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Author’s Note: This is chapter two and I recommend you read the first chapter before this one as I don’t intend to go into much rehashing of the original story. Some reader feedback asked if this was autobiographical and while some parts are, others are purely of my imagination.


Jack looks me in the eye and states plainly, “That waitress will do whatever I tell her. Does that interest you?”

“Well… I suppose that is her job… “

Shaking his head he chuckles softy saying, “No, I mean if I told her to come back here and suck my cock, she would drop to her knees and suck me hungrily in front of all these people. In front of you. If I told her to kiss you deeply she would, whether she was attracted to you or not. No questions asked. Does that interest you?”

“Are you interested?” Jack said again.

I found the sheer arrogance of the man to affect me in a way I hadn’t been in a long time; however I wasn’t quite ready to throw myself at this man I barely knew in spite of my fantasies. I needed him to prove himself first, to prove I could trust this man enough to let go and let him take control. So I channeled the woman I usually was- strong and capable of anything but taking shit from anyone.

I rolled my eyes before I spoke saying, “Some women are easy and pathetically eager to please. Do you suppose she would be eager to get me a drink? Feel free to demonstrate your powers of control; I’m quite thirsty.”

I couldn’t help but let the corner of my mouth turn up sardonically. He laughed at last bit and I relaxed a little. There is nothing more off-putting to me than a man without a sense of humour. He called the waitress over and she quickly delivered me a pint. Two things about this stood out to me; firstly, she really did seem to snap to attention at his call and delivered the beer quicker than I’d ever seen done at this bar. Secondly, he hadn’t even bothered to ask me what I wanted but somehow guessed I like a good IPA. Maybe he just didn’t care and to be honest that only served to turned me on further. He just seemed to understand me and what I wanted effortlessly. As if to prove this he suggested we order our meals and changed the course of the conversation to work. This eased me back into my comfort zone as the dialogue between us normalized and I described for what must have been the 100th time in my life how I got into driving truck in the oilfield.

A couple hours went by while we ate and had a few more drinks. Conversation came easily to us and I was really beginning to enjoy this man’s company- so much- I wanted very badly to find out how dominating he really was or if that was just talk. However, he appeared to have turned that off and was acting the perfect gentleman. While he talked on I turned my attention to a girl that had caught my eye and made a decision to push this further. Hell, I might’ve been pushing it right off the edge but I didn’t care. I was sick of my boring life, my boring husband and demanding job.

She really was quite pretty and unlike “his” waitress she was exactly like the kind of woman I found attractive when I was up to such hijinks in my younger years. In fact, I realized all of a sudden, she was one of those girls from my past. I hadn’t recognized her at first because she had quit dyeing her dark hair blond but she was the same girl – petite and wearing just enough make up to accentuate her naturally lovely face. She bounced around the room filling orders and smiling genuinely. Throughout the night I had often caught her looking at me and ‘now,’ I thought with a smile, ‘I know why.’

I suppose you could say it was in that moment that I decided to change kuşadası escort my life forever as I leaned in on our table and whispered in his ear. My words harkened back to his earlier boast. “I bet I can get that waitress to come with me.”

“What? Where?” he asked confused and a little shocked to have the conversation changed so quickly. I finally felt I had thrown him off his game; perfect and if I hadn’t, I anticipated with pleasure being shown otherwise.

“To the bathroom,” I said with wink. I got up and headed towards her before I could change my mind. I didn’t look back but I knew he was following me with his eyes. I wasted no time with preamble as I locked eyes with her upon my approach. She smiled at me and allowed me to wrap my arms around her softly but with an underlying need as well.

“My dear Jennifer, it’s been a long time… too long, really. You will find your supervisor and ask him to cover your tables. There is a mess you need to clean up in the bathroom.” I directed her, falling back easily into our old roles.

“Yesss,” she whispered back taking the time to nip my earlobe with her teeth. It pleased me she was still as willing as ever to follow my orders.

“Good girl, do it now.”

