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She stood nervously in front of my Government class, her eyes darting from desk to desk, trying to choose a spot to sit. She pondered how one selected a year-long seatmate without any background information. She was new to the Highlands High School and had arrived late, having had difficulty finding the tucked-away classroom, a consequence of ongoing expansion to a school built in the early 1900s. She’d failed to navigate the maze in time and was now subjected to limited choices. At the mercy of the remaining desks, her eyes settled on one in the back next to me.

I was a good student, but I should’ve been better. I preferred to sit in the back, as the lectures usually didn’t hold my attention. I found most classes boring and only put in the minimum amount of work needed. The classes I excelled at were the ones I was most interested in, either because of the subject matter or because of the teacher. I expected Government would be exceedingly dull, and I was not looking forward to hearing other students’ opinions on politics.

She’d caught my attention when she’d entered the room because she was new. My gaze had lingered because she was hot. I assumed she would be the kind to sit near the front, as she looked like a model student. Not a role model, but like she would model her behavior to match what she thought the teacher wanted. Someone who needed the teacher to know she was paying attention, even if she didn’t understand the material. A brown-noser, a suck-up, a kiss-ass, a teacher’s pet. Then again, maybe I was too quick to judge her based on her perky smile and school-girl clothes.

I perked up when she moved toward me. If she was opting to sit in the back, her look had misled me. I’d always been tempted by underachievers, but, in all honesty, I was attracted to most girls, as I was eighteen. She slid into the seat next to me. They were cold and hard, made from what appeared to be polished concrete. They punished your back if you slouched, digging into your spine, especially when you were as thin as I was. Once I got the taste of the plastic desks with articulating backs that my university had, I never wanted to return to the instruments of torture my high school provided.

I was one of the first boys she met at Highlands, and I was glad to have had a head start because she was gorgeous from head to toe. Not to be crude, but everyone would be clambering to get into her pants once she made the rounds. Some guys had more game than me. Some guys had more sexual experience than me. It was yet to be determined if this new girl would value those traits, but I was the first to meet her.

I hadn’t had much success with girls before then, in large part because I’d known most of them since we were five. I was friends with them before hormones had made me want to see them naked. It felt awkward to hit on them, now that we were older. Many would have been open to my advances, and several were after graduation. Unfortunately for my sex life, I was slow to figure that out.

The new girl had no idea where I stood academically, nor was she aware of how big of a dick I could be when crossed, or how big my dick was for that matter. She only knew I wasn’t paying attention to class and was instead focused on her. It could have come off as creepy, but she seemed to think I was cute, so I got away with my overt staring. She smiled as my eyes finally contacted hers after surveying her entire body. I thought I was being subtle, but I couldn’t have been more obvious.

Her athleticism was apparent from her toned and tan legs extending from her skirt. She was wearing a polo shirt, which she’d tucked in, and her breasts filled it out nicely. It wasn’t a look that many girls in my area sported, but apparently, it was the norm from where she’d come from. It was conservative in nature, but I found its innocence sexy, especially because she seemed to be hiding a killer body underneath.

I later found out she’d moved from Texas, having played soccer for her old school, explaining her athletic build, but had arrived too late to try out for our team. Now she was concentrating on graduating and getting out from under her parents’ roof. She’d previously attended an all-girls Catholic school, and Highlands would be a shock to her system. Her parents were strict, but that wouldn’t dissuade me from courting her.

“Shit. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable,” I whispered.

“It’s okay. I have to admit I checked you out a little before sitting down,” the new girl replied. “I’m Erica, by the way.”

“Gavin,” I smiled, “nice to meet you.”

“Did I miss anything important?”

“Not that I can tell,” I said coolly.

We didn’t speak for the rest of the class, as the teacher wasted no time diving into the material. He lectured like it was mid-semester, claiming we had better get used to working hard, or else we would never succeed in college. I’d heard this before when eighth-grade teachers warned us about high school. It hadn’t turned Anadolu Yakası Escort out to be true, so I had my doubts when it was reiterated about college.

