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I felt the cool metal of Ted’s car flattening my breasts as I sprawled awkwardly against it. My dressed pulled down in front, yet hiked up in back, only garters and stockings covering me. I could feel the once again stiffening length of his prick sandwiched between my ass cheeks as lights from an approaching car rounded the corner heading our way. Looking up, I saw the driver pull into a stall only a short distance away, emerging moments later totally unaware of our presence.

It was then that I felt the first hard smack of Master’s hand come down on my ass. “Remain silent, and they’ll get harder and more frequent,” he informed me. I moaned loudly, pleasurably even, though I doubt the driver of the car had as yet heard us. Stepping from the driver’s side door, walking around, only then did I realize it was a somewhat older mature looking woman.

“Shit!” I thought silently to myself upon seeing her.

“Whack!” Came another slightly harder slap to my ass, and then another before I could respond.

“Fuck me! Please fuck me! Fuck me in front of this woman!” I cried out uncaring if she was shocked by our obvious display, though simultaneously worried she would call someone, reporting us as we stood there. She indeed stopped, obviously shocked and surprised at what she now realized was taking place, and even reached inside her purse for a moment, either for a phone, or perhaps a gun had she been worried we might accost her for some reason. “Please! Please watch him shove his thick hard cock inside my pussy!” I said looking at her directly. “Please!”

Though she removed her hand from inside her purse, showing she held nothing in it as she did, she remained standing where she was for a moment, indecisively looking about as though wondering if she should return to her car, or just walk past us where we stood and go about her business.

I knew then if I didn’t do something soon, regardless how bold, or even how stupid it might be, she’d soon do one or the other. If she did that, god only knew how much longer we’d be here until someone else came along, or until someone did indeed call the authorities on us for being indecently exposed, not to mention fucking there in the parking garage.

I spun on my heels, surprising Ted in doing that, immediately dropping down to my knees, my hand coming out to surround his thick stiff cock, letting the woman clearly see it as I did so.

“Please…come be our lookout for us,” I urged her, inviting her in a way to become a part of our clandestine, erotic coupling. I heard Ted chuckle upon hearing that. But more importantly, she took a step, cautiously, hesitantly, moving towards us. I smiled, waving at her, still holding Master’s cock, now sucking it, letting her see it as I did. In seconds I felt the nearness of her as she stood close to us. “Just keep an eye out a little, while you watch…or, I will if you’d like to feel how hard this cock is,” I asked hoping to tease her a little. “My boyfriend would get off on it if you were to do that,” I quickly added.

“Just…just touch it? Nothing else?”

“Only what you want to do,” I assured her once again standing up, letting her see my bare breasts, bare pussy, and disheveled clothes as I basically handed off Ted’s cock to her. Relieved, she actually took it, stepping in further as she did, her own hand now coming around to clasp his stiff prick as I stood there next to her. Wearing a simple skirt and blouse I commented on her full breasts hoping to entice her into doing more, especially by the look on Master’s face as he eyed me, telling me without speaking that was exactly what he was expecting me to do.

“You appear to have very lovely breasts yourself,” I said as I caught her looking at mine, simultaneously stroking Master’s quickly firming prick, growing harder by the second. “Go ahead, you can touch them if you’d like…I’d really enjoy that.”

She quickly did so, obviously becoming aroused now herself, caught up in this totally unexpected somewhat bizarre situation there in the parking garage. Feeling her hand, her fingers reaching out to skim, tweaking my hard taut nipple sent a river of shivers traveling up my spine. And though clothed, I reached out as well without asking, hoping she would permit the somewhat unexpected intrusion as I cupped one of her breasts as she stood fondling mine.

“Hmm, lovely,” I purred continuing to do so, pleased when I saw her eyes briefly close, a soft murmur of contentment escaping her lips. “Your nipples are even harder, longer than mine are,” I said thumbing them easily now through the material of her thin blouse and bra. “I’d love to kiss and suck them,” I added though not at all expecting her to accommodate my request.

