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This is a first try for me at erotic fiction. The following story is as the movies are fond of saying “inspired by real events.” Those readers who look for DDD breasts begging Peter North x3 style ropes of cum should seek entertainment elsewhere.


“He’s just out of the service and he’s looking for his fun…” The line from Ian Tyson’s song “Someday Soon” echoed in Paul’s head, but he was definitely not having fun right now. Not unless he considered a boring dissertation on the use of call options for risk mitigation and return enhancement having fun. Three weeks into a four-week training stint in Manhattan before he could return to Silicon Valley and try to make a living as a stockbroker.

Four months ago, Paul O’Brien resigned his Army commission after seven years. His dream of a 30-year career as an Infantry officer was shattered on the reality of the post-Vietnam military. The draft had ended. And the Army was stumbling through the transition to an all- volunteer force. To say that morale in the military was lower than whale shit would be a gross understatement.

It certainly had not seemed that way to Paul in 1968 when he pinned on his gold second lieutenant bars. Then, unlike so many in his generation, he was ready to go out and defend his nation’s freedom. Officers’ basic training was followed by parachute training. Upon the successful completion of his graduation jumps, he entered the most physically demanding, mentally challenging eight weeks of his life: U. S. Army Ranger School. Most people are aware that Ranger training is the most difficult course in the Army. Paul weathered the duration of it, and standing on an airfield in northern Florida, had the coveted black and gold Ranger tab pinned to his shoulder.

His first posting out of training was a year with the mechanized infantry in Germany. This was an accompanied tour, so he was able to bring his wife Karen along at the Army’s expense. Paul and Karen had met in college and got married immediately after Paul’s graduation and commissioning. Their year together in Germany was delightful for the most part. Like those in many marriages, they discovered they really did not know each other as well as they thought. And a year is not a long time accomplish that discovery process. As 1970 approached, the orders Paul anticipated and Karen dreaded arrived. Paul was being reassigned to Vietnam.

While Paul was off in the jungle, commanding men in combat, and doing his best to get them all back to the U.S. alive, Karen went back to college to finish her degree. She had been a year behind Paul when they met, and she left after her Junior year to marry him. On-campus culture had changed dramatically in three years. Smoking dope was accepted and pervasive. The beginnings of the feminist movement had sprouted, and Karen became immersed in all of it. Always a bit impressionable, she became swept up in the tide of change occurring. He found out through friends on campus, she also became swept up in the arms of a graduate student who talked her out of her pants. She claimed it was only a one-time thing, but like virginity and pregnancy, fidelity is an exclusive condition. Paul forgave her, but the shadow was cast.

When Paul returned, he had not only been isolated on Army bases or out of the country for the better part of three years, during those three years the country had changed more culturally than it had in the previous decade. Karen was a stranger to him. They went through the motions, but something was missing. They had fallen for each other as undergraduates, but their experiences were now so different. Those experiences informed their outlook in very divergent ways. Paul remained committed to his military career. However, Karen was looking for her freedom to live life outside of the strictures imposed on an Army Wife.

With no children and few possessions of any real value, the divorce was uncomplicated. Just prior to Paul completing the Career Course at Fort Benning, everything was arranged. Paul was being transferred to California, and Karen was moving back to her family in New Hampshire.

Life at Ft. Ord on Monterey Bay was like paradise for a bachelor captain. The Monterey Peninsula was crawling with young women eager to volunteer to fight in the Sexual Revolution. Paul had lots of opportunities from which he could pick and choose. He picked a lot. Few meetings resulted in more than three or four dates. He was polite and always complimentary, never wanting to burn a bridge. Then there was Annie. Mary Anne White was a nurse at the post hospital. She was a First Lieutenant and legal territory for another officer. The term Friends with Benefits came along several decades later, but that described their relationship to a T. Their sexual styles meshed. Their pure sexual enjoyment was not constrained by any emotional ties. Perfect for Paul; entanglements of that kind could wait.

After three delightful years in Monterey, Paul was an ex-captain of infantry. Seven years Antalya Escort of military experience and three years commanding various units, the respect of his men, all the confidence in the world going forward, right? Wrong! Paul was scared shitless. As he progressed through his training as a stockbroker, it became clear he would have to convince people, persuade them to take his recommendations. No more could he order a man to walk point with the force of law behind the order. Paul concluded he could tell someone to buy stock and the client could lose money, but he would not die as a result. He had that going for him.

