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This is primarily a romantic story with some sexy elements thrown in. The story is longish and the sexy parts come much later. If this is not your cup of tea then I suggest that you look elsewhere for your satisfaction. For those of you who enjoyed reading this your comments and feedback are most welcome.

This story is dedicated to my wife who is my inspiration in life. All people, names and places may or may not be fictional but that’s up to you to decide.

Happy reading!

Hello there dear Literotica reader! My name is Jason and if you bear with me I’m going to take you on a journey of romance, love and yes, first time sex. There is always a first time for everything and if you’re lucky enough, this can be a magical experience. Before I begin, I should think that a few background elements must be provided.

I was a happy and bright child born into a loving family. My father is a university professor and my mother a librarian. Naturally, our home was filled with books and I took great pleasure devouring them from an early age. I was an average kid I guess. Smart, with good grades throughout my school years, but not a total geek to belong in the super smart crowd. I never had the discipline or the willpower to study non-stop, especially with subjects which didn’t capture my interest. I had some prowess in my athletic undertakings, particularly tennis which I enjoyed immensely, but again, no extraordinary talent which would categorize me as a jock.

I was a shy person, more content with reading a book at the school library rather than spending time with the more popular kids. Although I was considered an aberration, a dork if you like, due to the tendency I had to hang out with the RPG gang, I wasn’t picked upon. For that I have to thank my six feet four height and my rather large build. That’s a diplomatic way with which to say that I was slightly overweight; not grossly so, but at 225 pounds I was a force of nature to be reckoned with when I moved around.

As I said, I was always a shy person perhaps because, due to my father’s job, we frequently had to change towns. By the time I finished high school, I had switched through four different schools and seven or eight different neighborhoods. You can imagine the dread I felt with starting all over again, making new friends only to loose them a few years later. Add to this the fact that I was a late bloomer and you likely get the picture. As for girls, on the few encounters I had with the fairer sex, I got a conciliatory pat in the back and the customary “you’re a good guy but I just want us to be friends” speech.

I was fairly proficient with the intricacies of the female anatomy due to all those books I had devoured, but when it came to understanding the female psyche I was as clueless as you can get. As a matter of fact, my rational mind kicked in and tended to over analyze everything thus averting me from taking any instantaneous action when the situation warranted it.

University life was scarcely any different. Despite the fact that I had the grades to choose any college I wanted, I opted instead for one near my home due to financial constraints. During my studies I worked part – time as a cook and stayed with my parents to save up on money, so naturally my social life went down the drain. As far as the opposite sex was concerned, I continued to remain clueless and yes, a virgin as always.

Then, on my senior year, I met this strikingly beautiful girl at a friendly gathering. The day was stifling hot and a small gathering of old classmates and friends had decided upon a swim in a nearby beach. I kept stealing glances towards her all day; she was absolutely perfect in her chrome yellow tie side bikini. She had long, wavy auburn hair and a warm, sparkling smile. Her breasts were small but pert and stood up perfectly defying the laws of gravity. She was quite clearly toned, she featured a visible six pack and her leg muscles rippled any time she moved about. To crown it all, she had an eye popping derriere which seemed to have been chiseled by the hands of an Italian renaissance master.

In short, I was smitten the moment I laid eyes on her, but as ever, my natural shyness and my analysis – paralysis brain kicked in and kept me from even approaching close to her. I opted instead to consume large quantities of beer and stay in relative proximity to the beach hut that she occupied.

Luckily, fate smiled kindly upon me and my good old friend Victoria came to my rescue. Victoria was a beautiful natural blonde whom I knew since junior high school. She was one of the few classmates of the opposite sex who treated me like a normal person and I was one of the few boys who didn’t stare at her ample bosom while speaking to her.

“You seem to be preoccupied with something today.”

“…Errr Vic? Might I have a word with you in private? Who is that girl in the chrome yellow suit?”

“Why that’s Claire! She’s an old friend of mine. I’ve known her from swimming practice. Why? Are you interested?”

“Oh, Ataşehir Escort it’s nothing really…I was just wondering…”

“You like her!”

“Sssshh not so loud! I didn’t say that! I was just curious, that’s all.”