Once again she looked up and about somewhat nervously. “Hurry then, before someone comes…if they do, I’m out of here!” She informed us. It was a simple matter, popping open two buttons. “It fastens in front…” she breathed moaning the words as I quickly caught Ümraniye Esmer Escort the catch, freeing her exquisite mature looking breasts. Well supported as they’d been, I still loved the almost extra softness of them as they spilled out and away from her chest, hefting them each in my hands, now standing behind her in order to do so, pressing my own still bare breasts against her back as she continued stroking Ted’s cock even more forcefully now.

“Let me…titty fuck you,” Ted actually spoke, his voice raspy, filled with lust and desire.

“Hurry then…before anyone comes,” she agreed anxiously speaking, though her own voice betrayed the wanton desire and excitement she’d suddenly found herself wrapped up in. She bent down just enough in order to accommodate the positioning, me still standing behind, helping to support her, though holding onto, and kneading her breasts as I did so. I watched as Ted placed his enormously stiff cock between her soft globes, and then helped to create a nice soft fuck-tunnel of titty flesh for him to enjoy. Pressing her own breasts together around his shaft, she held them together as he began fucking her there. I now pinching, pulling and slightly twisting her amazingly thick hard nipples, causing her to moan loudly, unconcernedly as I did that.

“After I cover them in cream…you’ll want to be licking them off yes?” Ted asked me.

“Oh yes, yes! I want to suck these beautifully hard nipples, lick off all your thick creamy spunk from them,” I agreed pulling on them even harder now, hearing her wince pleasurably.

“Get ready then,” he informed us both. “Because here…it…comes!”

Only seconds after that, the first few massive spurts from Ted’s prick slammed against the bottom of her chin. Stepping back, forcing her to release him, he now took over with his own hand, aiming his still spurting prick against the fullness of her breasts, in particular her nipples as I continued to pull on them myself…stretching them out, delighting in seeing Ted’s cream now bathing them as I did that. He stood milking out the last few drops, rubbing the head of his bulbous cock directly against them before finally stepping back and out of the way.

“All yours sweetie,” he told me. “Now, lick them up all nice and clean again for her.”

Our still unknown, matronly looking woman once again appeared nervous, slightly apprehensive, as though expecting once Ted had climaxed we would both hurriedly scurry away the moment he had.

“It’s ok…it’s not necessary,” she said straightening up, standing again, though I leaned over capturing one of her messy, slick sticky nipples in my mouth, already sucking and cleaning it off. When I felt her hand come around to the back of my head, I knew then she’d surrendered to the cleaning of her tits.

I took my time, savoring the musky essence still clinging to her soft breasts, chasing streamers of semen as they now began running down and over each one, catching it before they got away. What I didn’t manage to lick off, I rubbed into her skin, massaging her as though with lotion until content I had managed to get it all, or at least most of it anyway.

“Would you like to come?” Ted asked. “I am sure you’d enjoy the feel of Maringa’s tongue inside your pussy,” he suggested.

She did think about it, though only for a split second, before reaching down, suddenly pulling her loose hanging bra back up and over her breasts. “Another time, I might have,” she told us both. “Frankly…I’m surprised I even did this,” she added blushing profusely now. “You caught me at a very vulnerable moment…I’m supposed to be on my way to see my lover,” she added. “But now it seems, I need to make a pit stop first and clean up a bit more,” she grinned. And then with that, she smiled, waved, and hurriedly walked away.

I turned curiously back towards Ted, uncaring that I was standing there half naked still as another car came up the ramp, driving by us, the participants both looking…or rather staring at the two of us as the car slowed, though continuing on.

“Now we can go,” Ted said opening the passenger side door for me. He glanced down at his watch. “Oh yes…just in time too. They should be waiting for us.”

“Who?” I wondered to myself. But I knew there was no point in asking…I would find out soon enough as it was.


It was only a short drive back to the hotel, once again parking in the hotel garage, though Ted had been given a private security code allowing us to pull into parking area that only those having security codes for could use. From there, another code in the elevators would take us directly up to the floor where his suite was.

“Take off your clothes,” he told me as we pulled into a parking stall. “I want you completely naked.”

The thought of walking through the garage, into the elevator totally naked was both arousing, and nerve-wracking at the same time. Though perhaps realizing even if I did, Ümraniye Eve Gelen Escort there was little chance of anyone seeing me, other than someone he wanted to. Which once again reminded me…someone was waiting for us up in the room.

