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I meet up with one of my buddies, Doug, for dinner once a week at this steakhouse near where we both live. It gives us a chance to go over how our weeks have gone. Breaks up the monotony of eating at home every night. The food is pretty good, and the staff is very friendly, plus the waitresses dress in your standard black slacks and tops. Black is a very sexy color.

We’ve been having one waitress in particular for several weeks, Mo. She has been very sweet and nice to us. She’d started to remember our usual orders, which is nice and it shows she’s got some smarts too. Plus, she has the most beautiful eyes, which sparkle when she smiles at you, the kind that make you forget everything else. Nice curves, sort of an hour glass type figure, not too big, and not to small. But her best physical feature is her ass. Not flat, not huge, but out just enough that it is probably the nicest ass you’ll ever see. The kind, where once you touch it, you never want to let go. All on a 5’6″ frame.

Well, one week, and as it comes time to pay out bill, she asks the usual, do we want to split our checks? We tell her yes, and then she asks, are we a member of their frequent diner’s club? Every fifth time you dine there, you get 50% off your meal. We say no we’re not members, so she has us fill out the form to join the club.

The next week Doug and I meet there again, and we are fortunate enough to have Mo as our waitress again. This time, when it comes time to ask if we want to split the checks, she asks what are our phone numbers. As she is writing mine down, I jokingly add, since I gave you my number, you have to give me yours. She keeps writing, much longer than it would normally take to write down a 10-digit phone number, when she rips off a piece of paper and she says, “Here’s my number. I am working really late tonight, but I’m off tomorrow. Why don’t you call me then and we can chat and see where things go.”

I’m stunned, that finally worked once. It gets me excited, and a bit hard. Here’s this beautiful young lady who actually seems interested. I have to stay in the booth a little longer than I planned so that what is going on in my pants calms down a bit.

The next evening, I give her a call. We talk about all sorts of things, like where we’re from, how we came to be in this city (no one here is really from here, we’re all from somewhere else). We talk about her school, turns out she’s pre-med. I tell her about my schooling, and that I’m an engineer. We also talk about our interests and it turns out we have a lot in common. What I though was going to be a short phone call turns out to be a three-hour chat. The only reason we stopped was that I needed to go to bed because I had an early day at work the next day. But we did make arrangements to have a dinner date on Saturday night. I can’t wait for Saturday to get here.

Saturday finally arrives, it seems like it took forever to get here. I go over to her apartment to pick her up for our date. I ring the door bell and get her arrangement of flowers ready. I made sure to find out what her favorite kind were and I got her a stunning bouquet. She opens the door, and she looks gorgeous. Long black hair with some curls in it, sun dress to show off her legs and that ass, and a sexy belts to accentuate her curves. Not too much make up, so that you see that she is a natural beauty. She sees me and starts to smile, then she sees the flowers and her eyes really light up. “For me?” I tell her yes, and she says it has been so long since a guy has given her flowers. I tell her to read the card. It says, “These are not nearly as beautiful as you are.” She starts to blush, gives me a hug and a quick peck on the cheek. She tells me thank you. She puts them in water and we go to dinner.

We arrive at the restaurant. She says it is nice not to be taking orders in one eryaman genç escort for once. I agree, saying it must be unusual for her, plus being able to sit down and relax in one instead of being on the go all the time. We have a drink, then order dinner, and all the while we are engaged in great conversation. The time just flies by. Finally, we are told the restaurant is closing for the night soon, and the waiter needs us to pay so he can close out. I pay him, and Mo asks if I’d like to go back to her place for a drink. Neither of us wants the night to end right now, we are having such a good time. What made my night even better was seeing all the other guys in the restaurant see her and become jealous of me, because I was with her and they weren’t.

We get back to her place and I find a parking spot, we walk back together, alternating between holding hands and me putting my arm around her waist. I’m worried because I am getting a little aroused, hoping maybe we’ll make out back at her place. We finally reach her door; she unlocks it and we go in. She tells me that she has been having a wonderful time, one of her best first dates ever. She leads me to her couch where we continue to chat. After a bit, I lean over and kiss her beautiful, soft lips. She reciprocates, and then says “I though you were never going to do that.” I start to get hard again. We make out for what seems to be an eternity, out tongues meet, our hands roam: her fingers run through my hair, her nails stimulating my scalp in a way that turns me on more, I feel her breasts and can tell they are real, and that her nipples are starting to get hard too. I’m curious about how large they might be. But I also get to caress that wonderful ass. It’s a Goldilocks ass, not too hard, not too soft, just right. As ideal as I imaged it could be.

