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As we reached the bedroom, Katie and I stopped looking around the room softly lit by one bedside lamp turned low, beside the lamp was a crystal vase holding six red and six yellow roses, making an even dozen each. On the bed was only a black satin sheet the covers folded neatly on a chair. Four matching satin covered pillows lay at the head of the bed. “Ohh Adrian,” Katie cried in delight “thank you sweetheart!”

“Baby,” he replied to her, “I hope you had a lovely evening because the night is just starting!” As he said this he walked to Katie and undid her bra before sliding it off and dropping it in the corner.

I took all the roses and added them to the ones already in the vase. When I finished I turned to find Adrian on his knees undoing Katie’s shoes. She stepped out of each in turn. I continued to watch as he undid her suspender belt and rolled down each stocking, skimming her smooth legs as he did so.

The second she was naked completely Adrian said, “Lay on the bed babe, in the middle.”

As Katie happily complied, Adrian passed me a single stocking and we moved to stand either side of the bed looking at her beautiful pale skin against the dark sheet. “Baby, close your eyes we want to massage you, starting with your arms.” Katie did as she was told and we both sat down either side of her and gently manoeuvred her arms into place. Before she knew it, we had her stockings tied around her wrists and were pulling them tight. Securing her to the wooden posts on the bed head.

“What the fuck?” Katie cried as her eyes sprang open and she looked at us, “Undo these things, she almost yelled. Adrian bent over to lick her nipple ignoring her plea.

“Baby, I promise you will enjoy this, I just don’t want you to be able to touch yourself, I want to do this for you.” His quiet calm comments settled Katie, as she remembered the trust and love between them. As Adrian felt her relax he leaned up to kiss her softly, sweetly, lovingly. He then stood and asked me to meet him at the foot of the bed. Katie’s head lay on two pillows so she could look down the length of her body and see us.

“Jassie turn around and let me remove your dress” Adrian instructed. As I turned he unzipped my dress, sliding it over my hips, his hands caressing the skin he uncovered, until the dress pooled at my feet. I kicked it into the corner, leaving me in the underwear Katie and I had bought with Adrian in mind. This was the first time Adrian had seen the full effect.

“Ohh shit Katie you have been telling Jassy about my love of black lace.”

“Yes baby we bought matching lingerie just to drive you wild.” Katie purred from the bed.

“Ohh babe, thank you it’s beautiful. Jassy, will you leave it on and undress me for Katie?”

I moved to do as asked slipping Adrian’s jacket from his back and then moving around to unbutton the dress shirt, slowly exposing the tanned chest to the pure pleasure of Katie and myself; pushing it off his shoulders also. I knelt on the floor before undoing the trousers making sure Katie’s view was not impeded. After opening the top button I unzipped the trousers with my teeth causing gasps from both of my lovers. I then pushed Adrian’s trousers and underwear down, removing his shoes and socks as well, leaving him as naked as his love lying on the bed.

“Adrian, come to me now!” Katie called.

” Not yet baby, I want to make this good for you” He turned and pulled me up saying, “Your turn Jassy we are all naked except for you.”

Adrian then unclipped my suspender belt and rolled down my stockings, removing them and her shoes. He stopped there and walked back to the side of the bed dropping the stockings as he went. He turned and sat beside Katie and they both looked at me, dressed in only the bra and G set. “Do you think she looks beautiful, Katie?” Adrian asked as her turned to look at his girl tied to the bed.

“Ohh my God, yes” Katie replied not looking away from me.

Adrian moved to kiss Katie deeply, his tongue penetrating her mouth and his hand on her neck. As their tongues duelled his hand pulled the clip from her hair releasing all the auburn tresses to fall as they may. His other hand started downwards to her chest, caressing the soft skin until his palms slid over her peaked nipple. Katie was moaning in ecstasy to be finally getting the attention she needed. Her nipples hard pebbles as Adrian’s fingers moved lover sliding over her belly and onto her hairless mound.

“Baby spread your legs for me.” Adrian whispered as he bit her earlobe.

Katie was so ready she did it without a thought; until she felt her legs being pulled further apart by the stockings I had been tying while Kate was otherwise occupied. She wrenched her head away from Adrian, yelling, “No, stop, Ok, you have had your fun now let me go.” Her legs moved as much as they could as she fought to get free. “Adrian, I don’t want this, please let me up!” she was almost begging.

