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Monthly parties were the norm. Four husband/dominant-wife/submissive couples were joined by a lezzie dom/sub couple, and sometimes by a male/sub, female/dom couple. But then sometimes the male/female couple switched. Well, they said they switched, but we never saw the male as a sub; maybe the supposed “switch” was to assuage his pride, since the other four males were doms. The party rotated houses and participants, of course. This time we hosted, gathering at 7:30. Immediately upon coming in, the subs were ordered to disrobe, as nudity is required for subs (or at most a see-through negligee top was allowed to take the coolness off). Actually, we kept the house warm so everyone would stay naked and enjoy themselves. In the summer, we were out around the pool, with a high fence to keep out nosey passersby. Doms often brought their subs collared with leash. Each was immediately supplied with soft arm and leg cuffs with loop for chains or spreader bars.

After drinks, we sat down and the parade began. Each dom presented his or her sub, pointing out the salient features, including breasts, pussy and ass, usually with a few well placed, and loud, smacks with a riding crop, leash or bare hand, and often with finger penetration into various orifices. Tits were usually well played with and pinched, eliciting the occasional yelp. Pussies were usually swiped with fingers and presented to the sub to lick their juice off. Ass holes were often fingered. Subs who backed off were usually given a well-placed smack on the ass. Some were paraded around with their hand on the dom’s cock.

Subs’ eyes and heads are always down. Most doms require the sub to look solely at the dom’s crotch, as the cock (or pussy for female doms) is the center of the subs’ attention and desire. That is why they are subs, after all, to please the dom’s sexual wants and desires, so they should pay obeisance to that major attribute of the dom, solely. Of course, they look around, and when caught, they’re smacked on the ass. That’s part of the training.

Ours was definitely a “swingers” party. We vetted everyone out, of course, and generally everyone was acceptable to the others. Safe sex of course. If you didn’t want to share, then you really weren’t welcome. Let’s face it at a swinger party, everybody generally fucks everybody or anybody who pays attention to them. If you don’t want to fuck around, stay home. We thought it might be problematical in finding lezzie couples who wanted to participate, since many may not be interested in male/female sex. But our couple seemed to like it and possibly the availability of the other female subs for the use of both the lezzie dom and sub helped.

On the other hand, the female/dom-male/sub couple were a puzzle; obviously, she was not going to permit him too much pleasure with the other female subs, but when no one was looking, who knew? Plus, some of us were always trying to get him in trouble by getting a female sub to “yank his chain”, so to speak. Someone was always telling the lezzie sub to go finger his ass. There was always lots of lube around.

After the parade and drinks, the party settled down to business, or heated up if you please. At our party, the “party favors” so to speak, were colorful anal gems. We laid out the brand new toys, one for each sub, in different colors, red, blue, green, gold, pink (for the guy), and lavender (for the lezzie sub). First, the subs were required to bend over and present their asses, spreading them for everyone to see. As we sat around on the couches, a sub backed up and the dom made much ballyhoo out of inserting an anal gem into the sub’s ass. After insertion, each was required to stand up and parade around, showing it to everyone and, of course, thanking us for the party favor. The lezzie sub blushed the reddest. I don’t think she had been given much anal attention, but she was going to learn what her tight little bung hole is for this time out.

Strangely, the anal gem was inserted rather easily into the male sub; obviously his ass had been well-opened by someone. We had to find out. Several of the doms were secretly planning on treating him to some male/male attention, to see how his female dom would react. There is somewhat of an aspect of “get the guest” to swinger parties, after all. If you can’t take a fucking and a hard fucking at that, stay home. At another party, the favors mecidiyeköy escort had been anal plugs with horsehair-like tails and there was much horse-like prancing around for the subs, hee-hawing and clop-clopping. Laughs and humiliation are the marks of the day.

After the laughs, it was time to start the fun. One sub was told to lie down, spread her legs wide and masturbate for us. Two other subs were told to give us a sixty-nine, and went to town on each other, one on top, one on the bottom. Of course, a couple of the doms wouldn’t let them alone, poking fingers and dildos into various holes, as they moved around on the rug. One sub was chosen as cocktail table. She got down on hands and knees and a tray was set on her back to set drinks. Another sub was selected as bar-girl, with a strap hung around her neck connected on two sides to a tray, then a strap around her back to secure the tray. She was escorted into the kitchen to get drinks and bring them out to doms. Each was warned that spills would be licked up.

We all loudly decided that the lezzie sub and the male sub should put on a show. The lezzie dom didn’t seem to mind. The male sub was told to show us the lezzie subs female attributes in detail. He looked at his female dom for reassurance, but the hoot calls prevailed, with the lezzie dom watching, amused.