After a while, she stops and says, “Forgive me, I have not made that drink for you. Let me change and I’ll make it for you.” I start to feel disappointment, I’m wondering if she did not like how I had been feeling her body with my hands, how I was at kissing her, or if it was something intangible and she was starting to have regrets about what she was doing. I said OK, and she went off to her room to change. Little did I know it was none of those.

Mo came out of her room a few minutes later, wearing a bath robe, tied at her waist. It went past her knees and she was barefoot. If her hair had not been down, I’d have thought she was going to be going to sleep soon. She moved into her kitchen and called for me to help make the beverages. I entered the kitchen and saw that Mo was facing the counter. I decided that I would give Mo a neck and shoulder rub with my large hands. I’m 6’3″ and have large, strong hands for my size. If she was still interested, it would be welcome; if not, at least I would know now. I placed my hands where her neck meets her shoulders and began kneading the skin and muscle. As I squeezed, Mo nearly dropped the two cups on the counter, but she recovered and placed them on the counter. “Damn, that feels good,” she exclaimed. “Don’t you dare stop.”

I kept it for a while, until my hands started feeling sore. Then I stopped, and my dreams started to come true. I pulled my hands away from her neck, and placed my arms around her waist. I started kissing her hair, first on top, then I moved near her right ear. With my right hand, I moved her hair back, and started kissing and nibbling her ear, teasing her neck with kisses, licking, and blowing across her skin. Mo’s response, “Fuuuuuuuuuuucccck.”

Seeing that as a good sign, I undid the sash keeping the front of her robe together and slowing my hand underneath it. I rubbed her stomach softly, then moving up to feel her bra. It felt so soft and frilly, and as I moved from the left breast to the right one, her breathing got heavy. I moved ankara escort bayan my hand back down to her stomach and gently caressed it with my fingertips. My erection was getting unbearable in my pants, it was straining against them. I was starting to breathe heavy myself. I moved my hand further down, and rubbed against the from of Mo’s panties. Damn, I could feel that her pussy lips had spread apart and that she was really wet. My cock got rock hard.

I went for it; I moved my hand up and slipped it between her panties and skin. Damn it was warm and wet. I rubbed against her pussy lips, then teased her clit. There was an even louder “Fuuuuuuuuuuucccck!!” I slipped one finger, then a second inside her pussy. I started rubbing in and out, in and out. After a couple minutes, Mo nearly keeled over, and I felt wetness rush over my fingers, she had just had a huge orgasm.

I now removed the robe and revealed her nearly nude body to me. The robe dropped to floor at her feet. I started moving my hands up and down her sides, caressing her body, trying to help her recover from that intense orgasm. Finally, I slid both hands on the panties and removed them from her and they dropped to the floor and Mo stepped out of them by moving to side slightly and I followed suit. I caressed her body more, this time including the front. I eventually reached her bra and began squeezing her breasts. I had also resumed kissing, licking, and blowing on her, now along the neck and shoulders.

Finally, I unhooked her bra and removed it, and dropped it on the floor. I grabbed those tits, one in each hand, and I could feel those nipples finally. They were so hard and sticking out like nothing I had ever seen before. I turned her around so that we faced each other and she wrapped her arms around my neck and we began passionately kissing, out tongues meeting each other’s. I continued caressing her body.

Mo then took me by the hand and lead me to her bedroom. The covers had already been pulled back, so I knew this type of activity had been on her mind. When we got next to the side of the bed, she stopped, turned around and removed my shirt. Then she undid my belt and took my pants off, along with my socks. All I had left on was my underwear. My hard cock was so relieved to be finally have some room to move. But only for a minute, Mo’s hand grabbed the front of my shorts, and exclaimed “Oh my!!” followed by “I’ve got to see that.” She proceeded to remove my shorts, then grabbed the shaft of my cock with her incredibly soft hands and started stroking it. She then tilted it forward and she kissed the tip, followed by her taking it her mouth. She had plenty of spit to lubricate it and she made lots of gagging noises as it moved in and out of her mouth. It took all that I had to make her stop before I came. Especially when those beautiful eyes looked up and me and I could also see her smile. I told her I did not want to cum yet. Mo pulled away, sort of disappointed it looked like. I think she was looking to swallow my cum. As she pulled away, a drop of pre-cum appeared on the head of my cock and she wiped it off with her finger, then she licked it up. “Yummy” Mo cooed, with a huge smile on her face.

