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Three friends. Best friends. School teachers with the summer off. North Carolina, hotter than Hades. Charlene, with an old family tie to the slender islands known as the Outer Banks, found a beach house to rent, through a friend of a friend. A four bedroom though they’d only need three, the three friends all bringing their husbands, of course. The house is just a few miles from Cape Hatteras lighthouse, and a nice beach walk to the Pier.

“I’m going to burn off some pounds walking,” Charlene said to Vanessa and Kendra, the three-way phone call connecting their girlishly sparkle-colored iPhones.

“Oh, yeah, that’ll be nice,” Vanessa said. “We can all burn some calories, with the ocean to look at.”

“And men,” said Kendra. “There’ll be lots of beach-body hotties there, I’ll bet.”

“More like dad-body hotties, but that’s not so bad,” Charlene said. “There was a silver fox walking the beach when Gunner and I drove over last week. He was as hot as an old guy gets.”

Kendra chuckled. “How old was he?”

“Fifties. Sixty, maybe. He was slim, and tan, with a short grey beard and wavy grey hair. Yeah, I woulda done him.”

Vanessa and Kendra laughed, and Charlene giggled like she does. The girls, as they call themselves, can go off on giggling tangents about good looking men at the drop of a hat, so much so that they have to watch themselves at school, in the teacher’s lounge, where caffeine-fueled conversation flows easily.

They’d become a three girl clique because they’re youngish and childless. Youngish as in thirties, although Kendra and her husband Calvin are the pups of the group at twenty-nine. Sweethearts since they were kids, she and Calvin had survived college apart, a long stint of working in different states, and now are together again, married for the last three years.

Calvin plays softball with Vanessa’s husband Zeke, and Zeke hunts with Charlene’s husband Gunner. Calvin’s not a hunter. He says a black man should never enter the woods in North Carolina during hunting season. Gunner says he’s right, even though it saddens him to think that his home state is still such an intolerant place when it comes to race. As far as Gunner is concerned, Calvin and Kendra are good people, simple as that. Color is something you pick out at the paint store, not something that distinguishes a friend.

Zeke thinks so, too. He’s a displaced Northerner who ended up in Raleigh for work. He met Vanessa in a dusty antique store one fateful day. Gunner and Charlene met in a similar way, though it was at an antique gun show and she was with a redneck boyfriend who was way less than the marrying kind. So clueless was he, he didn’t even notice the love-at-first-sight look in Gunner’s eyes when Gunner slipped Charlene a business card. Gunner’s Firearms and War Antiques was emblazoned on it, and Gunner’s own personal phone number was written on the back. He and Charlene were married a year later.

And so the six of them had decided to vacation together, a week at a beach house. It was a first, all six of them together like that, with overnights involved. The closest they had come to something similar was afternoon pool parties at each others houses, parties that occasionally stretched into the evening. The first was the jittery one, with nervousness about showing bodies in swimwear, but that had quickly normalized. Charlene remains the most self-conscious. “Gunner wanted me to buy a bikini to take, so I found one, and bought it,” she said to Vanessa and Kendra, there on that threeway phone call. “I’m sure I won’t wear it. I hope he forgets about it.”

“Why?” Kendra said. “Girl, you look as good as anybody. There isn’t a man alive who wouldn’t say you’re cute.”

“If I can wear one, you can,” Vanessa said. “Kendra’s the only one with a bikini body, but do you see that stopping me?”

“Hey, if your fat’s not all rolled up like the Michelin Man, you’re good,” Kendra said, chuckling. “You girls have nice curves. That’s all a man looks at.”

“Damn right,” Vanessa said. “When we get there I’m putting on my bikini and finding that silver fox. I want to take a walk with him.”

The girls all laughed. Their minds all pictured a sun-stroked beach, and a tanned, handsome man.

Charlene decided that the bikini Gunner had made her buy was a maybe. She would maybe wear it one time on their vacation, if the stars aligned in a perfect way, with few people on the beach, or maybe none but her own comfortable group, with Vanessa and Kendra wearing theirs. If it did happen, she needed to be prepared, meaning a suntan all around her middle, so she worked at it for two weeks before the trip, in her backyard, in private.

Gunner caught her at it one day, when he came home earlier than she’d expected, him saying “Damn, hun, you look good all sweaty.”

Charlene, lying on her back in the strong sun, propped herself up on her elbows. “What are you doing home so early?”

“That guy came and bought all that casino şirketleri Civil War stuff, so I closed up,” Gunner said. “We should celebrate.”

