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Everyone at Hoover High called her Ikky Nikki and it was Garrett Smith’s misfortune that he had drawn her name as his partner in Senior Biology for the semester end’s project that would provide them with a third of their grade for graduation. Because Garrett was a star player on the football team, he thought he could get his partner exchanged, but had no such luck.

As Garrett hit his locker, a couple of his fellow jocks from the same class slapped his back on their way to their lockers.

“Man, you are so lucky to have chosen such an awesome project partner!” One of the fellows teased, ducking a mock blow from his prey.

“Yeah, Ikky Nikki. Ewww!” The other shivered playfully, barely dodging the book Garrett had tossed his way. “You didn’t get to exchange partners?”

“No,” Garrett sighed loudly as he got his book for the next class. “You know Mrs. Ludlow is a feminist nazi.” He growled softly and then groaned when he saw Ikky Nikki coming his way. The other two saw her and made kissing noises as he shoved them away.

“H-h-hi G-g-garrett.” The pathetic pig-tailed girl blushed as she greeted him with a smile made of metal. She pushed her thick glasses up on her nose and waited.

“Hey Ikk… err…Nikki. I guess you are my partner, eh?” He tried not to stare at the girl’s multi-pimpled face as he collected his cool and prepared to hurry to class.

“Y-y-yeah. I guess. When do you want to meet? I figured it would probably take a few hours two or three evenings. How about tomorrow? And where?” Her words came out like an overflowed dam and he held up a free hand to stop her.

“Whoa, whoa, no, not tomorrow, it’s Friday and I’m going to hang with the guys.” He nearly said “with Brandy” but they had broken up months ago. Habits died hard sometimes. “How about Tuesday night at my house?” At least he would have control over when to get her out of his place instead of getting stuck somewhere. The girl nodded eagerly and waited while he gave her the address on a piece of paper.

“G-great! See you then.” He watched her walk away happily, tucking the paper down her shirt as if she had just been asked on a date. Garrett felt himself want to yank on one of her black pigtails she so childishly wore despite being seventeen like him. He shook his head, running the hand through his golden locks and went to the next class dreading their ‘date’.

===Tuesday, 7 pm===

When Tuesday night rolled around, Garrett glanced at his watch and groaned as he heard the doorbell ring. Ikky Nikki was right on time. Figured.

“I’ll get it!” His middle sister, Claire, dashed to the door and then skidded to a halt when she saw their visitor. She stared at the senior femme in curiosity and disgust as Nikki stood gawking back at the young and beautiful sixteen year old.

“Look, Garrett, your friend Nikki is here!” Claire escorted the guest into the living room where Garrett was pushing the off switch on the football game and preparing to study and get it over with. So, after ushering his sister out of the room, he sighed and spread out the papers to get to work. They began to study, each taking a part of the cell they were creating the project about and took some time to work on the project. After they had a good portion done, Garrett needed a break. He stood and stretched, realizing the study time hadn’t been so bad. He brought them two colas just as his youngest sister, Annie, came darting through the living room, heading to the back door. Garrett shook his head at the intrusion but Nikki didn’t seem to mind.

“Just how many sisters do you have?” She asked him as he handed her the pop and sat down on the couch beside her.

“Three very annoying twerps. How about you? Any brothers or sisters?” He sipped slowly, enjoying the coldness as it rushed down his throat.

“I have a younger brother.” She commented, also sipping at her drink. It was at that point when Garrett started to really look at Ikky Nikki.

“Hey, do this for me?” He motioned at her for her to hand her eyeglasses to him, which she complied after staring oddly at his request. With her glasses off, Garrett studied her eyes. They were a gorgeous sea green color, which he found very attractive.

“You should wear contacts or something.” The young man cringed at how rude his words sounded and tried to switch to something nicer to say. “I mean I like your shirt.” It was a halter-top, but she wore it well up over her shoulders despite the elasticity.

“You should not try to be so macho all the time.” She told him with a smile. He glanced at her twice and then grinned. Her smile was infectious and he found himself relaxing.

“Oh yeah, well maybe I like being macho! I am a man after all.” Garrett lifted his sleeves and mock-glared at her, flexing his biceps as he did. This elicited a smirk from the girl who pulled his sleeves back down, rolling her eyes at him. He growled playfully and yanked on both of her sleeves, pulling down her shirt so that the tips of her heaving breasts were displayed.

