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Steve was having a great dream, the kind he used to love having before they started coming true. He was dreaming about Amy sucking his dick. She was doing a great job, as she always had, and Steve was trying not to blow his load too fast.

He loved the sensations, but felt himself waking up. He tried to stay asleep, but couldn’t. But as his eyes fluttered open, he still felt Amy’s mouth. He lifted his head, waking up, and watched the top of her head bobbing up and down. He dropped his head back on the pillow with a loud sigh.

“I was wondering if you were gonna wake up, or just blow it in my mouth asleep,” Amy said.

“God Amy,” Steve said, his voice still hoarse with sleep and now excitement.

Amy dropped her head back down, smiling to herself. She had woken up about fifteen minutes earlier to find Steve with morning wood. She had always wanted to wake up a guy with a blowjob, so she thought this was the perfect time, and guy, to try it on.

She had been surprised by how hard he had been already, but had quickly gone to work. It had taken him maybe five minutes to wake up, and she was glad he had. It was more fun when he was awake, even though it had been oddly thrilling to suck his dick without him knowing it.

Steve lay on the bed, completely relaxed. Amy was laying half-across his body, blocking his view, so he closed his eyes and focused on his other senses. She was again letting her own mouth lubricate his shaft, and she made no effort to keep the sucking sounds down. Steve thought there was just about nothing as sexy as listening to Amy noisily slurping on his cock.

This morning now she was using her hand more, holding him right below her lips, so that when she went down, she covered his entire dick. She also twisted her hand a little, making it all the harder to hold back.

Amy rocked her head up and down steadily, waiting for Steve to start squirming, letting her know he was close. She also noticed he didn’t put his hands on her head, not that she minded that. But she liked that he was letting her take care of everything.

She took his rod out of her mouth, fondling him with her hand, and kissed her way down his shaft. She started kissing his balls, running her tongue between them, and then taking one and then the other into her mouth. She made sure she wasn’t quiet about any of it.

“God you give great head,” Steve said down to her.

Steve propped a pillow behind his head so he could at least watch her head moving, but Amy was already moving in between his legs. Steve stared past his dick in her hand, watching her tits sway back and forth as she settled onto her knees. Once again, she kept her ass up in the air, almost teasing Steve with it. He decided that if he didn’t cum in the next few minutes, he’d fuck her doggystyle. What a great way to start the day.

“I’m sorry, I forgot you like to watch,” Amy said, jerking him off in both of her hands for the moment.

“Oh, that’s ok, you were doing great,” Steve said. He then watched as Amy opened her mouth exaggeratedly, and slowly took his throbbing cock into her mouth. He stared back at her the entire time, watching her watch him as she started to suck his dick again. He was forced to bite his lip when he felt her start using her tongue, massaging the underside of his shaft as she moved her mouth over him.

He wasn’t going to last those few minutes he figured. He could already feel his impending orgasm building inside him. Her lips were just so damn soft, and she had just the right amount of suction. Frankly, it was an effort to last more than two minutes when she went down on him.

Amy broke eye contact and leaned forward, straightening her neck over Steve’s rigid hard-on. She knew guys loved deepthroating, so she had worked on it until she was pretty good at it. She always had trouble with the first time down her throat, but after that it would relax and she could take almost anything. She just hoped she could take Steve.

Steve watched his cock disappear deeper and deeper into Amy’s mouth, and he realized what she was doing. Jesus, he’d never had a girl even try to take him all the way. He was almost all the way in when he felt his head reach the back of her throat, but she kept pushing her head down. He could hear and feel Amy choke down his last couple of inches, but she never backed off until he felt her nose press against his stomach.

“Fuckin’ A, Amy,” Steve said in amazement.

“Do you like that,” she asked, her eyes a little watery from the effort when she came up for air.

“God yes, but you don’t have-“he tried, but was cut off by Amy already anadolu yakası escort taking him into her mouth again. If she kept deepthroating him, he wasn’t going to last much longer.

This time Amy took in Steve’s entire cock much more easily, her throat beginning to relax. As it did, she sped up, taking his cock down her throat faster and faster. She felt him start to squirm under her, and knew he was close. She wondered if he wanted to cum down her throat, or into her mouth.

“Do you want to cum down my throat or in my mouth?” She decided to just ask.

“Fuck Amy,” Steve said in amazement. “Whatever you like better,” he finally answered.

Amy went back to work, licking up his shaft before taking him in her mouth again. That hadn’t helped her much, as she liked having him cum in her mouth, but thought he’d really like to cum deep inside her throat. She decided to let him try something he hadn’t so far.

Steve felt his orgasm quickly approaching, and Amy must have too. She deepthroated him like an expert, rapidly bringing her head up before shoving his cock all the way back in. He felt his head hit the back of her throat every time, and the sensation was more than he could bear.

“Fuck, Amy I’m cumming,” Steve grunted suddenly.

In answer, Amy shoved her mouth over Steve’s dick, taking him deeper than even before. Steve suddenly felt Amy’s tongue begin licking his balls and he came powerfully. He felt his balls empty themselves, all the while Amy licking them, and he collapsed back onto the bed.

