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Note: When I started on this, I actually intended to do some corrections on a previous submission of mine. However, the thing developed its own dynamics and became a new story. Therefore, what I now have is a story inspired by an elder submission, but it does not have much to do with it anymore. I decided not to change the names, so, if you are one of those nuts out there that love my stories you will know the original story. If not, well, I hope you still enjoy this.

Other than that, well, this is really, definitely my last story.



Rules of the hunt

1) The hunt shall be carried out by black males and females to acquire power over people of pale complexion, with Caucasians beings the Prime Prey.

2)The Prey shall be persons that can further help you in your endeavor to acquire wealth, power and influence.

3)The Hunt shall not be carried out solely for recreational purposes.

4)The Hunter shall subdue his/her prey, and achieve full and total control over them. The Hunter shall then fully exploit The Prey’s finances, knowledge, social status, contacts.

5)Where the necessity arises for The Hunter to resort to barbaric, brutal or even sadistic practices in order to subdue his prey, the Hunter shall try and refrain from enjoying himself too much. (Barbarism destroys and dehumanizes the perpetrator, just look at those people there.)

6)The consumption of addictive drugs by The Hunter is strictly forbidden, although these may be used to soften up the prey. The only exception is limited amounts of weed and its derivatives and alcohol.

7)The Hunt may be extended to any persons of a paler hue, of both sexes, however, fellow blacks, Africans and Aborigines shall not be used as Prey. Black women may still be fucked thoroughly and out of their minds, but they shall be treated with respect.

8)The Hunter is strictly forbidden to enter emotional relationships with the prey, except in the case of a female bearing his children. However, special care should be taken when falling in love with a white woman, for they have a reputation of being disloyal, opportunistic, frivolous and fickle disposition, rumored to be at the most, only capable of feeling true affection for their young off spring.

9)When a white male is chosen as Prey and subdued, he shall be made to play the female role, allowing the Hunter access to his tongue, mouth and hole. The Hunter shall however return him no favors, he may only be allowed to play with himself in some small dark corner, at the most. For his pleasure shall not be derived from fulfilling sex, but rather from serving slavishly and being humiliated. The male Prey shall be made to revere, worship and love the Hunter’s black man- or womanhood, and be constantly demeaned and reminded of his inferior and perversive self. He shall be watched at all times, and the hunter shall always be on the ready to do him in at any time, in case the sneaky conniver tries to pull some shit.

10)The Hunter shall keep his body fit, healthy, attractive and virile, through regular exercise and good eating and living habits. He shall develop his mind constantly, through the enjoyment and study of literature and Arts. He shall be of good disposition, smiling,laughing and enjoying life to the full, for a happy Hunter is a good Hunter.

11)Females of The Prey who conceive black children and behave themselves, may be treated with respect and allowed to enjoy life, as shall their female off spring.

12)However, male members of The Prey shall only be allowed to feel joy when they partake in humiliating practices, something most of them enjoy anyway. All a good Hunter has to do is get them to accept this part of their psyche.

13)Remember, you are playing with fire, therefore, always be careful, never take unnecessary risks, do not hunt any prey unless you have the upper hand, physically and mentally. Show no weakness, show no mercy, leave no hard evidence, and enjoy the hunt to the full, so that you may have the appetite for many more hunts to cum. Enjoy the Hunt and be successful in life.

As the Financial Manageress went through the secret rules that guided their corporation, she nodded with approval. The Hunt was perfect for a black owned company trying to make it in the financial world. It had brought them so far. Most of the companies their corporation had taken over in recent years were run by black appointees, who stayed in the back ground, but controlled all the white male and females in the meaningful positions, ruling and dominating them, impregnating the women and giving them beautiful black babies, whilst the men were reduced to cock sucking,feminine pussy boys. All visiting black members of staff were allowed access to any female they desired to enjoy or any male they wished to debase. One might have thought the males got the wrong end of the stick,however, truth be told, they seemed so happy and content with their role of being used and abused by blacks. She had never made any white dude suck her black Bostancı Fetiş Escort ass, who didn’t love it.

In fact, she reckoned the only problem she had was that she sometimes went on the hunt for recreational purposes, way too often, actually.