I can’t remember what was taught that day, but I know I spent most of my time thinking about Erica. I was constantly glancing at her. Occasionally I was caught, our eyes meeting, causing smiles to appear on our faces before we looked down at our desks. I couldn’t get her out of my head. I thought she was cute, but it was more than that. It was everything about her. Even the unique way she held her pencil made me smile. As did her little hair flips and her crossed legs. She pulled her skirt up as the class went on, drawing my attention as I wondered what her panties looked like, even though there was plenty of thigh to reveal before I got a view. I wasn’t sure if it was inadvertent, or an intentional act to draw my gaze. She needn’t have bothered, as everything about her caught my attention like no girl before.

There was a welcome-back assembly after our Government class, with mandatory attendance, or so they said. I wanted to spend more time with Erica, and although I’d often skipped these assemblies, as they never took roll, I thought it would be a tough sell to ask her to ditch on her first day, and there was a chance that she’d find it informative, as she was new.

I chatted with Erica as we were herded towards the gym, asking her about her past, curious to find out where she’d come from and why. She’d grown up in the suburbs and lived a pretty average life, according to her. The more she described it, the more I realized how different our childhoods had been. I’d had little structure, spending most of my free time running through the woods around my house, which gave me a sense of self-confidence that was rampant in my hometown.

She’d had her every waking moment planned for her. If she wasn’t playing soccer, she was in dance, music, or some other extracurricular intended to make her a better person. Or at least a better candidate to get into a top college. None of that mattered as she didn’t have the academic aptitude to fulfill her parents’ expectations.

On that day, the one thing that stood out was that she said she was Catholic. I and most of my friends were atheists, and even the religious parents didn’t push their beliefs onto their children like they had been forced onto Erica. I would later find out she didn’t believe in evolution and thought abortion was murder. That’s what her parents and church had told her to believe. After a few months around me and my liberal friends, her expressed views changed, but I was never sure where the truth lay. I always had my suspicions that she was willing to appease whoever she talked to.

We quickly moved past religion, neither one of us wanting to dwell on it, but it lingered in the back of my mind. I thought I could talk Erica out of her beliefs. I was naive enough to think her mind could be changed. To be honest, I wasn’t concerned about her religious views except as they pertained to premarital sex. I didn’t want to waste time with a girl who wasn’t going to put out. I wasn’t about to bring up sex. I’d known her for only two hours, but I tried to tiptoe around the issue.

I know that sounds bad, but you have to understand I’d already decided to go out of state for college. There was no holding on to a high school sweetheart for me. I wasn’t going to do the long-distance thing. I figured if there were no long-term prospects, I might as well get laid. I didn’t want to head off to college a virgin, and I wanted a girlfriend who understood this. One who wanted to have fun for nine months and then hook up at our high school reunions, or at least reminisce about the good ol’ days.

By the end of the assembly, we’d agreed to eat lunch together, with me introducing her to my friends. It seemed like the natural move, as she didn’t have friends of her own. It would’ve been weird to make her sit on her own or join her separately, away from my daily companions. I would later discover the benefits of separate social groups when dating, especially in high school.


Erica quickly blended with my friends. She engaged in conversations she was passionate about and kept quiet about topics she disagreed with. She was conforming, but I could tell she was also loosening up, especially regarding drinking and smoking weed. We hadn’t hung outside of school, so I wasn’t sure if she was all talk or actually willing to test the waters of our school’s ubiquitous drug culture. We’d continued to be flirty, and it was clear we shared mutual feelings. Still, I was nervous to ask her out, as I was afraid a rejection would ruin our friendship. I knew I had a narrow window of opportunity, and my friends had given me some leeway, but one of them would make a move eventually.

I approached her after class on Friday, wanting to take her to a movie over the weekend. It was all I could afford, but it was clearly a date. Kadıköy Escort I didn’t want any ambiguity as to my intentions. Plus, if things went well, we could spend the whole time making out in the back of the theater.

“Erica, wait up,” I nervously called after her as she headed for her car. “I was wondering if you wanted to go to a movie tonight or tomorrow?”

