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“Do you trust me?”

Krista had forgotten how it progressed this far. On her back laying on her bed, her arms covered her small, pert breasts while Lia’s hands had grasped onto the waistband of her panties, the only article of clothing on her body before she’d be completely naked. She stared down across her pale skin, her slim body. Lia’s chin rested on her raised knees.

Krista was reluctant, but she knew how to answer, “I trust you.”

“Then why so protective?” Lia inquired.

“This is just…” she had a moment’s difficulty with words “… new to me.”

“Come on,” Lia tapped her hip, “let’s get these off you.” Lia again tugged at the waistband.

Although hesitant, Krista flexed her hips a little, lifting her small butt off her bed just enough that Lia could get the panties off her waist. Krista kept her thighs tight together, however, but Lia fought through that resistance, getting Krista’s panties around her bent knees and off her ankles. Krista moved her hand immediately to cover her crotch, leaving her other arm across her chest.

Lia leaned in and tugged at her arm, “Come on, you shouldn’t be so shy about this.” Lia got to her feet next to the bed and slid her thumbs under the waistband of her panties. “Would it help if I did this?” She slid the panties off her hips, past her knees and let them drop to her ankles before kicking them aside. “See, now we’re both naked.”

Slowly Krista sat herself up, using the hand she had over her crotch to push herself up while keeping her thighs tight together and her arm over her breasts. “How can you be so comfortable like that?”

“What do you mean?”

“Naked!” she all but yelled. “How are you so comfortable being… naked in front of others?”

“Because I’m comfortable with my body,” she was forward about it. “I mean, okay I’m not the slimmest girl around, and my tits could be a little bigger, but there’s not much I can do about that. I just accept what I have.”

“And you’re comfortable with others seeing you naked?”

Lia seemed somewhat perplexed by that inquiry, “Why should I not be?” She pointed to Krista’s arm, “Now lower your arm. Let me see them.”

Krista still stonewalled, but didn’t say a word at first. “Why?”

“If you want to be comfortable being naked in front of others, why not start with your best friend?”

“Who said I wanted this? You’re the one pushing me into this.”

“You wanted to see my tits, so it’s only fair that I get to see yours.”

Krista’s voice was becoming elevated. “Yes, your tits. Just your tits. That’s all I asked to see. And it’d be fair to see only my tits if you hadn’t started stripping naked and then trying to strip me naked.”

“And what’s wrong with that?”

“Not all of us are as comfortable as you with being naked in front of others.”

“Even in front of your best friend?”

“Yes, Anadolu Yakası Escort even in front of my best friend,” Krista was almost yelling. And to help accentuate her point, she brought her arms into her words. “I mean I was only looking to just settle a curiosity.” Krista rested her arms at her sides to support her weight.

Lia almost froze in front of her. “Consider it settled then.” Lia moved in closer.

Krista looked up and saw a completely different expression on Lia’s face, one she’d never seen before. “Are you alright?”

“Can I touch them?”

“What?” Krista suddenly became aware that she was sitting open in front of her best friend. But she wasn’t given an opportunity to get a response. Lia cupped her hands under Krista’s small breasts, the first time anyone else had ever touched them, cradled them. Her nipples went firm almost instantly. Krista could only stare at Lia’s face and take in the expression in her eyes and the new sensations radiating from her breasts and nipples.

Suddenly Krista went limp. For a moment she completely lost track of everything around her. When Lia pulled her lips away from hers, all Krista could do is mindlessly stare back, seeming unable to form any kind of response. When Lia leaned in again, though, Krista sat forward a little and met her lips. This kiss felt different to her as well, different from any guy she’d ever kissed. The lips were softer, the touch gentler. She put her hand behind Lia’s head so she couldn’t break away until she wanted to.

And it seemed giggling was all either could do in response, which was a bit of a relief unto itself as it at least showed no immediate feeling of fear or regret at what just occurred. The girls had been friends since elementary school, but this was crossing several lines that Krista never expected to cross. Not that being naked with her best friend wasn’t crossing lines unto itself. Add onto it the gentle kiss to her lips and the gentle touch of feminine fingers on her breasts.

The warmth of lust flushed through her entire body, but was most pronounced between her legs. It was possibly just a reaction to the new experience, but the sensations that came with it were difficult to ignore and she adjusted herself a little, a little much to not escape notice as well.

Lia pulled her hands away. “You okay?” Lia asked.

“Mhmm,” she muttered. “Just wasn’t expecting all of this.” She could feel the warmth spreading into her cheeks as well, and given her lighter complexion it was likely visible even in the low light. “Feeling a little… flushed.”

A smile grew onto Lia’s lips. “Can you show me?”

Krista moved herself back on her bed a little more and lifted one leg onto the bed, exposing her mostly-shaved pussy. She looked down across her body as she touched herself, its warmth flooding into her fingers, Kadıköy Escort its nectar seeping out between her lips.

“That is so hot,” Lia whispered.

Krista smiled a little grin. “Feels warm too,” she noted.

“Can I feel?”

