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~*~*Thank you for the kind comments, I truly appreciate them. To those who send personal feedback, I do read every single one of them and the nice ones will always have a place in my heart. The not so nice ones are kind of mean but it’s okay, I know my stories aren’t meant for everyone and it won’t deter me from writing. Also I do try to take heed of every suggestion that is given to me. I love you guys and I hope you enjoy!*~*~

Waking up Sunday morning from another Zoe fueled lusty dream troubles me. When I was in the situation with Veronica, I never thought about her or dreamt about her to this extent. Is it possible to be addicted to a person? I think that’s what they call obsession but I don’t think I’m obsessing. It’s the perfect amount of admiration that comes with a new relationship.

I handle myself quickly, thinking about how she feels wrapped around me. Remembering the slow way we fucked the other night bombarded my thoughts. She was on her back with one leg hooked on my buttocks, my hand was gripping her waist. My feet were digging hard into the bed while I rested between her legs buried deep in her canal. My other hand was tangled in her hair with our lips touching. Not kissing, just brushing against each other, our moans tangled together between the space of our mouths.

Her arms were clasped around me, her nails digging into my back. My unhurried hard strokes within her constricting walls was sublime. My heart was in my throat the entire time making it harder for me to breathe. Every time I sunk deep, I would exhale a grunt of air for her to swallow. Between her mewls of pleasure she would tell me I felt so good. It may seem minuscule but I never had a woman really compliment me the way she does.

She looked up at me with those eyes, her dimples showing every time she licked those lips. She would hold me so close to her when I hit the right spot, gently biting my ear as her moans fondled mine. I recall her body moving under mine as her back arched signaling her impending orgasm. Wave after pulsating wave of her walls fastened around me, suffocating my cock forcing me to drive harder and deeper.

Sweat dripped down my neck, landing between the crevice of her breasts as they swayed with the motion. My climax started as a slow crawl, teasing up my legs, spreading up my spine to envelop my limbs. Piercing desire flooded my senses then two thrusts later my seed rushed out of me headlong to rest securely in her core.

I come with a sharp intake of breath, spewing my sperm over my belly. Needing to get my body back to its regular state, I lay there for a while wishing I had the real thing instead of fantasizing about her. I get up to wash myself off and head to my couch to occupy my brain with work.

Before I knew it, it was well into the afternoon and my stomach was rebelling against me. I decided I should get something to eat before it started a riot in there.

I picked up my phone frowning at the missed text from Zoe.

~*Thinking about you. Wanna do lunch again?*~

I didn’t know if she meant our version of lunch where we have sex or if she meant actual eating food lunch.

I sent back a vague message.

~*What did you have in mind?*~

Her text back was a saucy emoji with a smirk.

~*You’ll see*~

My cock jumped, ready for action. I made a small sandwich practically shoving it in my mouth with anticipation. Chewing fast I swallowed the lump of food not really tasting it. I didn’t want to smell like sandwich meat so I quickly flossed, brushed and swigged mouthwash. After waiting for what seemed like forever, my doorbell rings.

I calm down before I make a fool of myself running to the door like a maniac to fling it open and grab Zoe into a hug. I opened the door fully expecting her to be in a skimpy little outfit but she was wearing a hoodie that swallowed her body that showed none of her shape. It was so big that it hit the middle of her thighs. Reaching past her knees was a pair of mens black basketball shorts. In her hands was a box of sushi from my favorite spot.

She looked so tiny and cute. Her curls exploding all over her head, some brushing her forehead in a bang. That adorable smile gracing her lips as she held up the food triumphantly. I pulled her in for a hug and instantly her intoxicating scent connected with my nose.

We ate and talked at the table and she treated me with one of those filthy satisfied moans while she swallowed. I couldn’t focus on eating anymore after she did it a third time. I was rock hard under the table, probably could lift the damn thing with how stiff I am.

“I’m going to use the bathroom, be right back.” Zoe said giving me a slow kiss on the lips.

Not enough blood in the head on my shoulders, I couldn’t respond.

She was gone for longer than I expected but then I heard her call out for me. I walked to the room hoping I wouldn’t scare her with my pole pointing at her like a divining rod. My breath catches. She is no longer in the oversized clothes. Her matching izmir escort bra and panties are entirely see through, they might as well not even be on because they cover absolutely nothing.