I removed all my clothing, neatly folding it and putting it inside the small suitcase Ted had pulled out of the trunk, setting it on top of the car for me. It felt odd, strange, to stand there undressing myself fully in the garage. The coolness of the cement walls immediately felt, hardening my nipples even more than they already were. In moments, all I had on were my heels, which he’d told me to wear. And then he produced something else I hadn’t seen up until that very moment.

“And this,” he said reaching into yet another bag, withdrawing what was obviously some sort of a collar with a long finely fashioned chain attached to it.

I’d seen similar attached to the Attendings, as well as many of the Novices back on the estate, though perhaps not nearly as elaborate, or as expensive looking as this one was. I couldn’t imagine the diamonds studded to it were real, but then as though reading my thoughts again, he told me they were indeed real diamonds and not just some phony look-a-likes.

“Nothing but the best for my…Pet,” he told me as he reached up now fastening the collar around my neck. I felt a shiver as he did so, one of both fear as well as nervous excitement coursing through me. He had never called me his “Pet” before, doing so almost affectionately. I then felt him secure the collar about my neck. Once closed, I felt the slight tug on it as he held up the chain holding it in his hand, yet not uncomfortably so. “Something else,” he now added, once again reaching into his mysterious little bag. This time he removed what was an even finer, more delicate looking chain, though each end had what appeared to be some sort of clamp attached to it. I now noticed there was another set of much longer looking chains attached to that, also with each end having some sort of a clamp. I looked at him expectantly. “Allow me.”

There was a slight pinch, not really painful, more surprising than anything, which took a moment of adjustment in getting used to as he applied one end to my left nipple, and then connected the other end of the chain to my right. Looking down, I saw the gold chain bridging each one of my breasts, my nipples firmly clamped, swelling and deepening in color moments after he’d attached it. Now there were two loose ends dangling down over my tummy towards my crotch, and I immediately knew where those two were meant to be applied. Without his even having to ask, I spread my legs dutifully, seeing his half smile as he actually knelt there before me. Once again, a simple pinch, a bit more painful at first, though it too quickly became quite comfortable, if not downright stimulating. After he’d applied the clamp to one side of my labia, I steeled myself for the other side, though it didn’t shock me nearly as much when he applied that one as it had the first side. Once again looking down, I now saw the connection from my breasts to my pussy by the twin gold chains now connecting each. Still holding onto the chain attached to my collar, Ted quickly placed the now packed suitcase back inside the trunk of the car again.

“Ready? Oh…one more thing. Until I say otherwise…no talking.” I immediately nodded my head in understanding. As I did, Ted stepped forward heading towards the elevators only a short distance away. I had no choice but to follow, or be choked if I failed to move with him as quickly as he started heading off. Almost immediately I felt the tingling tug of the chain suddenly pulling on my pussy lips as I did so however. And the faster I walked, the more it pulled, as did the one’s now clamped to my nipples. Movement of one, affected the movement of the other as I followed, working against one another, as they were, both stimulating, and yet pleasurably annoying at the same time.

“I want you wet by the time we get to the room,” he informed me, entering the code on the elevator door, which immediately opened. I almost answered him directly, remembering his cautionary words, and simply smiled instead, nodding my head. “You’d better be,” he said taking the smile off my face, his tone a bit more stern than I’d heard him use before. “We have a very important client you’re about to meet…and this could easily make or break the deal we’re negotiating if you’re not,” he said simply, though still very seriously. I remained silent of course, remembering his words, nodding my head solemnly this time by way of reassurance that I would be. Mainly…because I already was. This time, he really did smile seeing my contrite expression, even going so far as to pat, rub the top of my head, and then my ass as though petting a dog. Which I guess in a sense…for the moment at least, I more or less was.

Seconds later the elevator doors opened. We walked out into the Ümraniye Evi Olan Escort foyer just outside the entrance into Ted’s suite. A simple push on the keypad he held in his hands triggered a soft buzz, unlocking the doors. He opened them, ushering me inside ahead of him this time.