And so they did, right there by the pool in their private, surrounded-by-woods backyard. Stripped naked, sweating in the sun-stroked North Carolina heat, they fucked three different ways and Charlene came twice. Gunner loves the way she orgasms — loud and proud, always giggling, always smiling.

After she’d tanned her middle, at home, Charlene didn’t wear the bikini again until the last day of the vacation. The week at the nice beach house had gone by in a flash — days of suntanning, walking, exploring the lighthouse and swimming. In the evenings there was homemade pizza, restaurant dinners, and even a night of dancing out at hole-in-the-wall bar, to the sounds of a loud, old-fashioned jukebox that was filled with classic rock and oldies. In the late evenings the three couples watched Netflix movies on the TV, sipping wine and beer. Lots and lots of wine and beer. Sunny mornings worked off mild — and not so mild — hangovers, walking the beach and swimming in the new day’s surf. It had been the perfect vacation, full of good cheer, friends getting along, lots of laughter.

“I can’t believe how fast this went,” Vanessa said, walking the beach with her two best girlfriends on that last full day. “I don’t want to go home tomorrow. Think the landlord will give us another week?”

“This place is booked solid,” Charlene said. “We were lucky to get this week.”

She and Vanessa and Kendra all fell silent as they walked. The gentle, rhythmic whoosh of the surf hypnotized them, as it does, and their minds played back the memories of the dreamlike week. Charlene, proud of herself for finally working up to that day’s unveiling of her first-ever bikini, found that her own dreamlike remembrances were stuck in a loop — it was the quiet, muffled sounds of her friends having sex that, for the moment at least, was most memorable. They were surprising sounds that she’d never anticipated. That kind of new, voyeuristic intimacy hadn’t even crossed her mind before the trip, although she realized it probably should have, what with three youngish, healthy, happy couples, all sleeping in small bedrooms clustered around a small upstairs hallway. There will be sex, she now realized, and the quiet, dreamy, sexy sounds of it echoed in her mind.

Vanessa, and especially Kendra, didn’t think much about it. Kendra had expected it, thought of it as normal, and Vanessa, after just the first night, went with the flow and let her inner teenager out, the one who never cared much about conventions. It was part of why she had found the week so relaxing. It was a true get-away, and the sexual dormitory feel of the late nights was a nice little thrill. Over the last few years the girls had talked about their sex lives some, so, for all of them, hearing the audible proof of their friends’ healthy marriages was nothing but good, and secretly exciting.

But it was far from the week’s only sexy aspect. The girls in their swimsuits, putting on suntan lotion in the sun; the guys in their swim trunks, emerging from the ocean glistening wet. Conversations had turned sexy many times. And the movie choices had gotten more and more romantic and sexy, with quite a bit of nudity that kept eyes open wide while the popcorn was eaten.

The final evening together, after a delicious restaurant dinner, proved to be unique. “Is it warm in here?” Charlene asked, after returning to the house. Everyone took a turn looking at the digital thermostat, and the guys had a look at the indoor and outdoor portions of the air-conditioning system. A phone call was made, to the landlord. He called back with the unfortunate news — on the warmest of the week’s nights, the A/C was out of commission until morning.

“There’s ceiling fans in all the rooms, you guys, and the sea breeze,” Kendra said. “Let’s just open up all the windows. It’ll be old-fashioned.”

Vanessa announced she was going swimming, a nighttime swim to cool off, and the others agreed it was a good idea. It began a night of lounging around in swimwear, the coolest clothing option to wear in the warm house, the girls all in bikinis, the guys all shirtless in their swim trunks. Charlene was proud of herself, a bikini girl with a wine glass in hand, standing in the brightly lit kitchen with the others, her hair towel-dried but damp from the nice swim. That was when Zeke, looking a bit timid, tossed down the wildcard.

“You guys said there’d be a DVD player here, so…I brought this.” He tossed a slim DVD box onto the kitchen table.

“Oh my God!” Vanessa said to her husband. “You brought that?”

“You know that one,” he said. “It’s one of those old classics. It’s pretty mild compared to…”

Kendra smiled. “You two watch porn together? That’s so nice! I love that. Calvin, honey, we should do that.”

“Yeah, I’m good with that,” Calvin said, nodding casino firmaları happily.

“Real…porn porn?” Charlene asked, picking up the DVD box to have a look at it. “Wow, that’s some seriously big hair on that girl.”

“It’s from the 70s,” Zeke said, glad that everyone looked at least somewhat intrigued by it. “It’s a real classic.”

