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I’m cleaning out my storylines directory, and finishing all the bits and pieces that have just been sitting there for god only knows how long.

I’ll get an idea, jot down a line of dialog, or a description, then save it. I come back to some of them every few months and bang out a few paragraphs, then let it sit till I open it again.

That’s how this little story was born. I have a friend who asks me if I think she’s fat all the time. I tell her yes, she’s delightfully, fuckably fat, but sadly, I haven’t gotten to fuck her…yet. I was thinking about her when I wrote most of this.


“Do you think I’m fat?” Susan asked as she turned from side to side, looking at her reflection in the full-length mirror in my bedroom.

We usually hang around my house if we’re not going out, because I have a ninety inch smart TV, more computers and tablets than I can keep track of, and Google gigabit ethernet, so playing games and streaming movies is really fast.

We’ve been seeing each other for a few weeks, and we’ve had sex a few times, but I like to hang around with her because she’s just fun to be with. She’s great in bed, but she has a great personality too.

Except for being extremely self-conscious about her weight.

She asked the question at least every other day, if not every day, and I managed to not answer by changing the subject, or distracting her somehow, usually with a tickle attack.

The truth is, she isn’t fat. At worst, she could be described as thick. Personally, I think she could carry another twenty pound and look fantastic. She’s five-ten, and I think she weighs about 180 pounds. I know she wears a 38EE bra because I looked at the tag on one, wears size 10 skinny jeans, which I like her in, but she can wear my nephew’s size 30 Levi’s comfortably. She also has a sweet round ass that I’m guessing is around 39 or 40 inches. It’s smooth and creamy white, no dimpling or cellulite or that stuff you see on chicks that are fat. The bitch is built like a walking wet dream, and thinks she’s too fat. Let’s hear a big thank you for the marketing industry.

I was about to blow her off again, maybe see if I could distract her by getting her into bed, since we had one right there anyway, but I noticed that she was watching me in the mirror.

I swear to god, I didn’t mean to do it, but before I could stop them, the words were coming out of my mouth.

“Oh yeah, you are definitely fat…”

“You bastard!” She shouted as she whirled around, but I was already moving toward her.

I reached her before she could move or say anything else, and my hand closed around her throat as my body pressed hers against the wall. Her eyes went wide in surprise, and she took in a gasping breath.

I’d been rough with her in bed a few times, but I don’t think she expected what I was doing. I was always nice and polite to her, but with the way she acted when I got rough in bed, I wanted to see what she would do.

“Yeah,” I said, my face an inch from hers, looking her right in the eyes. “You are definitely fat. Deliciously, delightfully fat.”

My hand moved up and grabbed the neck of her t-shirt, and I jerked down, shredding it. It didn’t matter, it was one of mine, she likes to wear my shirts. Then I grabbed one of the cups on her bra and jerked on it. I felt the strap break, and I pushed the bra out of the way and sank my fingers into her tit.

“Look at this fucking udder, I’ve seen smaller jugs hanging off cows.” I grunted.

Her eyes darted down, then came right back up to meet mine.

“But I love feeling these big, fat, saggy tits. I love it when you rub them all over my face while you’re riding my cock, and I can’t wait to get my cock between them and titty fuck the shit out of them.”

Her eyes widened even more, and she pretended to struggle, but I could tell by the way she was breathing that being treated like this was turning her on.

“Then there’s that big ass you like to stick in my face…don’t deny it, I know you do it on purpose.” I said as I let go of her tit and moved my hand down to the button on her jeans. I popped it open and jerked on one flap, breaking the zipper and hearing them tear.

My leg slipped between hers, and I jammed my thigh against her crotch, and she ground down on it as I pressed into her harder.

My dick was harder than chinese ‘rithmatic by this time, and I was pretty sure she was dripping. I could feel the damp heat coming off her against my leg.

“You like this?” I asked, forcing my hand into her pants and under her panties. My fingers brushed over the short crisp curls of her pubes, then pressed against the lightly furred lips of her pussy.

She nodded, and her hand pressed into my chest, not pushing me away, but just stroking back and forth lightly.

“Your cunt is sopping wet you little slut. You’re getting off on this. You like me being the big bad dom with you, don’t you?

She nodded again, and I pulled my hand out of her pants, grabbing a handful of ties from the rack in the closet next to acıbadem escort us. Taking my hand off of her throat, I wrapped it in her hair and pushed her toward the bed, forcing her face down onto it as her legs hit it.

