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Big Tits

Chapter 7 (her)

I woke up the next morning with an extreme hang over and dying of thirst. The sun gleamed through the gauzy fabric over the windows and hit me right in the face. I moaned and cursed as I tried to roll over. When I did, James was laying right there next to me. Spooning me, I didn’t move. Quickly trying to remember last night, I felt his breathe on my neck, in my hair and the warmth of his arm embracing my waist. He was sound asleep, I glanced at the clock it was 8 am. Damned internal clock I thought.

I shifted a little and noticed he wasn’t naked laying there just in a comfy pair of draw string lounge pants. They were riding very low on his hips and I could make out the thickness of his cock by following the blonde hair to his groin. Man he looked hot lying there with no shirt on and his bleached blonde hair against that tanned skin. I soaked the image of him in. His wash board stomach, tones muscular arms, and that masculine sexy haven’t shaved shadow. My head swam, from the drink? I wondered what to do. What I wanted to do was to just roll him over and mount him. But he looked so peaceful.

Trying to sort things out I lay there a minute longer feelings his warmth on my naked skin. In alarm looked down at me and noticed I was laying in just bra and panties. I looked around the room for any sign of “action” from the night before. Not that I could sense anything awry; I think my chaste was still in tact. Damn, he looked so yummy lying there, and smelled so good. I wiggled free, very quietly trying not to wake him up. I top-toed to the bathroom and washed my face and hopped in the shower.

Then it all came crashing back. The dinner at “The dock” and the walk to the big blue house on the hill, meeting Bridget, what a nice girl; then remembering the sight of him half naked on the bed with those bimbos from the beach. I remembered walking out to the bon fire and dancing and flirting with several of the cuties at the party. I was offered another beer and another shot; then, it went all foggy.

I recalled seeing James come down the path to the beach area and saying something to me about going home because I was trashed. I vaguely recall arguing with him about not wanting to leave and he was being a party pooper. The memory faded back out again.

Man what a night! I took 2 aspirin and peeked into the bedroom to check on him lying in my bed. I downed a whole bottle of Evian and thought, did something happen?

Nah, couldn’t have, I was way too plastered. I tossed on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt and sat back bahis firmaları on the bed just watching his heavy breathing make his body seem childlike in deep slumber. He stirred a little and I saw one eye open to look at me.

“You know, it’s rude to stare.” He said in a deep sexy morning man voice.

“How…Why…What…are you doing here?” I tried to say very confused.

“You were drunk.” He sat up on one arm and rubbed his eyes and stretched like a cat.

“That doesn’t answer how you came to be in my bed…” I tap him on the shoulder, hard but playful.

“I didn’t cum in your bed, or anywhere else for that matter.” I helped you back here, and was very much the gentleman. “You asked me not to leave and I stayed.”

None of this was coming back to me.

“So did we…did you…we didn’t…” I stammered rubbing my temples.

“No, I don’t rape women when they are intoxicated.” He said irritated but sat up noticing I was in pain and pulled me toward him. “Come on, lay down I’ll help you with your headache.”

I cautiously moved forward and lay on my back staring at him, wondering if he was telling the truth. But my head ached so badly, I didn’t have the strength to put up a fight.

“Shhhhh….close your eyes” He whispered. He folded my hands on my stomach and picked up the phone. He ordered an omelet and juice then massaged my head. It was very erotic feeling his hands gently move across my face and temples. His fingers fanned through my hair and I could feel the tension start to fall away. I felt the warmth and weight of his body press against mine as he tenderly rubbed the tension away.

I mumbled, “are you sure you’re not a masseuse?” My eyes still closed, loving the attention of his strong gentle hands on my head and neck.

“Now tell me…” He teased “we slept together and I don’t know your name.”

“Amelia” I whispered.

“Ok Amelia, where is your traveling mate?” He paused, “Now that I know that you are here alone, what is a beautiful girl form America doing so far away from home alone in paradise?”

“This is my honeymoon.” I sighed deep. Keeping my eyes closed I explained, “I was to be married 4 days ago. I caught him fucking someone else the morning of our wedding.” I paused. Turned over on my stomach and hugged the pillow. “I couldn’t just lose all the money here in, what did you call it…? Paradise…go to waste. I invited my best friend to come with me. Her doctor told her she can’t travel because she is 7 months pregnant. So I am here…alone.”

