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Part V — Gina gets hers

“How you doing girl?” Cindy asked.

Gina looked up from the report she was reading. “What’s up?”

“Are you thirsty?” she asked with a smile. “The girls are going back to the club this evening. Do you want to go?” Gina suppressed a smile. Boy did she want to go. Of course Cindy had no idea what the last trip set in motion.

“Sure. Let me call Robert to be sure, but count me in.”

Gina followed the other girls over in her car and pulled into the same parking lot across the street. Her curiosity got the better of her and she tried to park in the exact same spot as last time. Who knew, maybe it would bring her good luck. That spot was taken, but there was one a few spots down so she parked there.

The conversation was much like the last time. The girls shared gossip about basically everyone in the office. Gina sat back and listened sipping her drink. Unlike last time, she had plenty to share this time around. But there was no way she was going to reveal to this bunch what she had been doing with Robert. She could just imagine how fast that news would travel.

The drinks were good and she enjoyed the companionship. But it was getting late. The girls seemed to realize it too and everyone started winding down. Just as Gina started with her goodbyes, she noticed a face in the crowd.

Long dark hair cascaded down to her shoulders past her breasts with a stylish curl. Rather large earrings, with a retro look from the sixties, hung from her ears. A beautiful face, high cheek bones, with bee stung lips covered in lip gloss. And those eyes…a beautiful sensuous brown. They were staring right at her. It was the woman in the parking lot!

She felt hypnotized. The woman was running her long polished fingernail across her lips in the most suggestive manner. There standing next to her was her husband. He noticed his wife was looking at something and turned to see Gina. Their eyes locked. He recognized Gina instantly.

The girls said their goodbyes and started sliding out of the booth. Gina told them that she would be right behind them, but she had remembered a call she needed to make first.

The couple approached the booth as the girls left. The woman was dressed so stylishly in a cute sixties top and mini skirt. Everything about her was sensuous. Her eyes, Gina couldn’t get over her eyes. He looked like something out of GQ. The woman slid into the booth right beside Gina until they were mashing shoulders. She touched Gina’s bare arm and sensually ran it down its length. It was the way she looked at Gina. Her husband slid into the other side.

“I was hoping we would meet again” she said still looking into Gina’s eyes. Gina could feel her heart beating ninety to nothing. Ankara bayan escort This woman was so sensuous. Gina found herself completely at her mercy. Her panties were soaked. She couldn’t believe the effect this woman was having on her. She had never been interested in women before.

Gina watched as the woman moved from her eyes down to her lips and then slowly back up to her eyes. It was if she was putting some sort of spell on her. She leaned forward in the most graceful way and placed her lips against Gina’s.

Now Gina had never kissed a girl before in her life! She couldn’t believe this woman was kissing her right there in public with everyone looking! But soon she didn’t care. Soon those soft wet lips felt good against hers. Gina closed her eyes and kissed her back. Her tongue slipped easily past Gina’s lips, was met by Gina’s tongue. The kissed as if they had been lovers for years.

Cindy made it almost all the way to her car when she realized she left her coat. She had just walked back into the club and naturally turned to the booth to see if Gina was still there. She was completely shocked at what she saw. She turned her head away from the booth and quickly walked over by the bathrooms. Once safely hidden just inside the hallway, she peered back towards the booth.

My god, she thought. There was Gina kissing some woman in the most passionate way. Well actually it looked like the woman was kissing Gina…as if that mattered. They didn’t seem to care who was watching them. And they were still kissing even now!

“I’m Simone” the woman said pulling her lips away from Gina. “And that is Sam, my husband.” Gina was still stunned. She glanced across the table at Sam. He was looking at her, looking at Simone. He had a look in his eye that Gina recognized. He liked to watch. She felt a bond with him immediately.

“I’m Gina” she choked out. She was still of balance by her first kiss from another woman. She looked into Simone’s beautiful brown eyes and fell instantly under her spell.

Cindy watched as they finally stopped kissing. When they moved apart Cindy could see a man sitting in the booth across from them. He was sitting right where she had sat just minutes ago. He had to be with that woman. Was Gina having an affair with these two? She must be from the way things looked. She had no idea Gina was so kinky.

Simone reached up and ran her polished fingernail across Gina’s lip. It was a soft caress, and very sensuous. Gina was loosing control of herself. She couldn’t believe how comfortable Simone felt being so open, so sexual with another woman. And right there for all to see. She was totally focused on Gina.

While looking into Gina’s eyes, playing with her lip, Simone talked to Sam. “She was most Escort bayan Ankara impressed with your talents the other night. She is like you honey…she likes to watch.” Simone kissed Gina again renewing her hold upon her. “I don’t think she even realized I was there…until the end” she said with the slightest of smiles. She peered into Gina’s eyes. “It was a magnificent cock…don’t you think?”

