband and doting father.

I had done my research. So I didn’t need the glowing introduction to know all of this. I probably knew more about him than anyone in this room, including his wife. I felt it the moment he entered and then again the moment he saw me. First the change in the air and second the touch of his eyes as physical as if he had slid his finger down the centre of my open back.

My phone buzzes but I ignore it. I need him riled up. Angry. I need him at his most desperate and wild. Know from experience that Ignoring him does that. Without a care in the world i lazily swirl the contents of my cocktail and take a sip. My entire focus on the delicious burn of his eyes on my skin.

The lighting in the room is muted, turned down to the romantic orange hue of candle light. The darkness and the light, I read an article about the hotels architect and his design for the room. A subtle expression meant to evoque the best and worst of us all. An appropriate venue for tonight. The darkness feels seductive on my skin. Letting the she demon rise to the surface. I tried to fight her, at frst. I didn’t want to be that woman. The home wrecker. The slut. Evil. I didn’t want it. I got past the guilt. The high of him was too strong, too intoxicating. Now I don’t fight it. I willingly give her control. She will get us what we want.

My phone buzzes again before he takes the microphone to give his speech. Turning on my bar chair, I watch him. Playing with the edges of my low cut gown. Teasing him as his eyes alternating between locked on me, and anywhere but me. I am only known to him here. To everyone else I am just another face in the crowd. No one.

A small smile lifts the corners of my lips at how easy this is. How blind they all are. Worshipping their hero. The paradigm of a man who, in less than an hour, will be fucking me like an animal only meters away from them. His eyes meet mine again and I grin. Mine are hungry and dark.

It is fortuitous that this is the hotel they chose. My firm often uses it for our events and in the last year I have become friendly with the staff. The bar manager in particular, and so when I told him I needed to use the back room he asked no questions.

The speech ends and my phone buzzes twice again, two messages one after the other. Lazily I pick it up and read them.





My fingers slowly tap out a reply. Just two words.

Follow me.

Striding away I don’t check to see if he follows. The physical touch of his eyes burning my skin like hell fire tell me he will. He cannot resist this anymore than I could stop myself from coming tonight. The beasts need their fill of each other.

I slip into the too bright hallway leading to the kitchens and staff areas. The only other door in this hallway leads to the back bar. Part store room, part office. Where Michel runs his bar.

Standing opposite the door I lean against the wall and wait. It’s only seconds before the swinging door moves again and my addiction walks through. His face like thunder. His demeanour violent. He storms up to me and stands over me. His chest heaving in his fury, his eyes dark as he scans me from the ground up.

I close my eyes as I feel him looking at me as keenly as If he was touching me. Savouring it. My mouth slack. My breathing shallow. His presence is a heady drug, and it consumes me.

What the FUCK do you think you are doing here?! I told you I don’t want this. I don’t want you!

Rick hisses the words through his teeth, but he is betrayed by his body. His eyes dipping to my cleavage of the low cut dress, the already impressive bulge in his Saville row slacks.

He oozes masculinity and sex and it’s all for me.

A cocky grin lifts my lips in reply to his words and his hand slams into the wall above my head. I don’t flinch. This is what I want. The movement also has the wonderful effect of pushing his entire length against my body. He breaks character and rolls his hips against mine, pressing his incredible length into my lower stomach and he swallows a growl.

I said otele gelen escort NO Emily…

The words only serving to drive me higher. My sex is dripping, my thighs wet and sliding against each other. My she demon rolling in desire, knowing her mate is near. I don’t think he is aware of how his body betrays him. His hand biting into my hip as it pulls and rolls my pelvis against his. His other sliding down until its strong fingers wrap around my throat. Pressing me into the wall.

Then walk away…

It was just a breath between us, but he heard it. Time suspended while I watch him lose. I watch my beast come to the surface and fill his eyes.

Emily… I… Fuck! He breathes the words.