She walks to me in slow motion. Her hard little brown nipples are jutting out through the thin fabric. Air stutters out of my lungs. She bends my head down to take a kiss from me, passionately tangling our tongues together. My hands fly to her butt, getting under the delicate fabric. Moaning into the kiss, I can’t take any more of my clothes scratching my sensitive skin.

We both start to roughly undress me. Clothes getting tugged and quickly discarded until I’m in nothing but my skin. Taking two of my fingers into her mouth, she swirls her tongue around my digits and at a snails pace, pulls her mouth away. I stand staring after her dumbfounded.

She crawls on my bed, bouncing her ass at me like a summoning dance. Under her spell, I stumble towards her. She spread her legs wider giving me a perfect view of her pussy already weeping for me. As she bounced her ample cheeks, her tight brown star winked at me.

Overcome with a dangerous need to be engulfed by her hermetically sealed center, I grab my shaft running it up and down her slit, wetting myself with her honey. She moaned moving her hips back, forcing me to enter her. I clenched up, my whole body drawing tight with the unexpected jolt of agonizing pleasure. I grip her hips, stilling her movement, shaking my head hard enough to rattle my brain. If I wasn’t careful, I was going to come.

Everything under control, I slowly withdraw then slam in hard making her cheeks jiggle. With a yelp she rolls her hips. Her ass makes the perfect heart shape, waist drawn in. I grab her with both hands watching as I enter her with each hard thrust. I move my hips in a wave, working up a rhythm, hearing her moan my name.

I speed up, skin slapping and she’s chanting, crying that she’s about to come. I continue my strokes until I feel her tighten around me, gasping as her body hums with pleasure. Her body pushed me out followed by a clear liquid dripping on my bed like a faucet. I slap her cheek then return home. As I pump inside of her she starts to throw her hips back to meet mine. I watch in rapture as she bounces on me. I come nearly all the way out but I’m so hard and straight that I find my way back in her heat like a gravitational pull.

Watching her fuck me, drives me up the wall. I hook my fists on her bra using the leverage to pound harder and deeper. Another pulsating wave massages my cock, sucking at me, her walls closing down hard. Animalistic, carnal need consumes me. I growl as I stroke mercilessly, charging over the abyss of my climax.

Shuddering, my face contorts so hard I think it will break with the right touch. I feel static crackle throughout my neurons, firing at an alarming pace to shoot my seed out like a projectile with a loud shout at the ceiling. As I pull out slowly, my come dribbles out.

No words. I have absolutely no words for how satisfied I am. Zoe is still quivering on the bed with aftershocks as I fall on top of her. My weight flattens her to the bed making her giggle at the pressure. I roll over pulling her with me to spoon her soft body to mine.

We woke up multiple times to maul each other. A mix between either slow passionate lovemaking to hard ground breaking salacious fucking. During the middle of one of our many sessions, she was riding me hard, then tried to get from her knees to her feet but we were too close to the edge so her foot slipped then she fell over the side, ripping me from her body.

She giggled on the floor while I laughed on the bed. Then I decided to fuck her tight little pussy on the floor until she screamed. Good times.

“What’re you smiling at over there?” her finger traced my lips.

“When you fell off the bed.” I turned my head to smile at her.

She laughed, “Ugh don’t remind me.”

“I thought it was cute.” I kissed her plump lips.

“If you thought that was cute, you’ll think this is adorable.”

She swung a leg over to straddle me, grinding her already wet slit against me. She sucked on my tongue, kissing me hot and heavy. My hips started to grind against her when she grabbed me to position her body over my length.

Sinking deep to the hilt, I gasped, “I want this with you, forever.”

Zoe gave me a devilish smile then rode me steadily until we came undone in each others arms. My eyes fluttered closed feeling her hands stroke my hair.

I awoke with a start. I really needed to stop coming inside of her. She’s pregnant, I just know it. I look at her naked body, imagining what she would look like with a rounded belly. I ran a finger around her stomach.

Sleepily her eyes blinked open, “What’s going on in that head of yours?”

“I think you may be pregnant.” a smile teased my lips.

She sat up bolt straight, “Why would you say that? That’s impossible!” she grabbed the antalya escort blanket further up her body.

“Well for starters, we have been having sex without protection for a while now. I can’t believe I’ve been so reckless but I think you should take a test.”