She was feeling all excited and tingly, for the boss was returning soon, from another successful hunt. She coulndt wait to hear accounts of new conquered white mouths, pussies and butt holes.

An hour later, she was exclaiming,

“What the fuck! I mean, you go off and buy a bunch of loss making TV stations that cater for a white audience. Nigga, is you crazy?” the financial manageress asked her boss as her cocoa brown hand stroked his jet black cock. They were relaxing on a couch in the New York office of his corporation, looking down on Manhattan and feeling like TONY (Top of New York). He had just jetted in form a long business trip, and she had quickly welcomed his big, black bossy cock back to town.

“I am building a Media empire?” he told her, enjoying the sweet caress of her hand on his flaccid but long cock, that was still wet from her saliva, pussy juices and his cum.

“The fuck for? There ain’t no big money in that shit. We make more money in construction.”

“It ain’t always about the cash, its about projecting the images. Look baby, the Media is controlled by old money, rich white men. That is why they typecast and stereotype blacks, Latinos, the minorities and even the poor whites. I mean, the American dream is a fake. At the most, 5 percent of the population have the chance to change their class and move up…”

“Like you did.”

“Yeah, but if I wasn’t talented in sport, I would probably be in the Ghetto or locked up. Other than music or sport, most of us do not have the opportunity to come up. But the Media wants to make us and the world believe that its our fault, for being lazy, criminal drug dealing, irresponsible assholes.”

“Yeah, what they do to blacks on TV ain’t funny.”

“Its not just blacks. Look at Jerry Springer. You see poor whites there, behaving like ass holes. Violent, cheating, promiscuous, dumb white trash. I mean, middle class and rich white people cheat, fight, cuss and all that, but you don’t see them on Jerry Springer. Its like they saying, “Only white trash behaves like this, that’s is why they are poor.” I mean, the same applies to your favorite Sitcom, “King of Queens…”

“What you got against it, come on. You know I love that shit.”

“Look at Doug, he is working class, right…”

“Yeah, he’s a cool, funny, cuddly white guy. In fact, I don’t even think about his race when I watch that…

“Yeah, but Doug is poor, right. You know he is not gonna rise up in life, unless he wins the lottery. Coz Doug is dumb…”

“He ain’t dumb!!!!”

“He is. He has a limited vocabulary, he never reads a book, he drinks beer and watches TV with his friends, he has no ambition, his wife is smarter than him, he cant cook, he cant do much for himself. Therefore, in the back of your mind, every viewer is going, “Yeah, Doug deserves to be where he is.” The same message, “The working class are poor, coz its their own fault.

That’s why I bought those white stations, but none of the workers are supposed to know that they are now black owned. We will put Chad at the front. He will give them my directions. I am gonna reach a white audience with my own type of propaganda.”

“Which is?”

“We are gonna be smart and subtle, working on the sub conscious level, yunno. We will produce and broadcast typical, white movies and series in standard formats, just like any other TV station. But in all our productions, white men will be stereotyped as weak, perverted, corrupt, sick, cheating, fucked up type of guys, who taint, betray and destroy everyone they touch, even their wives and families. Which is true anyway, but nobody dares say it.

Black and other minority characters will be featured in minor roles, and they will always be portrayed as being nicer, cooler, stronger, smarter and much more humane than the white males. I mean, it has to be done carefully, but we will employ professionals.”

“We will also have a series of so called reality and documentary programs which will show white people acting fucked up. You know, this cheap, semi pornographic shit.”

“But there are loads of those already, like you said.”

“The difference is, we will focus on rich and middle class whites.”

“They wouldn’t participate.”

“Oh, there are a lot of formerly rich blue bloods who have fallen on hard times, are broke and in debt. We will offer them a little cash, white people will do anything for cash. And there is loads of them like Paris Hilton, who don’t have to, but love being in the spotlight, even it means doing fucked up, disgusting shit. Natural whores, yunno. We will get those. The rest of it, we will just fake. There is loads of struggling actors out there, we will give them fake Ids, families, everything. If it comes Bostancı Gecelik Escort out we will say we didn’t know that they were lying. We will even make a show of suing them. We will put blacks in charge of the scripts and they will control the final products.”

“What if the staff refuse to work on such productions? I mean, they will soon realize that we are cartooning their honky asses like they always do us.”