“Like a date?” she replied, sounding skeptical.

“That’s what I was hoping.”

“Sorry, I can’t. My parents are super strict and won’t let me date until I graduate.”

I’d heard this before, but I wouldn’t give up with a simple dismissal. I hoped I could find a loophole or ascertain if it was an excuse to blow me off.

“Even though you’re eighteen? Can they do that?”

“Their house, their rules, and all that.”

“Oh… ” I trailed off, a sense of failure seeping in, not knowing where to go from here.

“Do you need extra credit in Mrs. Patterson’s English class?” Erica asked.

“Not really. Why?”

“I probably will. But more importantly, my parents would definitely let me go see Macbeth if it was for school,” Erica smiled slightly mischievously.

“All right. It is no The Fast and the Furious, but I supposed it will do,” I half-joked.

“Oooh, Paul Walker is hot,” Erica said as she walked away, spinning to wave goodbye. “Pick me up at seven.”


Macbeth was boring, and not even the modern setting could save it for us. It was supposed to be more appealing to a younger audience but only added more confusion. We didn’t have to write a report; we just needed to turn in our ticket stubs to receive extra credit. We celebrated this as we had no idea what was happening and spent most of the play struggling to stay awake. Even the older couple in front of us complained about the confusing structure during intermission, and they’d seen Macbeth several times before.

I worked up the courage to place my hand on Erica’s during the third act. She did not pull away and opened her fingers to allow me to interlock with them. She eventually guided my hand to her thigh. A clear sign she liked me and was open to more, but I was too nervous to do anything except let it rest there.

Having my hand on her leg was enough to excite me, my briefs tightening as I grew more aroused. My mind raced with ideas of what it meant and what it would lead to. I dreamt of sliding my hand higher and massaging her crotch through her jeans. The idea of doing it in a theater made me even harder. I fantasized about leading her from the play and throwing her in the back seat of my car. I would strip her naked before deflowering her with a confident thrust. Erica would moan in pleasure as her warm slit wrapped around my shaft. All of this came from the simple act of placing my hand on her thigh. Not that it took much. There is a reason why people joke about teenage boys being turned on by a stiff wind.

After the play, I walked her to her car, still thinking about my fantasy. I lacked the courage to pursue even a hint of what I’d dreamed. It was for the best, as I would have pushed too hard, too fast. I didn’t want to scare her off. Erica was a good Catholic girl, after all.

She’d insisted on driving herself, as it made our date look more innocent to her parents. They knew she was here with a boy, so there was hope I would get to see her again outside of school. We strolled slowly, hand in hand, not wanting to rush our departure. The sexual tension was high, with both of us wanting more than a touch of the leg.

As we approached her car, she turned and faced me. Taking her hands in mine, I pulled her close. She pressed against me, first with her hips, making me nervous she would feel my erection, and then with her breasts as I slid my hands to her lower back. I’d hugged plenty of girls before, mostly in a chaste manner, but this contact was different. It was sexually charged, and my growing erection pushed between us. I knew she could feel it now. It was no longer a concern, and I swore she ground against it as our eyes met.

I gazed into her eyes as she looked up at me, pausing to confirm she wanted the same as me. It was undeniable. The look in her eyes as she subtly reached her mouth towards mine, standing on her tiptoes, promised she would accept my kiss. Yet still, I was nervous, afraid I would make a mess of it, or worse, that I had misread the signs. My lack of confidence was agonizing, but it made what came next so much sweeter.

I lowered my lips to hers. They were soft and warm, feeling foreign against my own. It was this unfamiliarity that turned me on. The excitement of doing something I now find routine was driven by inexperience and anticipation of where a simple kiss might lead. Skin-to-skin contact was electric, and that it was happening between our lips was otherworldly. It felt as if we’d discovered something new, something great, and no one else had experienced the same.

Her lips parted, and I slid my tongue İstanbul Escort into her mouth, extending past her teeth until I met hers. I could feel the roughness of her tongue and the ridges on the roof of her mouth. The mixture of textures was overwhelming, as I didn’t know what to focus on. The kiss was awkward, with neither of us practiced in the art, but that did not stop us from enjoying it. We were eager to learn and unaware of how cumbersome we were. I gently pinned her against her car as we made out until our jaws grew tired.