“Garrett!” This offended the girl, who blushed furiously, putting a hand across the Şerifali Escort shirt top to hide her ample cleavage. When Garrett got a look at the peek at the goods, he felt a quickening in his groin and was completely taken by surprise that there might be a gorgeous body underneath all of her clothes. He leaned over and loosened her pigtails, pulling the hairbands out and tossing them away. Moving his hands through her hair, Garrett smiled at her as he loosened the braids, enjoying the feel of her silk locks within his hands. She hid her face, which was a bright pink, and suddenly the feeling he had in his groan began to grow slightly more intense. Her shyness was endearing and if he could just get past the million and one zits on her face, she might actually be pretty.

“You know, if you take a tube of Clearasil or whatever product like that and put it on your face twice a day, until your face shows signs of white peeling and flaking, you will get rid of ninety nine percent of your acne problem.” Garrett wasn’t sure why he felt the urge to share the tidbit of information with the girl, but being around his sisters paid off sometimes. She stared at his baby blue eyes as if seeing him for the first time.

“Really?” Her voice was soft, alluring, reminding Garrett of a siren. He nodded and then felt himself drawn to her lips. They were full, pouty, luscious, kissable. He wondered what they would taste like and leaned in slightly, pressing close. Her eyes grew wide when she saw what he was doing and scooted away from him, snapping her glasses on quickly. Nikki gathered her books and began to head to the door.

“T-Thanks Garrett for the study time. How about Thursday to finish?” She looked at the carpet, at the drapes, anywhere but his face as he sighed in wonderment at his actions.

“Yeah, sounds good, Nikki. See you at school.” When she left, shutting the door quickly behind her, Garrett relaxed on the couch, wondering what on earth had gotten into him. Was he actually thinking of kissing Ikky Nikki? The guys would have a field day with that! He had to be more careful come Thursday else do something he would never live down.

===Thursday, 7 pm===

As Garrett expected, Nikki was right on time again on Thursday. She hardly said a word to him as she walked with her head down into the living room only to find it was occupied.

Garrett’s parents were rounding up his younger sister, suitcases in hand. He introduced Nikki to his mom and dad and watched as they all flew out of the door.

“Annie has a state championship to go to for junior volleyball.” He explained, watching his entire family leave for the rest of the week. It would be time for a party soon, he could feel it, despite the promise he had made to his parents. The room was deathly silent as they pressed forward with their project, being almost completed.

“So, Nikki, what are your plans after high school?” He knew she was a smart girl and wondered what she wanted to do with her life.

“I’m going to become a business major. Not sure doing what yet.” She fiddled with a pencil and sent a quick glance his way. “What about you?”

“Dad wants me to go to law school, but to be honest, I don’t have a clue.” He sighed, feeling the pressure. The scholarship he had been offered was for Harvard, but his interest was not in law.

“You should do what you want and if you don’t know what that is, don’t push yourself. You don’t want to end up hating your nine to five.” She smiled at him, which made him smile back. Without thinking, Garrett found himself truly looking at Nikki’s face. Something was different.

“You used the medications on your face?” He pulled her glasses off to see the overall affect as she nodded. Unable to help himself, he reached out and stroked her cheek, touching the lessened bumps in awe. She was wearing the same sort of halter top and so he pulled her sleeves down so that he could see the tops of her breasts again. Pulling her hair out of the bun it was in, he loosened her locks and ran his fingers through it while she stared up at him with her beautiful green eyes. Completely taken with the girl sitting on the couch beside him, he leaned in and pressed a kiss on her luscious lips. She looked as if she were going to squeal and for a moment, he feared she’d bolt like a skittish deer. But she allowed him to kiss her once, twice and then as he continued to run his fingers through her hair, he pressed his lips onto hers, kissing with his eyes closed.

“Mmmm.” He made a pleased noise as he pushed her gently onto the couch, laying ontop of her, making sure she was comfortable first. Her eyes were closed and her face was flushed with pleasure and fear, making him want to kiss her even more.

“Garrett?” She pushed him lightly so that his lips left her so she could talk to him. “Why are you kissing me?” Her sharp, intelligent eyes pierced into his as he thought of his response. Why was he kissing Ikky Nikki?

