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I’m Glad You’re My Daddy Now
Chapter 12


By Kevin Anderson


Edited by Jeremy Ellington

NOTICE: This story contains scenes of a sexually graphic nature which may not be legal in your area.  This story is based on actual events, although some parts have been configured for story flow.  If you are offended by such themes, stop reading now.


Just after two hot dogs, Sean was staggering and almost falling asleep standing between my legs.  I just let him fall into my arms.  Poor little guy was worn out from today’s activities; hell I hated to admit it but I was kind of worn out myself. I picked up Sean’s limp, little body and carried him into the cabin, lying him down in my bed.  Standing over him, all I could see was the most beautiful little boy in the world, sleeping there looking like an angel.  I covered him up and headed for the bathroom to shower. After my shower I crawled in the bed next to Sean and he immediately snuggled into my side.  I kissed the top of his head, whispering ‘I love you, Sean, with all my heart.  Nothing or no one will ever hurt you.’  I drifted off to sleep. 

I woke up the next morning with the biggest hard on I think I”ve ever had, probably due to a combination of Sean’s little naked body on me, feeling his little morning wood, and the hot dream I had.

It was the night of the Grammys.  I had been nominated for a few awards and everyone was excited.  I was standing in the foyer waiting for Steven and the boys to come downstairs.  I looked up and there at the top of the stairs was a beautiful site: Steven, Jr. and Zach all dressed up in their tuxedos.  As they came down, I didn”t see Sean.  

Steven reached me first, gave me a kiss and whispered.  “Wait till you see this.” Steven called for Sean.  “Ok, Sean, he”s ready.’”

Little did I know how not ready I was!  I looked up at the top of the stairs and just stared.  I felt a tear run down my cheek.  There at the top of my stairs was the most handsome little boy.  I couldn”t move.  I felt Steven and Jr. on both sides of me.  If it hadn”t been for them, I would have been on the floor.  I snapped out of it once I heard, “So how do I look, Daddy?”

I went to one knee, pulling Sean into me, hugging and kissing him.  If it weren”t for being nominated, I would rip every stich of clothing off that boy, and the others, but we had to get going.  Believe it or not there is an order in which you arrive to these things.  We all piled into the limo and drove off.  I couldn”t keep my hands off Sean.

Steven grabbed Sean and pulled him over.  “Here, let’s have you sit over here; if not you”ll be naked before we get there!”

Now I had Zach on one side and Jr. on the other.  The boys were all excited about going.  Zach wanted to arrive standing up with his head out the moon roof.  Steven said no but I saw no harm in it.  Thank god the windows were tinted!   Zach stood up, enjoying the wind blowing in his face.  I grabbed hold of his waist … well, I had one hand on his ass and the other on his crotch.  I could feel his little cocklet was hard, so I had Jr. hold him while I undid his zipper, then I pulled both his pants and underwear down at the same time. I proceeded to give that boy the blow job of his life!  With all the excitement he didn”t last long before I felt his little body shaking, and I could hear him screaming.  From what anyone could see from outside of the car, he was just enjoying the ride!

I pulled Zach back in and got him redressed just as the driver pulled up in front of the theatre.  I told Sean and Zach to stay close to me or Steven. We got out and both boys istanbul travesti clung to us like their little lives depended on it.  We made it through the paparazzi and all the questions from the reporters, then were shown to my dressing room.  Steven and Mark had already made sure my clothes were sent over earlier since I was performing that night.

Jr. asked if I could show him around since he had never been backstage of anything.  I left Steven with the boys, who probably didn”t even notice we were leaving, thanks to the snacks sitting in a basket in the room.  Looking at Jr., I noticed how handsome and sexy this boy was.  I had to have him, and soon!  I knew a spot where nobody goes and where there were no cameras.

“Jr., I have one other place I want to show you.”  