Amy brought her head up, and Steve could see she hadn’t swallowed all of his creamy semen. He watched her lick her sticky lips and swallow as she used her hand to continue stroking him. He could still feel some of his own cum on his dick, mixed with her saliva, and it helped her hand move smoothly up and down.

“You mentioned you liked me jerking you off with your own cum, so I just thought…” Amy trailed off seductively. When she had woken up she was just feeling playful, but now she was thoroughly turned on.

“Well you thought right,” Steve said smiling. Amy was obviously turned on, which amazed Steve. He had done nothing to her, and she got excited from giving him a blowjob. He thought she might be the perfect woman.

“I’m going to take a shower,” she said, leaving the invitation hanging obviously for him. The look on her face had not changed, even while Steve’s prick was nearly completely limp now. Only then did she back off the bed and head towards the bathroom.

Amy watched Steve over her shoulder, her adrenaline continuing to pump as his eyes moved over her body. She could tell he was staring at her backside, so she made sure to add an extra sway to her hips for him, even though she was sure he would be quick to follow anyway.

And Steve was, though he waited until she got the water running. Then he bounced off the bed and walked hurriedly to the shower. Amy had of course left the door open and hadn’t even bothered to close the shower curtain either.

Steve watched her for a second – she was just getting her hair wet, her hands wiping it away from her beautiful face. The water poured over her naked form, her smooth skin glistening in the light. Steve let his eyes wander over her body again, still not used to the idea he could see her naked like this at will.

Amy finally turned to look at Steve, finding her little performance for him further exhilaration. She gave Steve a look that made it clear he shouldn’t still be standing there while letting her hands run down her own body until she held each breast. She could feel the heat between her legs growing until her whole body felt on fire.

Steve at last stepped into the shower, watching Amy intently. She turned to meet him, sliding her hands onto his chest as his own hands settled on her hips. Her skin was hot from the water and excitement. They pulled each other closer in unison, their mouths opening gladly to kiss each other.

Amy felt herself melting into Steve’s arms, her entire body relaxing against his. His body was strong and solid, emphasizing her opposing femininity. She loved the way he made her feel, like no man before had ever done. She moved her hands to hold his head, pulling him down to her.

She kissed Steve harder, pushing her tongue against his aggressively. She was sure that even though he wanted to, Steve couldn’t get hard just yet. She wanted him to anyway though and her kiss reflected that.

Steve tried to keep up with Amy, but she was nearly out of control. Her mouth attacked his with abandon, ataşehir escort her tongue shoving roughly into his mouth only to dart out to lick his lips. Steve decided it was time he took some control of the situation, as well as give Amy some release.

He pushed forward gently but firmly, until Amy took a step back. He turned her as he moved, pinning her against the back wall of the shower. When she started to lift a leg he grabbed it by her tight hamstring and lifted it high onto his hip. He moved his other hand to fondle her breast, their mouths still locked passionately.

Amy moaned into Steve’s mouth when she felt his hand massage her breast, pushing herself into his grasp. His hands felt so big on her body and made her feel so good. She wished again he would get hard, but it had really been only minutes since he’d cum down her throat.

Just the thought of that made her want him more, and she thought she might climax just kissing him right there. When he started to grind his hips into hers, which she had opened for him in the vain hope he was ready so soon, she moaned again. She could feel the meat of his member pressing into her, still too soft to be inside her.

With that moan, Steve knew he had to do something. To not would be cruel indeed, but more than that, he wanted to. He loved everything about making Amy cum, from the way she felt to how she sounded.

He let his left hand drop from Amy’s chest and start sliding down her body. He shifted his wait, taking his hips away from hers to make room for his hand. Amy lightly pushed him away, finally breaking their kiss and giving Steve more room. He was still holding her leg up, and when his hand approached her aching pussy he felt her lift it still higher in anticipation.

“Steve,” Amy moaned out, his hand so close now. She was just leaning back now, her weight resting against the wall while she waited for Steve’s touch. Her arms hung useless by her side, her legs open and waiting while she stared up at Steve urgently.

His fingers slid over her, lightly, too lightly. She arched her back, trying to move her sex against his hand but he moved with her. As much as she needed him to touch her, she couldn’t help but smile a little at his game. It was a game they both played against each other, and they both played well.

Steve smiled right back, waiting for her to back down. When she did, he subtly increased the pressure of his hand while he rubbed over her lips, his hand growing slick with her juices.

While he teased and toyed with her twat, he let his eyes fall from her face down to her chest. Her breathing was shallow and quick, her breasts rising and falling with each breath. Her dark nipples were erect, waiting for his touch, but he couldn’t reach them.

“You want to play with my tits don’t you?”

“If only I could,” he said, looking her in the eyes again.

“I guess I’ll just have to do it for you then,” she said, enjoying the fact she could still tease him even now.

Steve watched in fascination as Amy started to softly touch and squeeze her breasts. Without really thinking about it he started to match her hands with his own, letting one finger slide just inside her wet lips. Her chest heaved with the sudden intake of breath, holding there as Steve finally slid his finger into her molten pussy.

