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Big Dicks

Introduction: ‘Encounter’ records in dialogue form sex between two middle-aged strangers who have not had intercourse for a long time. ‘Encounter 2’ continues the dialogue.

‘Oh, Jane, you’ve no idea how marvellous it is to rest my head on that gorgeous bosom.’

‘Did your Andrea have big breasts?’

‘Not as big as yours, but charming, and sensitive. In our earlier years she could come just from having her nipples sucked.’

‘Guy certainly enjoyed my tits. He used to come between them sometimes. I rather liked that, because I felt it showed how much he appreciated them.’

‘Did you have other girls before you married Andrea?’

‘Well, yes, I did. Several.’

‘Did you have sex with them all, or just some of them?’

‘Some of them. I was a bit of a sex addict, actually, happiest when probing a vagina. Stayed that way, too, but I managed to focus it on Andrea’s. And hers was certainly lovely, even after the children. Quite tight and just the right length. Or I was, I suppose.’

‘What was the right length?’

‘Depth would be better, perhaps. It used actually to deepen as she got more aroused. When I first went in at times I was up against her cervix, but then it seemed to move further in, and it was wonderful to try and follow, pushing in to the maximum.’

‘Do you know, Jonathan, I’ve never talked like this with a man, not even Guy. He liked sex, but he didn’t want to talk about it, least of all about his experience before me.’

‘Oh, well, Andrea was a talker, before, during and after. She found it exciting in our early days when I told her exactly what I had done with other women. She liked a kind of running commentary on what we were doing, too.’

‘What was that like? Oh, but, sorry, you might find that intrusive.’

‘No, dear Jane, not at all. I’ll tell you what, I’ll show you when we start again.’

‘I’d like that. I have to confess I find it exciting, too, to talk about it. I’m getting a bit wet again, in fact. Feel.’

‘That is delightful, running a finger along your vulva. Perhaps I can just pop into your vagina? Oh, yes, it’s delightful in there. And you have such a sweet clitoris. It really stands şişli escort out your lips, doesn’t it?’

‘Is it large? Larger than Andrea’s?’

‘Yes, it is. One of the biggest I’ve come across. In all senses.’

‘Guy never remarked on it, but, then he wouldn’t. He didn’t mind touching and licking it, though. He knew that was the way to get me ready, and that was important, because he came rather quickly once he was inside. So I had to be almost there when he went in.’

‘Had you had other men before him?’

‘Only three, and I always thought of them as good, bad and indifferent, though fortunately not in that order.’

‘Tell me more.’

‘Well, bad came first. We were both very young and virgins. I was only nineteen, and I thought we were in love. But, actually, only I was. He had no idea about love-making, just forced his way in and came. At least I was on the pill, thinking I was preparing for marriage. Silly me!’

‘Poor Jane. What came next?’

‘Nothing for a long time, because I was too angry and scared. I stayed on the pill, largely because it helped regulate my periods, so when I became emotionally involved again I was protected. Against pregnancy, anyway. But not against incompetence. He was so handsome. He was mad on motor-bikes, and I realised later that he treated me as if he were tuning up one of his machines. Tighten this, oil that, inflate this one and adjust that one. In the end I half expected him to use his grease-gun on my nipples. When I had an orgasm he behaved as though he had just revved me up to top speed. So I think of him as indifferent.’

‘But then you came to Mr Good.’

‘I certainly did. That man was a sex-artist. He played my body like a musical instrument. He could make me come in two minutes, sometimes without my taking any clothes off. He could suck me through my knickers and just push them aside to get into me. He wasn’t especially good-looking but he could use his fingers and tongue so precisely. And on the rare occasions we could go to bed he was inexhaustible and so inventive. He had me in every position there is, I think. He went beyond taksim escort the Kama-Sutra without trying.’

‘A hard act to follow?’

