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I was only a freshman and everything was new. Sports was always my thing but I was attending a division I school and I could never compete.

I’d always imagined that I would live in a frat house; beer pong, tons of girls, and wild weekends. Unfortunately for me, to be in a Frat you needed to be wealthy or over 21 so you could buy beer, or play a sport.

My only option was one of the co-ops. It was ok. A bunch of college kids struggling to get by. We were all struggling with different things in our lives. Some wanted straight A’s, some wanted to experience art and culture, and some just wanted to be accepted.

I wanted to be accepted. If I could find a crew to chill with and smoke weed with every night then I’d be happy.

I was an awkward freshman so I didn’t plan on anything solid until next year, but Grace changed that for me.

I met Grace in orientation. She had a boyfriend at the time but they had broken up and now she was clinging on to me. Which I didn’t mind at all. She had dark hair with a little red in it, and her face always had a smile on it. Her body was sexy, but I may be a little biased.

She was a transfer student, so she was two years older than me. We’d meet up every Friday after class to go over our notes and I looked forward to it every week.

By the second semester Grace had found a group of girls to latch onto. Since I didn’t make any moves on her she must have moved on. It bummed me out.

I followed her on Instagram and Snapchat, and she started posting videos and pictures of her at parties and clubs. She’d do crazy things like post snaps of her making out with other girls or doing body shots.

I stopped texting her regularly. and on the weekends. I didn’t want her to think I had no social life.

One friday evening she texted me out of the blue and we met for lunch.

She was excited about a frat party she wanted to go to but she didn’t think she could get in.

“Aren’t you gonna go with six girls?” I said, “Why wouldn’t they let you in?”

“The frats are cracking down on underage drinking,” she answered. “One of them had a bunch of underage narcs show up to a party and the cops came to shut them down. So now they’re all anal about who they let into parties and I’m only 20.”

“That’s shitty,” I said. “What if you sneak in?”

“Ha, the only way this frat is gonna let you in is if you bring your own booze,” she said. Looking around nervously, she took a sip of her coffee and admitted, “Some of the frats are making girls give BJs before they can come in, just to prove they aren’t working with the police.”

“What the fuck?”

“Not all the girls,” She said. “Just one from the group.”

“That’s fucked up.”

“I know. I really want to go to this party tonight. There’s this guy that’s going to be there that I’m interested in.”

I didn’t like that she told me that. I understood that we were friends but this crossed the line for me.

“How about I accompany you to the party?” I suggested.

“Ha,” she laughed. “Sorry, but they don’t let freshman guys in no matter what. Last party I went to they wouldn’t even let this frat guy’s younger brother into the party, and he was a sophomore.”

She could see my disappointment and the look of worry on my face.

“You could come over and hang with me and the girls before we try to get into the party,” she suggested, to lighten the mood.

I like Grace and cared for her. She was into jock and frat guys, and I wasn’t one of them. The only way I could see this through is if I stuck it out in the long run. Maybe by the summer or even next year she might give me a chance. Right now all I could do to make her think highly of me was to be by her side.

“Sure, I’ll come by tonight,” I said.

Before I left for Grace’s apartment I took a long shower and made sure my phone was charged 100%.

I arrived to her place at 9 pm and four of her girlfriends were already there.

“I’m not sucking any dick,” Kristen said. “Unless it’s Tim’s.”

All the girls laughed in front of their mirrors.

“I bet you’d suck Mike’s,” Sara added with a teasing laugh.

“I’d let him stick it in my ass,” Kristen said.”

The girls all laughed while putting on makeup. Grace knew I had a crush on her so she didn’t say anything vulgar out of respect.

“My friend’s here ladies,” Grace reminded them.

“Sorry,” Sara said with a smile and a wink. “I don’t think he’d mind us talking dirty.”

“Just pretend like I’m not here, take off your clothes and do all that girl stuff you do when guys aren’t around,” I joked.

“In your dreams,” Kristen said. “How do you think you’re getting into the party? They won’t let guys in, even if he’s with a bunch of girls.”

“Oh, he’s not going,” Grace said. “He’s gonna walk us there.”

Grace handed me Four-Loco. These drinks are sometimes called, ‘blackout in a can’. I opened it up and took a big swig.

“That’s kinda mean that he can’t come,” Sara said.

“I don’t mind,” I answered.