“No, no. There’s no way.” she looked terrified.

“Woah woah it’s ok Zoe. What do you mean there’s no way?” I held on to her shoulders firm.

“Finn, you don’t get it. I can’t get pregnant.”

“Why not?”

“I have endometriosis. Technically I could get pregnant but it’s very slim.”

“Then why are you freaking out?” I asked more than a little frazzled.

“I don’t know.” she was rocking back and forth.

I hug her tight, “Do you mind if I buy you a pregnancy test?”

“Let’s wait a couple of weeks ok? My period is supposed to be on next week, give or take. We’ll wait to see if it comes on, and if it doesn’t then we’ll get one.” satisfied with her logic, she gave me a reassuring smile.

“Quick question?” I asked.

“Lay it on me.” she eyed me saucily.

I’ll lay it on her all right, “The night I called you after your welcome party, you sounded like you were…busy with a man.”

“No. I said I was busy but I meant I was busy sleeping. It was early in the morning Finn, of course I would have a groggy voice.”

Thoroughly appeased with her answer, I smiled, asking, “Ok so what do you say about giving this a go?” I asked grabbing her chin in my hand.

“You’re ready for another round? I can’t believe you’re not worn out because I am.” she was speaking through puckered lips because I was squeezing them together.

Goodness she’s adorable, “No, I mean us.” I let go of her chin then gestured between the two of us.

“Us? You want there to be an us? An exclusive, you’re all mine, us?” she looked at me suspiciously.

“Yeah?” it was meant to be a statement but it came out as a question.

“Finally!” she tackled me with a hug, “I was really starting to get worried there but you want me and I sure as hell want you. All of you. To myself. Oh my god I get to fuck you whenever I want. This colossal cock is mine.” she emphasized by gripping said cock.

I laughed along with her, “Ok ok calm down you little demon. We need food if we’re gonna go another round.” I slapped her on the butt.

The biggest smile was plastered on her face, her eyes glowing with delight. Once again my heart flitted around in my chest. One simple sentence made her smile like that? I wanted to see that smile for the rest of my life.

I planned on a quiet Sunday alone but ended up with a wonderful day with Zoe. We talked and fucked and ate and fucked again. She was set out to drain me of my stamina. I’d have to start taking multivitamins in order to keep up with her. In the back of my mind, the possible pregnancy crept around. I was fully hoping to be terrified at knocking someone up but the thought of her being tied to me for at least eighteen years, sat well with me. Horrible? Yes. But my mind didn’t really care about that even though I didn’t plan this outcome. Maybe somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I made this decision. I’ll never know. What I do know is that I don’t like having to say goodbye to her as she walks out my front door.

My Monday and Tuesday workdays were run of the mill chaotic but I loved every second of it. Knowing that I have found my calling is a blessing. I know so many people are not blessed with the ability to find what they’re good at and making a career out of it so I will be forever grateful to the powers that be. I think that is why I work so hard. I’m lucky to be here so I put my all into knowing how fortunate I am.

But now it’s Tuesday evening and Jesse and I are on our way to the comedy show. Zoe said she was already there holding a table for us, so all we had to do was show our faces.

“I made it official with Zoe.” I stated plainly, keeping my eyes on the road.

“What?” he nearly snapped his neck turning so fast.

“You heard me, I’m not repeating it.”

“My man. Good timing too because I was about to push up on her tonight.” he teased.

“Yeah whatever. I just wanted to apologize for the other day. I didn’t realize you felt that way, and I was being an ass.”

“Nah, I shouldn’t have blown up like that. I took it too personal. You good man.”

Glad that was over, I turned up the radio but Jesse turned it back down, “So…How is it?”

“I am not answering that question.”

“C’mon Finn, just a little bit?” peer pressure is a bitch.

“I think she’s a demon or at the very least, a siren. I don’t know, I think she put a spell on me because sex has never been this good.”

“That good eh?”

I grunt, then nod.

“Daaammn. You owe me big time.”

“For what?” I side eye him.

“Uh for forcing you to get with her.”

“I had sex with her before you even knew about her.”

“There is that part. But if it wasn’t for me, I would be kayseri escort banging that magical pussy and not you. Come to think of it, I need start my own relationship guru camp. I’m like a master matchmaker.”

“Ok calm the fuck down, your ego is taking up too much space in my car.”

