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Wow! A vision, Megan stood in front of Jon, in his eyes she looked like a goddess. Her blond hair hung down around her shoulders, her skin seemed to shine, perfect, her tiny tattoo standing out like a landmark. Her stockings stood out against her skin, fine, black and real. Stockings this time, not hold ups, the suspenders outlining the curve of her thighs and buttocks some of her finest features, along with her calves straining under the pull of the jet black impossibly high heels. The matching bra strained a little, nipples pushing through the material and the whole outfit was just what they had wanted. A dark wraparound skirt and a flimsy, outrageously see-through blouse finished the effect. The interlude with Jackie had been about softness and knowledge and slow acceleration. Clothes were not important enough to outweigh sensuality. This afternoon was different. This was about stretching the limits of voyeurism and exhibitionism.

“What do you think?”, was the wholly unnecessary question from Meg, “I think we may have a problem with him cumming in his pants when he sees you”, was the reply, “and what a waste that would be.”. ‘He’ was Mark, 30 something, enthusiastic, easy on the eye, well hung, good stayer, if the reply was to be believed. Jon had arranged to meet him to ensure that he was genuine, presentable and was who he said he was. Apparently Jon thought that he was and Meg had agreed to the next step in her journey of development.

Jon’s phone rang and he answered the caller, telling them to come up to the room. After the afternoon with the escort Jackie, this afternoon seemed much more relaxed. Meg was starting to equate these, and other sexual interludes, with her loss of control. That didn’t stop her jumping a little as the sound of the knock on the door shot through the room.

Mark was much as she had expected. Not that it mattered, it was an act in the play, a prop with which to express desire to each other. He glanced at Jon who nodded assent. Then he walked toward the bed. Meg stood, slowly unbuttoned Mark’s shirt, she pulled it open and ran the flat of her tongue up and across each of his nipples. She felt him shudder, felt the involuntary movement of him towards her. Oh, she thought, this was so very different. She felt his hands on the front of the thin blouse, scrabbling slightly escort bayan bursa to release the buttons. God she thought, she was so nervous, all the worries about a stranger intruded on her thoughts. Would she even want to, and if she did, what would it do to her and Jonathan?

She held her breath and glance over at Jon who was smiling softly, as if he knew her torment. What had he said? “live in the moment doing what I have instructed you to do, but take everything that controlled senses can give”. She closed her eyes and realised that Mark had her bra undone and was massaging her breasts. The senses were working, she could feel the heat of the contact, felt herself getting excited, whether through Marks ministrations or the effect of the whole circumstance.

She felt Mark, gently, but unsubtly pushing her downwards. She had half a smile as she thought that she had no will in this. She dropped down to her knees. She smiled and stroked her fingernails along the material stretching under the pressure from his straining cock. Smiled at Jon as she felt along the length, squeezing lightly, outlining its shape through his trousers watching the exquisite pleasure/pain/anticipation on Mark’s face. She couldn’t help it, she really didn’t know why, but she looked over at Jonathan. Was it to see his reaction? for his approbation? That look back, that one look told her what Jon already knew, her control was an illusion, he was allowing her domination of Mark within his mastery of her. In a strange way, knowing that she was still being controlled gave her a comfort. Even so, Jonathan saw it cross her face, defiance, schoolgirl insubordination, ‘perfect’ he thought!

Meg looked back to Mark, her fingers hadn’t left the outline of his cock, a cock that was becoming almost painful with anticipation. Slowly she pulled down his zip, watching his glans swollen and red peeping over his underclothes. He placed his hands on the back of her head and pulled her towards him. ‘Oh’, she thought, self control isn’t a strength then? but she took the swollen member between her hands. Knowing that she was it the ideal position to be viewed, she lowered her mouth over Mark’s cock. She played around the head running her wet lips up and down his shaft and her tongue encompassing his head, feeling the tension. bursa sinirsiz eskort Mark stiffened realising how close he was. He picked Meg up and laid her on the bed gently spreading her thighs open. Jon saw Mark’s head drop to Meg’s sex. He saw her close her eyes and could only imagine what the lips and tongue, and if she was lucky, finger, was doing to her. Meg took a moment to relax, then recalled her own little mantra ‘I have no will in this, I have surrendered control until I wish to break it!’ She surrendered to the physical sensation, wishing in some way that it was Jon’s knowing touch but at the same time enjoying the feeling the unfamiliarity, the slower build up. She wasn’t quite there when Mark eased himself up and moved to the bedside table.

