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I’m running late, and am scared you’re going to be pissed. It’s my 31st birthday, and you’ve promised me a special treat but said I had to be at your apartment by 6:00. When you called this afternoon you wouldn’t give any details, but seemed pretty pleased with yourself. Fucking F train, always running late when I need to get to your place. Well, OK, I wanted to watch the Simpson’s, and left late. But, still, the fucking F train. My watch tells me that I’m ½ hour late. Fuck.

I let myself into the apartment. It’s dark, but there’s some light over in your bedroom and I follow it, entering the room. It takes me a moment to figure out what I’m seeing in the dim candlelight, and then it takes longer to believe it.

You’re there, on your new bed, the one with all the convenient places to be tied down. You’re naked, sweaty, and glistening in the light, beautiful and glowing, up on your knees, shaking slightly as you come. Again. Stretched out under you is a girl, naked, and you’re been sitting on her face. I’m not sure how long, but I do know that once you get started, you’re hard to stop. I can see that her hands are cuffed to the headboard, but that you’ve also managed to bind her legs there, too, with the soft cuffs, so that she’s bent double on the mattress. Her legs are trapped between yours so she can’t move as you grind your pussy on her face.

The candlelight is coming from her: there’s a candle in the shape of a 3 stuck in her pussy, and another one shaped like a 1 in her ass. It looks like they’ve been burning for ten minutes, and the wax is starting to run down to her pussy. She shifts a little between your legs. A drop splatters down onto her pussy, and she lets out a loud moan. Her pussy twitches around the candle as she comes. There’s a growing pool of her girl-come on her belly.

You open your eyes, see me there, and say, “You’re late. We started without you.”

“Yeah, I can see that. Who is she?” I’m ripping off my clothes.

“I didn’t get her name. Does it matter?”

“No, I guess not. Where did you find her?”

“She, ooooo,” you break off as her tongue finds your wet pussy again, “she works out at my gym. She – mmmm, wow, she’s got a really good tongue – I caught her checking me out the treadmill while she stretched. She likes watching my tits move.”

“She has good taste.”

“Yeah, and she’s amazingly flexible. I think she’s a gymnast, but I’m not sure.”

“My God, did you talk to her at all?” I didn’t think my cock could get this hard this fast, but as I move to the bed, naked, I’m dripping come on the floor.

“Well, no, not really.” You move your hips forward and place your hands on her tits. I always admired your taste in women, and although I can’t see her face, this one has a beautiful body. She’s a lovely complement to you, a beautiful contrast. Her tits are small where yours are big and wonderful. She has narrow hips and you have devastating curves. You look amazing together; two gorgeous women, two sexy bodies, and you start pulling on her nipples. “Hmm, she likes it hard like you do.

“No, I didn’t really talk to her, I – that’s it, push your tongue up my ass,” you tell her, “I tapped into my dominant side. I just told her. I saw her and wanted to use her. And I wanted to watch you use her. And everything gets her off – didn’t you see how she came when that wax hit her pussy? Look at the way her hips move when I pull on her nipples.” It’s true. She has nice big nipples like you do, and you have a good grip on them. You pull her tits into a tight cone, and both her ass and pussy are clenching around the candles, sending wax spilling down over her asshole. She starts coming harder, trapped in a loop of orgasms, each triggering a harder one.

“Keep licking my ass,” you tell her sharply. She does, and you draw in a quick breath. You grab my cock and stroke it gently and roughly, just how I like it.

“No offense, love” you say, “but this girl really knows how to lick. You have to give her a try. I can’t wait to see what she does with a cock – you should see what she did to that dildo.” As my eyes adjust to the light I can see that you blew your paycheck at toys again. Your purchases are strewn across the bed, and every one shines wetly in the candle light.

“So I told her. We went into the locker room at the same time, and it’s pretty empty in the middle of the day. I was coming out of the shower at the same time she was, and our lockers were next to each other. I grabbed her.” My cock is slick with my come, and you lean down to take it into your mouth. “I grabbed her and shoved her up against a locker, pulled my towel off, pushed her to her knees and made her lick me off. She knew what to do: she had two fingers up my pussy and another two up my ass, slick with my come. Her other hand was deep in her own pussy. I think she might have gotten her whole hand up there, but she’s so tight that I don’t see how she could. She came twice before I did. I knew I had her, and that I was going to bring her home for us casino şirketleri to share.” You lean over and suck my cock deep into your mouth again as you shudder through another orgasm. “Honey, I think you better blow out the candles before we actually hurt her.” The candles are burning perilously low now, and there’s wax all through her pubic hair. I blow them out and slide the 3 from her pussy, careful not to pull out her hair. I tug on the 1 in her ass, but it seems to be lodged deeper, and shaking.