“Because I have determined that I like you, Nikki. Is that all right?” He waited patiently, completely prepared to get off of her depending on Göztepe Escort her affirmation or no. When she nodded, he took that as a green light and pressed his lips on hers once more. His hands, as they kissed, began to roam from her hair down her sides and slid up and under her halter, pushing the shirt up until he freed the twin treasures they held underneath.

Once they had been freed, Garrett began to gently stroke her breasts, roaming his thumbs to her areolas and gently rubbing, enjoying her arch underneath him and gasp in shock and pleasure. Once she had released his lips to gasp, he took the opportunity to slide her top off slowly, so that it was out of the way and giving him complete access to her upper body. He studied her pert, full melons, enjoying how large they were. Slipping his own shirt off so that they could touch skin and enjoy the warmth of the touch, he slid his body down so that he could touch her right breast tip with his tongue. This created a tiny squeal as a response from the girl and she closed her eyes tightly as he sucked the nipple into his mouth. He began to suckle her, while stroking the left boob gently. He switched, using the opposite hand while he sucked on her left nipple.

When he felt as if he were too hard and had had enough with her breasts, Garrett reached for her jeans. Unbuttoning the first button, he stopped, watching her reaction. She stared with a love-crazed expression at him through the cleavage of her breasts and nodded slightly, giving him permission to proceed. He could feel her body trembling and knew this had to feel good for the girl. That was his plan – to make her know how it feels to be adored and cherished for once. Tonight he put aside the “Ikky” part of her and focused on the “Nikki” part. Once he slid her jeans down, Garrett took a few moments to admire her plain pink panties; clearly she was not expecting to be with a man this night. He was very pleased to see the huge wetness that stained the underside. It made him happy to know he turned her on as much as she was turning him on. He took a few moments to kiss her through her panties, which made her react very favorably. Unable to fight the pain that his pants were causing against his hard-on, he quickly slid his own jeans down, letting his jockeys free.

“Ohhh!” Nikki moaned once he had pulled her panties down and had began to gently stroke her pubic area, ending up at her crack, spending particular time on the button of her clit. When he pressed his lips upon the button, after parting the folds, he looked up over her body to see her back arched and her hands grasping the sides of the couch. She was completely enjoying herself and he himself was enjoying the liquid that was swelling out of her love hole.

Sticking his tongue into the holes he could find, he brought his mouth back to the button and sucked as he stuck a finger into her canal. Feeling a barrier, it was as he thought: she was in fact a virgin. Not for long, if he could help it. But as he slid his underwear down, he felt a twinge of doubt. Why should the jock take advantage of the geek? It was not like she was going to be his girlfriend. When he saw her in the halls at school tomorrow, would he kiss her in front of the guys? Or would he tease her and call her “Ikky Nikky”?

Opting to not take her virginity, Garrett was not going to let her go home without at least having a release of a climax, he brought his lips back to her crotch and sucked long and hard at her clit again until she let out a sigh, scream and squeal in orgasmic pleasure. Feeling a huge gush of fresh liquid on his face and down his throat, Garrett was pleased, knowing she had came for him. He picked up a semi-wet napkin for the cola he was using and wiped his face and mouth, so that he could kiss her goodnight. But she began to reach for him, touching and squeezing on his erect tool before he could say or do anything else. He sat on the couch facing her and let her play with him a moment, exploring and discovering the male organ. Her eyes were wide as she studied him, and when she began to lower her head to him, he pushed gently at her shoulder to stop her.

“You do not have to do that.” Garrett smiled and leaned in, kissing her mouth as she continued to stroke him.

“I want you to make love to me, Garrett. Would you?” Her voice was trembling, betraying her fear. He shook his head sadly, wishful.

“Nah, you have time to get laid another time, this is not that time.” He hoped she wasn’t offended. His intentions were good.

“Please? I… I have never been with a man before.” She blushed bright crimson, which he found sweet and leaned in, kissing her again. As he kissed her, to distract her from the idea of intercourse, he slid his tongue into her mouth. It did the trick and for the next few moments they explored each other’s mouths, frenching and twisting as he stroked her breast and she pumped him with her hand. At the specific point when he was truly getting into their kissing, he felt his balls contract and he pulled back, eyes scrunched tightly in preparation for orgasm.

