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I don’t necessarily like pop music, but it gives me a way in with the younger ladies. So every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night, my buddies Chris, Evan, and I will be hitting the clubs and concerts up. I am 32, 6’2, muscular, and I pride myself on how fit I am. My buddies are 33 and 35, both good looking enough to attract beautiful women. So at a club is where I found myself this Friday night with Chris and Evan, grinding up against women and girls who were too trashed to even notice that we were there.

Out of the blue, a beautiful young girl starts to rub against my cock through my pants. She was perfect. Looked about 18 or 19 with long blonde hair, a tiny waist, and gorgeous green eyes. Of course I wasn’t looking at her eyes, but at her amazing tits. She was wearing a cropped tank top which showed off her smooth tight stomach and accentuated her magnificent breasts.

I rub against her, hard, while running my hands through her hair. She turns to face me and says, “My name’s Gabrielle. Can you buy me a drink, Mister?”

I smile down at her. “Are you not 21 yet Gabby?”

She looks down briefly, faking shame, before lifting her head up and cocking it to the side. It drives me crazy. “I won’t tell if you won’t.” I nod my head and make my way to the bar. I order her a fruity cocktail and make my way back to give it to her. Gabrielle downs it in two big gulps. I am taken aback by how quickly she swallows it all down her perfect throat.

“How much do I owe you?” She asks me. I shrug, and an idea comes to me.

“You can pay me back later. Did you want another?” She nods her head aggressively, her long blonde hair swaying up and down with her face. I gesture to Chris and Evan who hurry over.

“This is Chris and this is Evan. They’ll each buy you one.” Gabby squeals in joy. Chris and Evan quickly rush to the bar with smirks on their face. I grind up against Gabrielle, her hand tracing closer and closer to my already hardening cock.

My friends return and pass her a Scooby Doo shot and a Gin and Tonic. Less than two minutes later they’re both gone and Gabby shrieks in happiness. She takes my hand and leads me closer to the middle of the dance floor.

We grind against each other for a few songs before Chris and Evan join us. We take turns as Gabby and some other girls dance and make our cocks even harder beneath our jeans. Gabby isn’t completely trashed, but she has definitely loosened up since I met her. She intentionally grasps onto my cock, her lips brushing past my ear and moaning suggestively with the beat of the music. I slip my hand down her jeans and feel how wet she is. I push my fingers inside of her as we grind to the beat of the music. Her moist slit welcoming my touch.

After a few more songs we’re all a bit tired. She starts to walk off of the dance floor but I grab her hand. “Why not pay off that drink debt now?” I say to her. She smiles and reaches for her bra, pulling out money that she must have been keeping there. I stop her and smirk. She seems confused, but I tug her hand and lead her to the nearest bathroom. She complies and takes the lead. I look back over my shoulder and nod to Chris and Evan, who hurry behind us to catch up.

When we get into the bathroom I hurriedly check all of the stalls. We’re clear. Chris locks the door. It’s just the four of us in the dirty club bathroom. All sweating, all attractive, and all clearly horny.

Without a moments hesitation Gabby falls onto her knees in front of me and quickly unzippers my jeans. My raging cock springs free and she takes me into her soft little mouth. I groan in surprise and pleasure. My boys cheer as she works me hard, her hands grasping my balls. But I hold back, I want this night to last.

Chris and Evan take off their jeans, their cocks springing free as I thrust my hips against little Gabby’s face. She groans as I shove my cock down her throat, choking her. As I deepthroat her mouth, Chris slips her out of her jeans. I pull her long blonde hair closer to me, jamming my 9″ dick further inside of her and holding it. Her eyes start to water as she tries to pull back, but I continue my hold on her knowing she can kocaeli escort take it.

I let go and she gasps for breath. Evan takes off her shirt, exposing her bra. She is now in just her bra and thong in the dirty bathroom with three strange men. I pull her back onto my cock and she opens her mouth willingly before I plunge inside of her. Evan moves her thong to the side as he starts to play with her little pussy.

“She’s soaking wet!” Evan cries out in excitement. I watch as he pushes three fingers up inside of our little whore. He takes them back out and I can see his glistening fingers, wet with her cunt juices. She shakes her ass at us in pleasure. Evan fingers her harder and Chris begins to play with her nipples, cupping them under her bra.

Gabby sure knows how to suck a cock. She bobs her head faster and faster, and I almost cum right then and there. But I stop her and pull out, my precum and her saliva drooling over her face. I walk behind her and Chris quickly takes my place as he shoves his cock down her throat. Evan moves, knowing what I want. He takes Chris’s old position and starts to play with her tits, pinching them and twisting them in just the right way.

I slap Gabby’s ass and she cries out with Chris’s cock in her mouth.

“Shut up, whore,” I say to her. I take my cock and tap the entrance to her soaking wet slit. I push in just the tip and she uses her body to push back on me, wanting more. I take my cock out, teasing her. She tries to back up, but Chris slams his cock and pulls her hair and her body back towards him.