“But, babe, you are soaking you do like this. I can feel it you’re so wet with görükle escort excitement. Plus I have one more surprise for you. I want you to remember this night forever sweetheart. If you really don’t want this you know the safe word.”

With that he moved away from Katie and said to me, “Strip.”

In seconds the scraps of black lace were gone and I was standing naked.

“Jassy, we are going to give Katie her desire, do you know she loves doggy style. She can come four or five times just by doing that position.”

“You’ll have to untie me for that!” Katie sounded quite in control now.

“Ohh babe you misunderstand me, you are going to watch me and Jassy do it! While you are helpless!”

“What?” Katie cried “No you can’t Adrian, please no!”

“Maybe, if you are good after that we will let you come.”

“Ohh god, please Adrian, just fuck me please?” Katie pleaded.

Adrian ignored her pleas and calmly told me to get on all fours my legs between her spread ones and my hands on either side of her ribs. As I did as he instructed, he leaned down to kiss her again, a slow lovers kiss. His hands speared into her hair. They continued to make love with their mouths while I stayed kneeling over Katie. I knew what he was doing; he was making sure she continued to remember he was her lover in every sense of the word.

When he lifted his head away from her, her eyes followed him. “Baby, are you wet?” he asked her, but not waiting for a answer his hand slide between us and onto her pussy. “Hmm,” he said, “Not wet enough.” I watched as his fingers began to play her, separating her folds and slipping slowly inside. “Jassy lick her breasts, no biting though!”

From my position it was easy to lean down and take a pink nipple into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue; sucking strongly, before moving to treat the other nipple in the same manner.

Katie began to moan and move as much as she could within her bonds, and I could hear the wet squelchy noises of Adrian’s fingers thrusting in and out.

“Ohh God, yes,” Katie cried “Ohh God, make me cum!” Immediately I felt Adrian remove his hand and I also stopped. “No don’t stop! I’m so close.”

Adrian again ignored her and asked me if I would like to suck his fingers clean, as he ran them under my nose. The smell was so good I latched onto his fingers, sucking and tasting Katie’s juice and the taste of Adrian. As I continued to clean his fingers, they stared at each other.

“Baby if you don’t want this use the safe word and I will untie you and fuck you till you cum as many times as you want and need.” He continued to make eye contact with her, that was the closest she had got to cumming all night and he wanted to make her realise that’s what she loves, to be on the edge.

“Adrian you better make me cum the best ever tonight, when you are ready.”

“Katie, my beauty, I promise I will only stop when you beg me not to make you cum again.” As he finished he leant down to kiss her again, this time a rough hard kiss, which she leaned up into as much as her constraints allowed.

I have to admit even though I had already cum tonight, watching them from so close, together with sucking Katie’s tits has made me so hot again.

Adrian lifted away from Katie, to stand beside the bed looking at us. “To have a camera right now.” he joked as he moved further along the bed. As he walked we both watched hie erection bounce along slightly ahead of him, as if pointing the direction.

“Kiss each other,” Adrian suggested.

I moved slightly higher and moved my lips over Katie’s, her mouth opened and tongues met and clashed. We continued kissing, sucking and licking until Adrian was forgotten in our quest to enjoy the taste of each other. Katie sucked my bottom lip into her mouth and bit softly, making me cry out with the sweetness of it. I felt Adrian move behind me but kept making love with Katie’s mouth. I began to lie down on her bringing our bodies closer, but Adrian grabbed my hips and jerked me back. It was then that I realised he was now kneeling behind me. Pulling me back bought me against his erection, which he was pushing down between my legs. In one thrust he rammed inside, causing me to break from Katie’s mouth and groan with pure joy.

This made Katie very aware of what was happening. Adrian was leaning over my back as he continued to pound into me and I wondered if he was watching Katie. Within seconds I didn’t care if Adrian was fucking me for her benefit or not, all I cared about was the skill in which he was ramming into me; his balls hitting against me. Adrian’s hands slid around to grip my breasts, together with the feeling of being watched by a helpless Katie I was close to coming. Adrian’s thrusts were fast and furious now and I did my best to ram my ass back against him.

I heard Adrian grunt “baby, do you want to see more, do you want to watch me thrust into her and watch us cum?”

“Ohh God, yes that would be so hot.” Katie hardly had any voice eskort bayan and I wondered whether she would cum with out any physical stimulation.

