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Charlotte – Elise – Robert: In Between Days…

CHAPTER ONE: Nick’s First Night in The City

“Wait, wait, wait…so…the lesbian is the size queen in your little troop?” Nick asks.

“Um…” Charlotte replies.

“Yeah, definitely!” Elise laughs, thumb pointed directly at Charlotte, before holding her hands an exaggerated distance apart. “She likes them to be huge!”

Charlotte laughs. “I’m probably the least interested party here when it comes to penises,” she states. “I indulge on occasion. Does it really matter that I like them big? I mean, I account for very little of the total cock pleasuring that goes on in the world.”

“I like all penises,” El says. “Small, average, large, very large…doesn’t matter, as long as they’re attached to someone I like.”

“But, that’s exactly my point! You’re infinitely more cock-friendly,” Charlottes says. “It’s seems perfectly logical that I would be more selective about them.”

“But you do have sex with me and Robert.” El says.

“That’s different,” Charlotte says with a shrug. “I love Robert. But I probably wouldn’t have sex with him on the regular if the three of us weren’t in a relationship.”

“Okay, so how does that work?” Nick asks.

“Usually we spend all our time and effort keeping El satisfied,” I laugh. El playfully elbows me in the ribs. “Basically, Charlotte and I have sex with El at the same time.” I say.

“But not with each other?” Nick asks.

“I mean, sometimes we do. Though not really when El isn’t involved. I have to be in a particular mood. I do find men attractive, I’m just not super sexually into them most of the time.” Charlotte explains. “I do enjoy sharing El with him and, like, watching them together.”

“But, doesn’t that make you bi?” Nick asks.

“No, I mean, kinda…I guess…whatever. I mostly Identify as lesbian. I enjoy the occasional dick, but for me, girls are where it’s at.”

Nick sits back in his chair, contemplating. He lifts his pint glass from the heavily lacquered table and takes a sip. “Interesting,” he says.

“My own belief is that sexuality is more fluid than a lot of people think,” I say. “Of course there are those who only attracted to one gender. Then there are others who are more…varied in their desires when it comes to romantic partners.”

“Fuck it. In another generation or two we’ll all be poly and the labels won’t matter anymore,” El says.

“Cheers to that!” Charlotte says. She finishes off the last of her beer. Nick is still working it over in his mind.

“Let me quantify it for you, Nick,” Charlotte says. “I’m 85-90 percent lesbian, your friend Robert, here, is 85-90 percent straight. And our sweet Elise is right the middle. She’ll fuck anything!”

“Hey!” Elise protests. “Stop slut-shaming me!” she giggles. Her olive-skinned, freckle-dusted cheeks show just the slightest tinge of blushing.

“Is that the alcohol or embarrassment showing on your face?” I ask. El’s hands cover her face and shy smile for a moment. She takes a deep breath and blows it out.

“Both,” El replies.

Charlotte looks into her empty pint glass. “Nick, will you come with me to the bar? I think we need another round.”

“Sure,” Nick replies. Nick slides out of the booth followed by Charlotte. Together they disappear into the crowd.

“Nick’s cool,” El says. “I’m glad Charlotte and I finally get to meet him.”

“Yeah,” I reply. “He’s a good guy.”

“So, you two really never hooked up when you were in college?”

“No. Not a chance. Nick is straight as they come,” I reply.

“Well, he seems very nice! And, he asks genuine questions. Most guys shoot directly for the titillating stuff when talking about sex. Nick is more interested in actually learning something.”

“He’s been like that since I met him. He’s a scientist after all. He wants to know how things work,” I say.

“And he’s cute, too!” El says.

Charlotte and Nick return with their hands full of drinks. IPA for them, a whiskey neat for myself and vodka tonic for Elise.

“Nick, I was just telling Robert how cute you are,” El says. “I will have to introduce you to some of my friends. They will love you!”

Now it’s Nick’s turn to blush. “Well, I mean…” he stammers. “I’m…uh…”

“No pressure,” El says, taking a sip of her drink. Rocketman begins playing over the PA.

“Okay, Miss Matchmaker, leave the poor man alone and come dance with me,” Charlotte says, taking El’s hand. Nick slides out of the booth again and the girls mingle their way to the dance floor.

Nick sits again. “You know, I would have figured you were making all of this up. How in the hell did you end up in a polyamorous relationship with two amazing women?” he asks.

“Blame Elise for that. She was already kinda seeing Charlotte when I met her. It just kinda happened. We grew together.” I reply.

