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Cheating. Infidelity. Betrayal. Tryst. They never considered what they were doing to have anything to do with any of these things. They took pleasure in being together. It wasn’t a matter of their partners not taking care of business, neglecting them in any way, or failing to do what they needed-they just enjoyed each other’s company. They enjoyed each other’s immense passion, each other’s body, and each other’s desires.

They needed each other. She needed the time away from the responsibility of marriage, needed the time away from children, obligations, routine and morality. He needed time away from his clinging girlfriend, the woman who was pressuring him for a trip to the altar. Her biological clock was ticking, as she loved to remind him. She was thirty going on fifty, in her head. To hell what was right or wrong. To hell with consequences.

Now they were together again. No more lies, no more deception. It was their time. Everything came to a halt as they fucked on the steps of Landon’s beach house. His girlfriend was visiting her friend in New York City. Madeline had used the excuse of going west on business, one of her countless trips back into his arms. Someone once told her husband that she had another lover, but he didn’t care.

If he did, at least he didn’t make a fuss about it. She was free to do what she wanted to. Not that they had an open marriage, but as long as she kept her affairs out of his face, everything was cool.

Madeline had made another of her rare cross-country trips to see Landon, and they were making up for lost time. They had spent five blissful days together skinny- dipping in the ocean, shopping, and going to clubs. Oh yes, and then there was always fucking, which was what they were doing now.

Madeline’s dress bunched up around her waist. Her creamy, firm ass was on the edge of the carpeted staircase that led down to the doorway. They were supposed to go to the airport, so that Madeline could return home. She’d talked to her husband the night before on her cell phone, assuring him that her meetings were going well, and that her flight home should arrive around nine the following night. She had done this while caressing Landon’s black dick with the tips of her fingers. She loved seeing Landon’s cock get bigger and harder with each stroke of her fingers until it was as hard as chiseled iron. She couldn’t wait to get off the phone so she could suck and fuck Landon’s dick.

Now they had a little extra time. But after an all-night session of fucking, who would have thought they would be at it again? Driven by their unrelenting passion, they were like teenagers discovering the joys of sex for the very first time. This was so different from the muted feelings they felt during the regimented couplings with their respective partners. Madeline’s shapely legs were straight up in the air with her new black and crimson accented Diane Von Furstenberg stilettos still on her feet. Her ankles together across his glistening back, her pelvis lifted to receive him full force. Landon didn’t disappoint her, he never did. He held her legs tightly as he vigorously pumped his thick hardness deeper into her shivering body, savoring her wetness, and the tightness of her hungry pussy. Then he shifted her ankles so they rested on his shoulders, enabling him to play with her taut coral nipples while he kept rotating his hips. Moaning, she gripped him firmly, her fingers making marks on his chocolate arms, trying to match him stroke for stroke.

“Shit, fuck me harder, Landon!” Madeline uttered her urgings between pants and moans.

He lightly pinched her nipples while maintaining his erotic rhythm. One of her shoes fell off and he took this opportunity, to move his mouth to her big toe and suck it hard. The fierce intensity of their sex increased as the both entered that fevered zone where they lost track of time. Two of Landon’s finger found their way to her delectable mouth, tracing her red-painted lips gently before slipping between them, and she sucked his fingers as if they were a dick, his dick. She knew how much it turned him on when she slurped and drooled in this carnal form of double penetration.

At the same time, urfa escort she could feel the sexual heat overtaking him, could feel his hips start to pound harder against her tingling body. Fuck, if only her husband could match this!

Landon looked deep into her eyes. “Oh fuck baby, I’m going to come. Where do you want it baby? On your tits? You want to take it in your mouth? Or do you want it deep inside that hot pussy of yours?”

He knew Madeline loved when he talked like this. It made her as hot as the flames on the sun. He felt her make the sweet, soft walls of her pussy clamp down on his throbbing dick even more.

“I’m right there, Madeline,” he whispered softly to her, sensing that his orgasm was close, very close. “You know how close I am to coming, don’t you? Here, let me show you.”

He quickly withdrew himself out of her with her legs still resting on his shoulders. She moaned once again, letting him remove his fingers from her mouth, before taking his throbbing dick in her hand. She milked it ever so slightly, until a pearl of cum seeped out of the thick, chocolate head.

“See?” He took his finger and caught the little milky pearl of nectar on its tip, smiling. “Do you want to taste it?”

She said nothing; instead, she tightened her grip on him and brought his engorged cock to her open mouth. The memory of swallowing his juices earlier came back to her suddenly and her throat contracted involuntarily in reaction, recalling the descent of his cum hours before. Hungrily, she caught what gushed forth and grinned, wanting more.