There was a soft glow coming from the main sitting room just ahead. The lights on low, the flicker of what I knew to be a gas fireplace glowing off to one side. And then suddenly the appearance of a very well dressed, good-looking man sitting at one end of the couch. He had a full head of nearly white-silvery hair, rugged features dressed in an elegant looking white dinner jacket, black hand-tied bow tie. Next to him, kneeling on the floor was a woman, likewise naked, a ruby studded collar around her neck, though she was also hooded, blindfolded.

“Kneel,” Ted told me as we reached the middle of the room. I did so immediately assuming a similar pose to the one the blindfolded woman was in. I took those brief moments to look at her, though as yet I still couldn’t see her face. Her breasts were slightly smaller than my own, though her nipples were far larger, areolas dark covering the front most portion of each breast. They too were clamped, small chains similar to my own connecting each though she wore nothing from them connected to her pussy the way mine was. She held perfectly still, unmoving as I quickly did the same. “Stay!” Ted said suddenly dropping and releasing the chain he’d been holding, walking over as the other man stood, accepting his hand in greeting.

“How’s she doing? Pleased with her?” Ted asked looking towards the woman. “I remember she was bit more high strung and stubborn than most of the others were,” he then added obviously reminiscing.

“Worth every penny though,” the older man answered. “Still has a bit of a stubborn streak in her though, which is the reason for the blindfolding. She knows what happens if she misbehaves with the hood on,” he then added. She seemed perfect docile to me, though his statement seemed extremely worrisome under the circumstances as I continued kneeling there, silently, trying to hold perfectly still.

“New one?” He said looking towards me, smiling wickedly an obvious gleam in his eye. “She up for adoption too?” He then asked obviously interested.

“No…this one’s mine,” Ted answered which amazingly enough, felt good hearing him say that, though in an odd sort of way when he did.

“Figured as much, mind if I let her have a sniff?” he asked Ted.

“Not at all, would be fun seeing them play,” Ted responded. “Be interesting to see how she’s developed since you adopted her,” he then added. “What did you name her anyway?” He asked though he then looked at me, his finger pointing, which I immediately took as a signal to get down onto all fours, which I quickly did.

“Angel,” the man laughed. “Perhaps a bit ironic given her temperament…but I sort of like the contrast,” he continued chuckling though he now stood and began leading her over likewise on all fours towards me.

“Stay!” Ted said again as the elderly, yet still very attractive looking gentleman pulled on the chain attached to the woman’s collar. He brought her around behind me, loosening his hold.

“Sniff her out Angel,” he told her letting go of the chain now, once again settling back, sitting down on the couch again as Ted wandered over towards the side bar.

“What would you like to drink?” Ted asked already pouring himself something as I watched the brunet slowly and cautiously feel her away about me, suddenly sniffing, then moving around behind me as though she might actually mount me the way I was kneeling.

“Scotch,” the man responded whose name I still hadn’t heard yet, though he once again glanced over towards “Angel” as he’d called her. “Just sniff, get to know her first,” he once again cautioned her, which she continued doing as I knelt patiently, curious, yet somewhat bewildered as to what exactly was now expected of me. It was so strange, and yet so erotic as well as I felt more than saw her as she placed her face close to my ass, sniffing, inhaling, even murmuring a little to herself, almost as though purring as she nuzzled my ass, close to my pussy. I then felt her actually nudge her nose closer, felt it brush between the lips of my cunt, she sniffed, sniffed again, and then licked. “Angel!” Came the sharp quick response. He suddenly stood, coming over, grabbing the chain he’d released yanking on it, pulling her back some, and then slapping her ass firmly with his hand. “Behave, or that’s all you’ll be getting!” he told her. “Now, shall we try that again?”

I looked up out of the corner of my eye towards Ted. He stood at the bar looking at me, his expression not giving anything away as he did so. I wondered briefly if I was performing the way he wanted…expected. As curious as I was to look once again behind me however, I remained kneeling as I was, face forward, unmoving more than I already had. At least in that, he looked semi-pleased anyway. Once again I felt Angel sniffing my cunt, moving slowly up along my side, sniffing along as she did, her nose just grazing my flesh.

“I think you can remove the blindfold now Jack,” Ted told him. “Let’s see how well they can play together.”

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