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The following actually took place about 24 years ago.

“Damn, she’s pissed,” Bill, my father-in-law said as he hung up the phone.

It was 1980 and the two of us were working for the same company as engineers on an offshore oil platform in the North Sea. We were scheduled to leave in the morning for home. However, the fellow who was to replace him as chief engineer had been detained at home with some problem and the company had informed him it would be 14 days before another replacement could be on-site.

It seems my mother-in-law was throwing a fit back in Southwest Louisiana because he wasn’t coming home on schedule. I really don’t know why she was pissed, usually after he was home about a week she was ready for him to leave again. They had been married about 30 years and for 25 of those years he worked offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. He began working overseas about a year ago and I hired on about the same time primarily because of the money and tax advantages.

The real story was my mother-in-law was a bitch. I mean that in the most literal terms. Over the 10 years I had been married to their daughter he had caught her running around on him 3 times that I was aware of. My wife said it had been going on for as long as she could remember. But, I can tell you he was definitely in love with the woman and it didn’t seem to bother him. She also had a drinking and prescription drug problem, not to mention that she was just mean as hell to my father-in-law.

“Will you do me a favor?” Bills voice broke the silence which followed after he hung up the phone.


He unlocked the side drawer on his desk and produced a small gift-wrapped box I had seen him buy in London on the trip over.

“On your way home from the airport will you stop off and give this to Nancy?” Maybe it will put her in a better mood. I promised to do it and it wasn’t that big a deal because even though their house was out in the country, I had to go within a mile of it on my way home which was about 40 miles north of Lafayette.

The next morning I left the platform and started the long trip home. The worst part of working in the North Sea was the travel. But, the return trip was a hell of a lot better than the trip out. All the way home I thought of my wife and kids, but mostly my wife. I was scheduled to arrive at the airport in Lafayette at 10pm and with any luck at all I’d be home by midnight. I had parked my truck in my brother’s shop in Lafayette, so he was waiting on me when I arrived. We hustled the luggage into his car and within 20 minutes I was on my way out of town.

Bill and Nancy lived on five acres in the country. They didn’t have neighbors on the sides of their house, but there was one across the road. When I pulled up to the house there was a car I didn’t recognize parked behind Nancy’s so I couldn’t park in the driveway. I parked on the opposite side of the street in front of the neighbor’s house. I walked over to Bill and Nancy’s house and rang the doorbell but no one answered. The lights were on in the house but turned off under the carport. I was sure she was home, but I was certainly not going to enter the house. There was no telling who was in there with her or what they were doing. I sure didn’t want to catch her doing something she shouldn’t be doing. As I started back to my truck, I heard Nancy laughing in the back yard. I thought I better see if she was outside before leaving so I didn’t have to drive back over here tomorrow.

The carport was built on to the house and there was a storage room at the back of the carport. The entrance to the back yard was through an open breezeway between the house and storage room. Tall bushes grew behind the house and the storage room with the only gap in these bushes at the breezeway entrance. There was a concrete patio off the back of the house with an aluminum awning over it. As I approached the opening to the backyard I could see the lights were not turned on under the patio. When I entered the backyard I froze in my tracks. The lights were off under the patio but the light from the dining room through the sliding glass door was illuminating the patio. Nancy was laying on the cushioned double chaise lounge and some guy was kissing her bonus veren siteler passionately.

I quickly and quietly took a step back so they couldn’t see me and hesitated a moment to make sure they hadn’t heard me. I slowly started to retreat and got in my truck. My first inclination was to get out of there without being seen or heard. But, before I started the engine I realized I was somehow turned on by what I’d seen and wanted to see more. After all it had been 96 days since I had sex. I looked over at the neighbor’s house. It was dark and both cars were under the carport indicating they were in bed.

Returning to the breezeway I stayed well back behind the bushes so I couldn’t be seen. I stood not 30 feet from them and could see Nancy and her friend through the leaves of the bush very clearly from my vantage point. They were still kissing and the guy had his hand between her legs and probably inside the leg opening of her shorts. She had her arms locked around his neck and it was pretty clear they were both enjoying the foreplay.