First, he put his finger in her mouth and told her to suck. Evidently someone had trained him. Then he played with her tits, and when the crowd yelled, he pinched her tit and twisted it, eliciting yelps from the lezzie sub. The lezzie dom laughed, and obviously had pinched her many times. Since he was getting hard, the crowd yelled “Jack him, slut, jack him!” She seemed to touch the offending appendage rather gingerly, we thought. More yells to “Pump him like the whore you are!” Obviously, she was not well-trained in jacking off a male, but come on, anyone can learn. It was apparent that eating pussy was the sub’s forte. A few of the guys whispered, “She’d be doing plenty of that soon,” along with sucking cock. “Suck him.” He then “shows” us her pussy, rubbing her clit, to yells of “Finger fuck it whoreboy.” Which, he did. She kind of bent over, showing her anal gem. The crowd then yelled “Pull it out and finger fuck her ass!” He plopped the offending gem out and showed it around clean. “Bend over slut,” the yells persisted. She then bent over and flashed her brown hole, while he finger fucked it. Rather easily I’d say, but then she had the anal gem up there for quite a while by now.

“Oh, well,” his female dom put an end to his play, “that’s enough fag boy.” So, he immediately pulled out of her ass and knelt down before his dom. “Ah?” the crowd yelled. “Spoil sport.”More drinks and food for the doms, but no food for the subs as they remained kneeling quietly beside their dom, legs spread for easy viewing.

“OK, play time girls and boys.” So, next we all moved to the “Sweat Box” as we like to call it. The subs were led in on leashes, crawling, with many smacks on their asses, and some fingers up their pussies and asses. Some were whipped by their masters, or other doms, since it’s fair play for all at swinger parties.

The Sweat Box is your typical BDSM dungeon, with all the necessary equipment. A board hung from the high ceiling held metal loops, and from each loop hung a strong strap with metal snap for connecting to the wrist cuffs, usually there were two, but we added four more for this party. On one wall was the ubiquitous “X” brace for punishing subs, including various chains, braces, spreader bars, a whole row of whips, braids, cat-of-nine tails, switches, and horse whips, along with some “horsey” equipment for playtime (maybe some other time we’ll get into horseplay). By now, everyone was “hot” so to speak, and ready for serious sex play. A couple of doms decided to see that the male sub and the lezzie dom received particular attention; attention they would not (or might on the other hand) appreciate. It was time to play “get the guest”. We wanted to know how far their doms would let them go.

First, each sub was instructed to raise their arms, with the two wrist cuffs hooked together and secured to the strap hanging from the ceiling. The subs hung side by side, close together and touching; we purposely had the lezzie sub and male sub secured to two loops beside each other, vip escort istanbul so they constantly rubbed each other. Actually, we had positioned those two loops even closer for this evening’s fun. We wondered how the lezzie sub liked the males’s dick constantly rubbing against her, as the subs were variously twisted, spun around, pinched and smacked. Everyone was oiled up with lots of baby oil, so they freely slid against one another. The lezzie female dom wasn’t paying attention, as she had taken a liking to one of the female subs, and was twisting her tits rather roughly, while alternately finger fucking her rather generous ass and tickling her clit.

Each of the subs had been lubed up, front and back, and several had pinchers attached to their tits, some with chains, others with feather decorations hanging down. Two doms were paying rather particular attention to the male subs ass. Obviously, they had plans for it. One was stroking the sub’s dick, with the obvious hope that the male would shoot off so they could laugh at him.

By now, the four male doms were in play mode, having removed their pants altogether or in leather straps or chaps. Hard-ons were evident, and being poked between various legs, fore or aft. One dom had the lezzie sub from the rear, pressing his cock between her legs, while pulling on her tits, and smacking her ass. From the front, she was rubbing the male sub and obviously his dick was rubbing her pussy. One dom was using a riding crop on another dom’s sub, alternating swatting her tits, ass, and front of her pussy Another dom approached the male sub with the obviously intent of fucking his ass, either with a rather large dildo, or maybe his own large member. The female dom looked on wide-eyed, as I guess she didn’t realize her sub was going to receive male attention.

The female lezzie dom came over to her lezzie sub, grabbed her chin and asked her how she liked men. I don’t know if the sub’s expression was one of enjoyment, or her eyes were closed to avoid the whole thing, but her dom woke her up with a sharp slap on the rear. I think the sub was getting off on the male attention. The lezzie dom then smacked the male subs dick rather smartly, I’d say, and he spun around wilting. The female dom had enough, and laughingly moved on to another sub, spinning her around and smacking her ass as she spun. The female dom now seemed to be enjoying one of the female sub’s rather large hanging tits, alternating sucking and smacking them. First, she put nipple clamps on the sub’s tits, then she inserted a rather large double dildo up her ass and was pushing it in and out, to her, if not the sub’s, delight. She brought the sub hanging next to her butt to butt, and inserted the other end of the double dildo in the second sub’s ass. Now she had two subs butt fucking each other, while she played with the two sub’s pussies. Nice scene. We thought she was really getting into it and kinda liked her.

The female sub on the other end was lifted up and straps attached to her thighs, pulling her up into a sitting position in the air with her legs spread widely apart. Several doms approached her, licked her pussy, and fucked her front and back, at the same time, DPed in the air.