Gina couldn’t find her voice. Simone’s big brown eyes were staring at her. Gina lowered her eyes to Simone’s lips. Gina had kissed those lips. She had never kissed a woman before, but kissing Simone was different.

“Well…I” Gina stammered as she recalled the rivers of cum leaked from the sides of Sam’s mouth, how his lips curled around that most impressive cock. She turned to Sam and said, “Yes, your talents were most impressive.”

Cindy gawked at them until she remembered her coat. She went to the cashier and retrieved it and then snuck back to her vantage point by the bathrooms. She could see they were still talking at the table. That woman was snuggled up against Gina, but Gina certainly didn’t seem to mind.

“Well I really must be going” Gina said feeling awkward. “It’s getting late and Robert…my husband…will be expecting me.” She looked into Simone’s eyes once again. “It was really nice meeting you.” She surprised even herself when she leaned in and kissed Simone. Those big soft lips were so tempting.

“Let us walk you to your car” Simone said looking into her eyes. “I really must insist.” Thank god, Gina thought, thank god.

“Yes, yes, of course” she managed to say. The three slid out of the booth and walked towards the door. Cindy watched as they walked out together. She gave them just a second or two and then followed at a safe distance.

They stopped at Gina’s car. With anyone else it would have been a most awkward moment, but with Simone, it was almost easy. Gina looked at Sam. They exchanged the briefest of smiles before she turned to Simone. Simone took Gina in her arms and kissed her once again.

Gina found herself completely enveloped by her perfume, her lips, her touch. Simone was the most sensuous person she had ever encountered. Gina kissed her, played with her tongue, reveled in her brief dalliance with another woman. The fact that she was repaying Sam in some small way felt good too.

She was definitely having an affair with both of them as anyone could see, Cindy thought. She had no idea Gina was bisexual. She wondered if Robert knew. What would he think of his wife kissing girls out in the parking lot…while their husbands looked on no less?

Simone’s kiss left Gina’s knees wobbly. She didn’t want to leave them, but no longer trusted herself. Simone seemed to read her Bayan escort Ankara thoughts, but was not through with her yet. She stared into Gina’s eyes once more then pushed lightly on her shoulders …sending her down.

Gina sank to her knees thinking it was now Sam’s turn. She glanced at him quickly, noticed the bulge she knew would be there. Gina could not have been more surprised when Simone raised her cute little mini skirt to reveal her clean shaven sex. Simone did not give her time to think; she just reached out and pulled Gina into her crotch.

Gina was overwhelmed by her sexual scent as her lips pushed against Simone’s slick sex. Her tongue seemed to act on its own as it slipped between Simone’s nether lips getting her first taste of woman. Simone let out a hushed moan as Gina slowly worked her tongue right up the middle of her sex.

For just a flash Gina thought about Sam standing next to them…watching. She was sure he liked what he saw, knew his cock must be throbbing in his pants.

Cindy watched, her mouthing gaping open, as Simone leaned back against the car and spread her legs a little more. Gina was right there licking her pussy!

Simone tasted so good. Gina wondered why she had never tried this before. She ran her tongue up her sex listening to Simone purr. Gina felt her clit and teased it with her tongue. She stabbed it several times with her tongue feeling Simone shake beneath her. Then she clasped her clit with her lips and sucked hard. Simone squealed as she flooded Gina’s face with her orgasm.

Gina was surprised and delighted at the same time. Her first experience with a woman had been thoroughly enjoyable. Gina rose to her feet and looked at Sam. She wanted to see the pleasure in his eyes. Sam grabbed her, pulled her to him, and gave her a deep soul kiss. Gina could feel his erection pressed against her leg.

Sam broke their kiss and Simone pulled Gina to her. Simone kissed her once again. Their kisses were so different. His was powerful, insistent. Hers was soft, passionate.

“We would like to see you again. Come back Friday night…and bring your husband” Simone said. With the briefest of smiles, she and Sam walked over to their car and left.

Cindy waited until Gina got into her car before she moved. Then she snuck over to her car. She couldn’t wait to tell the girls.

Robert was sitting in bed reading a book. The hour was late which suggested that Gina was having a good time with the girls. He could remember the last time with the girls.

Gina walked in and saw that he was still up. She was a mess and had to reek of sex. She was hoping she would have the chance to clean up before seeing Robert. A million thoughts went through her mind. He was no fool. He would know something happened.

She could just be honest. Hello Robert. I have just had sex with another woman and I now need you to fuck me within an inch of my life. Or she could just leave off the talking and rape him.

She went with rape.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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