“So you do like her! Oh good! I love matchmaking! So what is it that you wish to know?”


“Oh for God’s sake Jason! Grow up! You like her, there’s nothing wrong with that! She’s a very good girl and a friend. As far as I know she’s not seeing someone. Do you want to talk to her?”

“Err….that would be nice…but…err…how? I didn’t even know her name until you told me.”

“Hold on a sec.”

To my utter horror, Victoria grabbed my hand and practically dragged me back to the beach hut where Claire and her friends were sunbathing.

“Hey, there Claire! There is someone here whom I’d like you to meet. Say hello to my friend Jason!”

Whilst I was boiling under my skin, Victoria was having a laugh at my expense that she could barely contain. Claire took off her sunglasses, sat straight on her lounge chair and flashed me a heart warming smile.

“Nice to meet you Jason.”

Claire stood up and leaned towards me kissing me on both cheeks. I wasn’t used to being kissed by girls and stood there dumbstruck. Thankfully, Victoria intervened to break the uneasy silence.

“Jason here is an old pal; we go back since junior high. He’s a bright boy although some times he seems to be a bit tongue tied…”

Claire stretched and stood straight.

“I feel a bit hot from all the sunbathing. Would anyone care to join me for a swim?”

“I can if you like,” said I, in a rare bought of courage.

Claire led us off towards the water’s edge. I tried to be a gentleman and not stare at her shapely behind, but I couldn’t help myself and practically undressed her with my eyes. Thankfully, the cool sea water helped to douse my rising ardor. Claire was an effortless swimmer and I could barely keep up with her, particularly when she chose to do her heart – stopping butterfly routine. I shamelessly stopped swimming to watch her scantily clad butt as it repeatedly rose and fell in the frothing water. I’m quite sure she knew I was staring but she just smiled and swam back towards me.

I was embarrassed to have been caught red handed and proceeded to dive. I thought myself to be a fairly competent diver; I had once retrieved a bracelet an aunt of mine had lost while swimming from a depth of 26 feet. I dove and made a point of touching the sandy bottom with my chest. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Claire zooms past me, changes directions and settles on the sea floor facing me.

We sat there staring at each other until finally I had to surface to catch my breath. She made a point of staying down below a few more seconds before resurfacing right next to me.

“…and I thought I was a good diver. Is there anything in the aquatic environment which you’re not good at?”

“Well you did quite well down there. The trick is to regulate your ear drum pressure as you go up and down. That way you can stay down longer and reach deeper without doing damage or feeling painful afterwards.”

“How come you’re so good at diving? I mean you swim perfectly and all, Victoria did tell me that you used to go to swimming practice together…”

“Well, I am a scuba rescue diver. I recently acquired my third star from PADI so…My father is into sailing and I guess that’s why I took to the sea from an early age.”

We swam towards the shore. Claire suggested that we don’t return to the beach hut yet and that we take a walk on the beach.

“So I told you what I’m good at. What are your hobbies and interests?”

“Well, I enjoy doing several things…I like to play board games, read books, I really am a bookworm…I can devour a book that interests me rather quickly. I guess my best two skills would be cooking and story writing, but I let others be the judge of that.”

“Cooking you said? How come?”

“My grandfather was a great cook. I guess the talent was passed from him. As I child, I used to stay in the kitchen and watch my mom cook, asking about this or that. Later on, there were practical reasons. Both my parents work long hours and someone had to prepare dinner. At first we had a nanny to look after my younger brother who also doubled as a cook. At some point though she left us and my mother started assigning simple tasks for me. I guess the end result was satisfying and by my senior year at high school I ended up cooking full time. Now, I cook for my family at home for a small allowance six times a week. This way I have the satisfaction of contributing to my house and earning my money. How about you, do you cook?”

“Me? No way! I’m quite helpless around the kitchen. I get easily bored and frustrated trying to follow a recipe.”

“I think that under the proper guidance anyone can learn to cook a simple recipe. I could teach you if you like?”

“Really? Hmmmm….”

“I’ll tell you what. This Anadolu Yakası Escort next Saturday I was planning to throw a dinner party for my friends. Victoria will also be there. Would you like to join us? As an added benefit we could get together during the week as I make my preparations and that way I can show you a few things.”