“Are we…watching it?” Charlene asked, placing it on the table again, slowly, as if it was fragile. No one answered right away, but some shoulders were shrugged.

“I wouldn’t mind,” said Kendra.

“Now there’s a surprise,” Vanessa said mockingly.

Gunner looked intrigued. “Why do you say that?”

Charlene hooked her arm around his, pulling herself in tight against her husband’s bare skin. “Because she’s always horny.”

The characterization of his wife made Calvin smile. “You mean it shows, even at school? Why am I not surprised,” he chuckled.

“Hey!” Kendra said, her brown face blushing. “I’m not a slut or anything. Why are you telling these guys this stuff?” Her eyes, shyer than they’d been all week, glanced at Gunner and Zeke.

“We’re not worried about it,” Gunner said, his blue eyes twinkling. He gulped a mouthful of beer, swallowing it down his throat.

“Let’s fire it up,” Vanessa said, picking up the DVD box, holding a glass of red wine in her other hand, as usual. “It’s our last movie night. Might as well make it hilarious, right?”

A general agreement happened, somewhat subdued and shyly quiet. A few minutes ago Kendra would have yelled Hell yeah!, but instead she stood quietly as her blush faded. Her embarrassment faded, too, replaced by a coy little smile.

‘Firing it up’ was also a subdued, quiet affair, as couples took their seats together in their usual places — Gunner and Charlene at one end of the big couch, Calvin and Kendra on the loveseat. Vanessa, sitting herself down next to Charlene on the couch, left room for Zeke to join her. Her eyes stayed on him as he placed the shiny DVD in the player’s drawer. The TV, already on, showed a blank blue screen before flickering to life.

“Ah, the perfect cheesy saxophone music,” Charlene said, smiling, and then, “Jesus! Ten seconds in and they’re already…”

“Zeke! You dog!” Kendra said. “So much for this being a mild old classic! That girl knows how to suck a cock! “

The gang fell into an uncomfortable silence, listening to the plaintive saxophone, watching a first-class blowjob.

“This is before Viagra,” Zeke said. “Some of the guys in these old ones are…”

“…like half-cooked noodles,” Vanessa said. “This guys not one of them.”

“No sir,” Kendra said. “He’s a happy boy. Big and hard.”

Soft chuckles fluttered in the warm air, air that moved with the spin of the big ceiling fan. The smell of damp hair and damp swimsuits swirled in it, a sensory trigger that seemed to compliment the wet, glistening, slightly noisy blowjob on the TV screen.

In the newly exciting real life of the too-warm living room, the women’s eyes glanced at their mens’ crotches, first at their own husband’s and then, more covertly, at the others. All of the men seemed to have more of a lump under their swim trunks than they did before. Vanessa made the first move, sliding her hand to the very top of Zeke’s thigh, with her pinky and the finger with her wedding ring on it playing ever so slightly with the leading edge of the lump from Zeke’s growing erection. Zeke, excited by his wife’s playfulness, knew there was no turning back, at least from a visual standpoint. He was growing, and growing fast, and in mere moments there would be no missing the big lump, if anyone cared to look.

Of course everyone cared to look, to see, to judge the situation, the escalation. There wasn’t a person present who wasn’t thrilled by the goings-on, but all were silent, pretending it was just another movie night.

And then, on the TV screen, the blowjob ended and the fucking began, for no reason, with no storyline or plot to call for it. The man and the young woman were naked now, fucking, with her on top. The view was from between the man’s knees — a squared-up, steady-held camera shot of relaxed-looking balls, a big cock fucking a wet pussy, a cute little feminine ass and asshole.

“Damn,” said Kendra, her eyes glued to the action. Emboldened by Vanessa’s teasing finger play, Kendra went bolder, her hand finding the entirety of Calvin’s big lump. “Somebody’s liking it,” she said as her eyes met his. “Damn, honey. You’re gonna get me all worked up.”

Calvin smiled. He wanted to kiss his beautiful wife Kendra, but he knew if he did he might not be able to stop. So he sat there with a mix of embarrassment and curiosity in his mind as he turned his attention back to the screen, his peripheral vision as active as ever before, noticing all three wives tentatively and silently playing with their husband’s hard lumps.

Charlene wondered what Kendra ‘all worked up’ would look like. She güvenilir casino loved Kendra’s free spirit when it came to gossiping about sex, and some of Kendra’s nighttime sex noises that week, muffled but unmistakable, had been nothing but deeply erotic and lovely.