He chuckled then suddenly it died down, “Isn’t that the guy she accidentally kissed?” he pointed at Brandon.

“Yeah that’s him.”

“What is he doing here?” exactly what I was thinking.

I shrug then back my car into a parking spot. As we walk up, Brandon met us half way to greet us.

“Hey bossman, Zoe is inside making new friends.” his smile was huge.

“Hey.” I shook his hand then dipped inside the door.

I looked up seeing Zoe wave her hand wildly at me, making me smile. My pace quickened, as I neared her I pulled her into my body, bringing her lips to mine. For a second, I forgot we were in a public place until I heard Jesse clear his throat. I pulled away from her, her eyes were dazed looking up at me with her lips slightly parted.

This girl didn’t know what she did to me. Letting her gaze linger a second longer, she turned to hug Jesse. He was holding her close, his hands low on her back. No church hug here, their bodies were so close together there was no space for air. He swung her around one good time making her giggle with delight. Little green monster tried to come out and play.

She grabbed my hand after he put her down and dragged me to the bar.

“I missed you these past few days. How about I come over for lunch?” she winked sinfully at me.

“Mmm I could go for some late night chocolate.” I tugged her in for another kiss.

“Uh…Zoe? Are…are you and Finn dating?” I turned to see Brandon tugging on his collar.

She turned around startled, “Yes, yes Finn and I are together. This is a new development as of two days ago.”

“Oh. That’s great.” his fake smile wasn’t fooling anyone.

He sidestepped us to make his way to the restroom.

“Maybe we should go to the bathroom.” the naughty girl wagged her brows at me, hiking a thumb over her shoulder.

“You dirty girl don’t tempt me.” I warned her then ordered a drink.

The mic crackled loudly, “Sorry guys, our show will start a bit later, there is an accident that is holding up our talent. Does anyone want to come up?” the emcee asked, looking at the audience.

A man volunteered and Zoe steered me towards the table, spotting Lanna and Stephanie. We chatted each other up for fifteen minutes while people came on and off the stage showcasing different acts. We were all good and buzzed when I noticed Zoe on stage smiling a mega watt grin.

“I hope you all like this cover.” she looked at the dj nodding at him.

Guitar strumming came through the speakers, Zoe began to sing to the instrumental.

‘You know just what to say, things that scare me

‘I should just walk away, but I can’t move my feet

‘The more that I know you, the more I want to

‘Something inside me’s changed

‘I was so much younger yesterday

‘I didn’t know that I was starvin’ til I tasted you’

She was serenading me. In front of an audience of about one hundred people, her sister included, Zoe was singing to me. My cheeks were hot with embarrassment. Lanna was smiling at me then got to her feet to sing along. The next thing I know, most of the ladies in the room were belting out the song with Zoe.

Gaining confidence, she strutted across the stage really feeling the music. She swayed her hips to the beat, smiling at me rolling her hips seductively. I looked over at Jesse and his eyes were glued to her every move. Too bad, this performance is for me.

Her soulful voice was making people clap and sway, watching her like a pop star performing for her fans. I almost forgot she had such a melodious singing voice.

She was definitely doing something to my body.

My mind wandered to how that body moved over me, riding me slow as she smirked devilishly, knowing I was doing everything in my power not to thrust my hips upwards. Or how she looked pinning my wrists down, pumping her waist up and down my length, denying me the pleasure of touching her.

I blinked hard realizing Zoe was no longer on stage but walking towards our table with people still clapping.

“Baby girl you were doing things to my body.” a man on stage said over the microphone.

People laughed while I rolled my eyes. He introduced himself as the opening act then proceeded to do his set. I was too busy staring at her in wonder. I was five seconds away from saying fuck this show and taking her home to do the filthiest of things with her.

The show was great, our meals were good and the drinks were strong but I was still anticipating our lunch date. After the show, they all wanted to take pictures with the main act. I stood off to the side mentally begging them to hurry the fuck up. Zoe was talking with her sister then hugged Brandon goodbye but he prolonged the conversation. He was intentionally hogging Zoe’s time, I could tell. Bastard.

Before walking away from him, Zoe made another date with him for the weekend. I was going to have to tell her she couldn’t be friends with him anymore now that she’s with me. Not now though, I needed to be in the bed with her yesterday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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