Nancy broke off the kiss and said something in a very slurred voice. She sat up on the side of the chaise facing me and quickly removed her blouse and bra. Her heavy breasts sort of fell out of the bra and sagged downward. She unbuttoned her shorts and rose up on the chaise to get them down past her butt and off her legs. As she did so she was very unsteady swaying side to side as she kicked the shorts and the white panties that came off with them to one side. It was obvious she was drunk, stoned or most likely a combination of both. She slowly lay down on the chaise and opened her legs. Her friend sat on the other side of the chaise with his back to me and removed his shoes and socks then stood and removed his shirt. When he stood up he turned facing me and looked down at Nancy as he removed his pants. He was a tall skinny guy who was probably 30 pounds lighter than Nancy. She said something in her slurred voice that I couldn’t understand, but he didn’t respond. He simply removed his tented underwear and joined Nancy on the chaise. At that point four things were obvious to me; he wasn’t nearly as drunk as she was, I had never seen him before, my mother-in-law was about to get fucked and I was going to watch.

The guy felt Nancy’s left breast for a moment then sucked the nipple for a moment as his hand moved to her right breast. Without hesitation he moved on top of her and between her legs as his hand disappeared between them to guide him to his mark. Nancy remained motionless in the missionary position for about a minute or two as he pumped in and out of her. She slowly began to bend her knees and raise her legs to allow him greater and deeper access. Her butt moved upward and off the chaise to meet his increasing hard thrusts and she wrapped her arms around his back and pulled him to her. I could hear Nancy moaning softly and she was saying something but I couldn’t make it out. Her friend was obviously about to cum because his thrusts became harder and faster and in a few moments he stopped moving and obviously ejaculated as her upward thrusts became more forceful and faster. In a moment Nancy relaxed and both of them became very still in the afterglow of what was really just quickie sex since no more than three minutes had elapsed since he joined her on the chaise.

I started to leave, but for the first time realized I had a tremendous hard on. I wanted to stay for a few minutes to see if they went at it again. In a minute or two Nancy was pushing the guy off of her and she sat up on the side of the chaise, placed her face in her hands and sat there for a moment. She then asked in a slurred but understandable voice if he wanted another drink. He replied that he didn’t. Nancy picked up her clothes off the concrete floor, slid her butt closer to the edge of the chaise cushion and used her blouse to wipe herself between the legs. She got up and stumbled into the house. Her friend lay on the chaise for a couple of minutes and began to get dressed.

Nancy returned in about 10 minutes wearing a blue robe that was untied and open covering nothing but her shoulders and back. In one hand she was carrying a wet washcloth that she offered to her bedava bahis friend and in the other she had a fresh tumbler full of whatever she was drinking. When he refused the washcloth she tossed it on the chaise cushion. I guess she cleaned up while she was inside the house.

“Where the fuck you think you going?” Her voice was slurred.

I could not hear what he replied, but I didn’t seem to please Nancy. She lay back down on the chaise lounge without tying the robe, propped up on one elbow and continued to tell him off.

“You son-of-a-bitch you think you can come over here feel me up, get you a quick piece of pussy and then leave me half satisfied? Get your ass out of here and don’t ever call me again looking for anything you bastard!”

The guy obviously didn’t want to get cut off so he sat down on the chaise and started whispering to Nancy. Even though I couldn’t hear him, the conversation went on for several minutes during which Nancy finished the drink, leaned over and started whispering in his ear. Whatever it was she said he shook his head in the negative declining. She gave him the glass and placed her hand between his legs. He moved away from her. Finally she reclined fully on the chaise and pulled the robe closed. He continued talking to her for several more minutes and then for the first time I was able to actually hear something he said.

“Nancy, Nancy!” He was obviously trying to wake her.

“Yea, you want me to come over and fuck you, but you always pass out afterwards. You’re turning into a lush!”

Having said that, he placed the empty glass on the concrete floor and started toward the breezeway.

I took a hasty retreat through the breezeway and over to the other side of the carport and ducked down behind Nancy’s car. In a few moments he was in his car and gone. I crouched down beside the car for a few minutes and decided it was safe to leave. I started to my truck, but figured I better see if Nancy was still outside and if so I better do something about her.

I went back to the breezeway and sure enough she was still on the patio laying on the chaise lounge. I walked onto the patio and looked down at her face. Her face showed every one of her 49 years probably from all the booze. I tied the robe and decided to wake her and get her in the house. After all, I had been sent here tonight by Bill to deliver a package. I knew he would call tomorrow and ask her about it so I better get her in the house and leave it on the kitchen table or something. In the morning she’ll think she came in on her own and I stopped by and left it after she went inside.

I tried waking her, but there was no way so I opened the patio door and decided to carry her into the house and put her on the couch in the living room. I turned on one of the end table lamps so I didn’t trip while I was carrying her. I went back outside, picked her up and got her into the house. That was no small feat because at about 160 pounds and passed out drunk she was heavy as hell.