“Well I mind,” Sara responded. “Let’s sneak Ümraniye Sınırsız Escort you in. There’s gotta be a way.”

“They kick his ass if they found out a freshmen got into the party,” Kristen said.

“There’s a bunch of window in the back of that house he can climb through,” Sara said.

“If they recognize him they’ll toss him out,” Grace said. “They’ll throw me out too because they know I’m friends with him.”

“Let’s get him a disguise,” Sara said, as she finished off her Four-Loco.

“Like what?” Grace said, “A mustache and a wig? Nothing’s open this late anyway.”

Sara’s eyes lit up with excitement, “Let’s dress him up like one of us! He can walk right in the front door with the rest of us. Everyone will be drunk by the time we show up anyway.”

The girls all laughed at the idea. Grace laughed and looked at me. He eyes gazed me up and down. She looked sad.

I knew she didn’t want to leave me out of her fun. What she said next startled me.

“Sara, oh my God, that’s a great idea! Worst thing that happens is he doesn’t get into the party.”

My eyebrows shot up in surprise. I didn’t want to try this at all but now I was the center of attention and five babes were looking me up and down.

“Let’s do it,” Kristen said.

“What do you think?” Sara asked, “You want to have a bunch of girls all over you tonight or not? You don’t have to come to the party if you’re uncomfortable.”

My face gave a look of resistance as I shrugged my shoulders and said, “Sure why not.”

The girls went in their stash of clothes and pulled out a bunch of things for me to try.

“We need you to look like a girl as much as possible,” Sara said. “First put these on first.”

She handed me a black thong, a black bra, a corset and a tight shorts with a little bit of lace at the bottom. I went into the bathroom and set them down on the floor. These would look really hot on anyone of those girls in this apartment and here I am about to put them on. I take off my clothes and put the thong on. I dick doesn’t fit well in this thong, the skirt I put on next helps cover it up a little. I strap on the bra and that’s when I felt like this was really gay. I chugged some more of the Four-Loco and started tightening the corset.

It was really tight and pressed my body into an hourglass shape. I couldn’t strap the top two clips so I exited the bathroom and let the girls finish clipping me in.

Grace looked over at me and smiled shyly. My face felt red with embarrassment but all the girls were looking at me and commenting. It felt so good.

“Looking good so far girl,” Sara joked. “Let’s stuff that bra.”

Sara had a bag out on her bed with all of her old halloween costumes and accessories. She grabbed these rubber looking things and shoved them into the bra I was wearing. Then she grabbed black knee high tights and said, “Put these on.”

I put them on and Grace’s eyes lit up and she said, “Shit, you have better legs than me.”

I loved the compliment. Any from Grace was a huge plus.

“Let’s get some foundation on you and some make up,” Sara said.

Sara took charge and sat me down. She did the works on my face. I didn’t even know the names of the makeup she was putting on me. Eyeliner, lipgloss, contouring, powder, etc… It was all new to me.

“Holy shit,” Grace said. “He doesn’t even need a wig.”

I was finally able to look myself in the mirror and I didn’t even recognize myself. I looked like a girl with really short hair.

“I have a wig,” Sara said, as she walked over to her stash of costumes and grabbed a long dark brown wig. She put it on my head and I was stunned.

I looked like a sorority girl. I’d fuck me is the first thing I thought. The girls were going nuts. They were shouting and snapping photos.

Sara handed me a red sweater with a deep V. I put it on over the bra and it looked like I had real breasts.

“Stand up, let’s see you walk around,” Sara said. “You’re totally gonna get into this party.”

Grace didn’t seem to be having as much fun. She seemed jealous or worried. I couldn’t tell. I finished my Four-Loco and opened up my second one.

The girls painted my nails and gave me a pair of flat shoes to wear before we Kristen requested an Uber.

“Uber’s here,” she said.

My heart pounded at the thought of going outside like this. I had thoughts of backing out. We left the apartment, locked the door and that’s when I realized I was dress like a women out in the open. My guy clothes were now lock in another room out of my reach. I was feeling tipsy and Sara kept calling me ‘girl’ and ‘bitch’, which I started to embrace.

“Let’s see you catwalk girl,” She said.

I took a swig of my drink and started walking like I imagined a girl would. They all started laughing and screaming.

“Damn girl! That was hot!” Kristen said.

She was tipsier than the rest of us. She also had a reputation with men.