Once we got there I pushed that boy up against the wall and attached my lips to his.  We both wanted this … we needed this, but all we really had time for was pants down/tops on.  I went to my knees and sucked his teen cock. I had him down my throat and I could feel his cock pulsating.  He was trying to stay quiet, but on one of my trips to the tip of his cock I told him there was no need to be quiet, as nobody could see or hear us.

That”s when he let loose.  “Oh fuck, Kevin, I”ve wanted you all day!  Oh fuck. Suck my cock, Kevin, suck it!!”

I came off his cock and stood up and kissed him, both of us breathing heavily. “What is it you want, Junior?  Just tell me and it”s yours.”

He turned me around and whispered, “I want to fuck you. I want to know when you”re on stage, part of me is up there with you. I want to cum so deep inside you”.

Then I felt it: His spit-covered cock started to push its way inside me.  It had been a while so it did hurt just a bit, but not so much that I wanted him to stop.  I bent over the railing and Jr. started to fuck me like a man on a mission. I could feel every inch his cock.  It felt so good, his cock throbbing deep inside me.

He was moaning so loud and started to pound me faster and deeper.  I could tell he was close, then with one last thrust, he shoved his cock as deep as he could. I felt him cumming, his cock pulsating, shooting every drop of his seed deep inside me.

After we recovered we fixed ourselves, but before returning we had a passionate kiss. I heard Jr. say, “I love you Kevin”.

“I love you to, Junior.  Now we need to get back before they send out a search party”.

I took Jr. by the hand and led him back to my dressing room. When we returned Sean was busy eating, and Zach asked where we went.  When I told him I was just showing Jr. around he asked if I would show him around after the show. I told him I would, anytime he wanted. 

The show went on. I won two awards: Song and album of the year.  It looked like I was going to be busy in the coming year.

So, when I woke up there I was, hard as hell and horny.  I really didn”t want to wake Sean up, but I was going to eventually so what better way to wake a sexy, little angel? With a morning blow job and an ass full of my cum!! 

I removed all the covers from the bed, then slowly started rolling Sean on his back, hoping not to wake him. I was loving every minute of it, supporting him, feeling his soft, warm, smooth body.  Lying him on his back his arms were up above his head, his head lying to the left.  Seeing how his golden hair lay across his sweet face I made a note to self to get Sean a haircut.  I looked down and ran my hand down his chest, his skin so soft and smooth like silk. I felt his heartbeat … his breathing.  His legs were spread out like ‘Here, Daddy, here I am for you’. kadıköy travesti  I leaned in to kiss his cheek, then gave little butterfly kisses down to his chest.  I kissed and licked at his chest.  Hearing a soft moan coming from him encouraged me on.

I started kissing my way down to my good morning wake up call. I found his little, four inch cocklet.  I started softly licking it up and down, slowly like I was creating a memory I”d want to revisit.  Sean started to really moan a little louder.  I took his little nail in my mouth and flicked my tongue out over that little, silky smooth ball sack.  Sean grabbed hold of my hair tightly and wrapped his legs around my head. He started humping my mouth like a rabbit. His little body started to shake and his legs tightened around my head.  Sean was having one of his most intense boygasm.

I still had him in my mouth as he came down from his high.  Just as he was almost calm I pushed his legs up and stared right at that tight hole … it was gorgeous. I dove in and started eating his little ass out, running my tongue hard over that sweet hole.  He smelled of morning boy musk and a slight smell of soap. I started to slide my tongue in and out, tongue fucking him. I know he was awake by then.  As soon as my mouth made contact to that sweet hole Sean let out a noise I”d never heard before.  It was like a combination of a scream/moan/whimper/grunt all rolled into one. It was amazing.

I charged on, knowing I was the one making him feel that way. I think I ate him for about ten minutes but it felt like hours.  Sean had several analgasms. I reached over to the side of the bed and grabbed the lube. Sean really liked the type of lube we used.  It had lanacane in it, so it relaxed his hole and numbed it.

Sean started to moan and breathing heavily.  “Daddy!  Please, Daddy, please be inside me! Please!!”