With that Adrian pulled out of me and it was my turn to cry “No, don’t stop!”

“Ohh Jassie, as soon as we turn around I’ll be back I promise you.” Adrian’s voice was hoarse, as he was already moving around to rip the pillows from under Katie and then pulling me around. Within seconds he was ramming me again, only this time our hips above Katie’s face. My own face above Katie’s open pussy, I started to go down to lick the wet offering but Adrian grabbed my hair and grunted “No, that’s mine.”

Katie’s restraints obviously stopped her from being able to reach up high enough to taste us but my juice was flowing freely and I can only imagine that it was dripping over her face, maybe into her mouth.

With that the strongest orgasm of the night racked my body. It seemed to last for minutes, my whole body spasming and my cries loud and untamed. The whole time Adrian continued to thrust into me as I tightened convulsively around him.

After some time I collapsed froward onto Katie the pure joy draining me of any strength. I had no thought now of licking her, my body continuing to twitch, in fact in falling forward I slipped away from Adrian’s cock and away from Katie’s mouth, my juice filled cunt below her breasts, and my head on her knees. The after shocks still ran over my belly and thighs as Adrian stood and picked me up tenderly, turning me to lay on some pillows he had replaced. As he lay me down he leaned over and kissed my slack lips and whispered “Thank you.” I managed a smile as my eyes closed for a few moments.

It was only seconds later when I felt the bed move as Adrian lay beside Katie, my eyes opened as he leaned down and kissed her tenderly.

“My baby, was that everything you thought it would be?” he asked her.

“Adrian, it was everything and more.” she sighed as she lifted her head slightly and he leaned down, and they kissed gently. It wasn’t a lover’s kiss as much as a kiss of love, lips only touching softly, barely parted, eyes open looking at each other, communicating their joy of each other in an intangible way that they both knew.

Finally they parted, but their eyes still held as he said “Baby, its your night, tell me what you want, tell me in that sexy accent exactly what you want.”

“Sweetie, this is what I want,” she whispered, her voice breathy, indicating her continued arousal. “I want you to lick me clean lick up every bit of juice, then and only then do I want you to eat me out. I want you to suck my pussy lips, chew them softly, and tongue fuck me till I cum! Only then will I want you to untie me, after that tit fuck me so I can lick your head with each stroke. When you are about to cum, I want you to slow down and make love to me. Do you think that would be lovely?

“Ohh one more thing before you do any of that I want you to take that hard wet cock you have and jerk it off for us. Otherwise you may not go the distance, is that a good idea?”

Adrian’s groan was his only reply as his hand touched his own tool.

“Baby, before you do get me a pillow then sit at the end of the bed facing us so we can both watch, and you can watch us watching.”

Adrian’s obvious reluctance to let go was almost comical. Moments later he again had his hard cock in hand, stroking to his own joy. His cock was as hard as it had been anytime tonight, feeling me cum then listening to Katie’s words had bought him close. We all knew this would be a short show, pre-cum was oozing from the small slit, and with each stroke his face contorted. If he had any feelings about masturbating in front of two women I don’t think he cared. Katie was right he needed to cum. I looked over at Katie and realised her eyes were closed she wasn’t looking, she was listening to the sound of his fist fucking and his vocal sounds, she had a smile on her face as he got closer to his joy. A sharp strangled sound echoed through the room and I turned back to Adrian to watch his first shot of cum fly from the tip and hit the sheets. The second shot followed as did the next few. The last few squeezes of his hand milking his cream onto his cock to run onto his thighs. Finally he opened his eyes and looked at us as he said, “That will never replace a woman’s mouth, pussy or ass, but God I love to do it!”

Turning to Katie he continued, “Now Babe, I believe you wanted something.”

