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(Author’s Note: These stories originally began as a creation for My girl, I love her with all My heart, I dedicate these works to her.)

beth had never known the throes of pleasure she was going through at this very moment, she almost hated to swallow her Master’s cum, she wanted the taste to linger forever upon her lips and tongue, but in the same instant, she wanted it in her belly, with His cock still in her mouth, she began swallowing, still working her tongue around the head while keeping Him hard, she knew He had another desire, one she wanted quite possibly more than He.

The slit in His tight ass was tighter than the one in His cunt, it’d been untouched, unused at all save for the times He’d commanded her to insert a toy, she could feel the juices smeared over that slit from her continued fucking of His cunt, she, more than almost anything, needed Him to be her first there.

The thought made her spray again, her tummy was extremely tight, and ached badly, her Master pulled from her mouth and commanded her to get on her hands and knees, she had known that would be next, and she was more than ready for it, His cock slid in deep passed her fingers, gathering more juices, again she sprayed, soaking Him from the waist down as another small orgasm overtook her.

she felt the pulsing, the jerking of His cock against her walls and fingers as He withdrew, her eyes went wide as He eased Himself into His ass, finally pushing beyond that tight ring, that was it, her last virginity had been taken, once He was fully sheathed inside her, and bent over her.

He whispered into her ear “No matter how badly you yearn for it, this ass, this slit, is Mine, and Mine alone to enjoy forever” His words were instantly etched into her soul, but all she could do was nod her head that she understood, the sensations that wracked her body when He began making love to her sent her off into multiple mini-orgasms, she seemed to be in never ending throes of those mini kuşadası escort orgasms.

He himself wouldn’t last long, soon she began wailing out her pleasure, His thrusts were fast, and hard, yet He continued massaging her areola and nipples so softly, so lovingly.

That wailing turned into keening as the slit of her ass contracted around His hard cock, His eyes were closed tightly, oh God, He’d never experienced anything so wonderful as possessing, claiming, Mastering His slut.

her fists clenched the sheets beneath her, knuckles as white as the cum on her fingers in the effot to please Him..she felt the telltale jerking in His ass, His cock straining against the pleasure it was recieving, His orgasm came swiftly, fiercly..her ass flooded with His seed finally, she was surprised He’d not yet given her the order to cum..two hours since she’d began.

Even more surprised was she when she felt His tongue slide deep inside His cunt, just before murmuring “Cum for Me” she blinked as she began doing exactly as commanded, but she had been rolled to her back by now, her body bucked and writhed on the bed, against His mouth…her eyes open to watch Him, she saw her own juices spray everywhere before she almost blacked out, infact, she did black out for a few moments, the next thing she knew, she was under the covers, snuggled in against Him exactly as she and He had described over MSN so many, many times before, His lips pressed against hers before she dialed her house, informing them she’d be staying with master for the week.

she turned back to Him and murmured “Master? Yours loves you” He smiled and pressed His lips to hers, quite pleased with His treasure.

He murmured “I love you too Mine, very much” Tthey drifted off to sleep, the night having fallen by now..

Chapter 4

she awoke after only a couple hours sleep, her dream had been just as intense as her reality was, even after all she had just been through kuşadası escort bayan a couple hours before, she was dreaming of Him again, He’d coated her body from her forehead down in His cum, she’d been wrenched from that dream by the dire urge to pee, after gently unwrapping herself from Him, her feet felt the floor beneath her, she stood up very slowly, but none the less she almost fell to the floor, her legs very weak.

Careful to make no sounds, not wishing to disturb His sleep, she made her way to the bathroom, unlike at her house, she felt no need to close the door, should her Master awaken and find her using the bathroom, she’d simply have to endure His gaze, which was quite fine with her, infact, the thought of Him watching her pee was quite sexy to her, her mind began wandering despite the ache within His pussy.

*His* pussy, she said it softly to herself, many times before she’d said that about that part of her body..her body? No, not anymore, now it, like she, belonged to Him, she was married, yes, she loved her husband, without doubt, and she was his as well, but right now, forever, she knew she’d belong to her Master.

After she finished peeing, long after she finished peeing she remained there, her thoughts still wandering, she felt the heat, that familiar tingle within His pussy, she was getting quite excited again. He was still asleep, quite soundly, she’d turned the light on to the bathroom, yet His back was facing her, she breathed a sigh of relief and stretched, this ache was quite pleasurable, and the

fact He’d made her do what she wasn’t able to do before infront of a stranger..cum..was making her even more excited, she’d brought all her toys as He’d asked, and He’d even gave her money for a new one of His choice.

The money had been left in her mailbox after the mail had run, this toy she now pulled from the bag, it was a double headed vibrator about six or seven inches long, the length escort kuşadası reminded her of her Master, she sucked on the top part of the toy eyeing the lower half suspiciously, it was just as long, and as wide as the top one, but one small touch to His ass and she knew she’d have no troubles taking it anymore, He’d seen to that.

The toy had an almost intimidating buzz to it, and a total of thirteen speeds, beth put it up in her very slowly, wincing slightly from being sore, but soon she moaned softly, having lain down in the tub, her hips thrust up into the toy, it took both her hands to hold it steady,

not from the power of the vibrations, her juices began spilling again quickly, in thick amounts, not five minutes into playing with it and she could feel them seeping down to His very full ass, she got a little adventurous and cranked the vibe from four to ten, her eyes became as wide as silver dollars as it instantly responded, she tried her best to keep her moans down, to keep quiet in fear of waking Master.

her entire body trembled as she continued thrusting her hips up into this monster of a toy, imagining it was her Master’s cock and fingers in her, her eyes closed tight before she arched, thrashing in the tub, silently crying out to her Master as she sprayed cum once

again all over the tub, quitely after turning it off, she cleaned it and put it back in it’s package, she knew He wanted her to wait for Him before it was used, and she’d tell Him.

she knew He’d punish her for this, but she was quite certain it would be a pleasurable punishment. As she slipped back into bed and nuzzled against Him, her eyes widened feeling His quite erect cock press against the cheek of His ass.

His arm wrapped around her waist as He drew her back against Him, His husky voice murmured into her ear as He claimed His cunt again, pressing His cock deep, she gasped and whimpered as she strained to listen to His whisper “Mine used the new toy without Me, I hope you enjoyed it though, because tomorrow begins a new way of using it as punishment” she whimpered and nodded, His eyes closed, hand on His clit firmly, she trembled against Him for several long minutes before she dropped off as well into a deep sleep…(To be continued…)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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