The Uber driver pulled up and this was my last chance to back out, I thought. Grace Ümraniye Suriyeli Escort got into the car and I followed her in. As long as I was near her I was OK.

“You’re crazy for doing this,” she said, as she placed her hand on the stocking over my knee.

The Uber driver slowed to a halt and we got out of the car. I could hear loud music coming from the gigantic frat house. I was so nervous. Grace could tell and so she took my hand and guided me. I planned to just stay silent all night. I could always get an Uber to take me home when ever I want. I had my phone and my wallet in a small purse Sara gave me.

We walk around a group of rowdy drunk people on the front yard who were out for a smoke. I keep my chin low and looked down to avoid eye contact as we approached the door. A frat guy was at the door checking IDs. Since we weren’t 21 or older, and I was a dude on my ID, I got really worried that I’d get busted right then and there.

“Hey,” Grace said, “Us girls don’t have IDs.”

“Can’t let you in then,” the guy said with a smug face.

“We’re not Narcs, how can we prove it?”

“Let me get Matt,” the door guy said and went inside the party.

I stood out there next to the girls looking like a piece of meat. I felt cold in this outfit. I’d never worn lace shorts or a V neck that showed a lot of my chest.

The door guy soon came out with this Matt guy. Matt was very tipsy. He looked Grace in the eyes and bit his lip. Grace reciprocated with a sexy smirk.

“Can’t let you in ladies, sorry,” Matt said.

“Is there anything? Anything, I can do get us in?” Grace half begged.

She was clearly trying to seduce him and it was working. I got really jealous. I came here to protect Grace because I thought she didn’t want to be forced to give a blow job to get into a part but here she is flirting with this guy hardcore.

“How about you come inside and we’ll talk about it,” He said as he grabbed he hand and tried pulling her inside.

“But my friends,” she said.

Matt went inside again and came out with a bottle of tequila.

“Here,” he said. “This should keep them occupied until we’re done talking.”

Grace handed me the bottle and willfully followed Matt inside.

“Let’s talk with these people,” Sara said, point to the rowdy group outside.

They were playing darts and beer pong and were really excited to have female company. They were also really drunk and shouted to shots when they saw the tequila bottle I was holding. Before I knew it I took three shots of this shitty tequila.

I was getting drunk and finally felt like I could really pull of this act. I started talking like a girl, which was probably not very good but we were all drunk anyway. Grace was doing something awful inside and it pissed me off. I felt betrayed and so I took another tequila shot.

Grace finally came out about twenty minutes later. She wouldn’t even give me eye contact. She knew I was upset.

“Matt’s fraternity brother wants to talk to one of us now,” I overheard Grace say to Sara.

“Another BJ? Are you fucking serious?” Sara said.

“What’s he look like?” Kristen asked.

“He’s by the door,” Grace said.

By the door stood this guy, who looked a little drunk. He was leaning against the door and eyeballing us.

Kristen happily volunteered. The guy was a typical frat guy, but better looking.

“Why did I even bother coming here?” I asked Grace with a harsh tone.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “I just want us all to have a good time.”

“I really like you,” I blurted out. I was probably the tequila talking, but it was still true.

“You took too long,” she said defensively. “You could have made the moves months ago!”

“Well I regret it now. OK? I said in grief. “I didn’t realize how easy it would have been to get with you.”

“I used to like you a lot but you were too much of a pussy to hit on me,” she argued. “You can’t make friends on your own or do anything fun on a weekend unless I invite you to shit like this. So be fucking thankful.”

I was about to storm out of there. I was furious that she was being so hurtful.

I mean, here I am wearing a corset, stockings, full makeup and a wig just for her, but she has the nerve to call me a pussy?

As I was turning to leave, Kristen stumbled down the stairs, grabbed my elbow and said, “He’s asking for you.”

Being as drunk as I was, I wanted Grace to feel as jealous as I felt. She thinks I’m a pussy? I’ll show her pussy. I turned towards the house where the frat guy was standing and started walking in his direction.

“Where are you going?” She asked.

I kept walking up the stairs, ignoring her. I adjusted my bra and my hair as feminine as possible.

“Follow me,” the frat guy drunkenly said, and now I was in the Frat House.

It felt riveting to have Grace watch me walk into the party without her. I wanted to stay in this house all night, just to make her jealous that she couldn’t get in, even after whoring herself out.

