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I was enjoying our conversation with the Stranger. The wine made it easy for me to confide in him, and tell him things I would not have told someone I knew. “My bride and I were virgins when we got married. I still have not been able to get inside of her,” I revealed.

The Stranger looked at my bride, who blushed and looked down at the table we were sitting at in the hotel bar. “Your bride is beautiful, fragile, fresh, and innocent,” he said. “Perhaps you are so much in love with her that you cannot think of her sexually.”

I smiled with relief, “You have amazing insight, and you do not even know me. No one else would understand something like that.”

“I am older than the two of you, and I have learned how to read people,” the Stranger said. “I sensed your situation before I asked if I could join you at your table.”

It was 1:30 AM on a week night. There was no one else in the hotel bar, but the bar tender, who was watching a ball game on television, and too far away to hear us.

“No one can hear our conversation,” the Stranger said with a slight smile.

“You are a mind reader,” I said.

“Your mind is an interesting read. This must be your honeymoon.”

“Yes,” my bride said. “I grew up in this city. I have lived with my parents in the same house since I was born. My husband and I will see the sights for a week. Then I will move into his apartment.”

“That is sweet,” the Stranger said. “This is a fascinating and beautiful city. It will be even more enjoyable for your husband to see it with a woman as beautiful as you are.”

“Thank you,” my bride said, giggling slightly, and looking at the table.

“Shyness in one as lovely as you is exceptionally appealing. If I may say so,” the Stranger said nodding respectfully at me, “any man would be proud to be seen with you. You have a delightful woman’s figure, but your face makes you look touchingly young. It is easy for me to imagine you in the bed room you grew up in, in your parents’ home playing with a teddy bear you have owned since you were three years old.”

My bride laughed gently. “I have had that bear since I was two.”

“I envy your teddy bear when you cuddle him,” the Stranger said, “and when you come back from a shower, and remove your towel.”

My wife looked down at the table and blushed, but smiled. I felt as though my bride and I should leave the Stranger, and go to our hotel room, but she was enjoying this. So in a strange sort of way was I. The Stranger was about my father’s age, but trim and fit. His black hair was streaked with grey. He was expensively and tastefully dressed. Anyone could tell he was important, although he had not told us anything about himself. He spoke with a trace of a foreign accent I could not identify. He had a high forehead, and intelligent dark blue eyes that liked what they saw when they looked at my bride.

My bride liked the way the Stranger looked at her. I was sure of my wife’s love. If he excited her, he fascinated me. His attraction to my bride was a credit to my good taste, and to my ability to win her as my wife.

“Were you married in a church?” the Stranger asked.

“Yes,” my bride answered. It is the church I have attended with my family ever since I was baptized there.”

“That is charming,” the Stranger said. “I wish I could have attended. I would have given you a memorable wedding gift. I also would have wanted to kiss the bride. Do you have photos of your wedding?”

“Yes,” my bride answered. “We have them in our hotel room.”

“Do you have plans for tomorrow?”

“After driving around, in the afternoon we will see a Eugene O’Neal play,” I answered.

“You are a cultured couple,” the Stranger said. “I admire that.”

“He was my favorite playwright in high school English,” my bride explained.

“Last call!” the bartender interrupted.

“Do you want anything?” I asked my bride and the Stranger.

“Chardonnay,” my wife said.

“Cabernet sauvignon for me,” said the Stranger.

I walked over to the bar, and ordered one glass of chardonnay, and two of cabernet sauvignon. “Thank you,” the Stranger said, when I returned to our table. “Let me propose a toast to the newlyweds: may your marriage be a happy one.”

After drinking half of my glass I felt emboldened to say, “So far I have not performed well as a groom.”

“You have time to learn,” the Stranger explained. “Honeymoons were designed for the sexually inexperienced to enjoy a delightful process of discovery.”

When Anadolu Yakası Escort we finished our drinks I brought the glasses back to the bar, and left a generous tip. As I returned to our table my bride told the Stranger. “The bar tender wants to close. Would you like to come up to our hotel room and look at our wedding photos?”

“I would be honored to,” the Stranger answered.

The three of us took the elevator to the floor where our hotel room was, and walked to the room. After we entered I turned on a light, and closed and locked the door. The curtain to the picture window was drawn, showing the lights of the city. My wife closed the curtain before opening a suitcase and showing the Stranger a photograph. “This is me in my wedding dress,” she said.

“You look especially beautiful in this photo,” the Stranger said. “From your shy, and yet expectant smile it is clear that you are a virgin bride looking forward to a life of marital pleasure.”

“Some people think there is something wrong with being a virgin at my age.”

“I never have,” the Stranger said.

My wife showed the Stranger another photo. “Here I am in my wedding dress with my parents and my younger sister.”

“This is a charming photo,” the Stranger said. “Your sister and your mother are as beautiful as you are.”

My bride giggled saying, “Thank you.”

“And here I am with my groom,” my bride said, showing the Stranger another photo.

“You look good together. You were made for each other.”

“Here is one I am sure you will like. I am in my bed room holding my teddy bear.”

“Now this is delightful. Where is the photo of your teddy bear admiring you as you remove your towel?”