Back in Manhattan, the options class finally ground to its conclusion. Paul could hardly wait to get out of corporate headquarters and release his tensions. Back on the subway to his hotel, Paul recalled the burger bar he had visited a couple weeks prior. Great burgers and reasonable beers represented an attractive proposition. What had attracted him the first time he visited was a friendly local ambiance. The kind that welcomed rather than excluded newcomers. The place was crowded when he walked in so he saw a two top and seized it. Not long after, she walked over and asked if the other seat were taken. “It’s yours”, said Paul. She sat down, and Paul remembered seeing her playing backgammon with another young woman on his previous visit.

“Joannie,” she said introducing herself.

“Paul,” he replied, “I saw you here a couple weeks ago, you were playing backgammon.”

“Oh, that was with my sister. We are intensely competitive. We do not play often, but her husband was out of town on business so we came down here.” Conversation came easily to them. Joannie appeared to be a couple years older than Paul. She was not the kind of woman that men would race across the bar to chat up. Pleasant would be a good description because plain carries such negative connotations. Joannie’s breasts pushed her ribbed top out noticeably. They did not approach Karen’s 34 DD’s, but Paul had long since given up judging women by their cup size. The rest of the assessment: looked to be 5’5″, maybe 140-150, open body language, and fabulous eye contact. She seemed interested in him, and that was what mattered most.

They had chatted about the normal ice breaking topics like jobs and how did you come to be here. She was born and raised in Manhattan. “How do you like New York?”, she asked.

Could he count how many ways he disliked it, he wondered. But he said, “I am having a nice stay here, but I miss my own cooking.”

“You cook?” she asked.

“Yeah, it is kind of a passion with me. I really hate sub-par restaurant food, and that is all I can afford now,” he answered.

“Why don’t you come over to my apartment tomorrow and cook me something?” asked Joannie.

Paul’s immediate response was, “Hell yes! When and where?” She wrote her address on a cocktail napkin with the notation 2 PM on it. Paul said he would be there with bells on.

On Saturday, the short walk to 34th St. put Paul on the cross-town bus to Joannie’s. He got off, crossed the street to her apartment building and told the doorman on whom he was calling. The doorman grinned a sly grin, and said, “Go on up, she’s expecting you.” He hit the elevator button for her floor and cruised up. His knuckles barely touched the door before she pulled it open.

“Hi there! I wasn’t sure you would make it,” Joannie offered. Paul was tempted to say something about his current state of semi-starvation , but he told her wild horses could not have kept him away. She ushered him into her studio apartment. Joannie was dressed in a simple short-sleeved white blouse and jeans. He glanced around the apartment and saw it was neat in a way that indicated it was always pretty much that way. It seemed she was comfortable enough not to go on a mad cleaning binge for him. She gave him a quick tour, which consisted of taking a couple steps toward the galley kitchen and another couple steps to see where the bathroom was. The center was the main room which held a small dining set and a sofa bed.

Joannie offered him a beer, which he gladly accepted. She popped one too, and sat on the couch patting the spot next to her for him to sit. He did. Paul extended his arm along the top of the sofa behind Joannie’s head. They both took hearty swallows of beer then looked at each other. She said, “You made a real impression on me last night. There are a lot of creeps in this city and a single woman has to be careful who she allows in. But when you mentioned you had seen me playing backgammon, that sealed it.”

Paul smiled and said, “Thank you.” His hand dropped from the back of the sofa and lightly stroked her hair. Joannie closed her eyes and let herself feel the soft touch.

“Mmm, that feels nice,” she whispered and reached over to put her hand on Paul’s thigh. Their faces closed the distance, and their lips touched in a light kiss. The pressure of the kiss gradually Antalya Escort Bayan increased for a few seconds and they mutually backed off. Time for another swallow of beer. The next kiss had a lot more behind it from both sides. Paul’s lips parted and Joannie’s tongue immediately ran along Paul’s lower lip. Paul let her tongue explore a little more, not engaging it. He could tell his reaction of withdrawing rather trying to touch her tonsils right away was new to her. So, he whipped the tip of his tongue around hers and relaxed it again. When she hesitated a bit, he began his slow advance into her mouth.