I catch a glimpse through writhing bodies of El and Charlotte on the dance floor. Charlotte is half a head taller with long, almost-white hair. She wraps her lithe frame around El as they rock back and kozyatağı escort forth to the Elton’s soaring melody. El shakes her curly mop of black hair and I catch glints off her recently added blue streaks. I’m totally lost in admiration when Nick breaks up the moment.

“They really are something, aren’t they?” He says.

“Yes. They are indeed.”

Nick smiles warmly. “I’m happy for you, my friend.”

I nod. The crowd closes up, obscuring my view. I shake my head, pulling myself back into focus.

Nick is busy peeling small bits of a drink coaster. “You met El, what, a month after returning to San Francisco?”

“Actually, I think I’d only been back a couple of weeks.” I reply. “It’s been about a year and a half.”

“And it just works for you three. You all seem, I dunno…happy.”

“Definitely,” I reply. “It didn’t even seem to take long for us to settle into the relationship. You’d think it would be complicated but, it just works.”

For a while Nick and I listen to the music as we nurse our drinks. Rocketman fades into Tiny Dancer. The crowd sings and sways when the chorus kicks in.

“This is more fun than I’ve had in a long time. I’m glad I finally made it to the west coast,” Nick says.

“How is Boston?” I ask.

“Eh, it’s okay,” Nick replies.

“And you’re doing good?” I ask.

“I am. It was a bit rough for a minute. Ellen and I broke up just as I was starting a new job. Things are actually going much better now,” Nick says.

I catch movement out of the corner of my eye.


“Betty!” I say, looking up. Her hair is different. The usual pixie cut is now a short, wide mohawk worn slicked back. I make room and she slides in the booth next to me.

Betty is dressed, as always, in black Dickies, a black t-shirt emblazoned with an indecipherable band logo, and black Chuck Taylors sneakers. Over her shoulder is an army-green messenger bag.

“How are you?” I ask.

“Oof, tired. Long day. Just stopping to grab a drink before I head back to the apartment,” Betty replies.

“Betty, this is Nick. He’s a good friend of mine. We roomed together at University.” I say.

“Nice to meet you, Nick.” Betty says, reaching across the table to shake hands.

“Likewise,” Nick says.

“Is this your first time in the City?” she asks.

“It is.” He replies.

“How are you liking it so far?”

“So far, I’m loving it.” Nick replies.

Tiny Dancer winds down and fades into Bowie’s Life on Mars. We pass the time with small talk waiting for the girls to return. Soon, I see Charlotte and Elise, hand in hand, returning from the dance floor.

“Betty!” Elise shouts over the music before leaning down to kiss her on the cheek.

Betty stands up and allows El and Charlotte to slide in next to me before moving over to Nick’s side of the booth.

“I’ll let you three lovebirds sit together,” Betty says. El snuggles close and stifles a yawn before leaning her head on my shoulder.

“Are you tired, honey?” I ask.

“Mmm…a little,” El replies.

“You ready to leave?” I ask.

“No, I think I can last a little longer,” El replies.

The rest of the evening passes as we talk, drink and listen to music. By 1:30am the bar is almost empty. El is fast asleep, drooling slightly on my shirt. Charlotte, who never seems to get tired when we are out, is dancing. Betty is snuggled around Nick’s arm and doing her best to keep her eyes open. The bartender rings the bell for last call.

“I’m gonna call an Uber. Can you help me get these two sleepyheads home?” I ask.

“Sure thing,” Nick replies as Charlotte returns to the table.

Half an hour later and Charlotte, Elise and I are back home. Betty is curled up on our couch. Nick is passed out in the guest room. I make final rounds, making sure everyone has water available and turn off the lights before heading to bedroom. Charlotte and Elise are fast asleep. I slide in behind El and cradle myself around her body. I lean across, kissing Charlotte and then El on the cheek before burying my face in El’s hair. I’m fast asleep in moments.

Elise, Charlotte, Betty and Nick sip coffee and nurse their hangovers as I prepare breakfast. The sizzling of the frying pan and occasional passing of a car is the only sound. None of them are quite awake enough to talk yet.

“Ung…I need more ,” Betty says. She gets up from the kitchen table to pour another cub and take a sip of the steaming black coffee.

“Oh my god, please!” Elise says, holding up her cup. Betty fills it before returning the coffee pot.

After breakfast and two full pots of coffee have been finished everyone seems to perk up.

“I want to thank you all for having me along last night. And for being so forthcoming. I hope I didn’t ask anything inappropriate. I haven’t drank that much in a while,” Nick says.

“Oh, not at all. You were very nice about everything,” El says.

“We’re happy to have you with us,” Charlotte adds.

“Don’t küçükyalı escort worry,” Betty says. “They get grilled by everyone. Even I was mystified when El told me she was in a…what did you call it again?”