“I don’t have one, silly,” my bride said giggling.

My bride showed the Stranger a photo of the wedding reception, with her eating a piece of wedding cake. “Again you look beautiful,” the Stranger said. “I wish I could have kissed the bride. May I kiss you now?”

“I guess so,” my bride said. “May I?” she asked me.

“If you want to.”

I thought the Stranger would only walk over and kiss my bride. Instead he positioned the chair in which he was sitting into the middle of the room, and asked my bride to sit on his lap. She did. He kissed her once. Then she put her hands around her head and kissed him two more times. Rather than becoming alarmed by this, I felt my penis getting stiff. The Stranger slowly removed my bride’s shoes saying, “I do not believe you will need these for awhile.”

“I don’t think so either,” my bride said, kissing the Stranger again.

It was almost a truism when the Stranger told my bride, “The pupils of your eyes are dilating. That means that you are becoming aroused.”

“Is that what it means?” my bride said. It was more of a statement than a question.

“Yes Darling. That is exactly what it means.”

“I wonder how that could be,” my bride said with a broad smile, before kissing the Stranger again.

“I hope we have your husband’s permission for the enjoyment we are giving each other,” the Stranger said.

All I was able to say was, “I never thought I would enjoy something like this, but I am.” I kept telling myself that I could stop them later on.

“In that case you won’t mind when I put my hand inside your bride’s dress and stroke the inside of her thigh.” First the Stranger ran his fingers up and down along the outside of my bride’s left thigh. Then he began to run them along the inside of her right thigh. As he got close to her crotch my bride began to breathe more heavily.

My bride pushed his hand out. “I’m sorry. I’m getting modest again.” The Stranger put his hand around my bride’s narrow waist, and began to praise her loveliness. When he returned his hand to the inside of her thighs she did not protest.

She did look nervous as the Stranger began slowly to unzip her dress, but made no effort to stop him. After unzipping my bride’s dress the Stranger began to run the tips of his fingers slowly and gently up and down my bride’s back, from the back of her neck to her panties, which he finally entered with his hand. “I shouldn’t be letting you do this,” my bride protested with no insistence behind her words.

“Do you want me to continue?”

“I wish I didn’t enjoy this so much, but I do.”

The Stranger removed the top of my bride’s dress, exposing her bra. She put her arms together to ease the removal. ‘Your cleavage is delightful,” the Stranger Kadıköy Escort said, kissing the tops of my bride’s breasts. Then he paused for a moment to see if she wanted him to continue. My bride showed that she did by kissing the Stranger several times.

“A problem you may have had,” the Stranger told both of us, “is that you tried to do everything too quickly. Love making should be slow and relaxed. No one is timing you. No one is scoring you.”

The Stranger unfastened my bride’s bra. When she did not resist he removed it in front, exposing my bride’s beautiful breasts. My bride got nervous, and covered her breasts with her hands. The Stranger kissed her a few times, and said, “Darling please lower your hands, so that I may admire your breasts.” When my Bride obeyed, he said, “This is really beautiful.” Feeling my bride’s left nipple the Stranger said, “Your nipple is hard and erect. That means that you are getting excited.”

“Yes I am,” my bride said quietly.

The Stranger asked me to run my hands over my bride’s breasts, and feel her nipples. “When your bride responds this way. You can tell that she is almost ready. “Is your vagina getting moist?”

“Yes, it really is.” The Stranger motioned my bride to stand up, so that he could remove her dress completely. Then he had her sit on his lap again.

“How do you feel?” the Stranger asked my bride.

“I don’t know for sure,” my bride answered. “I feel good. This also feels strange.”

“By the time your honeymoon is over this will not feel strange. You and your husband will be able to experience your love in new and delightful ways.” As the stranger spoke soothingly he gently fondled my bride’s breasts.

“How do you feel about this?” the Stranger asked me.

“Too excited to tell you to stop,” I admitted.

“Do I have your permission to pull down your brides panties?”

“If you have hers.”

My bride gave the Stranger permission by kissing him. “Darling, I believe it is time for me to remove your panties.”

“Yes, I believe it is time,” my bride whispered, standing up, and putting her hands on his shoulders.

The Stranger slowly pulled my bride’s panties down to her thighs, exposing her smoothly shaven vulva. “You are quite a woman.”

“You make me feel like a woman,” my bride said softly.

“You certainly make me feel like a man,” the Stranger said, before pulling my bride’s panties all the way down to the floor. My bride lifted each of her feet, so that the Stranger could remove her panties completely. He showed me the inside of my bride’s panties. “Look at this lubrication,” he told me. When your bride gets this way, she is ready for your penis. Feel the inside of her vagina.”

I did. “Yes, she certainly is wet. She has not been this way with me before.”

“She will be. She was too nervous before. But she still needs to have her vagina opened,” he explained, feeling the inside of my bride’s vagina. I can tell that she has a very hard hymen. I also appreciate it that your bride is shaved,” he said running the backs of his fingers up and down my bride’s slit. “I always prefer a shaven vulva.”

“I shaved right before our wedding,” my bride explained, “and every day since.”