Slowly he became the dominant party, his tongue exploring every part of her oral cavity it could reach. By now Joannie’s hand had moved far enough up his thigh that she could feel his erection making its way down his leg in his tight Levi’s. When Paul felt her touch, he stiffened his tongue and began to push it into her mouth like a tiny cock. Joannie immediately accepted what was offered and she began sucking it. Paul’s hand had by now grasped the back of Joannie’s head pulling their faces tightly together. His other hand reached for her right breast. He rubbed his palm over it, not using his fingers to grab it. Just palm pressure all around the surface in smaller circles until his palm was orbiting her nipple which he could feel straining up through her bra and blouse. “Let’s get more comfortable,” suggested Joannie.

Paul stood up to remove his shirt while Joannie quickly unbuttoned her blouse and threw it aside. Then she took off her bra, lifted her hips and pulled off her jeans, leaving her in her white bikini panties. Paul followed suit but since he normally went commando under jeans, his erection swung into view as he slid them off. “Now, where were we?” he asked, but when he looked at Joannie, she had a stunned expression on her face.

“You look like a Greek god,” she said.

“Wow,” thought Paul, “this woman doesn’t get out much.” But he said, “Glad you approve.” After he sat back down on the couch, things speeded up.

Paul noticed that Joannie had very long nipples which curled downward. Even in men’s magazines, he had never seen a pair like that. Dropping his mouth to her left breast, he closed his lips around the amazing nipple and began to lick and suck it. She pressed her breast against the pressure of his mouth. Then he reached over and rolled the right one between his thumb and forefinger. While her body moved in pleasure, she was very quiet. Meanwhile Joannie had wrapped her fingers around Paul’s shaft. He could not believe that it swelled under the pressure and became even harder. After several minutes of breast adoration, switching his mouth from one to the other, he began to kiss lower down her belly. Joannie placed her hands on both sides of his face and when he looked up with a questioning expression and said something about no dessert before dinner. “I want you inside me. Now!”, she instructed.

He pulled her panties down, spread her legs draping her right leg over the back of the couch and leaving her left leg on the floor. He was about to explore her labia when she pulled his dick to the entrance and rocked her hips up to meet the head. He slid into her well lubricated cunt with no resistance. When he was as deep as he could go, he just stayed there putting pressure on her clit with his pubic bone. She rocked her hips again and Paul felt her cervix rub the head of his cock. Her eyes shot wide open, but she made no sound. Paul knew, mostly from reading, that many women were sensitive to the point of pain when that happened, so he started to back out. Immediately, Joannie seized his ass cheeks with both hands, pulled him into her, and shook her head in a “no” motion. She began to rock her hips with her hands keeping Paul bottomed out inside her. Her cervix swiped back and forth over the head of his erection. Her pace accelerated for what felt like several minutes. Paul was having a hard time restraining his orgasm, when suddenly Joannie went completely stiff as if every muscle in her body contracted at once until they began to quiver. Paul’s own orgasm was impending. He asked Joannie if he should pull out. “Don’t you dare,” she hissed through clenched teeth, “I cannot get pregnant. Cum inside me.” And Paul did, shooting long spurts of cum deep inside Joannie. As his final spasm passed, he felt her relax. She lay there not moving for a time. Then her eyes flickered open, she raised her lips to his, and kissed him deeply. She broke the kiss and asked, “Where did you come from?” He replied with only a puzzled look. “Was it Olympus, Mars, somewhere else from outer space? Because you sure aren’t from Planet Earth.” Paul knew he had done well.

A few minutes later they decided they had to get food for Paul to cook his promised home-cooked meal. They got dressed and strolled hand in hand to the open-air food market down the block. Paul found two smooth, ripe eggplants, and to that they added olive Escort Antalya oil, shaved aged parmesan, mozzarella, and marinara sauce that the vendor claimed was from a centuries-old family recipe brought over from Italy. Paul figured it was a bullshit story but charming anyway. He and Joannie headed back to her apartment. While Paul went about his prep, Joannie kept wrapping her arms around him from behind and kissing his neck. Once the parmigiana was put together, he popped it into the oven. He faced her and they kissed. Paul figured they had time if they were quick. Their lovemaking was pretty much a replay of the first except they had pulled the bed out for this round. Missionary, no noise, stiff body and nice cum. As they lay in the afterglow, Paul’s nose twitched. “Holy crap, the eggplant,” he exclaimed. The cheese topping on the dish was seconds from being ruined. He had gotten it just in time.