She didn’t resist as I pulled her hands behind her back and tied them loosely with one of the ties. She did give a little gasp when I used another tie to blindfold her.

Her ass was hanging off the side of the bed, and she raised up a little.

“Are…are you going to gag me too?” She asked as I jerked her jeans down around her knees.

“No, I’ve got something else in mind for your mouth.” I laughed, opening my jeans and pushing them down. My cock bounced up and smacked against my stomach, then angled up as I moved in closer behind her.

“Fuck yeah.” She muttered, “I wanna su…”

“Shut the fuck up.” I said, smacking her on the ass as hard as I could.

I watched a bright red mark appear as I grabbed her hips and lifted her ass. My cock found its way between her legs, and I pulled back on her hips as I felt the lips of her pussy spreading around the head of my cock.

“Fucking shit!” She groaned as the head of my cock plowed into her.

“I…said…shut…the…fuck…up.” Jamming my cock forward as I spoke. Pulling back a little, I started fucking her in slow, lazy strokes with the top half of my cock.

She moaned, and her ass pushed back at me, but she didn’t say anything else.

I kept fucking her like that for a couple of minutes, and she was really getting into it, moving her ass back and forth and humping it back at me, trying to get more of my cock inside her.

So I gave her what she wanted.

Pulling back on her hips, I slammed my hips forward, burying my cock balls deep in her sopping wet pussy.

“Oh my fucking god!” She screamed, then buried her face in the mattress as I started fucking her hard and fast.

She screamed into the bed as her cunt went crazy on my cock, clenching and squeezing around the shaft as it flew back and forth inside her.

I fucked her like that for five minutes or so, and I know she came at least once. Her pussy does this amazing thing when she cums. The ring of muscle at the opening tightens around my cock, and the inner walls feel like they balloon out, so it feels like I’m squeezing into a warm, wet cavern.

I was pulling my cock out until just the head was still inside her, then plowing back in so my hips smacked against her ass, and I could feel my cockhead beating at her cervix.

“Do it! Fuck me harder! Gimme all that big beautiful cock you motherfucker.” She wailed as her pussy spasmed and clenched around my cock. “Oh god, it’s so fucking good…don’t stop. Fucking please don’t stop!”

Which is exactly what I was waiting for, an excuse for what I wanted to do next.

Wrapping my fingers in her long brown hair, I jerked her head back, then pulled her around so she had to slide off the side of the bed. She fell to her knees bedside the bed and I stepped in front of her, holding my cock in my fist, and started smacking her across the face with it.

“Oh god, no!” She moaned. “Put it back in me! I need it! I…”

“Okay, there’s only one way I’m gonna shut you up, isn’t there?” I grunted as I pressed the head of my cock against her lips and forced it into her mouth.

She gagged as I pulled her head forward, and didn’t start to struggle until she realized that I wasn’t pulling out.

Both my hands were on her head by this time, and I pulled her head toward me as I humped my hips forward. My cock drove down her throat, and I felt her gag even harder around it.

Pulling back a little, I started fucking her mouth, moving her head as I pumped my cock in and out. I didn’t go as deep, and I could tell she was getting into it. She was moaning around my cock, and the humming sensation was driving me crazy. I knew if we kept this up, I was going to cum way too fast.

“Breathe.” I told her, pulling my cock back until just the head was in her mouth. I could feel her panting through her nose, her hot breath washing over my pubes. I let her take a dozen breaths before I spoke again.

“I’m gonna go deep, and you’re gonna take what I give you.” I grunted.

She started to nod, but I was already shoving my cock back in her mouth. The thick shaft plowed between her lips, and the head of my cock bumped against the back of her mouth. I pulled back, then pressed down harder on the back of her head as my hips slammed forward.

Susan whimpered as my cock slid into her throat, gagging roughly as the head brushed across her tonsils. Her body heaved upwards as she fought to keep from puking, but that just made the angle better for me, and I felt the rest of my cock slip between her lips.

“Fuck yeah.” I grunted, holding her head down as she struggled against me, keeping my cock buried in her mouth. “You got it all bitch. You took it too the balls.”

I loosened my grip on her hair and eased my hips back, akbatı escort not stopping till my cock slipped from between her lips. Thick strings of spit spilled from between her lips and dripped off her chin as she knelt in front of me gasping for breath.