Come… Grabbing his hand from my throat I pull him towards the office and then inside. Turning to lock the door behind us.

Before I am able to turn to face I feel him against me. Pressing himself against me with me face first into the door.

I DON’T want this Emily! I want my wife! The words a growl in my ear as he grips my hips to rub himself into my ass. His rigid pole like steel against me.

Then go to her…fuck her like you fuck me. My back arches to press against him. My tits pressing into the door while my pussy throbs and drools, impatient to have him.

You are nothing to me!

I only moan in response. His hands drifting upwards between us. Fingers gripping the edge of my dress and tearing it down. The silk straps tied behind my neck tearing from their seems. My breasts come free and are cold for only a moment before big hands cover them. fingers twisting and pulling at my erect nipples making me cry out again.

I don’t want you! He says this again before sinking his teeth into my neck while palming and squeezing my C cup tits, before aggressively rubbing his hard cock into the flesh of my round ass again. Rocking us both against the door.

Prove it! I challenge. Already high from our game.

I feel strong fingers wrap themselves in my hair. Pulling my head back before he kisses me. Violently. His tongue marking me as is. Again. As he has done a hundred times before. In The bar. In my Apartment. In the dressing room of a talk show. In the back of a black out car. At another charity event. London is bathed in the scent of our fucking. Almost always in public but not quite. Just one step away from fucking on the steps of no 10 Downing.

Angrily he tugs my hair to turn me around, I face him and he pushes me down. His violence only pushing me higher. My beast. My demon. Mine. No one else will have this.

You want to ruin me? His belt is open now. I am watching his hands as if in slow motion. My mouth open, watering.

You want me to destroy my life to fuck you? His zip is down. Looking up I am drowning in the storm.

Yes! Rick… baby! His pants come down, his cock springing free. Long and thick. The tip wet with pre-cum. Throbbing and fully hard.

He grabs my hair again and forces me onto his cock. I am ready for it. My tongue a bed for his cockhead for the moment before he is sliding down my throat. I don’t gag. I have had him here before. He belongs here. Rivers of drool are sliding out of my mouth and dripping off his heavy balls as he bottoms out. 10 inches down. My eyes drift back upwards to meet his. Glassy and black. His mouth open as he watched himself disappear. His face doesn’t change at first when he pulls back.

His mouth closing and his eyes hardening are the only warning I have before he starts to roughly fuck my mouth. I know it’s a hate fuck. I’m fine with that. It’s not me he hates. It’s the beast, the very one in his limbs as he forces my head onto his rock hard dick. The same one that is grunting and growling with every shift of my tongue. Every slight tightening of my lips.

The taste of him is heaven and I allow my teeth to lightly graze him and it’s his undoing. A swallowed roar forces its way through his teeth. He pulls out long before I am tired and the first shot of seed hits me square on my lips. Then my nose. Dripping down onto my tits. I swallow him again and still I am not able to hold it all in. Come slipping out between my lips and I swallow every delicious drop I can.

He stumbles back a step, winded from the orgasm and falls to his knees in front of me. His glorious cock still rock hard and throbbing.

Giving him a moment to catch his breath, I start to clean myself off. My fingers scooping the come from my tits and licking them clean. Grinning at his strangled moan. I know the grin is evil. I know it’s her. I am just a passenger, along for the ride.

One moment kneeling in front of him the next I stand over him. His eyes on me.

Tell me you don’t want balgat escort me…

Emily… I…

My hands reach up and unzip my dress. I am naked beneath. No point in bothering with lingerie for this. He wouldn’t have noticed. I allow the silk and lace to pool around my black heels.

Tell me Rick, Tell me how much you want your wife. A simple step to the left has me straddling his legs. His face at my crotch. His mouth inches from my streaming pussy. His mouth opens to reply and i move forward. Filling his mouth with my wet pussy. Immediately his eyes close and his arms wrap around my legs holding me in place.