The frat Ümraniye İranlı Escort guy grabbed my hand with a firm but surprisingly soft grip. He turned to me and smiled.

I never had a guy look at me that way and definitely grab me so gently. I followed wherever he pulled with those hands. Shit, I never thought I’d end up here.

He led me upstairs into and office and shut the door behind him. He dimmed the lights and locked the door.

“Don’t worry,” he said reassuringly. “You can leave whenever you want. I just locked it so no fags interrupt us.”

I didn’t say anything. What if my voice gave it away that I wasn’t actually a girl? He’d probably kick my ass. I recognize this guy from the baseball team. He’s a Junior and a member of the College Republicans, so definitely a homophobe.

I turned to try leave but instead I stumbled to the floor. I was drunk and felt really vulnerable.

He walked towards me and I was frightened. He is way stronger than I am and I cannot let him rape me. This was a sudden fear I never expected to experience.

Should I just let him know I’m a guy so he wouldn’t try to rape and accidentally find out I’m a dude?

Before I could even make a move he reached down and helped me get back up.

He smiled and laughed at my goofiness.

I smiled back but couldn’t look at him. I was so damn shy and he was so damn smooth.

He sat down on a leather chair in the small room as I stood there.

“You know we don’t have to do anything,” He said kindly. “But I’d really like it if you came here and sat with me.

There was only one chair in the room. His hand motioned towards his lap.

I was in fight or flight mod but I did neither.

I took a few steps towards him, turn around and sat on his lap. He pulled my body close to his. My back rested on his chest and I sat directly on his crotch.

I felt weird, but in a good way.

He had a boner. I could feel it pulsing under my the skirt I wearing. He reached to touch my fake breasts and I brushed his hand away. Then he reached for my thighs. His hand touch where the stocking met my leg. His touch was incredible. I never felt desired like this every before.

My boner was started to show through the skirt as his hand was getting closer to my inner thigh. He breathing got heavier and I reached behind me to put a hand around his head and another on his hand in my thigh.

I was really getting into this but he kept creeping his hand up my thigh.

Before he could reach between my legs I got of this lap and knelt on the floor facing him. I was bent on my knees so my boner couldn’t stick out. What i didn’t realize was that I just put myself in the blow job position.

He could see how nervous I was. I wanted to get out of there but this guy was so smooth. He brushed the hair out of my face, took my hand and placed it on his crotch.

“Take off my belt,” he said.

I did what he said. If I just follow his orders it’s not like I really want this to happen right? I was justifying these actions in my head because I was so confused.

I unbuckled his belt. Then, without instruction I undid his button and pulled down the zipper.

His boner was straining beneath his boxers to come out.

I’ve seen lots of pornos before but never thought I’d be on this end of a penis. I was compelled to release his boner from his boxers. I was so curious to see what it would look like. Would it horrify me? What would it feel like?

I’ve only ever held my one penis, would another penis feel different?

With a flat palm I touch him above his boxers and rubbed his boner to feel how long it was. It felt so big and really hard.

My finger tips reached the elastic of his boxers where it met his stomach and pulled the boxers down. His hard penis sprung out tall and hard. It surprised me.

His was thicker and longer than mine. I wrapped my fingers around his penis with my right hand to feel its warmth and girth. I slide my had to the top of his dick and felt his precum.

I slid my hand up and down. Slowly feeling his dick. I had my fingers around it as he stood up out of his chair. His penis was right in front of my face.

I felt obligated to put it in my mouth, as if it were the next step to this process.

I opened my lips and moved my mouth around the tip of his penis. My tongue reached down to meet the bottom of his dick as I enclosed my lips around his cock.

I pushed my face forward and felt the top of his dick hit the roof of my mouth. I pressed my tongue upwards to make my mouth feel tight and I pushed my face towards his body.

He smelled so good.

I took my left hand to feel his balls and kept sucking.

“Good girl,” he said.

My phone started ringing, it was Grace calling, I could tell by the ringtone. I ignored it.

I increased my sucking pace. His dick was pulse and I could taste his precum all over my mouth. I sucked him like that for at least 15 minutes. My mouth was so tired but it felt so good. I licked his balls, then put them both in my mouth and sucked on them. I want to jerk off so bad but I didn’t want to give it away that I’m not a girl.

I sucked him faster and could feel his dick pulsing quicker.

His breaths got louder and he reached his head back and started trusting. He grabbed the back of my head and forced his dick into my face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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