As I walked away from her towards the bathroom, I spun on my heel and looked back at our table. Jack was clearly astonished but still in control of himself. He smiled inquisitively and raised his eyebrow in the direction of the bathroom. With a nod of my head and a crook of my finger I invited him to come see what was going on.

There was a long hallway that led to either the bathrooms or the rear exit. I ducked into the women’s bathroom and went to the mirror to check myself out as I waited on Jenn. My long raven hair was slightly askew. I brushed it back into place with my fingers and I was fixing a smudge of eyeliner beneath one of my big hazel eyes just as I heard the door open. I turned slowly but only after I had finished my task. She could wait… I liked to make her wait. I took my time then turned and walked purposefully towards her. She had her eyes lowered as I grabbed her firmly around the waist and moved in to kiss her. She didn’t resist at all, even though she hadn’t been with me in years. She always had been such a good girl.

Her lips were soft and pliant beneath mine as I kissed her with urgency. I was so wound up I felt like I would explode. My panties were already wet from my earlier fantasy and I felt that familiar gush as my pussy leaked out more. Putting both my hands on her ass cheeks I squeezed her firm little ass and lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I was at least 5 inches taller than her and strong due to working such a physical job. I had no difficulty carrying her like this into a stall while we were furiously kissing and biting each other’s lips as though starved. I pushed her roughly up against the wall grinding myself against her while I let her legs drop so I could put my hands to better use. I lifted her shirt and bra up to reveal her smallish but well-shaped tits and I savoured sucking her nipples. She cried out in pleasure as I used my teeth on her rock hard nipples. Just when I knew I had her sufficiently warmed up, I slid my hand under her skirt and pressed firmly on her clit while kissing her neck. Using two fingers I rubbed her clit in a circular pattern while listening for her breath to quicken and her moans heighten. Picking up speed I continued rubbing her while kissing her neck and lips with fury. I was sure she was ready to come so I kissed her firmly on the mouth to quiet her as her pussy gushed all over my fingers and she tensed kuşadası escort bayan as her orgasm shook her.

She melted into my arms and I let her drop, intending to push her head to my throbbing pussy. Suddenly before I could even undo my pants I realized I hadn’t heard the door open to bathroom. That arrogant bastard had snubbed my invitation. Suddenly, I couldn’t care less about Jenn. She was still sitting on the floor panting from the intensity of our encounter as I started to leave.

“Are you going?” she practically whimpered but I don’t think she was upset- far from it, really.

“Yeah, another time, pet. I need to go and you had better get back to your friends.” I said and with that I was gone from the bathroom but I didn’t make it far.

Wet, sloppy slurping noises greeted me as I opened the door back to the hallway. Jack was next to the back exit from the bar and on her knees was “his” waitress eagerly attending to his cock. Her shirt was pulled down so her large tits were exposed and bouncing while she worked his dick. He noticed me immediately and winked as he roughly grabbed her head and pushed it all the way down on his very generously sized cock.

“That’s right, slut. Take it all, that’s a good girl.” He coaxed as he thrust his cock harder, making her gag. “Oh, slut.. you like gagging on this big dick?”

He was talking to her but it was directed at me and as he said it my pussy began to throb with desire. I leaned back on the wall in the hallway and decided to enjoy the performance. He twisted his hand in her hair and pulled her head all the way back on his cock so just the tip was positioned on her lips.

“Answer me!” he demanded.

“Yes, master.” She said panting, “I love it when you use my mouth. Treat me like the slut…”

She was cut off as he thrust his thick shaft back through her lips and down her throat. With a smug yet somehow determined looked on his face he began to throat fuck her while she struggled to manage his size and length. Meanwhile, although I was enjoying the show, I was beginning to feel kind of jealous. I wanted to be on my knees lapping at his cock. I wanted to be calling him master and doing his every whim. Suddenly, as though he read my mind he threw her off his cock and tucked it quickly but not without some effort into his pants. The waitress fell back, her make-up smudged from gagging on that delicious cock. Without a glance at me, he turned and opened the backdoor- ducking out into the night.