His tongue is perfect as it licks me from back to front. Sucking in all the juices and scooping more from my tight little fuck hole. I grip my fingers in his gorgeous black hair and start to ride his face. My eyes to the ceiling as I climb.

Shifting beneath me he lifts me. His hands reaching forward to steady me as he lays me flat on the thick carpet. His mouth never left me and he starts eating me with abandon.

Fuck! Your tongue is so good baby! Fuck yes eat my pussy! You are mine… Your tongue is mine! Oh God YES!!!

I feel him grin against my sex. He has stopped fighting even himself. He’s all in with me.

His tongue is magic and I am delirious with pleasure. He inserts first one finger in my pussy, then a second, a third and I am arching to meet his hand with every thrust. His other hand reaches up and his two fingers slip into my mouth. I am sucking on them with my fist tight in his hair and his tongue on my clit, sending me closer and closer until I explode. My mouth clamping down on his fingers to hold in my screams.

Rick doesn’t give me a moment to rest before he is inside me. His sudden entrance setting me off again and I am squirting all over his pelvis with every thrust. He doesn’t slow. He isn’t gentle. His one hand around my throat squeezing and sending me higher with the limited oxygen. His other gripping my tit and pinching my nipple.

When my moans slow he flips me over and with no hesitation he is in my ass. A growl like I haven’t heard reaches my ears and I realize we both made the same sound at his entrance. He is an animal wild and dangerous as he fucks my ass. Never slowing. Never stopping. Riding me like I’m nothing more than a bitch in heat, a receptacle for his lust.

My fucking slut!

Take my cock!

Whose ass is this?

I feel his hand twist in my hair like a rein and he pulls my head back. My ass in the air and back arched like a bow.

ANSWER ME you fucking bitch! He growls.

Yours! My ass is yours! Always! Fuck meeeee!!!

Our breathing is shallow and erratic. I know he’s close when i feel him grip my ass and he is slamming into me. I want his come in my pussy. I want his seed. He is mine. I don’t know where it comes from but I don’t stop the thought, I don’t stop myself from reaching back and pulling him from my ass into my pussy just as I feel his thrusts becoming irregular.

He doesn’t fight it. He only slams himself all the way in, his cock head right at my cervix as he comes. His orgasm setting off my own. Each spurt of his seed sending me higher and higher. The best it’s ever been between us. Whether he likes it or not, he is mine and I am his. Nothing else matters.

The warmth and weight of his body on mine is delicious when he collapses, catching his breath. I savour it, Not quite cuddling but close to it. He is everything.

Of course it couldn’t last.

Oh my god… Oh my god! No! He moves. Throwing himself backwards off of me. I just roll my eyes and stand.

Emily… WHY? Why won’t you just leave me alone? How many times must I tell you I don’t want this?

The laugh that escapes my lips is humourless and dry. Turning to face him I narrow my eyes, my hands on my hips.

Yeah you sure seem like you don’t want it. I didn’t make you come here Rick. You could’ve ignored me but you texted me. You followed me. You touched me. Don’t pretend I did this.

Realizing he has no answer his mouth falls open but he is silent. I leave him to ponder on my words and turn towards the closet in the back. In there I find the bag I stashed earlier. Removing it and placing it on the floor between us it falls open. I reach in and pull out a pack of wet wipes and toss them at him. His mouth is still open as he catches them against his chest still in his position on the floor.

I turn and clean myself off and dress in the smart casual outfit I packed. I fix my hair and make-up and when I turn back around I see he hasn’t moved. Still staring. Still gaping. Frozen.

How… how did you know? How did you know this would happen?

I just look at him. My expression softening as I take in his beautiful face. Kneeling next to him I kiss him gently on his lips.

Let’s call it an educated guess.

Reaching for the pack of wipes I pull a few of them out and drop them on his legs before re packing them in the bag. I turn to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything, pick up my bag and stroll from the room. His wide eyes following me out of the door.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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