They ate their meal accompanied by a decent cheap chianti pretty much in silence. They took their wineglasses and set them down on the nightstand. After their last bout Joannie had pulled on an oversized t-shirt and Paul had not bothered getting dressed. Joannie pulled off her shirt and reclined on the bed. Paul leaned over her and began kissing her. Their tongues danced. One hand was busy on her breast alternately palming it and rolling her beautiful nipples. Soon his lips replaced his fingers. “Did you say something about dessert earlier?”

She gave his head a gentle push down her body. Paul kissed lower and made his way to the lush black bush at the junction of her thighs. She opened her legs and he positioned his body between them. He lowered his mouth to the top of her labia and inhaled. Even though Joannie had washed after their “appetizer”, her arousal had renewed the musky odor of sexual desire. She bent her knees and lifted her hips, presenting her sex to his eager mouth. Paul brought his thumbs up along the outside of her outer lips and ran his tongue between them. Then he spread lips open and forced his tongue deep into her folds. Spreading the lips open, he saw her prominent inner lips at the apex of which was a large bright pink bud the size of a pencil eraser peeking out from its fleshy hood. He flicked the tip of his tongue over it and was rewarded with a tremor that shook her body. Keeping from direct contact he let his tongue circle it gently. The movement of her hips told him she was in the zone. Slowly he slid first one finger then another into her dripping cunt. The rocking of her hips increased. He curled his fingers back as if he wanted to touch his fingers to his tongue through the wall of her vagina. He felt the rough spongy texture of her g-spot with his fingertips and pressed them firmly into it. Suddenly her thighs clamped his head in a tight grip. He lashed her clit with his tongue as hard as he could. “HHNNNNNGGGGGGG!” she groaned and began rocking side to side twisting Paul’s head back and forth. He could not breathe and he thought she was going to hurt his neck. What began as gentle lovemaking was taking on aspects of professional wrestling. At the last moment, he grasped her knees and pulled them apart. Joannie pulled him up to her and began to kiss frantically, licking her juices from his lips and cheeks.

Paul’s rock hard cock poked Joannie’s thigh. “Oh, I have been so selfish, wallowing in my own pleasure. I want you in my mouth. Normally I am too sensitive after I orgasm to endure more contact, but I want you in my mouth while you continue to do what you were just doing.” Happily, Paul rearranged himself as she instructed; a man on top 69 position. He began his side of the action, and she grabbed his ass with both hands and pulled him into her waiting mouth. All the way in. Her nose was bumping his balls. Paul raised his hips and slid down again. If anything, she took him even deeper. He moved quicker and more forcefully and sensed no objection from his partner. Paul considered he was face-fucking a woman for the first time in his life. He carried on for a long time, but he sensed even her sucking mouth was not going to give him the release he needed.

He rolled off to Joannie’s side, told her he needed to fuck her in order to cum, and asked if she had any position requests. She told him she liked it from behind. Doggy-style was always a go-to for Paul. Joannie rolled over, put her ass up and rested her face on her folded hands. Her cunt was so wet by now that Paul was able to slam his thick 7-inch cock straight in. He rammed himself into her as hard as he could. Having cum twice already gave him endurance. However, Joannie’s continued lack of vocal encouragement still had him puzzled. Annie was a wailer. She was so loud that the super of her apartment complex once called to say the neighbors were complaining. Even Karen, for restrained as she was, would get vocal when she came. From Joannie, nothing. The loudest sound was the squishing of her super wet pussy as Paul pounded her. Strange. Finally, as she dropped her back while keeping her hips high to create that delicious friction that only comes from doggy, Paul finally felt his release approaching. Again, it felt like Joanne’s tunnel was sucking the cum all the way up from his balls. He felt five strong jets of hot cum adding to her copious juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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