I laced his little legs under my arms and pulled them up along with his sweet ass.  I placed one of his legs on my shoulder as I reached down to guide my hard cock right at his little hole and rubbed just the head around it, pushing very little into him at first.  I wanted to tease his hole, wanted to hear my son begging me to fuck him, to hear his sweet voice.  I heard him starting to moan again, moving his little ass around like it was trying to search for my cock.  I let him enjoy all his moving around as long as he was enjoying it.  I know I was!

I’d been leaking precum all over his ass, and finally couldn”t take it anymore.  I had to speed things up, so I went back to rubbing the head of my cock around the opening of his tight, little hole.

Sean started to moan and whimper louder.  “Daddy, please, please, I want you inside me, please, Daddy,” sounding as if he were going to cry.

Hearing him pleading that way, it took everything in me not to just ram my hard cock deep inside him, but I knew that would not be a good thing.  I slowly started to push my way inside him, little by little.

Sean was moaning, telling me he loved me, then he let out a loud gasp and I felt the pop of his little anal ring.  I stopped dead in my tracks, felling his fingers digging into my arms.  He had the look on his face of a boy that was determined.  I felt his smooth legs wrapped around me, his heals on my ass pulling me deeper into him.  I could feel his ass muscles sucking and pulling me deeper until his little ass cheeks were pressing into my trimmed bush.

I could see tears running down the sides of his face, and I thought ‘Oh my god, I”ve hurt him!’  I started to pull out, but Sean told me, “No, Daddy. Stay … you feel so good! Please can we stay this way for a little bakırköy travesti while?  Please, Daddy?”

I leaned down and kissed this sweet boy.  Our lips met and our tongues joined in shortly after that.  We were in such a passionate kiss we didn”t notice I had been fucking him for a good two minutes.  Sean broke the kiss and buried his face in my neck.  I heard him moaning and whimpering ‘Daddy, Daddy’ over and over again, breathing heavily.

Hearing this brought me to my climax sooner than I wanted. I felt my balls tighten and my cum boiling up my hard shaft. Sean was shaking and jolted like being hit by lighting.  Hearing Sean screaming through his boygasm sent me over the edge.  My cock pulsated deep inside my son, my little boy.  I could feel his little hole tightening around my cock.

I kissed him, both of us moaning and grunting into each other’s mouths. I wrapped my arms around Sean and rolled over, taking him with me.  In the process my semi hard on popped out, and I could feel my load spilling out of him onto my cock and balls.  I held him close, feeling his breathing come back to normal.

I never wanted to let him go, but we needed to get our day going.  We had things to do and people to see, so to break the mood I started a tickling match. He begged me to stop, threatening that he had to pee.  I backed off and we both got out of bed. I ushered him into the bathroom to pee while I got the shower ready.  After he finished and joined me in the shower, I knelt down and give him a kiss on the lips.  I told him I loved him very much, then I closed the shower door.



– – – – – – – –


To my readers. This isn’t my story. it is Kevin’s story.  Kevin is one of my readers who wrote me and told me of a story from his past.  I helped him edit this and here you have it.  The story is 98% + true. I just moved a few things around and added a teeny bit of flavor.

Text copyright � 2021 Kevin Anderson and Jeremy Ellington.

This work is fully protected under the United States Copyright Laws � 17 USC�� 101. 102(a). 302(a).   All rights reserved.  Placing or posting any or all of this story on any website. or distribution of any of these works in any way (in part or in whole) without the explicit consent of the author and the editor is strictly prohibited.  Any and all copyright infringements will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  This story is based on actual events. however any names. characters. places and incidents that were added to enhance the story are either the product of the author’s and editor’s imagination and are used fictitiously. and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead. events or locales is entirely coincidental. and no harm or slanderous intent is implied or intended.

The author and editor retain all rights.  No reproductions are allowed without the author’s and editor’s consent.

Constructive comments are encouraged and can be sent ail.  Any email I receive will also be passed on to Kevin; this is his story and he is just as interested in your thoughts as I am!  Feel free to send me pics/videos of what you were doing while you were reading!

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