Still, she was unsatisfied. “You know what I want. I want you to choke me with that big black dick, make me gag on it, and let me drink it all. I promise I’ll drink every drop.”

With that urging, he began to jack himself off, slowly at first, then harder and harder until he was ready again, on the verge. His big heavy balls ached slightly, then pulsed and throbbed. Then his entire body convulsed, his orgasm twisting his spine and sending a spasm through his legs. He pumped into her mouth, completely caught off guard by the surge of savage feeling, until it was all out of him. Afterward, sprawled on the steps, he moaned in ecstasy. Giggling, she ran her tongue around her lips, savoring the taste before making it disappear.

As she slowly took him from her mouth, she let her tongue circle around the large maple tinted head of his manhood, making sure she got every drop of his tasty sap. They looked at each other. She then glanced at her watch and made a sad face.

“Well, I see why we gave ourselves some extra time,” she said. “God, I love the way you make me feel. You have no idea how much I miss this when I’m out there away from you. Nothing beats it.”

He watched her face, the deep blush of a satisfied woman. “Do you ever feel guilty about your trips?”

She sat up, balancing herself on an elbow. “No, this is separate from what I have with my husband. That is one thing; this is something, else. I never confuse the two.”

“Do you think he has ever suspected anything?” he asked. “I called you once a few months ago and I thought I heard something edgy in his voice-like he suspected something.”

“He knows we talk,” she said matter-of-factly. “I don’t keep that from him. He used to bug me about you, but I informed him that I never even thought about you that way. That you were just someone I knew from back in the day that I went to school with. He thinks I’m not attracted to sexy a black man like you.”

He smiled, and then sucked his teeth. “I can’t believe that he is not jealous.”

“I didn’t say he wasn’t, but I work hard to keep his trust,” she said. “I used to be careful when I’d talked to you on the computer from home. I caught him watching me one night about a year ago. Thank God, he’s almost blind or I would have been busted. Now I just talk to you from work.”

“That’s safe,” admitted Landon, getting up to get a glass of wine he’d started earlier.

“No, he trusts me. I give him no reason not to trust me.”

He came back from the dining room, with his glass of white zinfandel in his hand. His dick balıkesir escort was still hard, which immediately caught her attention. “Do you have other lovers, Madeline? Are there other black guys out there that you like to fuck?”

Her face was emotionless, without a hint of anything that would give her away. “Why ruin the moment with questions like that?” She was annoyed but held it in check.

“I just wondered…” He didn’t want to imagine her doing the same things she did with him with someone else. Just the thought of that made his hard-on wilt.

“All I want to do is enjoy the moment, to enjoy you with nothing to spoil the magic of it,” she said, putting a finger near her lips suggestively. “If you notice, I never ask you anything about what happens with you when I’m not here-if you’re out there fucking some young white girl. I don’t ask because I don’t want to know. That’s your business, what you do when I’m not here. I don’t need to know.”

Just before they left, Madeline said two things that surprised him, two things that had stopped him in his tracks. One of the things he loved about her was her brazen honesty and startling unpredictability.

“Landon, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to have a dick,” she said with a chuckle. I think I have penis envy. I wonder what it would be like to have that power between my legs. I’m fascinated by what men can to with their bodies that we can’t. I think most women wonder about that kind of thing.”

“What?” was the only response he could muster.

But she wasn’t finished. In a few seconds, she could say things that could turn anyone’s head and leave them struggling for a reply.

She floored him again when she said the following with a perfectly straight face: “You know I had a bad moment of crisis in my marriage about three years ago. I thought about leaving my husband, children and marriage for you. I don’t know what snapped me out of it.”

He didn’t know what to say at first. The silence grew in the room like a well-tended mushroom.

“Do you ever imagine what it would have been like if you had married me instead of him?” He asked the question, not really wanting to hear the answer.

“Sure I have, but then it may not have worked,” she said sadly. “Who knows, probably this is the best situation for us. You know I love you. Very much.”

Neither of them said anything else about that conversation on the way to the airport. The drive to the airport in his convertible was always a special occasion. It was either Landon fingering her swollen pussy under her short skirt or Madeline playing with his dick, getting him thick and pulsing before she covered him with her lips. Regardless of how often she gave him head while driving, he never got used to it, constantly afraid the he would lose focus and cross into oncoming traffic or speed up into a rushing tractor-trailer. With intense explosions of heat and sensation going off throughout his body, he struggled to keep his mind on the road, to keep his Lexus SC 430 between the lines, to keep from crashing into the trees.

