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“I wrote this story to get my wife hot and horny for some hardcore fucking, it worked, by the time I got home we were both randy as rabbits.”

Harriet waited excitedly for Victor to get home from work. Earlier in the day, he had e-mailed her the story about what he was planning to do with her when he got home from work. Harriet had read the story and become quite aroused, but had refrained from masturbating, saving it up for later. She had cooked a light dinner, that they could eat quickly, before getting down to more interesting things.

Victor arrived home on time and gave her a kiss and a hug, all the while with a sly look on his face, like a teenager with a porno mag. They ate quickly, then headed for the bedroom. Harriet stripped off and lay on a towel, while Victor knelt between her legs and began trimming her pubic hair. He took his time, but soon her bush was no more. She picked up the towel and went to run the bath, throwing in some scented bath salts. Meanwhile, Victor set up the video camera on a high shelf, then joined Harriet in the bathroom.

They both climbed into the small bath, and set about cleaning each other and themselves. Victor’s cock was rock hard by now, jutting out from his neatly trimmed pubes. They stepped out of the bath all fresh and clean and incredibly horny, towelled off and headed back to the bedroom.

Victor went to lay down on the bed, but stopped. “Nearly forgot” he said, and went off to the kitchen, getting a can of whipped chocolate mousse. “This should be fun” he said with a grin, and lay down on the bed, his throbbing cock jutting skywards.

Harriet knew from the story he wanted a blowjob, and was happy to provide one, especially with fresh clean skin, and tasty chocolate mousse to sweeten the deal. She got on her knees between his legs and bent down to lick the end of his knob. Pre-cum was oozing from the tip, and the head was bulging beneath the foreskin. She squirted some of the mousse over his cock, and he gasped from the coldness, followed by a groan as her mouth engulfed him, licking and sucking the chocolate from his dick.

She began working her mouth up and down, gripping the base of his cock with one hand. As she did this his foreskin slid down over the head of his cock, exposing the entire sensitive area to the delightful sensations of Harriet’s mouth. With the anticipation and foreplay, Victor had known he wouldn’t last long, and within a couple of minutes he felt his orgasm approaching. Harriet sensed it too, and began to gently squeeze his balls, while sucking harder and working her tongue faster around his knob. Victor cried out as he came, and his cock spurted shot after shot of hot creamy jism into Harriet’s mouth. She swallowed it all, still sucking on zeytin ağacı izle Victor’s cock until he became too sensitive. She looked up at him with a grin, and he sat up and kissed her, before taking the can of mousse and squirting some into her mouth, like a reward for a job well done.

“Your turn now” said Victor, and Harriet lay down across the bed. Victor knelt on the floor and dove his face into her pussy, licking and lapping all over, enjoying the sweet taste of a fresh clean pussy. Her juices were oozing plentifully already, and when Victor fastened his lips around her clit, she gasped and writhed with pleasure.

This was followed by a generous squirt of the chocolate mousse, the coldness making her squeal, followed by more groans as Victor first spread it around with his mouth then licked it off. He slid two fingers inside of her, and worked them around for a bit, then pulled them, inserting the nozzle of the spraycan, and gave a good sized squirt, filling her pussy with chocolate ‘cum’, which he immediately began to lick out.

He slurped up all he could reach with his tongue, then returned his fingers to her wet squishy depths, and moved his mouth back to her clit. As he worked on Harriet’s love button, her orgasm approached rapidly, and she was soon gasping, panting and writhing as his attentions brought on several small climaxes, followed by the big one, which caused her to go completely rigid, her pussy clamping down on his fingers, and her legs gripping his face.

As she came down from orgasm, she gently pushed him away, she couldn’t bear the continued gentle pressure of his tongue on her clit. Victor stood up, his cock hard once again, and he got ready to fuck her, putting on one of the chocolate condoms she had bought them, and slipping his cock into her mouth so she could have a quick taste (she loves chocolate). He loved fucking her just after she had come, as she usually came again several more times if he fucked her nice and hard, and he knew he would last quite a while having already come once.

Harriet lifted her arse up, and Victor slid a pillow underneath. Then placed his cock at her slippery entrance and slid right in, to be rewarded with a gasp form Harriet as her pussy was properly filled for the first time that evening. Her pussy was soaked with her own juices and Victor quickly set up a powerful thrusting rhythm, his pelvis bumping her clit each time his cock slammed into her all the way, and Harriet was soon rasing her hips to meet him, her pussy squelching as she clenching it around him as another orgasm approached.