“I don’t really know…On Saturday I have something planned and I probably won’t be able to make it.”

“How about Thursday night? Would that suit you?”

“Yes, Thursday is fine, I’ll be there.”

“And you can drop by my place on, say, Wednesday evening. I’ll be making lasagna which is a complicated recipe. This way you’ll be able to learn quite a few things.”

“Okay! Let me text you my mobile and you can phone me on Tuesday to give me instructions to your place.”

I smiled at her like a child receiving a favored present in Christmas. I was definitely in cloud nine! This was the first time I had chatted with a beautiful girl this long without making a complete fool of myself and what’s more, she had agreed to come to my house for cooking lessons and to my dinner party! Victoria noticed the permanent grin on my face and sauntered over to where I was sitting.

“Care to join me for a beer?”


“So what happened? I haven’t seen you this smiley for a while. Come on, spill. You’ve been away for nearly an hour!”

“Well, we went for a swim and then for a walk on the beach and you’re invited on Thursday for my dinner party.”

“I’m invited? Dinner party? What dinner party?”

“The one I had told you about? THAT dinner party.”

“Ohhhh you cheeky bastard! You hatched up the perfect plan didn’t you? How are you so sure that everyone will say yes to your invitation?”

“Pleaaaaaseeee Vic, pleaaaaaaaseeeee? Please make sure that the others will come as well? I really need your help on this one.”

“I’ll see what I can do but you owe me big time mister.”

“Thanks! You’re the best!”

I was so happy that I actually surprised Vic with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. During the run up for the big day, I was constantly on a good mood something that even my mother commented upon. On Tuesday evening I phoned Claire and gave her instructions so that she could drive by our house on the morrow. Immersed as I was in my preparations, Wednesday evening came by in no time. Claire arrived right on time and I quickly ushered her to the kitchen. She looked slightly at loss in front of the array of utensils and ingredients.

“So what do we do now?”

“The first and most important thing when you’re cooking is to get your kitchen organized. Ideally you need everything that you’ll use to be ready and all your ingredients measured and prepared. I’ve already taken the liberty of doing that in order to save us time and spend more on the important stuff. If you’d like you can wear this apron so you don’t get any stains on your clothes.”

We proceeded to cook the lasagna. Being the teacher and all, I would first show her how I performed a step and then I would let her try on her own. Claire was fascinated by the process and by the ease with which I whirled around the kitchen doing a sequence of tasks.

“You seem to be so much at ease here! I get tired simply by watching you!”

“Well, you must consider that this is quite a complicated dish, it’s not everyday cooking. Also, I cook almost every day so I’m fairly used to some procedures. The most important aspect when cooking though is this: it’s all about serving others, it’s an offering if you like. If you love those whom you are to serve then you can’t go wrong.”

Claire offered me a beaming smile which turned my insides to mush. I’m falling for her hard and fast, I thought. Please, dear God, don’t let me mess up this time, she seems so nice.

Before long, our lasagna dish was ready and in the oven. Waiting for it to finish, we small talked. I learnt that on top of being a top notch swimmer and a scuba diver, she also was a certified sailor and had a license to pilot a motor boat. She was also a certified life guard and was currently working part – time at a swimming pool. Well that certainly explains her toned body and rippling muscles, I thought.

Thursday arrived briskly; my moment of glory was here, or so I thought. As I laid the tables, I expertly manipulated the seating arrangements so that Victoria and Claire would be seated at the same table as I would. Claire arrived a bit late, apparently not wanting to be the first one to do so. Greeting her at the door, I paused to take in the sight; she wore a light bronze colored form-hugging dress with a matching pair of high heals and clutch bag.

The whole outfit did wonders to show off her shapely legs and her toned body. I was caught staring at her but quickly regained my composure and my good manners and ushered her in. After I introduced her to my friends, I made sure to spend as much time as possible next to her so that she wouldn’t feel out of place or uncomfortable.