As the car approached the airport, the familiar feeling of loss began to infiltrate both their souls, moving gradually but steadily like a poison slowly through their bodies. They both dreaded goodbyes, but it had to happen. They each had a life separate from the other, an entire world, and their time was up. Due to the security measures at all airports in the wake of 9/11, he had to leave her at the front of the terminal, which annoyed him, for he wanted to stretch out their final moments together.

He walked around to open the door for her. As she got up to exit, she threw her arms around his broad shoulders, tears in her lovely turquoise eyes, and they kissed as passionately as they had when they first met. Their lips crushed against each other as they held their tight embrace for another lingering second.

When they stepped back, he mumbled a farewell and watched her elegant body walk away. His eyes followed her every curve through the electronic doors into the terminal, shadowing her until she moved beyond his view. They would trabzon escort see each other in a couple of weeks, and the thought of that meeting ultimately comforted them.

He accepted the fact that she was married and had children, and for this reason, she was not about to break up her family to be with him. Deep down he knew it was illogical to expect her to toss all that aside for him and he really didn’t want her to.

Landon started the car and pulled out into the airport traffic. He maneuvered his way to the highway and his mind wondered back to Madeline. As he drove the image of him with his head between Madeline’s creamy smooth thighs flashed into his mind, his tongue on the moist pink pearl of her clit, around the edge of her pussy lips, face buried in it, her voice screaming yes, yes, yes, right there, keep it fucking right there. He shifted in his seat, as he was getting hard. Then his mind continued the movie. Madeline’s mouth opened now in a silent scream, his fingers inside her, two, and then three like she liked it, her shouting in yelps before she began arching her back and twitching, her shimmering legs spread wide and her toes outstretched as far as possible.

Madeline shifted in her seat on the airplane as her plane reached a cruising altitude. As much as she had flown, she still hated flying. She closed her eyes and tried to put her mind somewhere else. The image of her bent over in the shower with Landon’s head between her spread ass cheeks, his tongue encircling her wet asshole, dipping in and out as her ass opened up to receive his long tongue. She longed for her husband to do this and even offered to do the same for him but he cringed at the proposition, Landon never hesitated to try something new with her. She grabs the back of his head with her right hand forcing him deeper into her hole, the fingers on her left hand stroking her throbbing clit, and then two fingers sliding into her dripping pussy, then three. “Eat my nasty ass, oh fuck yes…eat it like you want it.” Her toes gripping the slick wet shower floor, her back began to arch, and her nipples pulsate as the hot water beats against her tits. His three fingers replace hers, her screams echoing “Yes Landon, fuck my ass with your big cock.” Feeling his thick black head stretching her tight hole, her mouth opens wide gasping for air until he is in balls deep, her body trembles, and white light is all she can see.

Madeline looks around the plane as it shakes with turbulence. “Must have been some trip you had,” the woman next to her mused.

“What? I’m sorry what do you mean?” she questioned as she came out of her daydream.

“You were moaning and licking your lips,” she said with a smile on her face.

“Really? I’m sorry, did I disturb you?” Madeline apologized for her involuntary actions.

“No not at all, I understand,” she said as she touched Madeline’s leg and grinned.

Madeline smiled back at the woman next to her then excused herself and walked to the restroom. With each step, she could feel the cool air caressing her moist panties and teasing her pussy. She locked the restroom door behind her, sat her Coach handbag down on the sink, hiked up her skirt and removed her wet pink thong. Madeline wished Landon were here with her in the restroom, they had never done it on a plane before and the thought of him fucking her in the air turned her on even more. She wondered if he was back at the beach house yet, if he was thinking about her, was he in bed stroking that cock of his?

Landon took off his royal blue boxer briefs and got into bed, nude as always. He held the sex-soaked sheets to his nose; the glow of lust and passion flowed through his head and heart. The sound of his phone vibrating on the nightstand broke his fervent thoughts. He picked up his phone to find a message from Madeline.

I miss you so much, I can’t wait to get naughty with you again, I love you, Madeline.

He opened the attachment, and watched a video clip of Madeline in the airplane restroom finger fucking her pussy, her clit swollen, her fingers glistening with her juices, her body shuddering. He watched her make herself cum and he thought he had never seen anything so sexy. Her body twitched a little more, and then she brought her fingers to her mouth and slowly sucked then clean. She mouthed the words “thank you” and the video stopped.

“Thank you Madeline, thank you,” Landon softly said aloud. He knew he would see her again soon and all would be right with the world.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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