It washed over her with considerable force, and Victor slowed for a minute to let her recover. Once she opened her eyes the terminal list izle again, he pulled out of her, and manoeuvred her onto her hands and knees, so he could enter her doggy style. This position produced different sensations for both of them, and they were soon slamming into each other again with full force. Harriet dropped her head onto the pillow, using an arm to rub her clit, while Victor got to his feet, his cock still inside her, and used his whole body to thrust into her. After what seemed like ages, they came together, crying out as they did so, before collapsing on the bed together.

At this point they were both exhausted, but neither of them wanted to stop, as they both knew what Victor had planned for later. Instead, Victor put on a porno tape, and they lay together watching, as various combination of sexy young people fucked each other’s brains out on screen. As time passed, the pair’s cuddling became caressing, then fondling, until, after several scenes had played out, Harriet was wanking Victor’s hard cock, while he tickled her pussy lips with several of his fingers.

Then came the words Harriet had been waiting for. “I want to fuck you in the ass” said Victor. They had done this before, but not for a while, and Harriet was looking forward to it. “I want to be fucked in the ass” she said, “but I might need a bit of preparation.”

“Under control” replied Victor, and produced a slim buttplug, and a bottle of lube. He spread the lube over his fingers and the buttplug, and Harriet got on all fours in front of him. He first inserted one finger gently into her arse, rubbing it around her anus first, then sliding in and out, before joining it with a second finger. Harriet was moaning gently, as the delicious sensations spread throughout her body. Victor removed his fingers, and slowly slid the plug in up to the base, which he grabbed and wiggled around a bit, as Harriet began to move her hips slowly. Victor then picked up a vibrator and slid it into her pussy, providing a double pleasure, especially when he turned on the clit attachment, a powerful vibrating finger.

Harriet began to gasp and writhe. Victor placed one of Harriet’s hands on the vibrator, and began to lube up his cock, slipping the foreskin back as he did so. He took hold of the vibrator again, and twisted it around, so the clit attachment was vibrating against the base of the buttplug, sending waves of buzzing pleasure through Harriet’s arse.

“I think you might be ready now” he said, and Harriet nodded in agreement. Victor piled up some pillows, and placed a towel over them, and Harriet lack back, the pillows supporting her arse. Victor lifted her legs up, and gently pulled the the traitors izle buttplug from her arse. Harriet took control of the dildo, rubbing it over her clit and the entrance to her pussy. Victor placed the head of his throbbing cock against her anus, and gently pushed in. There was some resistance, but it popped in with only a little extra pressure and a slight gasp from Harriet. Pausing for a moment, he thrust forward gently, slowly filling her arse with his thick cock, and feeling the delightful warmth and smoothness of her back passage.

Once he had worked it all the way in, he began a slow rhythmic thrusting, the pace of which seemed to be just right for Harriet, who was soon gasping, moaning and thrashing about beneath him. As her orgasm approached, she let go of the dido and hung onto the bedframe behind her, as Victor gradually increased the pace of his thrusting, rubbing a thumb on her clit. Her breath came in short pants, and a long stuttering moan announced the arrival of her biggest climax yet. Victor grabbed her hips and thrust into her arse faster and harder, burying his cock deep inside her as his balls clenched and his cock unloaded spurt after spurt of hot liquid inside his wife and lover.

They lay still for a moment, catching their breath, then Victor got up, pulling his softening cock from her arse, causing Harriet’s breath to catch again with the sensation, while a dribble of come ran down the crack between her arse cheeks.

Thoroughly exhausted, they helped each other to the shower, where they soaped and cuddled and fondled some more. After making the bed again, they crawled into it again, both without the usual nightclothes, and fell asleep in a naked embrace, feeling closer than ever.

In the morning, despite yesterday’s exertions, they were both ready for another fuck session, especially once Harriet awoke to find Victor sucking on her clit. She interrupted him with a simple “fuck me, now”, which he did, pumping his hard cock into her for ten or fifteen minutes, as she worked her way to several minor orgasms and one very major one.

Victor could tell that her pussy was getting tired, but he had another idea up his sleeve. He headed off to the kitchen, returning with a roll of glad wrap and a goofy grin. He spread some lube into the valley between Haley’s large tits, then wrapped the gladwrap around her chest several times, making a kind of disposable boob tube, and pressing her tits together nicely.

Spreading a bit more lube on his cock, he straddled her chest and began sliding his dick into this new alternative ‘pussy’. It felt damn good, and the glad wrap meant Harriet could just lay there, watching his face as he used her body to pleasure himself. A few more minutes of this and Victor felt his balls clench, as his cock spurted its sticky load all over Harriet’s glorious breasts and neck.

Once again they returned to the shower to clean up, but this time they got dressed and had breakfast, before heading out for some more ‘normal’ activity, although they couldn’t resist a quick shag in the car on the way home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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