Mo rose from her knees and said “I’m not done with you yet buster” and proceeded to push me onto the bed on my back. She crawled between my legs and then she started to rub her tits across my cock and balls. It felt so damn good, my cock was bobbing up and down, nothing I could do to stop it. Mo started moving up my body until her pussy was even with my cock and balls. She made my legs come together and she straddled my torso. She moved down a little and started doing a stripper slide with her pussy along my cock. I could tell she was still very wet and I could feel the warm juices dripping from her pussy. It felt sincan escort so good, and Mo kept teasing that she was going to put my cock on her pussy and make me cum. Again, it took all that I could do not to cum, especially with that angel on top of me. I was able to do so by starting to play with her tits. The areolas were just the right size and you could probably cut glass with those erect nipples. I began grabbing that perfect ass too. One cheek in each hand. I teased her anus with my finger, rubbing the area around it with my find=ger. Mo liked that, I could tell, as felt pussy juice gush along my cock.

Seizing the opportunity, I grabbed her arms and flipped our positions, so I was now on top of her. Now those tits were going to be mine. I started squeezing them, kiss them, caress them, suck them, bite them. From there, I moved down her body, along her stomach until I reached her pussy lips. I took my tongue and licked along her pussy lips, first the outside and then the inside. It was driving Mo wild. I started sucking on her clit. Mo grabbed the back of my head and tried pushing it into her pussy. She said “Don’t you dare stop until I have cum on your face.” I continued licking and sucking. I could feel her start to squirm under me, her hips wiggly like she could not control herself, followed by a series of “Fuuuuuuuuuuucccck”‘s, and I knew she was about to blow. Finally, she came, drenching me with her warm juices. Finally, she let go and said “Get that face up here.” I moved up and she began licking her juices from my face, enjoying every drop.

After she was done, I said “It’s time for me to cum now.” I got on my knees and pulled her near me, her back on the bed. I kissed her feet, then moved along her legs, spreading them and when I got to her thighs, started biting the insides of them. I could hear Mo’s breathing get heavy, especially when I put my middle finger inside her pussy and started rubbing it in and out of it. I hit the G spot and got a loud “Fuuuuuuuuuuucccck” out of her, followed by another gush of pussy juices on my hand. I flipped her over and pulled her ass up in the air. I teased her pussy with the head of my cock, rubbing it along her pussy lips. Mo screamed for me to fuck her, dump all of my cum in her pussy. I took my cock in my right hand and instead of shoving it in her pussy, I rubbed the head near her anus, saying maybe I should fuck her ass instead. I started rubbing the shaft of my cock between that perfect ass. Mo begged, “Fill me with your cum!!”

I flipped Mo back onto her back, making sure her legs were spread. I leaned forward and again rubbed the head of my cock on her pussy lips. Finally, I entered her, I heard Mo moan and say, “That feels so good having that wide cock in me. Fill me with your cum.” As Mo was a little tight, I slowing started pushing my cock in and out of her pussy. In and out. In and out. Eventually we got into a rhythm and I got my cock all the way in, my balls slapping against her pussy lips. It felt so good, her pussy was so wet and warm. I wanted to stay in it forever. Mo wrapped her legs around mine and I could feel her fingernails dig into my ass. That got me even more aroused. As we kept rocking in rhythm, I felt my cum start to move up my cock. My whole body started to tingle. I told her “I’m about to cum” to which she replied, “Fill my pussy.” With that, I felt the head of my cock start to ache and for what felt like an eternity, I pumped stream after stream of my hot cum into her pussy. I had never cum like that before and probably never will. As I was doing that, Mo had yet another orgasm and I could feel her warm juices surrounding my cock.

My cock stayed inside her pussy while I recovered from that once in a lifetime orgasm. I needed time to recover. Mo said, “Let me clean you up” and she started licking my cock, taking all of my cum that stayed on my cock, mixed with her pussy juices. I could hear her cooing in delight as she lapped it all up. When she finished, she moved up next to me and we hugged each other in an embrace. We went to sleep, wondering how we would top this night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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