We had to break, needing to catch our breath and stretch our necks. My erection was pressed against Erica’s lower stomach, and I’d been unconsciously grinding against her. Gently, but enough that she knew I wanted more. I did not pursue anything further, even though she would have let me feel her up. Cupping her ass or pinching her nipple would have been welcome, but those seemed like huge steps. She longed to be caressed by me, and I craved to handle her ample features, yet neither of us made a move. Instead, we made out until we were forced to break from our embrace because of her impending curfew.

“I’ll see you Monday. My parents don’t get home until around five if you want to come over and study,” Erica said with an implied wink.

I knew she didn’t want to study, which made the invitation more alluring. I couldn’t wait to be alone with her. If she’d let me get this far on our first date, how far would she let me go in the privacy of her house? Again, my imagination began to run wild, thinking of all the possibilities. I didn’t know what I would have the courage to do, nor did I know what she wanted. I should have just asked, but that was too scary a proposition.

“I can’t wait,” I said, adjusting my erection as she drove off.

I hadn’t been this turned on for a while, not since I first discovered online porn. While I had kissed a girl before, it was just a peck on the lips. This was a different level and promised to lead to more. I jacked off to the thought of kissing and doing much more with Erica multiple times over the weekend, enough to make my dick sore.


We talked on the phone for hours on Saturday and Sunday, lying in bed late at night until one of us fell asleep. Neither wanted to be the first to hang up. We started to explore sexually over the phone, asking about our past experiences. Erica was more experienced, but only by a little. She claimed she’d never gone past making out and taking her shirt off with a boy. We should have talked about desires and expectations. It would have made the next few weeks smoother and less ridden with doubt and anxiety.

She shared that she wanted to remain a virgin until she was married. It wasn’t what I had hoped for, but not unexpected considering her religious upbringing. I did not push the subject, but I hoped that she would be willing to do everything but… and maybe even the butt.

By the time school let out Monday afternoon, we were worked up sexually and emotionally. We’d barely shut the door behind us when our hands were all over each other. I pulled Erica tight as we kissed for the second time. I was more confident, and quickly my hand slid to her ass. It was round and firm, my fingers digging into the flesh as I squeezed tight.

My bulge grew as it pressed against her. She slid to the side, sinking my leg between hers. Her crotch pressed against my upper thigh. She started the grind against me. Slowly dry humping my leg as our tongues danced and our hands wandered.

Eventually, we made it to her bedroom, collapsing on her bed. I was on top, our groins grinding against each other for the first time. Neither of us knew what we were doing, and we were guided by lust and a desire to get off. The lack of skill didn’t matter to our young bodies as we pushed closer to orgasm.

I slid my hand up her shirt, not asking permission but willing to stop if I was told no, reaching the bottom of her bra. The underwire was pronounced and pressed tight against her chest. It forced my hand to stay on top of the fabric. It wasn’t an insurmountable barrier, but it was enough to steer me towards the simpler goal.

Having the fullness of her breast in my hand for the first time made me feel like a man. Gripping her ass had been amazing, but fondling her breast was ecstasy through and through. I could feel her nipple harden under the silky cloth, allowing me to gently rub it between my fingers. A moan escaped Erica’s lips as I massaged her chest, my body weight pressing down on her, our groins continuing to thrust against each other.

I wanted to unclasp her bra, but I was nervous about moving too fast. I didn’t want to scare her off, no matter how badly I wanted to feel and see her bare tits. It was a pleasure that would have to wait, although I hoped not for too long.

I was also scared I didn’t know what I was doing. She’d told me she was a virgin, but I knew she’d had boyfriends back in Texas. She’d gone further than I, and I thought that if I didn’t perform up to her standards, she’d lose interest. I assumed the previous guys were better lovers than I, thinking their experience made them experts. Doubt raced through my mind, creating another hurdle to overcome in my sexual progression.

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