I decided to treat one of the subs to an ass fucking myself. I slid a stool under her, sat down with my dick sticking up rather stiffly if I do say so myself, and pointed it at her ass. I raised her up until she was poised over my dick, on her tip toes. If she came down she would be impaled on my dick. She struggled while I alternated smacking her ass, reaching up and pinching her tits and smacking the inside of her legs with a switch, so she had to spread them. Which, of course, lowered her onto my dick. Being well-lubed, she could not avoid taking my cock up her ass, even though she tried her best to avoid it. Finally, her strength let out and she slid down on my dick. I pumped her several times, and she yelped and finally grew to like it, but since the fun wasn’t over yet, I gave her a few more strokes and reluctantly pulled out with a plop. She slumped, obviously fucked but expecting more.

Two doms decided to give one sub the double treatment, approaching her with hardons from the front and rear at the same time. After putting a spreader bar on her leg cuffs, she was wide open and could not avoid their attentions. At the sarıyer escort same time, they pushed against her, and her eyes widened, not believing she was about to be DPed. Each gave her about a half-dozen strokes, one after another, and then all at once in. Her eyes were closed and obviously she was feeling it, good or bad it was hard to tell. But, again, no one wanted it to end yet – there was more fun to come, or cum, that is. Another dom was giving a female sub the cat-o-nine tails treatment, lightly slapping her back, ass, tits, and pussy with the leather straps. She was getting red and obviously hot.

Finally, we let the subs down onto the mattress pads and sheets laid out in the room. The real “fun” was to begin. Everyone picked a sub and proceeded to some serious fucking, mostly anal sex, I’d say. Anyway, that was the way I intended to get off. One sub was handcuffed face down, hands behind her back and strapped to her legs, pushing her ass in the air, ready for easy access to both holes. The male sub was sucking one male dom’s dick, while another plowed his ass for a while. The lezzie sub was eating another sub’s pussy at the direction of the lezzie dom, while the dom smacked her ass and yelled, “Well, do you like it? Do you like eating strange pussy, my little cunt?”

One of the female subs, who was told to go after her, approached the lezzie dom from the rear and started licking. She spread her legs and the sub went to town on her asshole. At least two of the female subs were sucking cocks, one after another. Several of us dom’s had discussed it and we were all going to get at least one stroke, or hopefully more, into each one of the sub’s mouths, pussies and asses sometime during the evening; it was going to be full penetration of all holes. The four male doms had also made it clear that the lezzie sub was included in all male sex activities; we were going to find out how her dom liked her being used by males, front and rear.

Once I saw the female lezzie dom and another female dom in a rather nice sixty-nine, with a look of consternation on her lezzie sub’s face, but then she was getting fucked in the ass at the time, so who knows what she was concerned about. Finally, we all picked a sub for the grand finale. I chose a rather thin sub of one of my friends, who was busy doing the lezzie sub anyway. Pinching her tits, I told her, “Come on, time to suck cock, bitch,” as I pushed my dick into her mouth. “Don’t bite, or this will turn into an ass whipping, sweetheart.” Laying on her back, with her arms hooked together behind her back with a dick in her mouth, she must have been uncomfortable, but she slurped on my dick. After all this was not for her pleasure, it was for mine.

“Ok, honey, time for a fucking,” as I turned her over, head down on the pad and ass up. First, I gave her a thorough finger fucking up her ass and pussy, and then leaned down and licked around that brown fuck hole, while continuing my finger assault on her cunt. She grunted. I think she was feeling it, or feeling discomfort at having her face ground into the sheet, I don’t know which. But, then I didn’t care either as I intended to make this fucking last and one she would remember. My dick was feeling neglected, so I pulled her up a little higher. After putting a little more lube on my dick, I started rubbing it around her ass and down across her slit, being sure to hit the clit. Now she was definitely moaning. Of course, there was so much noise and activity in the room, it was hard to tell who was moaning and who was groaning.

“Ok, sweetheart, time for Big Ben,” as I like to call it, and jammed it up her cunt with one swift motion. That elicited an expulsion of breath as the air was blown out of her. Stroking time, “Damn, you are tight. Nice.” My dick was feeling the long evening’s partying and I knew it wouldn’t last much longer so I pulled out with an “Oh,” from the sub. Quickly, I pushed it up against her puckered up brown fuck hole, leaned down, kissed her back, and said, “Guess what’s next?” She sort of looked around, her mouth open, as I pressed some more lube into that tight bung hole. “I think you enjoyed that.” But, then I smacked her ass rather sharply to remind her who’s boss. “Time for your nightly ass fucking,” as I pushed my dick into that well-lubed hole. “Wow, that’s tight.” More stroking time, and “Oh, yea, nice, nice.” I kept giving her the full six inch strokes, in and out. “Squeeze it now. Yea, that’s it, fuck that dick cum-girl.” About a dozen more strokes and I was worn out.

The night ended with a bang, the big climax for everyone. Kisses all around, and plans made for the next party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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