“As long as they are getting paid, whites will do anything. If they act funny, we will just fire one or two of them, that will put them in line.”

“Damn, this is such a cool idea. You know what, this shit might not make a profit, but I am all for it now. I am getting so horny from the idea. Wanna fuck again?”

“Yeah, but why don’t we go out and hunt us a sweet, pretty little white couple to ravish and debauch?”

“We should make a reality Porn Series with the title, “Hunting young white couples” or something. You know what would really be cool would be a series that shows straight white men who turn into black cock loving fags. Mmmm!” she sucked his dick to demonstrate.

“Yeah, and they should be shown sucking black ass and being beaten and treated real bad by black man and women and loving it..”

“Shit, cum in my mouth baby, then lets go and hunt us a sweet, little white couple! Not one of them white trashy ones, but yunno, rich daddy’s lil boy and girl. I wanna kick some ass and fart in their faces.”

The black boss moaned and groaned as the black woman ate his dick hungrily. Soon, they would be on the hunt.

The Prey:

It couldn’t have started off better for Max, the 22 year tall, athletic and handsome blond with glassy, cobalt blue eyes. Max, the son of a wealthy, upper middle class family from upstate New York, left the prestigious University where he was studying business, the same one that his dad and grand dad had attended before him, to fly to New York City and spend the week end with his girlfriend, Lisa.

Lisa met him at the airport, looking alluring, in a wrap around halter top and a pair of tiny, short shorts, looking like his very own private Paris Hilton. She was tall and slim, with a tom boy body, a pretty, sweet, heart shaped face with big, captivating, green eyes and short, smooth blond hair.

Not only did she look similar to Paris, but she seemed to be tearing herself several pages from the notorious, rich girl’s book. After picking her hunk of a boyfriend up from the Airport, she let him sit behind the wheel of her tinted SUV. As he drove to her apartment in fashionable Manhattan, she lit a fat blunt and helped him smoke, by taking tokes and then kissing him and exhaling into his mouth. As they got caught in slow traffic, she helped him calm his nerves by going down on him and giving him a wet, slobbering blow job.

Max was thrilled and ecstatic, but part of him became slightly nervous as he reflected that ever since coming to the big apple, Lisa had become real wild and dirty. On his last visit, he hung out with her and her new, best friend, a hot slut called Ann, who also came from money, but stripped and pole danced for the heck of it. They went out partying, hitting in clubs, drinking naughty cocktails with names like wet pussy and sex on the beach.

Back at Lisa’s apartment, they smoked weed and took cocaine and e. Lisa told him to get naked and sit in a chair and watch her and Ann get wild. He felt like he was watching his favorite DVD Collection, Girls Gone Wild as they put on a hot strip show and a steamy lesbian show for him. He glared in disbelief at them sliding their tongues into each other’s throats, pussies and asses. He came all over his fist but was hard again instantly. Lisa and Ann sucked him off and fucked him together.

As these hot memories flashed through his mind, Max’ cock exploded in Lisa’s mouth. She sucked him dry and washed it down with a swig from her water bottle which was filled with a potent mixture of vodka and orange.

Max couldn’t believe that Lisa was the same girl who had not allowed him to fuck her for the first four years they dated, and had never sucked his cock. Now, she was all wild, dirty and nasty, just like he had always wanted her to be. However, at the back of his mind, some doubts began to grow as he wondered what his wild girlfriend did, when she was all alone in New York and he was far, far away, at University. When he did express his misgivings, she reassured him that she loved him very much, and him only.

Max and Lisa spent the rest of the day at her apartment, smoking weed, drinking and fucking. He could never cum more than twice in a fuck session, but Lisa gave him a dildo and had him sucking her clit and fucking her with the rubber dong as she came and came again for ages.

They ordered take away then dressed for the evening. He put on a silk, black shirt and a pair of designer jeans and leather shoes. A gold chain glistened around his neck and wrist. Lisa put on a short, backless halter dress that hardly Bostancı Genç Escort covered her hips. It had a tight, deep v front, that cupped her big, round, proud, unfettered breasts. If she bent over you could see her pussy, cupped in a tiny, siren red thong.