“I can’t hold Ümraniye Escort it, Nikki… I can’t… Oh, Oh oh.” With a tremendous sigh, he released his load, which shot up and squirted on her breasts and clung to her chin. He smiled in relief that he would not have to be pressured to take her virginity any longer and rubbed the other napkin on her chest and chin to help clean her up. He handed her clothes to her and got dressed as she did. When he had gathered her books for her, he saw the look of disappointment in her eye. Kissing her once more, he walked her to the front door and opened it, waiting for her to make her exit.

“Garrett…” She started to say, glasses now snugly in place, but he leaned down and pressed a kiss into her lips to silence her.

“I enjoyed our time together, Nikki. You are very beautiful. Don’t forget that. Okay?” She nodded mutely and exited the house, walking to her moped to go home.

When Garrett closed the door, he leaned up against it once locking it and sighed in release and frustration.

“If I did the right thing, why do I feel so frustrated?” He let his hand fall to his pants and rubbed lightly, his half-erection troubling him. Why was he still becoming aroused at the thought of the girl? She was gone! He would never see her up close in the next four weeks left of high school. And then he’d be gone. Sighing, he went to the shower, aiming to make it as cold as he could stand. Sleeping would not be coming easy tonight, he knew.

===Three Years Later===

“Garrett will be a household name!” The man’s agent was smiling so widely through the phone that he could almost see it despite not having the screen showing. “The PR person should be there soon; they said three and it’s a minute til.” Just as he said the words, the doorbell to Garrett’s new penthouse filled the kitchen where he was standing.

“That’s them now, Cliff, right on time. Got to go. Thanks for landing me this position with A.J. Myers.” He closed the cell, placing it on the counter and went to meet the person who would put his face on the nation’s television, newspapers and on the side of the buses. He swung open to find himself face to face with a gorgeous bombshell wearing a very close cut white business suit. She stared at him in awe for a moment before he stepped back to invite her in.

“Mr. Smith? I’m Nicole from the PR firm.” Her voice was soft, almost satiny and immediately he was taken with her.

“Yeah, please call me Garrett though.” He reached out to close the door behind her and heard her gasp softly.

“I’m sorry but I really have to ask this… did you go to Hoover high?” Her question took him by surprise and he knew without a doubt he would have known any girl he had seen in high school who looked like her.

“I did.” He smiled hesitantly, not liking being at a disadvantage. “How about you?”

She nodded, her eyes seemed unfocused as she put her portfolio she had created for him down on the counter.

Impatient with not knowing the answer, Garrett pulled out two glasses and a bottle of red wine, hoping it would loosen her tongue.

“Wine?” He asked and handed her a glass at her nod. Sipping lightly, he brought her portfolio over to his white couch and began to study the designs, all the while conscious of her stares. He wondered if it were because he was a model or because she had known him in high school that had garnered him all of the glances and looks. He studied her indiscreetly, taking in her long, curled black hair, her perfect white teeth, her amazing complexion. But most of all, Garrett was drawn to her sea green eyes. They reminded him of … Ikki…

“Nikki?” He asked incredulously, gawking at the stunning beauty. When she nodded, he was so shocked he tipped his half-empty wine cup, spilling some of the contents onto her white suit. “Oh no! I’m so stupid!” He bit off a curse, trying to be polite and hopped up to get a rag to help her with the spill. He was not happy with his couch staining, but really unhappy about her suit.

“I’ll need to soak this.” Her voice was shaking and he wondered if she were really mad at him. He did not want to lose the chance to catch up with her. He nodded at her and turned to go ring the rag out and set up the sink to prepare for her dress. When he turned back, he froze, nearly dropping the rag. She stood in pink underwear that reminded him of that night. Her breasts were now bigger, more full, and he gasped softly when he saw the outline of a stain on the bottom of her panties. He felt an erection beginning to form at the sight, unable to help himself. He tried to focus on the task at hand and pressed the dress into the sink, trying so hard not to get his erection any more like a rock than it was.

When he felt her arms slide around his waist, lifting up his shirt, he dropped her dress in the water, splattering the suds around. Without a word, he let her lift up his shirt, pulling it off completely. He stood as still as a statue as Nikki’s hands reached around and unbuttoned his black jeans, unzipping and pulling down quickly after. He obliged her by stepping out of each leg and wondered what was next. When she reached for his jockeys, he grabbed her hands to stop her and spun to face the beauty. He saw the lustful look in her eyes and tilted his head at her, full of curiosity as to why was she coming on to practically a stranger.

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