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It was about 3 AM and Tasha had to go pee. She slowly raised herself off the bed to make sure that she didn’t disturb Stephanie or I, both happily passed out. She found her way through the dark hallway to Stephanie’s bathroom. She looked in the mirror and even though she was still a bit tipsy she could remember what had happened earlier that night.

She was at a bar where she had met up with me on our second date. Our waitress Stephanie had spent a lot of time coming over to talk to us, which eventually grew into flirting. She was really pretty and we had both liked her. She had invited us to her place, and of course we had accepted. Tasha remembered that she had been really turned on, and had started kissing Stephanie hard, feeling her body, tasting her pussy, making passionate love to me, and feeling my dick stroking inside her and finally tasting my cum.

Our cries of pleasure were so loud Tasha couldn’t believe how all of us had let go of our inhibitions like that and it hadn’t been at all awkward. Just thinking about it turned Tasha on, so she put it out of her mind, peed and went back to the bedroom.

Slipping back into bed, she accidently touched Stephanie’s hand as she was getting under the covers. Stephanie rolled over, and Tasha could see her opening her eyes and she was smiling.

Tasha whispered, “How are you feeling?” knowing that a few drinks had been consumed pretty fast the previous night.

“Fine,” Stephanie said mardin escort a little sheepishly.

Sensing her shyness Tasha said, “I had a lot of fun with you and I’m pretty sure he did to.”

“Me too,” she said and the grin was back on her face.

“The night’s not over,” Stephanie whispered and she leaned in to kiss Tasha, and quickly Tasha felt Stephanie’s tongue playing with her own. Slowly at first then more passionately and urgently, like she couldn’t wait one more minute.

“That’s … for … sure,” Tasha said, breathless.

They started to feel and caress each other, hands stroking everywhere, over their pert breasts, and the already enlarged nipples, down to their thighs, tight asses, and finally between each other’s legs. Tasha found Stephanie to be incredibly wet when she went to finger her pussy. Both the women started whimpering with excitement. The whimpers quickly grew into louder moans that were loud enough to finally woke up out of my deep slumber. Both women grinned, thinking it was about time, as they both needed and wanted me. I looked over and saw two beautiful women making out right in front of me, groping each other under the covers. I was turned on immediately but wanted to let the women enjoy each other for a while first and to enjoy the fantastic view directly in front of me, so I sat up and leaned against the head of the bed.

After throwing the covers off van escort the bed, Tasha leaned into Stephanie’s spread legs and slowly licked her inner thighs. She then opened her moist mouth and took out her tongue to taste Stephanie’s engorged clit. Besides Tasha’s stomach ring, she was completely naked, as was Stephanie. I still couldn’t believe my eyes. Tasha was bent over with her ass in the air, eating Stephanie out.

Tasha started to push one finger into Stephanie’s hole while gently rubbing both sides of her clit with her other hand. I could tell from the look on Stephanie’s face that this would make her cum if Tasha continued doing her magic. I, not surprisingly, was now completely hard and actually starting to breath heavily just watching these two beautiful naked women.

Tasha could feel me looking at them, and she knew I could see her wet glistening pussy between her legs. She smiled at me and I leaned in and started to kiss her. Then I touched her between her legs just like I had seen her do Stephanie just minutes before.

My fingers began to move back and forth on Tasha’s clit and she pushed back on me, which told me that it must have felt amazing. I inserted my middle finger into her tight pussy and fingered her, watching closely as her wetness just sucked me into her repeatedly. I couldn’t wait any longer and pulled her ass closer to me as she was still fingering Stephanie, and I entered ankara escort her from behind. She was so wet that my cock slid right in and I started to thrust into her pussy, moaning from her tightness. She fit me like a glove, my cock filling her completely.

“I’m cuming,” Stephanie cried as she looked back at us, and as Tasha quickly sucked in her clit, Stephanie threw her head back, her nipples hard and she collapsed from the strength of her orgasm.

Tasha was fingering herself now as I moved in and out of her pussy. Soon Stephanie joined us and started to finger Tasha too. Between the big hard cock and the soft but persistent finger, Tasha realized she couldn’t take it anymore, as the pleasure was at a level she had never experienced before, and she had to climax. I could feel her body tense under me, and pushed as deep as I could while pulling her ass into me. She immediately bucked as her orgasm ripped through her body. All any of us could hear was Tasha saying “Oh God…oh God…” A minute later, she was breathless.

Seeing her cum had turned me on to push even harder, I needed to have my own orgasm now. I could feel Tasha clenching her pussy around my cock, and I knew I couldn’t hold back anymore. I couldn’t even control my moans, the loudness of which shocked even me. Finally, I started to cum. I was shocked to feel Tasha pulling away from me. But I was pleasantly surprised to see Stephanie waiting to taste my cum, and I instantly exploded over her willing tongues. Tasha joined Stephanie turning her body around, just in time for a last few spurts of my cum. I felt like I was watching a porn, as I watched the two hot women lick my cum off their hungry lips and swallow. We all collapsed exhausted again but we were completely satisfied.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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