She looked seriously fucking hot kneeling there in front of me, her face covered in spit, still wearing a shredded t-shirt and half her bra hanging loose. I had to fuck her again.

“Get up.” I told her, jerking on her hair as I took a step back.

She tried to stand, but with her hands tied behind her back and her jeans around her knees she couldn’t manage. I got tired of watching her struggle, so I leaned down, shoving my hand between her legs so my arm was under her crotch, then put my other hand behind her back and lifted her, tossing her on the bed.

She squealed as she landed on the bed, but I didn’t give her time react. I kicked my jeans off and climbed up on the bed, sliding right up next to her. Grabbing her ankle, I lifted her legs as I turned her toward me, fitting the head of my cock into the sopping wet slit of her pussy and shoving it in as hard as I could.

Susan screamed as my cock plowed balls deep into her pussy on the first stroke, then grunted in time with each of my hard, deep strokes. Her head was rocking back and forth as I fucked her, and her pussy was spasming wildly around my cock as I pounded it into her.

My head was between her feet, her jeans pressing against my chest as I leaned forward so I could rest my hands on the bed. She was bent almost double, and her pussy pointed up at me, presenting me a perfect target.

Susan was gasping for breath as I kept pounding into her roughly, but it was obvious that she was grooving on what was happening to her. Her pussy clasped and clenched spastically around my cock, which I knew was a sign that she was close to cumming.

“Oh fuck.” She moaned softly as I changed strokes, angling my cock so it scraped across one silky smooth inner wall of her pussy on one stoke, then the other on the next. I gave it to her like that for a minute, then rocked back and threw her an underslung stroke that made the head of my cock press against the upper wall of her pussy.

An ear splitting scream erupted from Susan’s mouth as a stream of liquid gushed from her pussy around my cock. I looked down just in time to see another burst of her juices spurt out around my cock. Then she went limp under me.

I eased back, letting my cock slip from her pussy and leaned down, checking the pulse on her throat. It was a pointless gesture, because I could see her chest rising and falling as she breathed.

Sliding back on the bed, I pulled her jeans the rest of the way off, tossing them on the floor and letting her legs fall to the bed. She laid there in front of me, her legs spread wide, her pussy gaping open, looking seriously fuckable. I was tempted to climb back on, but I decided to let her rest and come around on her own.

I got up and went into the kitchen to get a beer instead. The first sip was like pure ambrosia, so I tipped the bottle up and chugged it quickly, feeling revitalized as the last of it spilled down my throat.

I was about to get another one when I had a better idea. Walking over to the pantry, I grabbed a plastic bucket and put four beers in it, then filled it with ice from the ice maker. I grabbed the apple jelly from the fridge, then a bottle of hershey’s syrup from the cabinet, and went back into the bedroom.

Susan was still stretched out where I’d left her, and I couldn’t believe how hot she looked laying there. How she could think she was fat when she had a classic earth mother body was beyond me.

This also seemed like the perfect moment for some candid pictures. I grabbed my phone and shot thirty or forty pictures of her as I moved around the bed, shooting her from every angle I could think of. I made sure to get a few close-up pix of her freshly fucked pussy, still wet and sticky with her juices.

I was getting bored by this point, and I had other things I wanted to do to her, so I grabbed a beer from the bucket and got up on the bed, kneeling beside her head. Leaning forward, I smacked her in the face with my cock, then rubbed it all around until she started to stir.

“Hey, you awake yet?” I asked, watching as she lifted her head.

“Wh…what happened?” She asked, trying to sit up, then starting to struggle against the bonds on her wrists.

“Stop that.” I said, smacking her bare tit. “You passed out right after you came like gangbusters and pissed pussy juice all over me. You’re gonna have to change the sheets when we’re done.”

“I did what?” She asked, laying back as she stopped struggling.

“You squirted. Some girls do that. I didn’t know you did.” I said. “You thirsty? I brought you a beer.”

“God yes.” She moaned, so I lifted her into a sitting position and held the bottle, letting her drink from it. She drank steadily, not stopping until almost half aksaray escort the bottle was gone. She turned her head, and I sat the bottle aside.

“So uh…are you gonna untie me soon?” She asked.

“Yeah, but we’re not done fuckin’ yet.” I said as I put my hand on her forehead and pushed her back so she fell on the bed. I slid down between her legs, picking up the bottle of hershey’s. I flicked the top open and spread her pussylips apart as I drizzled the syrup up and down between the puffy labia.

