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Big Tits

There was another pop against her red ass. She yanked at the chains that bound her to the arched ceiling. “How the fuck did I get here?!” Her mind was racing. Another strike landed on her cheeks. They began to fondle her nipples. They were strong and handsome. Each tit was handled, pulled sucked. She did not have the control. Her license to demand had been revoked… momentarily. These two had somehow overpowered her and chains became her master. Each link pulled her wide and exposed all to her audience. Their eyes slid into her pussy… rolled over her skin… lingered in and on her ass. Each commanded her attention. They were dressed in leather & black cotton. Whips adorned their sides. A large bulge pushed against each zipper. “I am the fucking Domme here!” Her scream went unnoticed.

She had this room added to her home last year. She was a respected Domme in the community and this was her office. But not tonight… these two had other plans. They were absolutely hot and two of her favorite clients. She had fucked their asses many times. Her whips had drawn red crevices on their backs. Their short cropped attitude had no place here. This place was their little secret. She often thought of them and how each cock might feel inside of her. But she was the fucking Domme…. until……

They had discussed this before. Each knew there would be a night and a time to act out çapa escort the plan. This was it. As she reached to lock the first one to the steel ring, he grabbed her wrist and forced her down on her knees. She instantly became wet. Her desires for someone with the balls enough to take her were here, times two.

There was a pause as they took in the sight. It was a boi’s night out. These butches were hard core. This was the only place that anyone had ever bossed them. She was their Domme. She took them in ways each had never imagined. So tonight was her bonus… her tip… her ‘thank you’.

She could feel a drip of sweat rolling down her back. The younger boi traced his finger inside the salty liquid. “I am wearing my biggest cock for you.” He unzipped and pulled the large dick out and stood in front of her. “You will suck this.” Together the two bois unlocked the latches. Keeping the chains attached they walked her to the swing.

She knew this swing well. It was a deliciously torturous device. They muscled each leg, and her ass into the suspended slings. They had adjusted it earlier and she was laying flat, legs spread, her head tilted back. It was an expensive investment. The swing was a one of a kind with adjustable positions, heights, and bindings. It was literally a fucking masterpiece. She knew that she was going to get fucked hard. Her pussy was istanbul escort bayan drenched. There they were, the two butches… her butches. She was amazed and frightened at the undiscovered strength and forcefulness they had.

The oldest boi pushed hard between her thighs. He ripped off his shirt. This butch had amazing tits. He placed his nipple on her exposed clit and began to massage it. Meanwhile her mouth was full of cock. “Yeah, suck little girl.” His eyes were completely affixed to her lips surrounding his dick. It made him wet underneath the shaft. He moved just enough to get his fingers between… and inside his pussy. Back and forth he rubbed from clit to deep wetness.

She moaned. A cock was pushed inside of her. It filled her. “Don’t stop sucking bitch!” Her lips wrapped around each cock. “God!!” A muffled scream slipped from between the folds of flesh and tongue. Her ass was still burning from the lashings as a large plug was inserted. His cock slid tight and smooth in her pussy. “Shut the fuck up!” The boi slipped his cock out of her mouth. He stepped out of the harness and grabbed his whip. Quickly he put the detached cock back in place… against her tongue. He began to whip her nipples. Light lashings criss crossing and teasing each hard tit. Her ass was pulsing as she began to cum. “Not yet. No, not yet.” Her pussy wanted some hard güngören escort fucking but the boi denied her as he pulled out his cock.

He pulled on of the ropes and her leg went upward. Her body tilted sideways as the cold chains draped her. He pushed inside of her again but this time it was much deeper and forceful. Her mouth uttered more moans. “I said, shut the fuck up!!!!” The young boi lashed once more then took his fingers and shoved them beside the big cock. She was sucking his dick while he fucked her…. Two bois fucked her… They began to alternate licking her both separately and simultaneously… each tongue on either side of her clit. Her cum started to roll. “Cum on our fingers bitch.”

An orgasm of unparalleled contractions began. Her nipples stood and screamed at her throbbing pussy. They were fucking this Domme… they were fucking this Domme!…. they were fuc …. they were…. …


“Yesss!!! Fuck me!!!!! Fuck!!!!!! Ahhhhhh!” The cock fell to the floor when she screamed. Her back arched. She shook and thrashed. They fucked her through every scream and inside of every thrash. Long and hard she came. She came for each fucking butch boi. Each of them had their way with her. One would spread her legs and tease her lips… the other would blindfold her, whipping, tracing with ice cubes this sensitive hot fucking body. Each cock filled her over and over………….

When they were done the bois dressed and without a word, they walked out and into the night. She would see them again. Their discipline would be harsh. But no matter how she twisted the power, she knew the truth about her butches.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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