“Oh,” you say when I look at you, confused, “I told her that you were going to fuck us both in the ass, so she’s getting me nice and wet with her tongue right now. But I knew I had to stretch her out, too, so I left a vibrating plug in her ass. It had a little place for the candle to rest on.”

I break off the candle and see the end of the plug in her ass, with the asshole trembling around it. She’s a mess between all her come and the wax – I don’t know how I’m going to get it all off of her without hurting her.

“Just shave her.”

She’s already bent double, with her ass and pussy open and inviting, so I go to the bathroom to get the shaving cream and a new razor. When I come back, you’ve gotten off of her face, and are lying next to her, stroking your hands along her body. She’s a beautiful girl, full lips, dark hair, some ethnicity I can’t place. The two of you are stunning, and my cock grows another inch. A blindfold is tight around her head, and her face is soaked with your come. She runs her tongue around her lips, raw from being rubbed with your pussy, and licks up as much of it as she can. There’s a little smile on her lips as she stretches around in her bonds, looking supremely content and helpless. You scoop up some of your come (I didn’t realize you could come this much) from her face and rub it onto her lips.

“Little One,” you whisper into her ear “my boyfriend here is going to shave your pussy now. Try not to move, and we’ll have all that wax off you right away. And then he’s going to take you while I watch. And then you’re going to get him hard again, and he’s going to take me, OK?”

She doesn’t answer, but smiles a little around you finger and sucks it deeper into her mouth.

I take a small pair of scissors from your desk, and trim her hair back, cutting it as short as I can. You continue teasing her idly, running your hands through her hair, over her face and lips, down her neck, tugging on her nipples, along the back of her thighs and over her ass. And you keep talking, while I rub shaving cream into her pussy, to me or to her or yourself, I’m not sure.

“I brought her back here, and got my toys out. When I told her that my boyfriend was coming over later to fuck us raw, she said she couldn’t wait to show you some of her tricks. I asked her what she was talking about, and she rummaged through the toys until she found the dildo – you know, the cock one?” I nod. It’s the life-like one that makes you come really hard when you watch me suck on it. It’s big, though, bigger than my cock, and I have a hard time getting more than a third of it in my throat. “Well, she takes that one and swallows it, all the way down to the fake balls, and she closes her lips around those. I’ve never seen anything like that outside of a porno movie.” Listening to you, she gives a little laugh and a smile. I’ve cleared away half of her pussy hair, and am lathering up the other side. Every now and then, I tap on the vibrating plug in her ass to watch her squirm.

“I was pretty juicy just walking back with this cute little thing,” you continue, “and you know I haven’t had any hot girl love since that night with Anne, so I wanted some attention, too. I had just gotten this double dildo from Good Vibrations, you know, and was itching to use it.” You reach over and grab a big fake cock, with heads on two ends, like the one we saw in that porn video. You rub it against your pussy, get it wet from your pussy, and then place it on her lips. She opens her mouth and you go on as she swallows it. I finish with her pussy, and am clearing away the stray hairs around her ass hole. You remind me to get some lotion so she doesn’t get razor burn.

“I pushed her down to her knees and pulled my shorts and panties off. I took that cuff that you some times use as a collar on me, and strapped it around her neck, loose enough so that I could slip my hand under it. This gave me a good grip while I pushed that dildo down her throat.” About half the dildo is down her throat, and it’s bulging obscenely around the fake cock.

“When it wouldn’t go any further and she pulled back, I slipped it out and told her to take a deep breath because I was going to fuck her face. I think she was a little confused, but I slipped the dildo back in and straddled her face with the other end against my pussy. She looked up at me, closed her eyes, and shoved her face forward, thrusting the first inch into my pussy.” You’re sliding the dildo in and out of her mouth now, and I’m rubbing oil into casino firmaları her naked slit, making it shine. She’s humming around the cock, and thrusting her hips against my hand, trying to get me to slip a finger into her. I’m amazed at the size of her clit and tweak it softly. She lets out a shout and a tremor.