“What are you doing down there?” She asked, spreading her legs wider. “What did you just put on me?”

“Hershey’s. I got a taste for chocolate pussy, and you’re the main course.” I told her as I tossed the bottle aside and settled in between her legs.

The aroma of her pussy and the chocolate sauce wafting up into my face almost made me shoot off in the sheets. Holding her legs open with my hands on her inner thighs, I spread her pussylips with my thumbs and dragged my tongue up the length of the sloppy wet slit.

“Oh yeah, I like that.” She purred, arching her pussy up at my mouth. “Are you gonna keep doing that? I mean, are you gonna…”

“Shut up.” I said, biting her pussylip, making her squeal.

I went back to eating her pussy, licking up the chocolate sauce, then darting my tongue into the fuck loosened hole of her pussy. I sucked at the dilated opening, stabbing my tongue in and out as I ran it around the tight ring of muscle just inside.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good.” Susan giggled, wriggling under me. “Do that thing you just did again. I really liked that.”

“This?” I asked, swishing my tongue around the ring of muscle again, then running my tongue up the length of her pussy, slapping her clit with the tip when I reached the top.

“Oh god yes! Do it just like that!” She squealed.

Nipping at her clit with my lips, I went back down and worked at the opening of her pussy until she was writhing and moaning wildly under me. She was dripping profusely, and I was having trouble keeping up with the flow, and my tongue was getting sore.

Scooting back, I got up on my knees between her legs and fit the head of my cock into her tight wet hole. I pushed in until the head popped inside, then drew it back slowly, shivering from the sensation of the tight ring of muscle caressing the frairing rim of my cock.

“Oh fuck, that feels incredible.” Susan moaned as I kept popping just the cockhead in and out of her. “I’m gonna have to do this next time I jill off with big Harry!”

“Who the fuck is big Harry.” I asked as I sank the full length of my cock into her pussy and held it there.

“Wh…what…not who.” She panted, humping her pussy up at me. “Favorite toy…best friend…love of my life…until now.”

“Yeah? You like what I’m doing to you?” I asked, reaching down and rubbing her clit with my thumb.

“I fucking love it!” Susan laughed. “I’ve cum more times today than I have all year! Maybe the last couple of years!”

“So you gonna cum again soon?” I asked as I rubbed her clit harder.

“Soon? Are you kidding me?” Susan giggled. “I’ve been having little baby cums since you started doing that thing with your tongue on my pussy hole, then punching your cock through in those short little strokes.”

“You greedy little bitch!” I laughed as I eased my cock out of her pussy and climbed up over her. I popped the top on a bottle of astroglide and dribbled it down between her tits, making sure to get some on the inside of both tits. Tossing the bottle aside, I pushed my cock between her tits and reached down, pulling them up and squeezing them tight around my cock.

Susan’s tits are soft, fleshy mounds that hang off her chest like a couple of ripe melons. She’s got heavy hangers, the kind of tits that flop and jiggle around no matter what kind of bra she’s wearing.

It felt like my cock had gone to heaven and angels were sucking on it.

I threw my head back, my eyes closing as I stroked up and down through the fleshy trough between her tits. Squeezing the spongy mounds tighter around my cock I sighed happily as I rubbed her tits up and down over my cock. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, and I didn’t care. I knew I was going to be plowing my dick between these beauties every chance I got from now on.

“Oh shit, that feels better than I expected.” Susan laughed. “It sounds like you think so too. Are you gonna cum soon? I bet you are. I bet you’ve been fantasizing about fucking my tits since you met me, and now you’re gonna shoot a big load of hot cum all over them you nasty boy!”

“Fucking shit!” I groaned as I felt my balls quiver, then clench in their wrinkled sac. My cock jerked, and I pulled back so the head of my cock was buried between the warm, silky smooth mounds of her tits.

“Yessssss!” Susan groaned as she felt the first jets of jizz spraying between her tits. “Oh fuck! It’s so hot!”

“Jesusfuckingchrist! What do I have to do to get you to shut up?” I muttered, sliding up higher. I wrapped my hand around my cock, stroking it hard and fast, pointing it right at her face as thick wads of cum sprayed out.

My cum hit her on the chin, splashing up over her mouth and clinging to one side of her nose. Susan started to say something else, but I stuck my cock in her mouth, leaning forward and grabbing the headboard as I started fucking it in and out lazily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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