He moved around and began to lick her thighs, cleaning dried and wet secretions. I lay back and watched; I had never considered myself a voyeur, however, I did enjoy watching these two beautiful animals love each other. Occasionally, I would close my eyes and listen, his heavy breathing and groans, her moans and cries. Finally he moved to the juncture of her thighs where she was overflowing with fresh juice. I moved to watch what he was doing; her tied legs gave him plenty of room to play. I continued to watch as he angled his head altıparmak escort and closed his eyes holding still. I had to move again to see clearly and realised that he had his tongue underneath her pussy pushed hard against her literally just letting her juice flow down onto his tongue. As I watched his hand moved up to her belly, flat palmed rubbing the soft skin slowly circling larger and larger circles till he rubbed the underside of her breasts, she arched up as she felt his hand get closer to her firm tits. As she did a fresh flow of juice ran down onto his tongue. He held still a second longer and moved both hands to grab her breasts, roughly squeezing her nipples. Her cries echoed through the room and her body bucked. The whole night had been a tease to this woman and she was about to hit her first peak with out any clitoral or internal stimulation. As I continued to watch Adrian began sucking on her lips first one side then letting it slip out to lap the tissue with his rough tongue, before moving to repeat the process with the other side.

“Ohh God, Adrian, touch my clit, I’m going to cum! Please, I need to cum!” she begged.

Adrian lifted his head to watch her as she pulled against her restraints trying to go over the edge. “Babe, you will cum, but your clit will go hungry this time. Does it ache?”

“Yes, please Adrian, it aches for you so bad!” She gasped.

His reply was to simply go back to his feast. Adrian began licking and sucking the lips harder now. When he had both lips trapped in his mouth I watched hips lips open to reveal his teeth holding her then raised his head slightly slowly pulling her trapped lips stretched to their fullest, being dragged across his teeth, until finally they slipped out completely. Katie’s moans had turned to mews and breathy gasps, and I knew she was about to cum, but I wondered what he would do to give her the release she craved. Then I knew as he parted her lips with his tongue and began to tongue fuck her. His tongue hard and pointed fucking into her pussy. The hand he held on her stomach, moved lower to press against her mound, still ignoring her clit. But in the end it didn’t matter, all the stimuli drove her to a screaming orgasm. Her body bow tight within the bonds, his tongue continuing to stab into her. Her orgasm lasting longer than I thought possible. I watched her face screw up in the throes of the best agony. Finally she began to sag and I watched as Adrian licked her offering before lying his head on her belly.

Katie turned to me and quietly asked, “Please untie me.”

I did as she bid, starting with her hands, as soon as the first was free she moved it to touch and smooth his hair. When she was untied and I had returned to sit beside her she lifted a hand to grab mine, making me feel part of them.

Minutes passed before anyone moved. Katie’s breathing had returned to normal and she said, “Adrian, please make love to me.”

He lifted his head to look at her, “No, a tit fuck was requested first.” he said and then he kissed her belly.

“We’ll do that another time, please I want you.”

“Never let it be said that I wasn’t up to the challenge, but we can do it in reverse order if you like.”

“Yes please.” she said quickly.

I began to move away from them and off the bed. “Jasmine, where are you going?” Katie asked me, still holding my hand.

“I was giving you some time together,” I replied, “I’ll go sleep in the other room.”

“You can’t go this is your night too, you don’t mind staying do you?” she asked me.

I felt trapped the truth was I didn’t want to go, but if they were truly talking about making love, well then they deserved some privacy. My indecision must have been obvious as Adrian reached out and said, “Please stay, we want you to share our night, and that includes our lovemaking.”

At their mutual request I sunk back onto the bed, as Katie asked “You don’t mind watching us make love do you?”

I shook my head, “No I would love it, I truly wanted to give you some time alone.”

Katie turned to Adrian, “Baby get some covers, its getting cooler.”

Minutes later we were all laying there warmed by the blankets. Katie was lying in the middle still holding my hand and Adrian on the other side quietly nibbling on Katie’s ear, his hand cupping her breast. Katie turned her head toward Adrian and met his mouth with hers. “Baby,” she whispered against his mouth, “I want you.”

Adrian moved over her pushing the covers off and kissing her fully on the mouth, many slow and unhurried kisses followed. Katie’s hand at the back of Adrian’s head, her other hand still held mine. As I watched Adrian’s hands speared into her hair, I continued to watch as their tongues met and duelled, as one tongue slipped into its partner’s mouth to taste and to be tasted. Hands began to explore each others body, Katie’s hand running down the tanned skin of Adrian’s back. His hands running down her body, then as if for the first time noticing that Katie was only using one hand, his hand traced along her arm, caressing the soft underarm then down lower to her elbow. Then on again until his hand felt our joined hands, her hand below mine but her fingers curled up to grip me. Still they kissed breaking apart to take deep gasping breathes before meeting again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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