I followed, of course, I followed. I wanted this man more than I had ever wanted anything. I didn’t even think of my husband. We rarely had sex and when we did- it felt as though I was being fucked with a feather. I didn’t think of anyone or anything but Jack and the dull ache of my throbbing swollen wet pussy. He knew this of course. He knew exactly what I was and he grabbed me as I walked out the door.

“You are my slut now.” Jake he whispered in my ear. “I knew from the moment I met you that you craved to find your master, someone to tame you. Come with me tonight and I will give you everything you have always desired.”

“Oh God, yes.”

He led me to his pick-up truck and I slid into the leather seat.

“I live 20 minutes from town. Shall we go there? Will you husband miss you if you are late and get home bow legged from the fucking I intend to give you?”

“He’ll be in bed by now. I’ll text him that I’m tying one on with the girls.”

“Do you usually come home bow legged from a night out with the girls?”

“Depends on the girl.” I said with some humour.

“Good slut.” He said with a smile escort kuşadası and with that put the truck in gear and we were on our way.

Once on the road but still in town he demanded, “Take off your shirt, slut. I want to know if those tits are as perfect as they seem.”

Still in disbelief this was happening and that I actually wanted it to happen I didn’t say anything. I just moved quickly to do as he said as though hypnotized. My pale, round tits shone in the streetlight and my small pink nipples were hard and tight. I was enjoying this so much. Anyone could look in the windows and see my naked chest as they drove by. Luckily, I live in a small city and the roads were fairly quiet as we passed a few vehicles I was certain at least a couple of them were questioning if that girl in that truck was really riding around topless.

“You know, you look like a natural born cocksucker with those full red lips. I think you should do what you were born to do.”

He was trying to humiliate me with this and it worked but instead of turning me off, it sent a bolt of lust through me. He unsnapped his fly with one hand and rock hard cock sprung out at full attention. It must have been at least 8 inches and satisfying thick but I didn’t have time to assess it anymore, at least not with my eyes. His hand grabbed my head and I was soon face to face with the one of the most impressive cocks I’d ever seen. I dove in and wrapped my mouth around his girth. Swirling my tongue around the head, I worked my mouth back and forth spitting and drooling over his smooth but rock hard shaft. He groaned and leaned back in his seat as he drove; letting me do all the work. I went to task servicing his cock while he drove in such a relaxed manner; one might have guessed he was taking a leisurely Sunday drive. I moved my head down further on his length, testing how far I could get his cock down my throat at this angle. I was maybe halfway down when I felt his hand grip my hair and push my head down roughly. I felt a pop as his cock entered my throat, cutting off my airway. My lips stretched tightly around his thick base he forced cock was all the way down my willing throat. My eyes were watering furiously and I began to gag so he relaxed his grip allowing me to come up for air.

“Oh my God, slut. You are more than worth my time for your mouth skills alone. I want to fuck your mouth until I come down that sexy little throat.” He moaned as I picked up my rhythm now back in control and working his shaft with fervor. “Would you like that? Would you like me to come right down your throat?”

He pulled my head up so I could answer, “Yes, master. I am craving your come. I want you to use my mouth and come right down my throat.”

“My little slut gets what my little slut wants.”

He groaned as he gripped me by the hair pushed my head all the way down on his cock. I felt it stiffen and twitch as come squirted out his thick head and directly down the back of my throat. I hear lots of girls complaining about come but although I wouldn’t admit it to them I love the taste and feel. Not that I could taste it this time. No, it all went right down my throat and that turned me on even more with how dirty it made me feel. I pulled back from his lap, licking my lips and brushing the tears from my eyes. Once the satisfaction of giving great head wore off, I realized my pussy was on fire with desire and I had just blown this cock out of service.

He sensed my disappointment saying, “Don’t worry my little slut, I have plans for you. You aren’t the only one with talents.”

We soon arrived at his house which turned out to be a nice cabin at a nearby lake. He rushed me- still half naked- inside and instructed me remove my jeans but not my soaked panties.

“Go lie on the bed and hold this glass of water. I’m going to lick and suck that pussy until you come but don’t spill a drop or you will be punished…”

… To be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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