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Derek has been searching for months. Searching for just the right person to take him on his journey of submission. The one woman to be his owner, his Mistress, and his one and only Goddess. Looking through websites over and over again. Spending hours on a daily basis examining every person that comes along. Watching as they come in and go out of his life. Scared of what he might find, but knowing that he must submit for the right woman. Finally after thousands of websites, and recomendations from online friends he comes across Miss J’s website. When he opens it, he sees a beautiful woman, and a comfort feeling comes across his soul. He sighs deeply as he looks through her site.

Miss J is a very beautiful older woman. She is 30 and looks very confident in her ability. She has very long brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes. Her skin is a dark tan tone, and her body is well proportioned, tall and very slender. When Derek looks at her he is mesmerized. She has his full attention even over the website. He saves the site to his favorites and decides to go to bed, and think about contacting her. He tosses and turns about all night, thinking of nothing but what it would be like to be her full time slave boy. Is this what he really wants? Is it something he feels is best for him? Is she what he has been looking for?

He wakes early, feeling very restless, and unsure of his feelings. Knowing in his heart that this is what he wants and needs in his life, but at the same time, how does he explain it to his friends, and family. He calls into his job and takes the day off. He then returns to his computer and brings her page back up. He sits back in his chair, his hands folded behind his head, his feet ontop of his desk, knees bent, as he watches the screen of his computer between his legs. As he sits there looking into her dark eyes he wonders what it is that she desires in her submissives. Derek is what most in the scene would consider a “virgin slave” and as he thinks about Miss J. he becomes very aware of his cock becoming extremely hard. His hand rubs over his jeans as he imagines what it would be like to have this woman play with him in whatever way she found appropriate. But how would she do this? That was the question he asked himself as he sat there looking into her eyes and rubing his crotch. He then clicks the tour button of her website, as he looks through the different pages, he becomes more and more aware of the ache between his legs.

The pages he views have things from pictures of Miss J. to descriptions of what it would be like to be her boy toy. The more he viewed the site, the more excited he became. Knowing that he would eventually contact this Mistress, he told himself he will just look and move on. Fianlly he clicked on the last page, this page was a test page, to see how much he would like to be her slave. In the first paragraph it told Derek to stand in front of his computer, and drop his pants, and underware. Without even thinking he stood, and dropped his clothes the way she demanded. She then said to sit back down, and to spread his legs, which he did. The next instruction he read was to not touch his cock while he was to read the next paragraph. In the next paragraph she described how she would play with, and suck his cock and balls. Her description was very graphic and very erotic. He noticed as he was reading that his cock was once again Ümraniye Öğrenci Escort beginning to ache, and become as hard as a rock. His balls were fuller than they had ever been before, his cock jumped and spasmed as he blew his load, continuing to read. Never once did he touch his cock. At the very bottom of this page, it instructed him to contact her through email and let her know why he wanted to be her slave and participate in the experiences she had in store! In this instruction he was also told to continue to keep his pants off as he writes this email to her, so that she knew his cock was feeling the open air as he asked to be considered to be her slave.

Derek then opened his email and began to write:

“Dear Miss J.

My name is Derek and I have been looking for a Mistress for months. I have never been in the situation of being a full time slave, actually I have never submitted to anyone before. I do not know how or what is expected of me, but when I was reading your site, I became very interested. My body reacted to your words without my touch, just as you had hoped when you wrote your skit. I feel that being a slave to you is what I need, and want in my life.. I am a bit afraid of giving up my life to you, but I think that comes with the territory. I am also willing to accept any decisions and lessons you feel I need to better myself for your enjoyment. I have always gotten enjoyment out of watching women enjoy themselves. I know in my heart that I can learn to be the slave you desire. Even though I have never experienced what you have to offer, I hope you will consider me as your future slave boy and teach me the lessons that I need to learn. Teach me the discipline, and punish me as you see fit. Also Ma’aM please play with my body however you wish. I feel that I belong to you and don’t even know you. Please take me teach me, take care of me, use me, and love me for who I am and who I will become for your satisfaction. I would very much like to discuss the idea of being your slave. If you would like to discuss this further please contact me at this email address..

Your future full time slave boy,


When Miss J. came across Dereks email it took her by surprise. Most of the emails she receives are from men who have been slaves in the past. She opens it and reads through his words. Then repeats them again. She smiles as she reads through it one more time, then decides she will write him back and give him her screen name and see what happens. She believes that he was probably really sitting in his chair in front of the computer bare from the waist down, and knowing that his cock was probably aching and his bottom in need of a blister or two. She wonders to herself if him saying he has never been in this type of relationship meant that he has never been punished, or never been in a BDSM relationship. She had hopes that he had never had anything at all to do with this scene, this way she could train him to be what it is that she wanted for herself. She wonders aloud as she reads what this guy looks like. Is he good looking? What color of hair does he have? What about eyes? How tall is he? She decides that when she talks to him online she will have to ask all these questions that others usually put in their mail. His was different, it told what he wanted out of being a slave, not what he had to offer Ümraniye Çıtır Escort her. Looks don’t mean a whole lot as long as he is clean, but it helps with the thoughts to know what he looks like in order to conceive playing with him. She then answers his mail with her screen name, and what time she would be online. She told him to contact her at a particular time, and to not be online with anyone else as she will want his full and undivided attention. Then hit send… and waited……………………..