The two of them looked good together, a young, handsome, well to do white couple about town. They went to a club that Lisa said was absolutely in. They spent hours standing in a long, slow moving queue. Max was annoyed that several black men just came and were allowed past everyone else, with their whole entourages, which included several young blonds. He complained to Lisa, saying, “Why are the niggers just barging in?” but she said not to use the N” word, coz those guys were rappers, singers and sports stars.

They hung at the bar, sipping on strong cocktails, bobbing and swaying to the music, chatting and kissing. Max sat on a bar stool and Lisa put her fine, small, round ass globes on his lap. Her dress rode obscenely high and she made no move to pull it down. Several guys and even girls were eying her with lust and Max felt proud, because she was his and his alone. He placed his proud hands on her hips and his rapidly hardening cock nestled between her cheeks, feeling the heat of her excited, dripping pussy. Max was getting hard from all the hot, young girls, who were running around and dancing raunchily, dressed in the hottest, skimpiest fashions. Lisa ground against his dick getting him harder and harder.

Lisa’s eyes kept darting to the VIP enclosure, where several celebrities and stars were having a ball, drinking Chrystal and Dom by the case load. Max swore that as soon as he sat at the helm of dad’s firm, he would acquire a New York domicile and put himself on the VIP guest list of all the top clubs in town. A couple of girls that Lisa knew squealed as they spotted her and fell all over her, hugging and tongue kissing her, pressing her soft body into him.

Lisa pulled him onto the dance floor and she started humping and grinding all over his cock to the latest RnB hits. Max wasn’t one for dancing, but she carried him on the wings of her excitement. Her dress kept sliding off her tits, exposing the pale creamy orbs and her thick, excited nipples. As they finally returned to the bar, a waiter approached them and served them glasses of champagne and an invitation to the VIP.

Max wondered who had invited them but Lisa squealed with excitement and dragged him over. They soon found themselves sitting with a black couple. They were both around thirty. He was an athletic, dark, handsome man with short cropped hair and a dark, very African face covered in a pleasant, confident smile. He was dressed in a t-shirt and designer jeans and an ill, jewel studded Rolex sparkled like ice on his wrist. She was a tall, curvaceous cocoa brown woman with a pretty face, framed by long, curly, shiny, jet black hair. Her eyes were dark and mesmerizing, her lips thick, full and glossy. She was dressed in the Serena Williams leather outfit. A black leather tank with silver buttons threatened to burst around her big tits. A platinum ring sparkled in the navel of her defined belly, with a soft, feminine curve at the bottom. A short, shiny, black leather skirt was glued to her curvy, sexy, accommodating hips, and matching, knee high, black leather boots covered her legs.

Max and Lisa joined the friendly, black couple, at a table overlooking the dancing crowd. The two introduced themselves as S and M. There was something familiar about the S, the black man, but Max couldn’t quite place it. He could have been a Rapper or singer who had had a couple of hits way back, or a retired sports star. He didn’t want to seem like an ass kisser or ignorant fool, therefore Max didn’t ask. Lisa didn’t either, she was in the VIP and that was all that mattered.

Max was a bit reserved, wondering why they had picked them out of all the hot girls and guys about. But Lisa was all excited and she made sure everyone could see her chilling in the VIP. She kept calling out to her girlfriends and quaffing Chrystal in front of their envious eyes.

M, the black woman started flirting with Max and he found himself melting to her seductive charms. Meanwhile, the black man leaned back in his seat and made Lisa lean close as he whispered things in her ear that made her laugh gaily and slap his arm playfully. The alcohol kept flowing like water and M kept refilling his glass, so Max was soon feeling tipsy and so was Lisa. He couldn’t believe it when his girlfriend jumped on the table to table dance raunchily. Everyone could see her ass and pussy. And her big tits were popping out of her dress, exposing her flushed orbs and her big, stiff nipples.

Max blushed deeply and wanted to call her down. But M put her hand on his arm and pressed a soft, warm breast into his arm. He felt her hand rest over his excited cock under the table and she stroked him. He looked into her dark, mesmerizing eyes and she winked and licked her lips slowly, sensuously, suggestively. Even as the black man, S, made Lisa bend her ass over in his face and he smacked her butt cheeks, and she squealed and giggled like a cheap whore, Max couldn’t do anything about it, because he was just about to shoot. However, the black woman’s skilled hand kept him on the edge, but she did not let him cum.

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