“I see you’ve been keeping her on the edge here for a while, now, huh?”

“No, not really, I think she’s always like that, actually.

“So, anyway, Mr. Interruptus, I just threaded my fingers through her hair, and pulled her face into my pussy, sliding that cock right inside me. And then I fucked her face. God, there is something so nasty using somebody like that. I fucked her as hard as I could, as fast as I could, and came as soon as I could. Which was pretty fast, looking down at her, with her head held between my hands, grinding my pussy against her face, and feeling that big cock sliding up inside me. She took two big gulps of air when I pulled the dildo from her throat, and smiled up at me.

“‘Fuck me,’ she said ‘use me, get off on me. Call your boyfriend up – I wanna fuck him too, and then I wanna fuck you and then I want him to fuck you. I want you to take make and use me.’ That’s when we moved into the bedroom.”

While I listened to you and dripped come on your thigh, you would reach down, gather some on your finger, rub it onto your lips and then lean over to kiss her, so she could taste my come on your lips. I took hold of the assplug, and started to pull it out. It trembled in my hand, and her ass strained to hold it in.

“That’s new, too. Just got it. She should be pretty well stretched out after having that thing in her ass for half an hour.”

The plug has a wide base to keep from getting pulled all the way into her ass, and then is narrows rapidly to a little throat. But then it widens to a fat bulb two inches across before it tapers to a rounded tip. I’m amazed that she was able to hold this in her ass, and she’s moaning loudly as I try to get it out. If she can take this, then my cock shouldn’t be any problem.

“Yeah, it was kind of difficult to get that in. I had about 2/3s of it in, but couldn’t get the rest in, so she went and sat on one of the kitchen chairs, and that pushed it the rest of the way.

“When I knew you were coming over to use her, I wanted to see what her limits were, ’cause, well, you’re really dirty. I didn’t find any. She took my dildos and vibrators and beads and ate my out until I couldn’t stand, and then went down on my ass. She ate a banana out of my pussy, and then it was almost 6. I had to get her ready, for you to come over, even though you’re never on time.

“I didn’t know how flexible she was until I tied her down. I was going to cuff her hands, but she swung her legs over her head and told me to do those first. Then she looped her arms through her legs so that her legs were actually behind her arms. Amazing. But I don’t think she knew about the candles. I was sitting on her face, spanking her open ass and fingering her cunt, when I remembered the candles, which had been in the bedside drawer – I was going to use them on you, but thought you would enjoy this for a change. You should have heard her come when I lit them – I didn’t know it was possible for a woman to come that hard.

“And so I’ve been sitting here, waiting for you, spanking her and coming on her face. Now, you going to fuck her, or what?”

I had pulled the big plug out and was fingering her ass and pussy. Three fingers in her pussy and trying to get the fourth in. You’re right, she is tight, even after all the fucking and the fingering. But you’re tighter.

“No, first I want to feel her mouth,” and I move up over her head, rubbing my cock over her face. She moans, and I think it’s about my cock and look back to grin at you. But then I see that you’ve lowered your head between her legs and are lapping at her pussy like a cat. She’s snapping her hips up to meet your tongue, but you won’t rub her clit, and she can’t come. “I don’t think we should let her come tonight,” you say, your face already soaked with her juices, “what do you think?”

“We’ll let her come at midnight, OK? So we only have a few more hours with her.” I like watching my come streak her face as I run my cock over it. Her mouth opens and her tongue slips out, probing, trying to catch my cock. I grab my dick and squeeze some come onto her tongue and she quickly swallows it. I follow the come on her tongue with my cock, sliding it swiftly into her mouth.

As I pull out, she says, “your girlfriend was right, you do have a nice cock. Thick. Now, give it back to me.”

I’m kneeling over her, with her legs pinned between mine and tied to the headboard, her arms tied down, too, and a soft blindfold over her eyes, watching her swallow my cock and I have to pull out ’cause I’m scared I’ll come too soon.

“She does have a nice tongue,” I agree with you as I swing my leg over her body. You don’t say anything as you’re sucking her güvenilir casino pussy lips into your mouth and working fingers into her ass. I don’t know how many you have inside her, but you’re fucking her fast with them. I suspect I’m going to come a lot tonight.