Amy almost came right then, Steve’s finger felt so good. She pushed her hips down against his hand, urging him to keep going. His finger moved inside her, mirroring her grinding. Amy started massaging her tits more firmly, giving Steve even more of a show. It seemed that was when he had finally given her what she wanted.

Steve couldn’t take it anymore and leaned down, taking one breast into his mouth. Amy cried out a little, so Steve added another finger inside her box, getting yet another tiny scream. He started sucking Amy’s tits, moving from one to the other while he fucked her with his fingers.

It wasn’t long after that Amy came. She held tightly to Steve’s head, pulling his mouth harder onto her chest, her hips crushing hard against Steve’s hand. She closed her eyes, her mouth hanging open in a silent scream until she felt her body begin to relax.

Steve finally lifted his head up but only so he could kiss Amy. She kissed him back, matching his tenderness even though he was still playing with her sex. His hand was covered with her juices, though the shower was quickly washing them off. He didn’t stop kissing her either, only kept playing with her.

Amy absolutely didn’t mind any of it, but thought maybe it was time to get ready for the ümraniye escort day. She let her leg fall from Steve’s hip, or at least tried to. When she did, Steve gripped the back of her leg firmly and held her leg in place. She suddenly felt Steve kiss her deeply while simultaneously fingering her deeply again.

Amy stopped trying to get away immediately, instead holding Steve’s head against hers as their mouths once again played passionately with each other. Her other hand she let fall down between them, moving to mirror Steve’s hand when she searched out his package.

Steve couldn’t stop the moan when he felt Amy’s touch, only kissed her deeply. Her fingers encircled his member, giving him a gentle squeeze before lightly stroking him. He wanted her to keep going, but he had already come up with a plan for the shower. He broke away from the kiss, also pulling her soft hand away from his prick.

“Not yet,” he said in response to Amy’s confused look.

“But I want it now,” she said, being both playful and truthful.

“Then you’ll just have to wait,” he scolded.

“So what do I get instead,” she asked, already getting aroused again.

For an answer, Steve leaned forward and lightly licked Amy’s earlobe, smiling widely at her long moan of understanding. He kissed the base of her neck, letting her moan all she liked before moving on. He knelt down quickly, bypassing the rest of her body even though he could have spent hours on it.

Amy looked down at Steve as he started to kiss her lower stomach and thighs. The leg that had been on his hip was now draped lazily over his shoulder. She knew that she loved the sex, but more than that, she loved being exposed to Steve. It was another feeling that she’d never felt before.

She arched her back when Steve’s tongue finally touched her sex. He licked the length of her lips, the hot tip of his tongue parting her just barely. Amy let her arms hand limply by her sides again, letting Steve take all the time he wanted.

Like the night before, Steve started kissing her sex lightly, as if he were kissing her mouth. Amy loved how it felt, how everything with Steve felt, but especially how he built her up so high. To show her appreciation Amy started running her hands through Steve’s wet hair, incredibly turned on by the sight of him between her legs.

She imagined this was what it was like when Steve watched her sucking his dick, a thought that made her understand him a little more. When Steve’s tongue began to probe Amy’s electric clit she forgot all about the understanding though. As quickly as it was there, his tongue was gone again, pushing into her pussy a second later.

Amy was amazed at how good Steve was at eating her pussy. His hot mouth moved over her sex expertly, turning her on but never too far. With each passing minute she felt the sexual energy gathering in her body, waiting for that instant of release.

“Your mouth feels so good Steve,” she said, the energy near to bursting.

She felt Steve increase his tempo and pressure, deeply licking inside of Amy, making her moan his name. She was having a hard time holding back now, her body completely overwhelmed with pleasure. Amy closed her eyes, focusing on Steve’s mouth working her pussy.

Even when she felt Steve push two fingers into her pussy again, she kept her eyes shut. She let out a sound that was somewhere between a whimper and a scream though. She started to subtly rock her hips in time with Steve’s hand, but not wanting to interrupt his mouth.

“Oh God Steve,” she whispered. “Make me cum baby…I need to cum so bad…” she continued on, her voice rising to a whimper and then begging.

Her climax finally washed over her, slow and deep. Her body convulsed spasmodically and her eyes squeezed tight. Her whimpering and begging turned into grunting and moaning while Steve’s tongue massaged her clit and his fingers penetrated her quivering pussy.

Amy slowly opened her eyes, struggling to stay on her feet. Her knees were weak and ready to buckle, only Steve holding her up. She smiled down at him dreamily, his mouth and fingers gently massaging her sex before she finally felt them leave her.

Steve quickly kissed his way up her body, his hands following up her sides once her leg dropped from his shoulder. He could tell she was having trouble standing, which he took as an immense compliment. He couldn’t completely bypass her breasts this time, only stopping briefly to nuzzle her soft flesh.

Amy returned Steve’s kiss, completely spent though. She felt like she had just run a marathon, her lungs and muscles burning from the exertion. Gradually, under the hot water and Steve’s loving embrace she regained her strength.

The two finally broke apart and began to wash each other, laughing and teasing as they did. They touched each other playfully as they started their day, both of them already looking forward to what it held for them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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