“Polyamorous, quasi-open triplet,” Elise says.

“Yeah, whatever that is,” Betty says, giggling.

Nick laughs. “Glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t quite get it.”

“Alright, I’m out. Errands. Are you all going out tonight?” Betty asks.

“I thought maybe we could stay in, watch movies or something,” El says. “Unless you wanna see more of the City tonight, Nick.”

“No, whatever is good for me,” Nick replies.

“Why don’t you come out with me?” Betty asks. “We can leave the lovebirds to their own devices. I’ll show you around.”

“Um…sure, that seems cool,” Nick replies.

“Sweet. I’ll swing by around 9pm. Wear comfy shoes. We’ll be doing a lot of walking.” Betty says.

“Uh oh!” Charlotte laughs. Nick’s smile falters.

“Why ‘uh oh'”?

“Your second night in SF and you’re hitting the town with Betty? Good luck,” I say. Nick looks genuinely worried for a moment.

“Betty is a bike messenger,” El says, grinning. “You’ll have fun trying to keep up walking the City with her.”

“Oh, well…” Nick says.

“Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on him,” Betty says, snatching up a bran muffin for the road. “Check you all later.”

Betty throws her bag over her shoulder and heads out the door.

“You’ll have fun tonight,” Charlotte says. “There’s no better tour guide in San Francisco.”

“And, she seems to like you,” El adds.

“Like me…how?” Nick asks. “Is she into guys?”

The three of us burst out laughing. “She’s completely straight. She’s into guys and only guys,” I say.

“Trust me, I’ve tried to turn her to the dark side,” El giggles. “She’s such a cutie!”

Nick looks mortified. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to assume,” he stammers.

Charlotte pats him on the shoulder. “Don’t be sorry. She looks more like a typical lesbian than I do. You’ll be an expert on this stuff in no time.”

There’s something transcendent about watching my partners make love to each other. It always turns me on, but it often affects me on an emotional level beyond mere titillation. Their tenderness, generosity, and reciprocity are infectious. And when they really get going? Well, their passion and lack of inhibition fills our bedroom with a palpable charge matched only by the intensity of their orgasm-induced cries. And since Nick is out with Betty, I can focus all my attention on Charlotte and Elise.

Elise lays across Charlotte’s body. Her cheek presses against Charlotte’s firm breasts, short hair splaying in dark curls against pale skin. Charlotte runs her fingers through El’s thick hair eliciting a post orgasmic shudder. El wraps her arms around Charlotte’s willowy frame and squeezes tightly. Charlotte returns the embrace, pulling El tightly against herself.

It’s a lovely moment. El’s olive complexion and extensive tattoos contrast beautifully with Charlotte’s fair, unblemished skin. Both of them glisten with sweat, limbs tangled in the kind of embrace that serves to maximize the amount of contact between two lovers. They’ve made a mess of the bed. Blankets and pillows have been flung haphazardly to the floor and the sweat-soaked sheets are a tangled mess. Both of them seem content to lay together as their breathing slows and their bodies relax.

I sit in a chair in the corner of the room, soaking up the beauty of these two amazing women snuggling contentedly. My cock had been rock hard as I watched their intense love-making but it now rests half erect against my thigh. If they fell asleep now I would be okay with that. I could simply watch them sleep until I was tired enough to join them. Charlotte and Elise almost always fell asleep before I do. When I go to bed they are almost always in the same position with Charlotte spooning El’s shorter, curvier frame. And when I slide into my side of the bed El will always turn towards Charlotte, nuzzle her face into her breasts and push her bottom towards me allowing me to play the big spoon.

In many ways, that is a perfect image for our relationship. El has always been the glue between Charlotte and myself. Don’t get me wrong, Charlotte and I love each other deeply, but El is our heart. She is also the central focus of our amorous appetites.

I continue watching as my lovers finally begin the tortuous work of disengaging from their post-coital pretzel.

“Oww, ow!” El squeaks as her muscles begin to work. Slowly, she rolls off of Charlotte and onto her back. She takes a deep breath.

“Phew,” El says, blowing the breath out.

“Yeah,” Charlotte agrees.

El raises her head of the mattress and looks at me.

“How are you doing over there?” she asks.

“I feel almost as relaxed as the two of you look.” I reply.

“Did you finish?” El asks. I look down at my semi hard on.

“Honestly, no, I got so mutlu kent escort wrapped up in watching the two of you that I kind of forgot to keep playing with myself.”

El laughs. “Good, cuz I think I could go another round, if you feel up to it!”

“Jesus El! How can you possibly keep going?” Charlotte asks, giggling. “I’m wiped out!”