You lift your head from her swollen pussy. “She’s ready for you,” and you move out of the way as I kneel behind her. I feel your beautiful tits press against me as you slip behind me and start whispering in my ear. “Where do you want her? Her fresh bald pussy or her hot ass?” You wrap one hand around my neck and the other around my cock. Opening her pussy with the head of my cock, you offer, “Here, have a taste,” and give my hips a little shove plunging me into her. She’s hot and tight, and makes my cock look huge between her legs. Her whimpering slips into a high-pitched squeal as I sink into her all the way to my balls with that one shove. Your hand around my cock drops down to grab my balls, and you gently tug me backwards with them.

“Oh, no, just a taste,” and you lick my ear, giggling when my cock jumps in the tight grip of your hand. “I want you to be a fully informed consumer before you make your decision. Now, how’s this?” and you put my cock at the opening of her asshole. There’s no way it’s going to fit, I think.

“Remember, she already had that big ass plug in her.” Reading my mind again.

This time you don’t let me in quite as quickly. Slowly. Terribly slowly, you work my cock into her ass.

“See,” you’re still whispering in my ear, “see how her ass takes your cock?” Your hand is tight around my shaft as the head pops through her snug anal ring. This is the only thing that stops me from coming right then and there.

“Ooo, look at how the head of your cock stretches her when I pull you back. Work her. We’ll work her, a little at a time. Don’t you feel that? Don’t you feel her hot tight ass grabbing your cock? I know she does that, I’ve had my fingers inside her, remember.”

And you’re right, her ass is grabbing at my cock, spasming around it, twitching and gripping. We both watch as her pussy opens up on its own and starts leaking juice down over my cock, easing its passage into her. As you push more of my cock into her, there’s no more space on the shaft for your hand so you grab my balls. Tight. A little tighter than I like, but I like it.

“Don’t come yet. You’re not allowed to come yet, OK?” Squeeze for emphasis.

I don’t answer, but grit my teeth and watch as another half inch shoulders its way into her asshole.

“Mmmm, that looks good, baby, you gonna do that to me later, right? You going to work your big cock into my little asshole, too, aren’t you? Feel my pussy, baby, feel how wet I’m getting.” You take my hand and press it against your lips, and I can feel your come running down your thighs. “Taste it,” and I do, running my fingers up over my lips. “Now give her some,” and I gather more on my hand to run over her mouth, but you stop me, “no, from your lips.” I lean over her and press my lips to her full ones, and she quickly cleans my face of your come.

“Your girlfriend tastes delicious.”

“I know.”

“She really knows how to work a girl into a frenzy.”

“You should see what she does to boys.”

She giggles at that, and slips her tongue into my mouth. I feel your fingers probing my ass and let out a sharp gasp into her mouth.

“Ohhh, is she playing with your ass now? She stretched me out so good with that big plug in my ass. I’d never have been able to take your cock without that.”

I just let out a slow hiss as I feel a finger work its way into my ass, then another and a third. You’ve really been working me lately, and my ass is getting used to all the things you put in it.

You press yourself against me and our friend grunts a bit under our bodies. We share a kiss, the three of us, as you start fucking my ass with your fingers. You lean down to whisper in her ear, “I’m going to fuck you now, whatever your name is. I’m going to fuck you in the ass with my boyfriend’s cock. I’m going to fuck you through his cock.”

And I feel the blunt head of one of your dildos press against my asshole. I start breathing deeply as you slowly and steadily force it into my ass. It’s bigger than anything I’ve taken before, and it forces me deeper into her ass as I struggle to accept it. Then I feel you mount me and I realize you’re fucking me with that two-ended dildo, taking the other end into your pussy. And you start fucking me.

It’s an amazing feeling, the big fake cock moving in and out of my ass, forcing my cock into her ass. Your dd’s pressing against my back and her small ones pushing against my chest. I’m not going to last long with all this stimulation, and you know it. And she knows it. She grabs my cock tighter with her ass and moans into my mouth.

“Fuck me, fuck my ass, fill my ass with your come while your girlfriend fucks your ass. You know you want to come, you know you need to come. You know how good your cock feels up my ass. I haven’t felt anything this good up my ass in sooooooo long. Can’t you feel how tight it is? How hot it is? How your big cock is stretching my little hole? Let her fuck me with your cock. Let her give it to me through you. Come, come now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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