Derek had been on his computer surfing the net all that day, pretending he was not waiting for a reply. He of course knew better, when his email told him he had one new message he couldn’t open it fast enough. Yes it was from her, he looked at his inbox for a few minutes debating whether he should open this mail or delete it and chalk it up to innocent fun. He decides this is what he wants and openend the mail.. As he reads her words that familar ache came across his groin once again. He instantly added her name to his buddy list, she was online. He lifted his fingers from the keyboard leaning back in his chair with fear. Knowing that she could not see that he was online or that he had added her, but yet afraid that it was before the time she had instructed him to contact her. He looks at the clock and realizes he still has 2 hours before the time to contact her. Derek then opened her webpage, and thought that the next 2 hours were going to be the longest hours of his life…

Finally it was about 5 minutes until that contact time. Dereks groin hurts so badly he needed to cum.. He deicided that he would pull her picture up on his computer, and masturbate to her beautiful face before contacting her. It didn’t take long for his cock to become extremely erect, and his balls hurting from being so full… Thinking about her hands roaming over his manhood was too much for him when he spewed his load all over the screen of his computer. Reaching for a towel, cleaning it up he realized it was time to say something to his future owner.

This is how the first conversation went:

“Hello Miss J, this is Derek I wrote you an email this morning and received one in return asking me to contact you at this time”

“Yes Derek, I did instruct you to contact me. How are you? Please tell me about yourself?”

“Well I am a little scared, but very intreged about what is going to happen from this point on. What is it that you would like to know about me?”

“Well what is your age, what do you look like, what do you see yourself being for me?”

“I am 23, I have dark hair and brown eyes… I work out a lot and am in good physical shape. I have dark skin, and have been told I am rather good looking.” “Hmmmm, nice! Do you have a webcam by chance Derek?”

“Ummmmm yes Ma’am I do, would you like for me to turn it on?”

“Yes dear I would very much like you to turn it on. I would also like you to stand in front of it so I may inspect my future property, You are to do whatever I ask you to do once you turn it on. This will be the test to see if you are the future slave that I desire.”

Derek then stares at the words that appear across his screen. Very nervous he decides yes this is what he wants. He then hits the button to turn on his camera, and stands in front of it. Then types, “There you go Ma’aM I hope you Ümraniye Elit Escort like what you see!”

“Ahhh yes Derek I see you. You are very good looking. Now I have a set of tests to give you to see if you are worthy enough for me. I want you to do exactly as I tell you, and do not say a word, do not type anything just do exactly as I say. Do you understand Derek?”

“Yes ma’am, I will do only what you say”

“Good, now I want you to remove your shirt please.” Derek then reaches for the bottom of his t-shirt sliding it up and over his head. He has a very nice 6-pack and Miss J notices his form and smiles to herself.

“Good, now pinch your nipples Derek, pinch them hard enough to cause slight pain” Derek expected this to be a part of his test, and was able to handle the tight pinch he gave himself. Knowing that this would be nothing compared to what Miss J would give him. His face flenched a bit, and Miss J could see the pain across his face. Knowing that when he was with her this would be mild compared to what he would have to endure.

“Good Derek, now I want you to remove the belt from your pants and show it to me”

Derek then reaches for the belt, undid it, and slid it out from his pants with one hand. He then held it up for her to see and waited for his next instruction. He didn’t expect what she wrote next.

“Very good, now double up the belt, and slap it against your bottom 5 times”

He then looks at his screen and wonders if this is what he really wants. Afraid that she will not be patient with his delay he makes the decision to follow through, thinking, he can always disappear later. He takes the belt and swings it around him and swats his bottom with it the 5 times she requires.. Not realizing how much pain it would cause, by the time he did the last swat, his eyes were teary and a bit blurry.

“You are doing great Derek, now I want you to strip the rest of your clothes off. I want to see my future cock without any restraint from clothing. I then want you to take your cock in your hand, and show me how large it gets when it is hard. Do whatever you need to to make it grow, however do not cum!” Derek doing exactly as she insists, after he becomes hard he lets go of his cock, and looks directly into the camera as to say, How is that? Then waited…

“Very nice Derek, turn around please I want to see that bottom of yours”

As he turns around he decides this is actually nice and wants to meet this woman even more now then he did before.

“Ok Derek you may sit down and tell me what you are thinking. You have passed the test and if you would like to meet me we can do so as soon as you can come over”

“Thank you Ma’am… I would love to meet you. Let me call my work tomorrow and take some time off, and I will fly there tomorrow if that is acceptable”

“Yes dear that would be fine. I will pick you up from the airport, please email me with the time you arive. I will have everything set for your arrival”

“Ok Ma’am… I will do so…. Is there anything else Mistress would like from me at this time? I am tired and would like to go to bed, so I am refreshed for you tomorrow.”

“No you may go… Goodnight Derek, and I would like you to practice something tonight.. I know you are very excited and are probably looking forward to cuming after you get offline with me, however I would like you to wait until you meet me before you cum again”

“Yes Ma’am. See you tomorrow”


“Night Ma’am” and he signed off. Going to the webpage one more time, and looking through it. He then went to pack for his trip.

To be continued in part 2…………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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