I smile at Chris. “Nice,” I say.

“I thought so,” Chris replies with a boyish grin.

Evan is busy pinching her already erect nipples, eliciting a scream from Gabby as he pulls them between his thick fingers. He smiles at me, ready to move on soon.

I take his cue and shove my cock all the way inside of Gabrielle, not holding back. Her pussy stretches to accommodate my huge cock as I slide all the way out and jam inside of her again. I place my hands on her hips and thrust again, rutting into her like an animal. I groan in pleasure as I stretch her tiny pussy as hard as I can.

After a few minutes I scream out, “I’m going to cum!”

Gabby pants at me “Please… pull out!” I’m gasping for breath as I finally unload my cum deep inside of her, my cock twitching as my cum fills her tiny cunt up. Her legs tighten as she cums deeply with me, screaming, around my cock. I thrust a few more times, careful to get the last few drops out of my cock and into her pussy before pulling out. My thick cum begins to seep out of her open legs. White and creamy.

I take Chris’s place again. “Clean my cock, bitch” I command. Gabrielle starts to lick off my cum and her pussy juices from my cock. She screams in pain as Chris takes my previous spot and impales her with his 10″ thick cock mercilessly. In and out, in and out. Our little 18 year old Gabby is forced to take his big cock. I laugh in delight. As I thrust down her throat, I high-five Chris who pounds mercilessly inside our little slut’s cunt.

I breckon towards Evan and he takes my spot, swiftly thrusting his hard cock into Gabrielle’s open awaiting mouth. She moans and I slap her across her face. Just because I cummed doesn’t mean she can slack off when it comes to my friends. Her eyes open wildely and she grimaces in pain but she nods her head in understanding.

I watch as my friends fuck her. Evan as he pounds her throat, his eyes wide with pleasure. I turn my gaze to Chris as he fucks Gabrielle doggystle on the dirty bathroom floor. I grin from ear to ear. Chris looks over and sees my expression, he grins as well. Without a moments notice, he lifts Gabby by her tits, tearing her from the floor and across the floor to the sink. He positions her so her hands are on two sinks before he really starts giving it to her doggystyle. Gabby’s hands grip the sink in pain, her mouth twitching with every thrust.

She screams in pain, but Chris keeps fucking her. A knock on the door tears my attention away from my friends and the slut. I unlock it and open the door only slightly.

An old fat man stands outside. “Sir, kocaeli escort bayan we’ve had some complaints that this door is locked. Is there a reason why?” the old fat manager asks us.

I open the door just enough to let him view the fucking scene and his eyes open in delightment.

“I see,” he says. He adjusts his pants. “Is there.. uh.. room for one more?” he questions us.

I look at Gabrielle, oblivious to the old man, as she fucks her hips back against Chris. I turn back towards the old man and nod my head in approval. Chris quickly cums deep inside of Gabby, filling up the slut’s cunt with his semen. He breathes heavily.

Evan moves to fill her cunt, but I stop him and motion to the old man who has now joined us in the bathroom.

The old man pulls down his pants to reveal his ginormous cock. Almost 11″ and as thick as a soda can. I move towards Gabrielle and lift her up to on top of the sinks, positioning her ass so she sits in the sink with her cunt facing us.

The old man moves towards her. She quivers in fear at the sight of his cock and attempts to shimmy out of the sink but I hold her in place. Evan and Chris move to either side of the sink and hold her feet spread apart. The old man laughs in anticipation, his cock becoming even more enlarged.

“Hold her still,” I command to Evan and Chris. They hold fast as the old man lines up his huge cock with Gabrielle’s tight snatch. Gabrielle opens her mouth as if to scream but the old manager covers it with his hand, stifling her moans.

As we hold her legs spread apart, the old man takes his time. He examines Gabby’s pussy, pushing his fingers in and out gently to test out her cunt. He takes off one of his socks and shoves it unceremoniously into her open mouth. Gabby squirms in protest.

“If the sock falls out of your sweet mouth, I will take you home and whip you until you beg me to stop,” the old man mutters to Gabby under his breath. Gabby goes back to being still. The old man chuckles. He murmurs things under his breath as Evan, Chris, and I sigh almost at the same time. Doesn’t the old man know our time is valuable? As if on cue, the old man lines up his cock again in between Gabby’s spread legs.

He dabs his cock in and out, just the tip stretching out the beginning of her tight pussy. Her eyes roll into the back of her head already. The old man says, “Take that sock out of her mouth, I don’t care if she makes a sound anymore. I like it when a girl screams.” Evan quickly takes the sock out and Gabby automatically starts to moan.

“Fuck me, old man,” Gabby commands. The old manager hits her on her stomach and she doubles up in pain.

“Shut the fuck up, you little cunt,” the older man says. Evan, Chris, and I open our eyes as the older man commands our little slut. “Don’t you fucking tell me what to do,” the older manager continues. He hits her again and tears form in her eyes. As she contracts in pain, the old man slips his cock half way inside of her, stretching her apart. Gabby screams in pain. I swear the whole club can hear her.