“Well that’s too bad,” El teases, sitting up with her knees beneath her and bouncing, causing the bed to shake. “Because Robert and I are going to be making a lot of noise very soon!”

El fixes me with a sexy grin. “What do you say, loverboy, you wanna come over here and fuck me?”

I feel my cock begin to stiffen again.

“I would love to,” I say. I rise from the chair and move to the bed. Before I can lay down El takes my cock in her hand and begins to stroke me. I stand at the edge of the bed and relish the feel of her small hands wrapped around my cock. I’m completely at attention now and El leans forward, taking me into her mouth. Her full lips wrap lovingly around my girth. She begins sucking me, her head bobbing. Her septum piercing dangles above my cock as she works her way up and down, taking me deeper and deeper into her warm, wet mouth. I feel her tongue working sensually against the underside of my cock.

“Jesus El, that feels so good!” I moan.

Charlotte rolls on her side and props her head up, watching us. “That looks amazing,” she says. She reaches out and runs her fingers lightly across El’s back. El shudders at the touch and moans around my cock in her mouth, intensifying her ministrations. She sucks me deeper, harder, her right hand gripping the base of my cock while her left hand cups my balls. It’s only moments before I feel the urge building. Just as I think I might shoot my load in her mouth El groans and struggles to pull her mouth from my member.

“Oh my god…” El gasps. “I want to finish you so bad right now,” she says, sucking in a deep, steadying breath. “But I need you inside of me first.”

El lays back, spreading her legs. Her arms reach for me as I position myself between her legs and guide my cock to her glistening pussy.

“Please. Please fuck me.”

I push my pelvis forward, feeling her warm, moist pussy enveloping my cock. El’s eyes close as she moans deeply as I briefly kiss her soft lips.

“My girlfriend really loves your cock,” Charlottes says, smiling.

“Oh, I do!” El says. Her eyes open and she looks directly at me. “I want you to fuck me really hard, but start slow.”

I pull out to the tip and firmly, deliberately, I push all the way to the hilt. Her breasts jiggle as our pelvises meet. Then I repeat the motion.




Each time I bury my Elise punctuates the moment with a sound.


“Faster,” El says, her voice pleading. Urgent. I speed up. El’s panting turns to ragged gasping. Charlotte cups one of El’s large tits. She works her fingers around her erect nipples and give a firm squeeze before dragging her nails down El’s midriff. She slides her hand between us and begins to work El’s clit. El grips the sheets in balled up fists.

“Ooh fuck! Oh my god. That’s good!” El almost shouts. Her eyes squeeze shut as small tears snake their way down the sides of her cheeks. El bunches her freckled nose and bites her lip.

“That’s it baby.” Charlotte coos softly in her ear. I speed up again. Our bodies slap with each thrust. El writhes and moans and cries out, filled with my cock and tantalized by Charlotte’s fingers.

“Oh shit, ohshit…it’s…almost too much!” El protests.

El tenses suddenly, unmoving, and I keep my rhythm, fucking her deeply. El’s breath catches for a moment before she cries out.

“Oh fuckfuckfuck! I’m cumming!”

I don’t speed up or slow down. It’s takes all the effort I can muster, but I continue on, providing a steady foundation for her orgasm to soar above. Her legs tremble, her abs tighten and release, tighten and release.

“It’s…so…much!” El groans through clenched teeth.

Charlotte continues to rub El’s clit and bites her shoulder.

“I can’t…Oh my god…It just keeps…” El exclaims, riding wave after wave of orgasmic bliss.

And then, just as I think El is going to either pass out or come down, she orgasms again. And again. Charlotte slips me a devious smile.

El is a bundle of tightened muscles, twitching, out of control. Tears stream down her face, mascara running in black streaks as her body convulses.

“I can’t…I can’t…” she exclaims cumming again.

El groans loudly before finally gaining enough control over her body to pull herself away from my cock and Charlotte’s fingers.

El turns on her side and buries her face in a pillow. Her body spasms and it sounds like she’s crying.

Charlotte sooths El, running her fingers through the back of her hair.

“Shhh…it’s okay. We got you. We got you.” Charlotte whispers. Eventually, the crying becomes a whimper and then deep breathing, El relaxes and turns to face Charlotte and myself. I reach down and caress her cheek, brushing back her wild curls. El smiles sheepishly, her expression a mixture of embarrassment and joy.

“You fuckers!” El says. Charlotte laughs.

“You okay?” I ask.

“Okay? Am I okay? You fuckers almost killed me!” El exclaims. “I literally almost fucking orgasmed to death.” She laughs as well as she can while still catching her breath.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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