“Next time ask your husband to shave you. That will be a loving experience for both of you.”

The stranger stood up, removing his clothes, and revealing a very hard and large penis. My bride gasped. “That is the second one of these I have seen in my life. It is larger than my husband’s. I am not sure I can take it.”

“The first time will hurt,” the Stranger warned my bride, “but your arousal will reduce the pain. I will stretch your vagina, and make it easier for your husband to get in.”

The Stranger placed a towel over the bed where my bride and I had tried to consummate our marriage. “This will catch your bride’s virginal blood,” he explained and wipe my semen as it leaks out of your wife’s vagina.”

My wife lay on the towel, and spread her thighs. “Be gentle with her,” I requested.

“I always am,” the Stranger said. He spread my bride’s labia with his fingers, telling me to come over and look. “This is your bride’s hymen. The small hole in the middle is to allow the flow of menstrual blood. This up here is your bride’s clitoris. Before entering your bride’s vagina there is still more that I can do to get her ready.” He bent down and blew on my bride’s hymen for several minutes. She moaned softly, moving her head back Ataşehir Escort and forth slowly. Then he lay next to her on our bed, and began to rub her clitoris with his fingers. “Clitoral orgasms are more intense than vaginal orgasms,” he told me, “but less satisfying. This will increase your bride’s desire for my penis.”

My bride became very tense, leaving scratch marks on the Stranger’s back. Finally she took his hand in hers, and said, “That is enough. Let’s do it. Get inside of me.”

My bride lay with her thighs spread, and her legs straight, and on the bed. “Lift your legs up, Darling,” the Stranger advised. “Try to wrap them around me. That will ease my entry. There, that’s it.”

Even then, when the Stranger began to invade the fortress of my bride’s virginity, he found her hymen a stout guardian.

“You’re hurting me,” my bride protested.

“Are you sure you want to go through with this?” the Stranger asked.

“Yes. I am too excited to stop you now.”

The Stranger renewed his assault. My bride cried in pain as he broke her hymen, and pushed into where I had not been able to enter. Ever the thoughtful lover, the Stranger’s coital movements were slow and gentle. “Does this still hurt?” he asked my bride.

“A little,” my bride whispered quietly, “but it is beginning to feel really good.”

After a few minutes the Stranger pushed in deeper, and began to move more vigorously. “This does feel good,” my bride said. “I never knew anything could give me so much pleasure.”

“With your husband it will feel even better. This is always more delightful with the one you love.”

“Keep doing it. Keep doing it. Oh that is so wonderful,” my bride said as she had what I could tell was her first orgasm. The Stranger needed no encouragement, and pushed in deeper and harder.

This continued for about twenty minutes, as my bride had several more orgasms. Finally the Stranger said, “I am about to do it. Yes! Yes! he said in triumph as he flooded my bride’s vagina with his semen.

My bride wrapped her legs around the Stranger, and whispered, “Don’t leave yet. This moment is so precious.” When she finally released him my bride kissed the Stranger again and again, saying, “Thank you. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you,” the Stranger told my bride, “and you too,” he said nodding to me. “Because your bride’s first sexual experience was enjoyable, she will not have issues.”

“You have given us a memorable wedding gift,” my bride told him. “We will never forget this. We will never forget you. From now on this will be easy for us.”

The Stranger used the towel my wife had been laying on to stanch her virginal blood, and wipe his semen that was leaking out. “Give the hotel desk clerk fifty dollars for this towel,” he told me. “He knows this is your honeymoon so he will understand. I am keeping it as my payment for your honeymoon instruction and as a memento of what has been a thoroughly satisfying and pleasurable experience for me. I have taught you what to do. Now you must learn from each other. I hope I have contributed to your happiness as a married couple.”

The Stranger quickly put his clothes on, and folded the towel so that no blood was showing. Before he left, my bride, who was still quite naked hugged him, kissed him and said, “I cannot thank you enough.”

By now I was thoroughly excited. After the Stranger left I was able to perform adequately with my bride for the first time. When we were finished we lay looking at each other, enjoying the afterglow. “I am not as good as he was, but I will get that way,” I said.

“Because I love you,” my bride told me, “I enjoyed you so much more.”

The next morning we hoped to be able to have breakfast with the Stranger, but could not find him. After the play we returned to the hotel bar and restaurant, but still could not find him. Because we were both tired we took a nap in our hotel room after a most satisfying love making session.

That night we went back to the bar. My wife wore a thin, short, and revealing dress, with no bra underneath, and no panties. Her dress was unbuttoned in front, exposing the most delightful cleavage. Her nipples protruded beneath the dress. The bar was empty, but for the bar tender. My bride sat at the table where we had met the Stranger. I ordered two drinks for us. When I took the glasses back to order two more drinks I said to the bar tender, “My wife and I were here last night. Do you remember us?”

“Of course. You’re the honeymoon couple. Congratulations. Your next drinks are on the house.”

“Thank you.” When he handed me our two drinks I said, “We were sitting with a man we just met. Has he been back today?”

“I am sorry Sir,” the bartender responded. “You and your wife are the only two people I remember from last night.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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