James didn’t say kaçak iddaa anything for a long time. Just kept running his hands through my hair and running his fingertips over my cheeks. I didn’t cry. My head hurt too much and I was exhausted of shedding tears over such an asshole.

“So, now you know.”

He stopped massaging and rolled me toward him. I opened my eyes and a single tear escaped and rolled down my cheek. He touched his lips to it and it disappeared. He held me in his arms but didn’t say a thing. I noticed compassion and tenderness there in his eyes. It was a knowing sadness, empathy. He laid his soft lips on my chin then kissed me on my forehead. My body responded with a quiet moan and I blinked very slowly. His hand ran across my cheek and down the side of my face. I turned my whole body to look at him as he rose up on his arms hovering above me. Lowering himself very slowly he stared into my eyes and placed his lips very softly on mine. As if waiting for my approval and not feeling any reason to stop he pressed his mouth on mine gently again. My whole body shuddered and I had immediate goose bumps all over.

Almost completely his larger frame covering mine, I sunk deeper into the mattress feeling the weight of him. He cupped my face in his hands and kissed me again deeper this time. My body responded by parting my lips and feeling his mouth fully cover mine. He shifted a little moving upwards and parting his lips so I could feel the tip of his tongue enter my lips cautiously. I drew in a breath and surrendered a little more. I don’t remember ever being kissed so slowly, so sensually. My whole body tingled with pleasure I could feel myself become damp. He lay there on me, caressing my face, repeating these small tender kisses, and our bodies had intertwined. The look in his eyes was no longer empathetic. No, now I saw a glazed hungry look, the look of lust, and yet smiling knowing he was given the go ahead.

I feel his thick cock hard against my thigh and small pulsing motion from his hips. I responded; my arms automatically went up around his neck and pulling him in closer I found myself pulsing back against him. Our kisses parted so we could gasp for air, but came back together immediately; the heat between us building. My hands found here way touching his bare skin on his chest. Playing across the small bits of curls and feeling his finely toned muscles ripple. Our tongues grew inpatient teasing and pushing against each other. His hands ran back through my hair and I whimpered. This seemed to excite him all the more because kaçak bahis his kisses grew stronger, more demanding. His cock grew harder and the pulsing from his hips grew firmer. Our breathing was heavy and I was feeling very hot from the blood pumping through me so quickly in response to his demand. His hand moved to my breast and his fingers gently slid over my t-shirt and bra covered nipples. I gasped. He charged at me with his mouth again drowning me in firm kisses thrusting his tongue into mine as I sucked at it in response.

His body moved completely on top of mine and his now very large cock was pressed against the outside of my shorts fighting to get in. I unconsciously squeezed my thighs around his very trim waste as we lay grinding into each other. He touched my breast again, this time I was expecting it, and I moaned in pleasure not wanting him to stop. His hand slid under my t-shirt and he cupped my large bosom fully with both hands. His face lit up; he got excited like he just received a new toy at Christmas. I could barely breathe as he nibbled at my chin and then on my neck; biting and licking, very slowly tasting me. My head tipped upwards to allow him to nibble more on my neck. Dear god I thought I would just scream! The way he knew how to play me; he gained favorable whimpers and cries as he bit firmly on my neck and teased me with his lips and with his tongue. My back arched under his playfulness of his fingertips dancing across my nipples pinched under the lace of my bra.

I raked my fingernails down his back to his sides, firmly down his biceps which seemed to give him even more energy as he pushed harder to enter me. His lips tenderly explored my neck and my chest, he tried to slip my t-shirt over my head; and I thought I heard a knock at the door. No, it was in my head; my heart pounding in lust for this gorgeous creature trying to make love to me.

There it was again, harder this time, and then again.

“Fuck” James said in my ear softly. “I ordered you breakfast. I can’t stay, if I’m caught here, I’m busted.”

“I’ll be right there!” I shouted toward the door, very aggravated for being so rudely interrupted.

I tugged my shirt down and tucked my hair behind my ears as I tried to sit up.

James, like a rabbit bounded off the bed and was in the bathroom before I realized he even touched the floor. I glanced in the mirror as I passed and saw a very flushed me. I gave the door an irritated look and answered it with a smile. One of the guys I had met last night pushed in a trolley with my breakfast on it. He casually looked around and smiled a fake but pleasant good morning and was gone.

When I knocked on the bathroom door to let James know he was gone. The door opened slightly by itself and James…was gone.

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