‘Not really, because he was just playing. Sex was a leisure activity, not something you invested yourself in, a means of giving and taking love. He was fun, and I had more orgasms per session than I had dreamed was possible, but when I got Guy I knew that what I wanted was to be loved and to love, and if there was much less sex, no matter.’

‘It was rather like that for me and Andrea. I fell for her and we had sex almost at once, not because she was a randy-pants but because we wanted to express our love. She’d had very little experience, and was even quite surprised at the frequency and intensity of the sex. She even claimed not to have masturbated much.’

‘That reminds me. Well, first, are you still enjoying having your fingers up me? Don’t take them out! I like them in there. It’s friendly, somehow. Guy used to like to watch me masturbate sometimes. That turned him on. He couldn’t wait to get into me after I’d made myself come, and, of course, I liked him to.’

‘I never dared ask Andrea to do that. But would you do it for me, Jane?’

‘Yes, I would, but you must come straight into me afterwards.’

‘Gladly! But would you also talk, say just what you’re doing and what it feels like?’

‘I will. I think I’m probably rather a talker, too. Anyway, take your fingers out now, because I’m going to put mine in there.’

‘They smell heavenly. You smell heavenly. Have done ever since we got started.

‘Okay, then. First I nip my nips, like this. I run my fingers round them, pinch my areoles. I hold a tit in one hand and work the nipple with the other, like this. It’s exciting when the nips go hard, and they get more and more sensitive. Change hands now. Yes, that’s good. If I keep on there’s a moment when my breasts began to glow and tingle and they connect to my cunt. If I put my fingers in there it’s as if I’m picking up waves of feeling from my tits.’

‘This is so beautiful to watch. I can almost see the tides flowing between your nipples topkapı escort and your vagina. So beautiful!’

‘What I do now is move the fingers out between my labia and open them out. Like this. Now I can glide my fingers lightly up and down my slipway, approaching but not yet touching my clitoris. My labia are beginning to swell up. Can you see? That draws them further apart and they’re tumescent, like a penis.’

‘I’ve never seen labia blow up like balloons, like that. I noticed they did that before, on the way to your coming. Andrea’s used to puff up a little, but nothing like that.’

‘Now they’re too sensitive to touch. I have to move to my clitoris. Very gently, little strokes. That’s the way. It’s building. I think I’m going to come. On the way to knowing. Now I get my other hand down and put fingers inside. Like that. Oh yes, that’s good. I’m definitely going to come. Watch me! Here it comes. Here it is! Yesssss! Are you watching?’

‘I certainly am. A joy to watch. I can see the lubricant oozing over your fingers. Your clitoris is right up. And look at your breasts swell. They’re enormous!’

‘Get into me now, man. Get straight in and come. Let me feel you come.’

‘Bliss, Jane. Absolute bliss in there. Coming, coming, yes, coming, going deep. Right in deep. Now!’

‘Good man! I felt you pulsing and spurting. That’s how to take a man, right inside. It felt like I was drinking your sperm with my cunt.’

‘That’s what it felt like, yes. You drew it out of me. I felt I was flooding into your breasts through your vagina.’

‘Lie down with me now. Close. Hold me. It’s so good to hold a man who’s just come into me. I can feel you slipping out and some of your come is blessing my bottom.’

‘My penis is drinking your juices. Giving me warmth and life. Thank you, thank you, lovely Jane.’

‘You make love like paying court, you know, Jonathan. You make me feel beautiful.’

‘You are beautiful, Jane, so beautiful.’

‘Are you sleepy now? Let’s sleep a little like this. Then we can go to dinner, and come back to be together still. Would you like that?

‘That would be perfect. There is so much more for us. I would love to go into you from the back, holding your magnificent bottom.’

‘Jonathan, you shall, and I want to toss you off. Guy didn’t want me to make him cum, but I think you would like it.’

‘Of course I would. If it would excite you that would be just right.’

‘Just hold me now. Yes, hold my bum like that. Comforting somehow…’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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