Meg realising what was happening tensed. Another moment of passage! She didn’t know why she didn’t watch, but she didn’t. Just listened to the sound of the condom packet being ripped open, guessed at the hands sliding on the silky latex. Unlike the meeting with Jackie, Jonathan wasn’t concentrating, absorbed, but rather his eyes smiled at her as if expecting her to call off. He had said he would join in at some time but had given Meg no idea when. Mark moved back toward the bed and Meg came back to reality. She wasn’t going to cry off, oh no, she moved herself on the bed so that Jon had what she hoped was the best view of what was going to happen.

It certainly wasn’t unpleasant, in fact her body took control as Mark eased himself into her, reacting and finding a rhythm as he stroked inside her. Was this was Jon wanted? This is what he’d ordered she do, she felt her breath shorten, the burn that Jon had helped her identify started south of her solar plexus. She tried to reconcile and rationalise what was happening but she was going, drifting into that orgasm state. Suddenly she felt a hand on her forehead, it wasn’t Mark, he was driving in to her from above. Her eyes shot open and saw Jon’s eyes, ‘come for me’ and she did, and as she did he kissed her and she let go, filled up, fucked as instructed . . . and kissing her man. Jon had told her that there was a special detached intensity in kissing someone you loved whilst taking an orgasm from someone else and he hadn’t been lying.

It took her escort bayan quite a time to come down. Mark, completely unknown to her had obviously come in the process and a slight awkwardness reigned. Jon smiled again, this time at Mark, ” give you a short break then Mark and then this is where your repeatability comes in”. Mark laughed and the atmosphere changed again to one more comfortable and relaxed. Jon turned away and concentrated his attention back to Meg, kissing her lips, face, and neck as if nothing else existed. He moved his attention down to her breasts, stroking the soft underneath, feeling them react and respond before playing with her nipples, running his teeth gently along the teats watching them stretch and strain under his ministrations and the drafts of cold air he blew across them. Meg realised that she was heating up again, even before the flat of Jon’s palm moved down her body with his lips and tongue following them.

He was laying slightly away from her, his hands opening up her thighs and very, very gently stroking her outside lips. His penis was straining, head exposed and swollen but just out of her reach. His next move took her totally by surprise as he pulled her over on top of him, sitting above his face with his cock right in her eye’s view, finally attainable. She leaned forward and almost grinned at the drop of pre-cum that oozed from the eye of his straining member at that she mischievously flicked at with her tongue making him jump and his cock bounce and swing. She felt his hands, strong hands on her hips, pulling her down to him, her cunt exposed to him, open, wet, pulsing, and she felt his fingers, slick with her juice and his tongue following building her up.

She had been absorbed, oblivious, had not heard the sound of a new condom going on, had forgotten the presence of Mark, until she felt him at the entrance to her cunt, felt him slide in right above Jonathan’s tongue and fingers. The picture she held of the long thin latex covered cock sliding past Jon’s rotating fingers and face was the last thing that crossed her mind as she straightened up, attentions to Jon forgotten, as every sort of firework went off in her head, fireworks that went on and on before she collapsed forward, holding Jon’s legs as if they were her only contact with the world.

The world was indeed a blur, she had no real recollection of Mark’s going. Had he cum again? She realised she didn’t care. She was curled up in big arms, her head against a shoulder. They’d make the most of this, make love, talk, fuck as best their bodies would allow, but for now she would just drift, curled . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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