“I changed my mind, shut that bitch up,” commands the man. Evan quickly positions himself so each leg is between a sink as he thrusts his cock into her mouth. Her eyes light up as the old man thrusts inside of her again.

“God I love a tight pussy,” the older man groans. I smile at him, urging him on as he fucks into her again. Chris and I hold her legs spread wide apart, almost to the point of discomfort as the old man grabs her hips and starts to hump into her like a wild dog.

“Take – that – you – little – cunt!” screams the old man in between thrusts. He picks up his pace and before we know it he cums deeply inside of our tight little 18 year old whore. Her pussy quivers as he fills her up, his cum leaking out. A tear fall down her face as the old man holds his cock inside of her, pushing her ass further into the bathroom sink.

Before long, he pulls out with a slurp as cum gushes out and around her little cunt.

“Gentlemen, I thank you for a glorious night. You will receive free drinks whenever you come here for the rest of your life,” he smirks, “as long as you provide izmit escort a hot piece of ass like this one whenever you come here.”

He wipes off his cock on her shirt from the ground before leaving.

Evan moves towards her pussy. “Finally,” he mutters before filling her completely with his dick. He groans in pleasure as he fills her up, making her take his dick. I wink at my boys, and Evan pounds into her hard. He grunts and ruts into her as she screams out in pleasure. Evan begins to flick her clit, then pinch. Gabby’s head rolls back against the mirror and she cries out as she cums, wrapping her legs around Evan’s back. He keeps up the pace, gasping for breath as Chris and I reluctantly put our clothes back on.

I turn back towards them and see that Evan has a finger up under the sink and into her ass.

I laugh. “Go for it, Evan!” Evan has always been the odd one out, the last picked to be on a team, so he is always the most vicious when it comes to fucking a beautiful girl. It is as if he is making them pay for being beautiful, and for him being an outcast.

“We’ll help you out buddy,” Chris says to Evan as Evan slows down his thrusts. He pulls out and Gabby looks relieved, but not until he pulls her off of the sink and places her hands on the sink again, her ass facing outwards. Gabrielle looks as if she understands, but Evan slowly begins to finger her asshole.

She lifts her hands up from the sink to protest but Chris and I move in quickly to hold her down. We hold her upper half of her body including her upper back, shoulder, hands, and wrist as she struggles.

“No, I .. no. I’ve never done anal,” Gabrielle protests.

“All the better for me then,” Evan whispers into her ear as he bends over her, lining up his thick warm cock against her virgin asshole. He pushes in slightly, feeling resistance. He takes his cock out and shoves into her slick pussy, soaking up her moistness before pulling out and jamming into the entrance of her ass again. He repeats the motion a few more times, lubing her ass with her own juices as Chris and I hold her down.

She struggles beneath us, but we are too strong. She sobs silently, knowing what is about to happen to her little puckered ass. I snicker under my breath.

Evan slides into her cunt one last time before lining up his erect cock with her ass.

“Give her hell,” I tell him. He clasps one hand over Gabrielle’s mouth as his other hand clasps onto Gabby’s tiny waist and slams into her virgin asshole.

If her mouth wasn’t covered, we would have heard her scream in intense pain.

“Poor little slut looks a gift horse in the mouth. Her future boyfriends will want to claim her ass. Evan is giving her a blessing by taking it now!”

Evan is focused on her, not paying Chris or I attention at all. He pulls out completely before slamming in again. His balls thrusting against her. Gabby’s eyes widen in pain.

“That’s what you get for underage drinking and being a slut,” I hiss at her.

Evan continues his fucking of her, slamming into her again and again, laughing as he does it. Eventually I let go of our little slut’s legs, and Chris does the same. Evan is now using her body however he pleases. He slaps her face and twists her nipples, pulling her back towards him with every thrust. Gabrielle must have forgotten that she was not gagged anymore because her eyes bulge but she does not scream out loud.

“You – are – a – whore!” Evan moans and thrusts into her. “What the fuck are you?” He commands her to answer him.

“I’m a whore,” Gabby whispers, then starts to scream. “Fuck me, I’m your whore!”

“You’re my little whore,” Evan commands and pinches one of her nipples hard, not letting go as he bucks inside of her, cumming as he does and groaning as he orgasms. He pinches her clit and Gabby cums again, loudly. She bucks against Evan who holds his cock inside of her tight ass as it milks the rest of his cum out.

“Fuck!” Evan yells in triumph as he collapses on top of Gabby, pinning her against the sink. We give them a few moments before I throw Evan his underwear and shirt. He dresses himself quickly.

“See you later, slut,” He whispers to Gabby, slapping her ass at the same time before following us out the door.

As we leave, we see a few gentlemen waiting to use the bathroom.

I smirk as I say, “You’ll love what’s inside boys.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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