The sex position on the TV screen changed to girl-on-top sixty-nine. It happened in a quick movement, and Vanessa let out a moaning, breathy “Ohhh fuuuck” when she saw it, a quiet exclamation that she would rather have kept inaudible. Zeke’s hard cock, sheathed by the fabric of his swimming trunks, filled her unmoving, fisted hand.

“What year is this?” Charlene asked, thinking that normal conversation might take the temperature in the room down a few degrees.

“1976, I think,” Zeke said.

“That’s the year I was born!” Charlene said. “They were doing this way back then?”

Kendra smiled. “Sure. Sixty-nine is nothing new. Are you thinking about your mother and father?”

“Gross!” chuckled Charlene.

“I gotta say, they’re good looking,” Vanessa said, gently massaging Zeke’s lumped crotch. “Some porn actors don’t do it for me, but these two are definitely hot. Good pick, baby, although I still can’t believe you brought it.”

The sixty-nine scene, beautifully filmed, proved worthy of the ‘classic’ designation that Zeke said the movie had earned. Long, lingering camera shots, a pure soundtrack of nothing but the couple’s noises, nicely judged close-ups of tongue on pussy, and mouth on cock.

After a few minutes of it, Kendra said, “Okay, this is just crazy hot. I can’t just sit here. You guys won’t mind, will you?”

Without waiting for an answer, she untied the bright white cord at the waist of Calvin’s swimming trunks. With a ripping noise that seemed amplified, she pulled apart the velcro that held the fly shut. Calvin’s hard cock was there, naked and fully out, unrestrained by the mesh lining that’s inside some men’s swimsuits. Blacker of skin than the rest of his body, his big cock was soon halfway inside Kendra’s quietly moaning mouth. Shock silenced the others, their eyes there, on the live blowjob, not on the action on screen.

Charlene knew she should protest, saying Kendra, what the fuck! or something along those lines, but she also wanted to take it all in, to watch her sexiest friend’s technique, not to mention keeping eyes on Calvin’s nice hard man-meat for a few moments more. It was a conundrum, but a very hot one, one that had her thoughts ricocheting like a bullet all around the room. There was the ongoing hot as hell sixty-nine on the TV screen, and Kendra’s live-and-in-person blowjob, and Vanessa’s sneaky hand, now inside Zeke’s swimsuit. Gunner was the odd man out, his cock obviously hard, lumping his swimsuit noticeably. Charlene looked at him and shook her head. It wasn’t a No! Stop this! shake of the head, it was more of a disbelief, a shake of the head that said Can you believe this?

Gunner could believe it. He’d had the fantasy, as soon as the trip was announced a month ago, and many times since then. He just hoped his sweet, somewhat self-conscious wife Charlene would go with the flow and let things take their natural course.

Just moments later, Zeke’s cock was let out to play. Vanessa had done it, with Zeke’s help; his swimsuit pushed down onto his thighs, his lily-white hips and ass bare on the couch cushion, his moan quiet but masculine when Vanessa commenced her own version of a blowjob.

Charlene leaned her head close to Gunner’s, her eyes wide and curious, her mouth just inches from his. “Are we doing this?” she whispered.

Gunner answered with a push of his hands on the waistband of his swimming trunks, pushing them down, releasing the full length of his hardness. The slowly moving air from the ceiling fan felt heavenly on it, and Charlene’s hand felt even better.

Three women — and a fourth on the TV screen — make wonderful communal noises when sucking cocks. Three happy men — and a fourth — make moans that thrill those women. It’s the kind of thing that easily goes out of control, and Kendra let herself go there. With her man’s cock in her mouth, she reached her free hand behind her back, releasing the clasp of her bikini top. The brown-skinned heft of her lovely black-nippled tits hung freely, and Calvin reached for them.

The couple on the TV were suddenly louder, the man fucking the young woman doggy style, his energetic torso repeatedly slapping, with a steady rhythm, against her smooth, beautifully curved ass. She let her happiness out in lovely, musical ways.

None of the three men in the room wanted to cum, because it might have started a slowing, an ending, but, due to the high heat of the moment, theirs was hard-fought stamina. Kendra’s bare tits, or more accurately, her near nudity in just her little, cheeky bikini bottom, was doing just the opposite of cooling the men’s minds.

And then Vanessa was topless, too, her breasts as milky white as whipped cream, nearly luminous as compared to the deep tan on the rest of her. It was that contrast, that glow, that drew all of the men’s eyes. The fleshy plumpness of her tits, and the bullet-shaped hardness of the tips of her nipples, kept those eyes entranced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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