Krista leaned back onto her arms, leaving her pussy open and exposed. Lia moved in closer again and gently lay her hand against Krista’s pussy. “Very warm,” she noted and started rubbing her hand against Krista’s pussy, “warm and wet.” Lia trenched a finger between Krista’s lips. Nectar flowed onto her, and she pulled her finger away and slid it into her mouth.

Krista was momentarily puzzled. Why would Lia want to taste what just came out of her pussy? She sat forward again and gently rubbed her pussy a little more. Juices readily flowed onto her fingers. She brought them toward her mouth, then paused.

“Taste it,” Lia said. “It’s so sweet.”

Krista slid her fingers between her lips, her juices hitting her tongue, its sweet flavor sending shivers through her mouth and down her body. She moaned against her fingers. “It is sweet. God I’m getting so wet, too.”

Lia took Krista’s fingers and gently licked them, staring into her eyes for each moment. Then she kissed her lips again. “Lay back,” she whispered.

Krista adjusted so she was laying on her bed as before, on her back, her legs spread open only just with her knees elevated. Lia climbed into the bed at Krista’s knees, and she looked into Krista’s eyes while gently spreading her thighs apart, kissing her way to her pussy.

“What are you doing?” Krista asked.

“I’m going to eat your pussy,” she whispered, just inches from her target.

“You’re going to” She inhaled sharply as Lia’s lips touched her pussy, cutting off her words and any thought she might have had. She exhaled a long, deep moan, inhaling sharply again when Lia kissed her clit, then again letting out a deep moan, or it could’ve been just her saying “Oh” upon realizing what Lia was saying. Whichever is immaterial.

Krista settled into the bed below her. Lia’s tongue and lips worked up so many new sensations in Krista’s pussy. She’d played with her pussy before, even giving herself what she thought were orgasms, but like the kiss earlier, this was something completely different. The ones she’d given herself felt like small pops compared to the charge building and holding in her pussy.

And then fingers entered her, probed her, felt around the various corners of her sex, something completely new to her – sensations she could only dream of giving herself, building up the charge in her pussy much faster. Breathing harder, moaning increasingly louder with each breath, she grabbed hold of the blanket beneath her with both hands as the sensation grew beyond her pussy. Her pussy gripped around Lia’s fingers.

“Mmm… you’re going to cum, aren’t you?”

Between İstanbul Escort the breaths and moans, Krista somehow managed to utter “Mhmm”. And Lia’s seemingly expert fingers worked her pussy until, with one large scream exploding out of her lips, it exploded out of her pussy and across her body, a torrent flooding her nerves, her back arching and her pussy gripping tight onto Lia’s fingers and washing them in juices.

A few seemingly unending moments later, it released Krista’s body. Her back relaxed, but her breathing was still a few paces behind the rest of her. “You’ve… done that… before… haven’t… you?” Krista breathed.

“Maybe once or twice,” Lia replied, obviously not telling the truth. She spread Krista’s legs apart and crawled up her body, her eyes meeting Krista’s. “Did you like that?” Seeming on reflex, Krista lifted herself up and kissed Lia’s lips, holding the kiss for only a moment before her still-lingering breathlessness caught up with her. “I’ll take that as a ‘yes’,” Lia observed.

Lia pulled away and dropped herself off the bed. Krista at first wondered if she was going somewhere before she asked her to sit up completely. Lia climbed behind her, spreading her legs to each of Krista’s sides before reaching her arms around her and motioning her back against her. Krista settled back into her friend, her breathing still a little heavy but her body relaxing.

“That was incredible,” Krista breathed as her body settled even more.

“It doesn’t have to stop here,” Lia noted.

Krista looked back across her shoulder. “What do you mean?”

“I want to see you play with yourself.”

Krista was momentarily stunned. “You’re serious?”


Krista looked down at her pussy and rubbed her hand against it. “I don’t know about that. It’s very sensitive right now.”

Lia reached her hands around to Krista’s pert breasts and took them, cradling them in her hands. A gentle squeeze to her nipples and Krista’s head fell back against Lia’s shoulder. “But you’re going to try to push me to doing it, aren’t you?” Krista asked.

“Mhmm” was Lia’s brief reply as she focused her attention more in Krista’s chest as she rested her chin on Krista’s shoulder to get a better view.

Her growing desire compelled Krista to play. She did her usual, rubbing her pussy and gently sticking a finger or two inside her. Everything felt amplified and her pussy jolted with every touch. Lia’s hands explored other areas of Krista’s body, sliding her hands and gently scratching her nails across Krista’s tummy and her inner thighs as Krista’s play only got more deliberate, more intense.

Lia’s hands found their way back up to Krista’s neck, and her lips soon found the same. A gentle tug of Krista’s hair sent her into convulsions. Moans turned into screams. Everything in her body seemed to explode at once, intensity unlike anything she ever thought possible. Lia held Krista gently around her tummy until it all died down and all of Krista’s weight collapsed into her.

After a deep breath, all Krista could do is start loudly giggling, to which Lia felt compelled to join.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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