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Going further back in our history, to a time when the raw, filthy passions that we’ve shared had yet to be unlocked – to a time when innocent explorations and inexperienced hands led us to a place of discovery and an unexpected taste of what was to come…

It’s a sunny summer’s afternoon, and you are coming to mine to work on a school project together, your maths and physics brain far outweighing mine. After a frustrating couple of hours trying to get me to understand what we are doing, we take a break for a snack and a cold drink. Sitting beside me on my bed, you reach past me to put your glass on the bedside table, accidentally brushing the back of your hand across my chest – naked but for a strappy vest top.

Immediately red with embarrassment, you apologise, ignorant to the jolt of pleasure your touch sent through me. To ease the awkwardness, I make a joke about my nipples standing to attention, and you drag your gaze from the carpet – your pupils betraying you as they widen on seeing my now erect nipples straining against the thin material of my top.

Feeling brave, your eyes meet mine and I read the question in them, nodding my permission. Slowly and with an almost excruciatingly delicate touch, you run the tip of your finger slowly over first one, then the other nipple. Interpreting my response perfectly, you apply a little more pressure, eventually rolling the hard nub between your thumb and finger, and I’m surprised when I gasp, and a slight moan escapes my lips.

My reaction emboldens you and cupping my face tenderly, you place the lightest of kisses on my lips. We’ve kissed before, usually as dares in games at tipsy parties, but this is different, and with tingles up my spine, I respond, kissing you back, and sliding my hand round to the back of your neck.

Aware now that you are turned on, I decide to overcome my shyness, and let my hand drop to your knee. As I slide my hand up your thigh I feel you tense, excited but unsure. My hand reaches the base of your cock, and I falter, nervous now. You stop kissing me, look into my eyes and whisper “go on, it’s casino şirketleri ok”. Jerkily, I run my hand up over your cock, surprised by the warmth and resistance I feel. You smile and I’m brave enough to have another go, more smoothly this time, and applying a little more pressure. You close your eyes and moan and, pleased with your reaction, I decide to surprise you by rolling my top up, freeing my breasts while you have your eyes closed.

When I stop massaging your cock, you open them and realise what I have done. There’s no asking for permission this time as you touch my nipples and assess the feel and weight of my breasts in your cupped hand. Lifting my top over my head, you gently push me backwards into a lying position and move your mouth to place delicate butterfly kisses across my chest, occasionally using your teeth to nibble gently on my nipples. I can’t help my natural reaction which is to raise my hips, and your gaze travels down my stomach to the waistband of the shorts I’m wearing. Again your eyes meet mine and I read your thoughts, hooking my thumbs into my shorts and wriggling them down past my hips. You finish the task by pulling them down my legs and throwing them onto the floor.

As I watch them go, and feeling exposed – naked now except for my white knickers – I lose my nerve and scoot under the duvet. Taking charge, you ask if you can join me, and I watch your shorts join mine. Again, reading me perfectly, you do not put any pressure on me, and I snuggle into your chest, our comfortable friendship returning as we laugh and chat about school, our friends and our plans with them at the weekend.

Feeling safe and secure I trace letters and words on your chest, making you guess what I am writing there. Gradually my words get lower and lower until my fingertips register the change in texture from smooth skin to the roughness of coarse hair, and I reach your waistband. Emboldened by the cover of the duvet, I resume running my hand up and down over your cock, feeling it grow beneath your boxers.

The atmosphere changes again, and I prop myself up on one casino firmaları elbow, kissing you harder this time. I make the first move, tugging your boxers down, feeling embarrassed as they get wedged behind the end of your erect cock. Laughing, you free yourself, and pull them down and off.

My shyness returns and after a minute of not doing anything, you check I’m ok. “I don’t know what to do” I say, blushing, “I don’t want to hurt you”. Sweetly, you kiss my forehead. “You’re adorable” you say, “I’ll show you.” You take my hand and place it at the base of your cock, with yours over the top. You help me feel my way around, letting me know where my touch feels good, and where I need to be gentle.

I’m getting to know your anatomy, but I want to make you feel good, so I ask you to show me what you do. Realising what I’m asking, you grasp your cock and move up and down your shaft. As you begin to moan, I check it’s ok, then move the cover back, fascinated as I watch you wanking. You feel yourself getting close and know you won’t be able to hold yourself back in this sexually charged environment, so you stop.

“Do you want to have a go?” you ask, knowing that you will push my shyness too far, and will get a break to calm down. “Maybe later” I respond, laying down and tugging the duvet back up. “Ok then, but now it’s not fair because I’m naked and you’re not” you say with the cheeky grin I’ve grown to love, as you peel off my knickers and kiss my nose, laughing.

You’ve broken the tension again, so as you start to kiss me, lying on your side, I take your hand and rub it gently across my mound. “Your turn, show me how to touch you” you say, so I take your finger and guide you around, explaining what touch I need, where. I purposely leave my clit ’til last, knowing that it is already throbbing, and our combined touch there will have a huge effect.

I’m right, and as I use your finger to change the pressure and show you the speed and movement that feels good, I feel the tension building. “I could cum” I whisper, looking into your eyes. “Do it” you reply, and I place your güvenilir casino hand flat over my opening as I massage my clit, rocking against both of our hands. Within a few seconds I throw my head back and moan as the orgasm overcomes me, and you moan with me as you feel your hand grow wetter with my juices.

“Wow!” you say, as I recover from the orgasm, suddenly shy again. “I want to watch you do that one day because it felt amazing, and look what you’ve done to me” you say, pointing to the tip of your cock where a bead of pre-cum is showing me how horny you are. “You should practise that technique I showed you” you say, grabbing your shaft. My hand joins yours and together we massage you towards your orgasm.

“Stop, hang on” you say. “I want you to watch this, and I’ve always fantasised about doing this to you”. You kneel down, straddling my knees, and I gasp as I feel the tip of your cock positioned on my clit. The pressure and rhythm of you wanking brings me close again and I manage to wriggle one leg free enough to open myself to you a bit.

Taking a break while you bring yourself back from the edge, you lean forwards to kiss me again. There’s no tenderness there this time, just a raw animalistic need for each other and it isn’t long before your hand is back on your cock. You allow the tip to slide lower, this time covering the entrance to my pussy. The feeling of anticipation is incredible, and I’m over my embarrassment as I bring my fingers to my clit.

“No condom” I whisper, reminding you not to enter me, and we massage and rock our bodies together, until I can’t help myself and I cry out with the most intense orgasm I’ve ever had. The feeling of my muscles contracting over your tip, and the new wetness I release sends you over the edge too, and just in time you rise on your knees, your cum spurting up my torso, towards my breasts, and pooling in my belly button.

Unsure what to do now, I look at you nervously, afraid of your judgement. Your eyes are already on mine and you’re wearing a big smile, putting me instantly at ease. “Wow gorgeous! That was so hot” you say, “let’s get you cleaned up.”

When I’m clean we return to the safety of the duvet, snuggled in each other’s arms – a friendship changed forever – a new bond, some confusing feelings for each other and more than one unfinished project!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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