Dinner Kadıköy Escort was a spectacular success. All my friends made sure to make me blush with their generous praise of my cooking skills. To which I replied by proposing a toast:

“I would like to thank you all for coming. As always, it’s a great pleasure for me to serve you and you’re all too kind and generous with your compliments. However, I must point that this time I had some great help with me. So this toast goes to Claire who was my trusted helper as I prepared the lasagna yesterday.”

Everyone laughed and clapped, while Claire blushed and took a gulp from her wine glass. God, she was even prettier when she blushed! Victoria elbowed me in the ribs and whispered that I had it really bad. Oh yes, she was right, I was well and truly in the bag. As the party gradually wound down, I once again found myself next to Claire.

“…so did you enjoy yourself?”

“Oh yes! Your cooking is magnificent. And all the arrangements you made, I could never have done such a thing on my own! You didn’t need to lie though, about the helping part I mean. I didn’t do anything to help you, more likely I hindered you with my incompetence.”

“Ah, but you forgot what I said yesterday as we were cooking. To have great results you need inspiration. You, Claire, supplied me with that.”

“Now that’s definitely the wine talking. But nonetheless I’m flattered and I thank you!”

“Well there is a way you could thank me. Would I be able to see you again? Perhaps on Saturday?”

“Hmmmm…no, I’m sorry. On Saturday, I have plans and on Sunday I’m leaving on vacations. I’ll text you when I’m back and we can plan something then.”


That wasn’t exactly the response that I was expecting and suddenly I felt deflated. Over the next few days I repeatedly put off calling her because I couldn’t find what to say to her. But more importantly, I feared messing things up and losing at the very least a friend. As the days passed and I wallowed in my indecision, it was Claire who called me first. It was early September and more than a month had passed since my dinner party. When I saw her number flashing on my mobile I nearly jumped in the air with joy.

“Hey there Jason.”

“Oh, hullo Claire. It’s really good to hear you.”

“It’s good to be heard. So how was your summer?”

“It was good while it lasted. Unfortunately it’s over and now it’s back to work.”

“You can say that again. I have to start preparing the final draft of my dissertation and I don’t have the stomach for that yet.”

“I haven’t even started on mine!”

“Listen, while we’re on that subject…I need to insert some images into my document and I was wondering whether you happen to have a scanner or know anyone who has one?”

Inwardly, I was thanking my lucky stars. I had recently purchased a flat-bed scanner for just the same reason.

“Actually I have one right next to me. You can bring your material with you and we could insert the scanned images to your taste, on the spot.”

“You’re such a Godsend! When can I come over?”

“You can come now if you want. My parents will be here but they won’t mind us, we’ll be in my room.”

“Can I be there in an hour?”


“Great, I’ll see you later then.”

Claire arrived an hour later, laden with book bags and charts. After briefly introducing her to my parents we went straight to my room and fired up my PC. I proceeded to scan and insert charts and photographs into her word document as best as I could. I say as best as I could because her close proximity and her intoxicating scent were causing me to loose focus. After two hours of image processing our job was done much to her satisfaction. We traded emails in case she wanted some further modifications on her document and then she took her leave. Once again, I was at a loss of words, I didn’t know what to say or how to say it.

The next few months were frustrating, to say the least. I would see her again a few more times, either for some extra work on her dissertation, or on outings with common friends, but she would always politely turn down any invitations to go out on our own.

On February, my 23rd birthday was coming up and my mood was anything but festive. I was rather grumpy and only with great reluctance did I decide to join my good friend Barry on a pub run. After a couple of pints, Barry persuaded me to try a pub that we had never been too. Dragging my feet, I complied. Inside this new place were all my friends, a birthday cake and Claire! I’d never before had a surprise birthday party organized for me. I was overwhelmed and didn’t know what to say.

Claire came over and gave me a chaste kiss on the cheek and my present. It was a set of wind pipes which jingled when the air passed through them. She said that now, anytime they jingled I would be reminded of her. I was overcome by emotion and didn’t have any eloquent reply to offer but I thanked her nonetheless.

Later, as we were heading back Barry told me that it was Claire who had organized everything. I was dumbstruck for the second time that day. So, she has some feelings for me then! I mean, nobody goes to all that trouble to organize a surprise party for someone you don’t care about, I rationalized.

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