When I finally managed to get her on the couch the robe had come untied and fallen open. She was just barely on the couch. Her right leg was hanging off with her foot touching the floor and her right arm was fully extended to the side. I looked down at her and realized for the first time that even though her face showed her age, she had a really nice body even if she was a little heavy.

The very first thing I noticed was her tan line. It was her common practice to go to the beach every Sunday from May through October and it appears she wears a very small bikini. Her breasts were large and because she was on her back they hung down on each side of her. The aureoles were small and pinkish brown. But, what was amazing, because I’d never seen a woman with them before was her inverted nipples. Her stomach was flat and smooth. Not a stretch mark anywhere. Her pubic mound was very pronounced and the outer lips of her pussy were so big they almost looked swollen. Her pubic hair was jet black and there was a lot of it. It wasn’t bushy, but it did go over the tan line indicating that when she had that tiny bikini on her pubic hair was visible on her inner thighs and stomach. Probably got a lot of looks at the deneme bonus beach. Her hips flared away from her waist and were pretty broad, but even laying on her back there were no love handles protruding and her butt was rounded as it turned off her hips and met the couch not flat which indicated firm muscle not fatty tissue. Her thighs were muscular with no cellulite visible, but there were several spider veins around the upper portion of her outer thighs.

As I stood there looking at her she moaned and attempted to move herself fully onto the couch without much success. This startled me and I instinctively kneeled down by the couch in order to help her. Before I knew what had happened she had me around the neck with both arms and pulled me too her.

“Come on Ronnie don’t leave me like this give me just a little more.” Slurred or not I understood what she said and realized she thought I was the guy who just left. She attempted to kiss me on the lips, but missed and caught me on the cheek the first time. Her breath was terrible, but she quickly found my mouth and when her tongue entered my mouth I forgot about her breath. She was really working my mouth over just as I noticed my dick was getting hard. The woman could kiss, not doubt about it. I placed my hand on her breast and it was warm and soft. I took the nipple between my thumb and forefinger and squeezed it slowly and it responded by popping out and becoming long and hard. I attempted to break off the kisses to get my mouth on her breast but she was determined to keep kissing me. Damn the woman could turn you on with a kiss.

I put my hand down between her open legs. My hand went down across and into the folds of her outer lips and my index finger found her clit. I moved my finger slowly and softly across it massaging it ever so gently. Drunk, stoned or whatever she was it was clear Nancy was still capable of enjoying sex, even if she had no idea as to the source of her enjoyment. I repositioned myself so that I could get my belt unbuckled and my pants down without breaking off the kiss. Soon as I accomplished this I mounted and entered her. She placed her left leg on the back of the couch and I put my hands under her grabbing and squeezing each butt cheek. Her butt has hard as a rock and the skin on it was smooth and flawless. With each thrust I made I pulled her too me as she began crying out in one frantic hip thrusting orgasm. Her loud cries and obvious enjoyment combined with the length of time since I had sex brought me over the top and I exploded in one of the best orgasm’s I’d ever had.

I collapsed onto her in a relaxed heap. She moaned slightly and sighed then kissed me on the neck.

“Lay here on top of me until I go to sleep honey, then you can leave. Okay?” That was all she said. She still thought it was her friend who had left earlier.

I lay on top of her, my cock still inside her. For the first time since I was a young man I did not soften up after sex. In a few minutes I heard Nancy’s breathing become deeper and she was snoring lightly. I began to move very slowly inside her. I was going to enjoy this again.

The second time was soft and slow. I massaged her breasts and rubbed and squeezed that wonderful ass. As I was just getting to the edge of an orgasm, Nancy began to respond to me. Her movements matched my slow pace and it was clear she was going to have another orgasm even though she was still asleep. My orgasm was equally as good as the first. I am not sure whether she came that second time or not.

I relaxed for about 10 minutes until I was sure she was sound asleep and slowly got up and went to the bathroom to clean up then hurriedly left the house. On my way back to the truck I stopped off in the storeroom under the carport and put the present from Bill in the freezer.

It was 3am by this time and I knew my wife was worried to death about me. I stopped at a truck stop and called home telling my wife my plane had just landed and I would be home as soon as I stopped off and dropped a gift off at her mom’s house. I told her I was just going to put it in the freezer in the storeroom so I didn’t have to wake her up and she should call her mom first thing in the morning to tell her. I then called my brother and woke him up. I told him that if anyone asked I got in at 3am and that I would explain it later.

Nothing like that ever happened between my mother-in-law and me again until my father-in-law passed away in 1990. That’s another story for another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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